Are you a "collector" or a "racer" in Gran Turismo?

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I collect the cars I want to race or drive about in and don't really care about dupes, trim levels or other cars I'm not interested in.

A simple philosophy but one that brings me enjoyment.
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I would say a racer. I only need 1 of every car, get rid of any duplicates as I get them and buy them as needed. I only need a big garage to support the different races.


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Collector for photomode purposes. Racing is just a means to an end, for me.


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I'm a collector. I'd be more of a racer if the races were races and not hotlaps with moving roadblocks. I'm not sure how much easier you can get than what we have had since GT5. You might as well just give money away for free.

Same here.
I do dearly love the driving model of GT, always have. But there are no races in the game, and the only challenge has ever been when huge time distances/place handicaps are added in events.

It’s also why GT always has rolling starts; because grid starts always mean the human player being in 1st place within seconds and winning by enormous distances no matter what.
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To add to my previous post, I think I'll collect more than one of each car in some cases, as I plan to at least have a stock version of each car. It likely will depend on what sort of modifications will be available for each model - I could see myself having at least one or maybe even two extra cars of the same exact model depending on how many options there may be. That's before we get into the possibility of multiple potential regulations - especially with the return of the PP system - and I might want to have multiple cars that fit each potential regulation. This is especially for the N-Series cars, as I don't think much will be changed for the racecars in say, Gr.3.

Then there's the likely possibility of new options in the livery editor. Either way, I'm very much looking forward to sharing my creations via photomode, and/or the new scapes. I'm especially hoping that, at least for some cars, we can create something that wouldn't look out of place at SEMA or the Tokyo Auto Salon. Something more like the options in GT6 combined with an expansion of GTS' livery editor, rather than simply being able to change the wheels or add a rear wing like in the PS2-era games. A spiritual successor to the RM system would be welcome, too, as a way to get the made-for-game racers, like the Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.3, or the made-for-game tuners, such as the Mazda Roadster Touring Car.
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I'm more of a spectator nowadays. Let the pros slog it out! I've yet to do a race in the GT League but like going to that menu for my dosage of nostalgia. Might muster up the courage to do a round of the mighty Sunday Cup one day soon. :D
I am an average or below than average driver .
I like to be able to buy any car of the game and not have all the cars of the game.
I like tunning that brings the car closer to my driving skills ( or ability ) and i have a lot of respect for the guys who involve in that section ( tunners) and share them .
Still play gt6 and having great time in our challenge hub there by picking cars and run them under various rules every 15 days making our own events.
That happened also and before servers go down using the events that game had every time.
Am not an online racer anyway , i like more the of line mod and the exploration to find hidden diamonds and have fun with them .
Surpassing my self from what i believe i can achieve gives a great feeling even if i am way slower from top gun guys , competing of line with guys at my " own" league its what i like most .
Don't know all that where they put me and i hope GT7 to be able to cover the so many different needs each player around the world .
Am fully respect everyone's opinion ,from a " champion " to a simply " enthusiastic" , from a " photographer" to " drifter" etc. But for me being a part of a company ,making our own challenges is what gives me more pleasure deffinetly.