Animated Pitstops/Indy 500 broken promises?

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by GT david, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Well, another point of WMD was to fund the game, so they needed a lot of people. We were more than 10 000 people. How do you make 10 000 people from the public to sign an NDA? Also, there would be leaks anyway.
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    Good luck making that stick for a second time. All these lame stunts they pulled during 1´s life cycle will chase them in the near future. Hopefully people talk with their wallets, I will.

    Getting game crashes ruining half the events you organize almost a year after release is not acceptable.
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    This was a frustration I had from early on as a PCars member (I bought in about as early as you could, so 2-3 years before the actual game release?).

    It was obvious from our view that SMS was aiming for the stars...and we'd probably get to the outer atmosphere. To be fair it was nice to see such enthusiasm. There were plans for yellow flags, safety cars, full pits, ovals, etc. I'd say they delivered on about 85% of what was brought up in various threads/posts etc.

    If I'm personally honest, I never ran into Ian Bell on the forums - but it does seem like he's a bit of an asshat.

    I mostly feel bad for people who bought in as NASCAR/Indy fans as that experience is definitely being nerfed. To me that's a big pile of crap. I wasn't one of these, but I think that was their biggest cock-up. There is a small part of me who thinks they will fix it and release it at some point.

    I'm really sad to see the PS4 and XBone versions to be so cruddy even after patches. The PC version is pretty solid (at least in my gaming group, a small group of five). We don't get crashes, issues, landmines etc. We're either very fortunate or the PC build is solid now.

    I do hope that a lot of these promises show up in PCars2. I haven't seen enough on that forum to decide.

    Have I gotten my money out of PCars? Hell yes. I already bought into PCars2 (admittedly before things went all sour with more and more dropped promises and questionable DLC future...). It's the best racing game I own/have played and I do enjoy it immensely when running with my buddies.

    I think, having been inside prior to release, I just knew we were coming up short on certain I guess it wasn't as big of a shock to me. Still enjoy the game immensely, but I do miss full pits and I desperately wanted safety cars...
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    Ironically if there WERE animations correlating exactly to what is being done to the car by the pit crew I fully expect to see / hear the following :

    Missing wheel nut bouncing down the tarmac
    Crew guys effing and blinding (bleeped of course)
    Crew stopping for a coffee/ciggy break
    Crew walking away to nearest bar
    No pit crew whatsoever
    My team mate already in there..
    Crew chief chatting to some blonde
    The whole crew laughing in stitches whilst pointing at my car
    As above but crying...

    Oh and a fully animated crane to lift us off the track whilst still in cockpit view would be awesome...

    So yeh fix the game before slapping stickers on it please.
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    Ah ah aye... Go abroad for abit and comeback to an angry thread at the end of the day it's public funded game, (certain people) including me were looking forward to the oval racing and the animated crews mainly because their cool and add atmosphere like the old Geoff crammonds grand prix games watching your shattered car be hauled of the track by a crane was cool!

    So sorry of you don't agree but that's what some people were looking forward to and as a company and from a design aspect don't start what you can't finish

    But anyways I'll let you all get back to polishing your Thrustmasters T500,s
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