Am I the only one who thinks GT7 is incredible?

It´s one of the biggest surprises for me, that´s for sure.
And it seems it´s for a lot of people as well.
Somehow I kept having my expectations low even after the last trailers.

The most amazing thing here is the real-time lighting change + dynamic weather and it´s barely mentioned here.
Did I miss something? I think it´s the greatest and most beautiful improvement in the franchise in the last 10 years.

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Don't worry you are not the only one to be awe struck by the amazing dynamic day/night/weather cycle. I've crashed more than a few times because I was distracted by a beautiful sunset.
I also got caught out in a race when it started to rain. I was halfway through the race, on slicks, weather changed and I had to tiptoe round until the weather changed again. Loved every minute of it.
Using the custom race mode you can have endless fun racing, whilst we are waiting for patches 😊😊