Anybody here beat the Hard Tuned Series

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by Menses, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Menses


    To put it mildly...I got lapped at Grand Valley Two in a Twin turbo....i am out classed in this the hell can you compete in this series?
  2. karelpipa

    Czech Republic Prague

    its not that hard, very big fun to me, as the same as Normal Car cup. i use Supra i think
  3. Flaze

    Brisbane, Australia

    I think I used a Viper. Haven't played for a while, but you just slow down around corners and don't go too fast, the Viper pretty much destroys every other car on the track.
  4. Liquid

    Slovakia Brat. 81103


    Although I remember coolly and calmly taking this championship in an RX-7 Type RZ one time, which was difficult, but not impossible.
  5. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Burnaby, BC

    Ah, I remember this race. It's demands so much concentration. And it's hard to find a car with an appropriate power to weight that's somewhat controllable. And the prizes suck. I could buy an R32 Skyline or a Trueno any time! But still, this race is fun on a bun in a TVR Cerbera. It's not very powerful at most (420-ish horsepower if I remember), but it weighs only about 1600 pounds. And it handles "weigh" better than the others.
  6. SportWagon

    Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, Canada. (aka GT2t

    A fully tuned Impreza of some sort might work. Give you less power but more control. The Autumn Ring II race (#4) requires good handling, not so much power.

    You are putting race tires on, aren't you? I knew one person who thought they were disallowed by the rules.
  7. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Burnaby, BC

    Yeah, when I beat it with the Cerbera, I used soft slicks. The Normal Car Cup is one where you can't change tires. Or anything for that matter.
  8. Parnelli Bone

    United States Columbia, MD.

    I remember it took me awhile to beat the HTS. I think it took me over a year. I attempted it several times in a Viper but kept screwing up at Route 5 II and Grand Valley II in particular. :banghead: It was the only set of races I couldn't defeat, and in frustration I eventually just gave up and moved on to GT2.

    I'm thinking of starting a brand-new GT game this December, as it will be 8 years exactly (December 2003) and we'll see if I can just defeat the HTS this time in one go since I'm asssuming I'm a better driver now. :)
  9. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Burnaby, BC

    Have fun. The tuner series is a tough one. Good luck.
  10. Liquid

    Slovakia Brat. 81103

    And the rewards (apart from the satisfaction of winning) are pants.

    An R32 or an AE86. Fun.
  11. ChaosweaveR

    United States Long Island, NY

    My latest game in GT1, I haven't tackled it yet. But years ago when I played A LOT, I remember pushing my driving skills to the max with cars that shouldn't be in the Hard Tuned series. My favorite was the Honda del sol Si, fully tuned possible, stage 3 weight reduction, and soft slicks. The car was a slot car on turns, the key to winning? Using the car's ultra handling, you barely had to slow for corners! I was WOT around 95% of turns, and when the AI slows for the turns, that's when I flew by them. :D