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Still progressing........
I like this thread before in the GT Sport subforum so I figured I start one here in GT7 since it looks like the original poster of this thread in GTS hasn't been active for almost three years.

I'll start off first with my first full on anime livery (also my first full on livery as well) and it's part of the Franxx livery set which I'll work on the next duo/couples if the cars that I want to see in GT7 come in. This livery is my take on the Valvoline livery and this features the Genista couple Mitsuru and Kokoro.

Thank you Skolvic for the decals. :)

Gran Turismo® 7_20220306200344.png
Gran Turismo® 7_20220306200358.png
Gran Turismo® 7_20220306200405.png
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Well, this is a bit of a retreading but my trusty-rusty MadFactory Racing skin is imported into GT7 now. Switched it from Super GT to FIA GTC decals because the number plates and such didn't carry over. I guess incidentally this also makes it compatible with Sport Mode now.

But yeah, it's in the game now so you can download it if you like Draco Centauros, or just Puyo Pop in general, or puzzle games, or just cute stuff.

Anyways, nothing really new or exciting for me but I need to get more cars to play with. A lot of my liveries starting out are probably just going to be reworks of GT Sport schemes that I post when cars become available to me.


Good news! The guy that I get most of my decals from, VECTRA4, is just starting to transfer his stuff over to GT7. So far, it's just Hololive stuff, so I'll get to work on redoing my Massimo Darknesss Supra!

Looks like everything is moved over, so now I can work on the others!
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So a while back me and a friend were discussing liveries here and there then when I mentioned about making anime liveries for the Genesis racers, he suggested to me doing a Neon Genesis Evangelion theme for both the Genesis X Gr.3 and G70 GR4 so I was like alright I'm down to doing it.

Quite happy with the results not gonna lie especially for the X Gr.3. They are available for download.

Link for the Genesis X Gr.3

Gran Turismo® 7_20220321234054.png

Link for the Genesis G70 GR4

Gran Turismo® 7_20220326204640.png

Gran Turismo® 7_20220326205643.png
Serial Experiments Lain livery for the CLK LM. I chose Lain since both the car and the anime appeared in the same year (1998).


Gran Turismo® 7_20220403155251.png

Gran Turismo® 7_20220403155258.png

Although this was supposed to have a D2 background on the car but due to the CE-222033 livery editor bug, I'm not able to use it nor even share it. I hope they rectify it soon because I have another livery that's having this problem. Way I see it this bug occurs if I try to go complex with the livery. The D2 BG version can't be applied or shared but when I removed the D2 background, the livery was able to be used and shared. But just in case the bug gets fixed in a future update, I saved the D2 BG version of the car just so it can be used and shared in the future.

Gran Turismo® 7_20220403151702.png

Gran Turismo® 7_20220403151710.png

Honda #16 Castrol Mugen NSX - "VShojo Racing - Haruka Karibu"

Been waiting for @Vectra4 to finish up the decals, but it was totally worth the wait.

Up next will be the re-uploads of the other NSX liveries: IronMouse Loctite, Gawr Gura Raybrig and Watson Amelia Takata. The Projeckt Melody Mobil 1 is on hold until Vectra re-uploads the decals for that.

EDIT: Looks like they were already uploaded, just didn't see them somehow.
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I was messing around and created some Haikyu!! stuff


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Well I am finally caught up with real life stuff and I've been 'dabbling' with the livery editor as per usual since the game launched but my works haven't really got any attention in GT7 but I don't mind that since I am just making them for my use and sharing so others can use if they wish.

I guess being Genshin Impact themed they don't have as much appeal to the 7 community right now

My newest liveries I'll post later in the week as I've been spending a bit of time on those and really happy with the result but here are some of the ones I do like that I've made.

First up...



These two Yoimiya liveries I made for when I was racing with Toyota in Manufacturer's Cup but I've since switched to the GTR's in game because I feel more confident/like the driving style.

Basics of the colours were to try and match the character decal, of course with the lines of the Supra it was not easy to make the decal look good on the side but it came out reasonably well!


This one is also Genshin featuring Kokomi and is one of my personal favourites and combines the original Denso style livery but with a Genshin style theme, it is such a great car to drive in game it's one of my regulars for my Gr3/4 race leagues.


Of course it wouldn't be me if there wasn't Miku in my gallery (not done enough of her yet tho) but the GTO was one of my first used cars and it's such a nice car to design liveries on!


Sonic gang are also still there too but I have only made one livery so far and that was for the old BMW from 71 but again trying to keep classic lines but with a video game theme


This last one is back to Yoimiya from Genshin and my all time favourite Legend's car in the game right now, I plan to make the Yoimiya decal a bit more 'zoomed' in with a correction but the idea here was keep the Pennzoil style livery base design but Genshin themed!

That's all for now!

EDIT: Those banners for the GT7 website are the links for the liveries, when you click it'll take you to the livery on GT website.
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