Assetto Corsa Now Available on Xbox Game Pass

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by GTPNewsWire, Dec 11, 2020.

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  2. evldave333


    Unless you have a wheel this is a waste of hd space truly terrible.
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  3. Corsa

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    I can’t imagine any driving game without a wheel honestly.
    The entry level wheels nowadays are so cheap and easily accessible for even the mildest of enthusiasts.
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  4. Rob192005

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    I am the complete opposite tbh,I can't imagine playing any game without a controller,it's all I've known for 20 years and it's all I'll have known in 20 years time,still each to their own.:):tup:
  5. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy

    I've got it dialled into perfection just like I have project cars 2, they feel exactly the same to me now on controller, straight in with no aids on very hard difficulty.

    In fact I'd say it's a bit more forgiving than PC2, which in a way makes it a tad boring.

    Good fun but sadly for me it's to little to late on console I'm afraid, only 16 car grids & no weather or night racing.

    Obviously it's a different story on PC because of the mods, such a shame.
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  6. notsofast


    Would you able to share your controller settings please?

    I’ve never played this before but downloaded it due to it appearing on gamepass. First impressions are that it’s a lot more controller friendly then Project Cars 2 and looks better too.
  7. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy

    I'll upload a screen shot of my settings in a bit as I'm going to have a little race shortly, please bare in mind that I don't use any aids & I use dashboard interior view without the virtual steering wheel.

    Speed Sensitivity 75%
    Steering Speed 25%
    Steering Deadzone 0%
    Steering Filter 0%
    Steering Gamma 2.0

    Gives me a good challenging race against the AI while looking after my tyres (unless I lock up under braking), I don't always win but it's a good battle which is what I like.

    Can't agree that it looks better than PC2 though, I'm on a 1X with a 4k hdr screen & PC2 looks fantastic.

    The sound on the other hand is sublime in AC I'll give it that.

    It's a shame it never got a enhancement patch for the 1X or the pro though.
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  8. Nacho Libre

    Nacho Libre

    Well, since it is in Game Pass, why not? These are my first impressions (it is still downloading).

    -Wow, I thought I would be very intimidated and that I would be unable to complete a clean lap, but not so!
    -I am playing on the Xbox Series S, practice aboard the Ferrari FXX on Barcelona (one of my favorite tracks in any driving game.)
    -The game runs at a locked framerate, no signs of frame drops, hitches or screen tearing! And the sound of the car is excellent.
    -Do not listen to anybody that says the controller of the series S/X is "just the same". Not so! the joysticks are tighter, the triggers are more springy and the rumble is deeper and more nuanced, and thus the feel of the car and track is fantastic. Feels like I'm driving something mechanical connected to the road, a feeling somewhat lacking on PC2, at least with a controller.
    -Right now I'm driving with all assists (except automatic transmission) so perhaps is more foregiving.
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  9. Johnnn


    I can confirm that. I was able to drive cleanly on AC1 before PC2. PC2 is best with crazy sensitivity but you need to learn it first.