Barclays Premier League 2008-2009 Thread

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    Where are you getting £89m from? Real are paying United £80m for him, his wages haven't been agreed yet since Ronaldo hasn't signed and there's a good chance what we've read about his wages is partly being hyped by the media. I jsut don't see why Real would offer him such a high contract when firstly no one else at Real has a deal nearly as good as that and secondly Ronaldo himsef hasn't got a contrac tclose to that at United and he would leave for Real for much less.

    Then again I can see thoes wages as being remotely accurate if Real are compensating Ronaldo's for his image rights. Real take over the image rights of players when they sign, it's a standard procedure for them. Since Ronaldo's image rights are quite valuable Ronaldo probably doesn't want to lose that rather large portion of his income so Real maybe in this case have offered a rather large compromise.