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With remote races coming soon (Early February) I think it would be more fun to have friends that are also sharing B-Spec Drivers to compete in Remote Races. The more friends you have on your list that are sharing drivers and doing their own Remote Races, the more races your shared B-Spec driver will participate in.

So leave your PSN to have friends added who are going to be do participating in the Remote Races.

Make sure when you send requests you mention B-Spec.

Also, try and post if you yourself will be doing Remote Races, or if your just freeloading.
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Good idea! I was kinda worried that nobody on my friends list would be sharing drivers or hosting remote races. My PSN is Otune.

Thanks for all the b-spec friends, you guys are great and I love borrowing all your shared cars as well. ;)

Unfortunately for newcomers to this thread, I've found myself nearly full up on friends, and if I take on any more, it's going to be real hard for me to race against all your drivers. It's even getting hard to simply start a race to pay you all back,, because you all like racing my little dudes so much I practically have to make advanced reservations for them.

I'm in b-spec heaven, but I don't think I can take on any more friends at the moment.
I'll make another edit here when that changes.
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Did you drive already? After the update today it seems functional.

I have PSN: XXXXX 1 driver lv 16 22 ready for online.


Starting to have more friends then I can handle, so take people from the end of the list.

It really works out for me and I hope my friends. Making over 500 000 Cr a day.
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my psn: Psy2063

3 drivers (lvl 20-33) right now, maybe 5 or all 6 when i`m done with the 24h races next week
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