Assetto Corsa Now Available on Xbox Game Pass

If you’re an Xbox gamer and haven’t decided on whether to take the plunge on Assetto Corsa or not yet, there’s some good news. The racing sim from Kunos Simulazioni is now available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

Although Assetto Corsa is getting on a bit now, it’s still one of the most advanced simulators out there, particularly when it comes to consoles. It’s actually coming up on six years since AC first hit on PCs, and it’s just over four years since we saw it make the transition to PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

While quasi-sequel Assetto Corsa Competizione focuses on the specifics of simulating GT3 racing — and, more recently, GT4 racing — across the official GT World Challenge series, Assetto Corsa itself is more wide-ranging. The car and track list isn’t huge, but it is pretty varied, covering around 100 cars from historic sedans up to F1.

Since launch, there’s been a few content updates — some free, some paid — extending the range of vehicles and tracks on offer. The paid DLCs aren’t included within the version of the game that’s free on Game Pass, though you can get them at a discounted price. You can also buy the Ultimate Edition, with DLCs included, also at a discount on Game Pass.

One thing you won’t get though is mods. AC is incredibly popular on PC simply for the ability to insert user-created content; if there’s a car not in the game, someone, somewhere, will have made it, and you can put that into the game and drive it. This ability doesn’t exist in the console versions of the game.

Nonetheless, AC offers one of the most advanced physics engines out there, and it’s now available for free on Game Pass. You’ll be able to access it without any extra charge so long as your Game Pass subscription is active, starting this week. Not only that, it’s available via Xbox Game Pass on your Android devices too!

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