AI vs. Alien

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In any competition, you will have a small group that is better than the rest. So my point is that greatness, statistically, depends on the number of competitors. Suppose there was a race series with only two drivers and one driver fairly consistently beat the other. Not really impressive. GT Sport's FIA championship has literally thousands of players, so very impressive for that small group of Aliens to consistently beat the masses. Has there ever been a single race series (real or virtual) with more participants?

I suppose it is impressive, but it's possible that a larger percentage of those that actually go on to do single seaters IRL for example maybe take it more seriously perhaps and make better use of their ability as a result. I think the average person underestimates how damn good the drivers that don't make it to F1 are, and there are loads of them out there.

But I would far rather see the championships centred around cars that are much more demanding to drive (like the old GT LM test car for example) instead of Gr.4 and Gr.3 which are far too unwieldy to judge outright ability, and then I think we could judge the faster drivers more accurately.
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If an external AI could brute force the information thanks its superior Cpu compared to a human it would be very possible to win against an alien.

I am talking about calculating optimal acceleration turing points, steering degrees, lines, etc. Even when challenged for position an AI could adapt in a few miliseconds.

Regarding the ailens vs average player. I think it comes down to racing knowlege, smothness, precision and managing the car balance, the ability to stay consistent while very close to their limit and recognising the variations in their cornering lines to foresee mistakes before they happen and adapting. Also the ability to handle pressure.
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LOL to this thread. PD can't even program an AI that challenges even semi-competent drivers, let alone an alien..!

They have had the worst AI in the industry for years, and GTS isn't even one iota better. Maybe if PD sack their entire AI team, and go hire SMS's, or AC's, they can get a bit better. But they have stubbornly decided for years that it's probably better for sales of the NEXT GT game if you can't derive the slightest enjoyment from the current game the day they shut down the servers and online competition cannot be played. It must be nice to be that incompetent and still keep your job for years.

Spot the AI (on Professional) a couple of tire grades, and maybe 50hp or so, you can get a battle. Anything less, you are over the horizon inside a lap or so. And I'm not alien by any means. Barely top 15% on GT6. I guess it all depends on where you place that 'alien' bar, but I never considered myself in that company.

PC2 on 120/100, and AC on Alien, that's a real challenge. And kudos to Kunos for getting that level of speed while still keeping the same car and tire model the player gets (PC2 uses a simplified model). It can be done.

But PD doing it? Never going to happen.