Are you a "collector" or a "racer" in Gran Turismo?

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After reading many posts about Gran Turismo 7, I started wondering how many 'collectors' and 'racers' there are on this forum. With collector I mean: people who race just to earn money to buy all the cars they want. A racer is the one who buys a specific car to be the best at every race.

Another thing I was thinking about: diffuculty levels. Is this something you think that would make GT7 better? Other games have the option to make a game less or more challenging. Now there are events that for some players are impossible to win or to get a gold medal. And should they make a difference between players who use a steering wheel or a controller? As I see it, I would make five levels. The first would be the 'collector': least challenging events/races and higher prize money. Followed by 'rookie' (easy races/events), 'gentleman driver' (standard GT) and Experienced driver (hard races/events). The last would be 'racer': extreme challenging events and races. The reason I started thinking about this was because a few days ago I did the Spa circuit experience, after many attempts I finally got the gold medal, beating the gold time with almost 2 seconds. I was so proud but when I looked at the top ten, I saw they were all almost 20 seconds faster!
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I'd say I'm a bit of both, and I'd like it if the race structure (both offline and online) encouraged it. For example, instead of having a single Gr.1 event - and therefore only needing a single Gr.1 car - there could be multiple, each with different vehicle restrictions. There could be one for Group C racers, one for VGTs within Gr.1 - perhaps as a rebranded VGT Trophy +, whereas the more typical VGT Trophy would be for the VGTs within Gr.3 - one for modern LMPs, and then one with every Gr.1 car that's permitted.

Now, I don't think it should be necessary (either to complete the game or get the platinum trophy) to obtain literally every single car, but I think the campaign and online structure (e.g. daily races and championships) should be designed in a way that encourages collecting (and ultimately driving) as wide of a variety of cars as possible.

In a similar regard, I'd also create a "Gr.1V" and "Gr.3V" class for vintage prototypes, like the Ferrari 330 P4, and vintage grand tourers, like the Shelby Daytona Coupe, respectively. I'd also allow a wide variety of cars into the various classes. Using Gr.1 as an example, I'd include DPi, LMP2, IMSA GTP, Le Mans Hypercar, and the upcoming LMDh class. I'd certainly include DTMasters in Gr.2, though I'm unsure if DTMeisterschaft would truly fit there as well, or if it'd be better-off in Gr.3. I'd absolutely include the late 00s/early 10s GT1 cars in Gr.3, as established by the DBR9 being included, so that'd allow cars like the Maserati MC12 and the Saleen S7R to be added there. But I think I'm getting off-topic...
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More racer than collector. I've had GT7 since the early demo of 2017 November was it? I can tell you right now the amount of cars I've purchased is just above 30. But mostly becuaee of the daily roulette. Even so I'm rather content.

I can literally have a garage just with cars I enjoy using. But the thing is you have to own them to determine wether you like them or not. I do love comparing cars peformance which may also influence additional purchases.
More of both in GT Sport. However if the Arcade Mode would be similar to GT3 where you can eventually unlock all the cars in the game for use in Arcade Mode, then I'll be focusing more on racing. Just like in Forza where all the cars in the game are readily available in Free Play mode so I can get racing with almost anything right off the bat to my heart's content.

BTW i love to drive the cars that i wanted so much but sometimes i'm just too lazy. it'd be fun if the autopilot feature comes back while you're doing short races, not just in very long race events.

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Collector. I like racing, but it's all about enjoying the cars for me. That means driving a variety of cars, not just the fastest ones in each class/event.

I'm less keen on overly repetetive tasks like repeating the same hot lap time and time again to shave 1/1000ths of seconds off the fastest time. I enjoy racing, but I only have to be faster than who I am racing against to enjoy the game and the cars.


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The draw of the old games was the ability to own and drive large variety of cars. It was fun to collect and race them.
It's so awesome there are those who share the same passion as I do when it comes to collecting a large variety of cars! :D I'm a collector than a racer, though since GT5, I do love tuning and driving/racing cars. It could also get very overwhelming when you're going through your garage and picking which car to drive or race. Haha, that is one of my favourites! :)
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Definitely a collector, but I love racing any car that I feel like driving. It takes me back to when I really started collecting in GT4, GT5 and GT Sport.


I collect to drive.

If I'm collecting and not using (and maybe I'm buying to soak up money due to the $20 mil. cap) then that's a waste of modelling resources.

Ideally you acquire cars to compete in races that are fun and make sense.

To me its largely a waste of time if you have a $3.6 mil. P1GTR and there's only a single make series for it.

Or worse, nothing like some other games.
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I'm a bit of both. I like to have a wide variety of cars in my garage and I race to earn the credits needed to make that collection grow.


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I've turned more towards racing especially in online leagues. I see collection nowadays as a hinderance that takes away from much deeper problems.
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'Replays Watcher', Photographer, 'Free roamer', Racer (preferably against AI and Time Trials).

Collector I don't know if I am because I don't know what exactly that means.
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I do buy most cars in the game or I get them for free in gt sport. I don't like the vgt's very much and I don't buy cars for 10 or 20 million.
I like roadcars, but only in cityraces. Unfortunately, they are not in gt sport.
London was awesome!
But it doesn't matter now, since I race more then collecting
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Racer for sure. I’d be ok with a roster of about 100 cars or even less, as long as they all feel different to drive. To me, once I find a car and track that I like lapping and trying to improve on my time or racing against others is where I can get stuck for a while. I used to be all about collecting a bunch of cars, but don’t have time nor desire anymore since after GT5.
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To me being a collector in a video game only makes sense if each car drives differently enough to warrant owning them all. Which was the problem with much of GT5/6's list, a large chunk of them were too similar to other models that they felt exactly the same to drive. Some quite literally, with only trim/paint differences. Nothing wrong with offering those minor variations for those who have a preference over one or the other, but owning them all, seems pointless, if they don't drive any differently. I'd just pick the one I prefer and leave the slight variances.

Collecting digital cars (or really anything) for the sake of it seems pointless to me, but to each their own. The "0/0/0" collectors thing around GT5 will forever baffle me.