Apple Uses Logitech Hardware in Autonomous Car Testing

I suppose as it's going in a real vehicle they wanted something reliable hence avoiding the Thrustmaster options?

I can't help but assume that Apple autonomous vehicles will only work on Apple sponsored roads and will only recognise other Apple autonomous cars, leading to a lot of collisions that would be blamed on the Google cars for being incompatible with Apple iDrive?

iDrive would also be quite an ironic name for a car you don't actually drive. Although I suppose BMW has taken the iDrive name already...
It suits both companies as they like to force uncompatibilities and leave their customers behind in order to sell the same product all over again.
A Fanatec CSW was installed in passenger side of a Pikes Peak Hill Climb race entry, with a similar function.
Car was piloted by a paraplegic man, with electronic interfaces for steering, throttle & brake,
and the back-up driver sat beside him with the Fanatec, just in case of a problem.

I've got some photos of it somewhere.
There's a thread about the Apple Car and their foray into autonomous technology.

Member doesn't search - gets shouted at, GTPNewsWire doesn't search... :rolleyes:

That thread hasn't been updated since October...

Plus, this is more about the fact they're using Logitech wheels to test an autonomous driving system, not news about them building a car.

It's entirely possible they'll never build a car but instead partner and implement this system (what I firmly believe).