Any TNA Wrestling fans in the GTPlanet?

United States
Parma Heights, Ohio, USA
I've been a fan of TNA since 2005 when it was good, and I just saw the results of tonights Victory Road PPV, and WTF?!?!?
Why was the card not built up, why were the matches rushed, and why, oh why, did Hardy get squashed?
Can there be any answer to bad business decisions? Not a case of bad wrestling. This was just terrible.
Worst main event ever. Sting vs Jeff Hardy. Worst PPV ever Victory Road 2011.
I'm not a TNA fan (haven't watch since just before hogan took over), but the reason Hardy got squashed was, he turned up to PPV completely high and unfit to work. (he never learns does he?)

TNA is offering an apology for the PPV.

I bet Sting is really wishing he followed Booker T and Kevin Nash back to the WWE now.
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