Assetto Corsa Xbox Update Still in Limbo, Release Date Unknown

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This article was published by Michael Leary (@Terronium-12) on June 24th, 2017 in the Assetto Corsa category.

Not surprised. If Microsoft hasn't ok'd the update then it must not be up to their standards. Which I don't understand because every other racing games can seem to get their updates out, but Kunos just can't. None of their updates or DLC ever comes out on time. I know they're a small company but the console market doesn't care about that. It cares about results and I guess quality. It's just a watered down PC port. I think they should enable mods to get our attention off of their late updates. No telling when we'll get this 1.14 update, the ready to race DLC, or the Ferrari Anniversary DLC pack. I will say this though, when their content does get released it is very, very good. My patience with them has just run out. I'm sorry, but it's how I feel now. There are some good racing titles coming out soon. They should rethink some things before they end up getting left in the dust. I still have hope for them though. #ivotedforthe360modenaroadcar
I just wish that Kunos would stop using exclamation marks on their facebook posts. It is very insulting!

Thanks for reminding me what was in the update! It has been so long I have forgotten!

I also love the way the team says- 'Not my problem! I am the one who designs game content! If I could fix the Xbox problems I would! Time to roll out more content!'

All three games are miles apart now! Oh dear...
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