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Battery Tender Global mx5 Cup



Battery Tender Global mx5 Cup cup

The MX-5 Cup race cars start as complete MX-5 road cars from the Mazda Hiroshima, Japan factory before being transported to engineering development partner Long Road Racing in Statesville, North Carolina where they are produced into a race car. The process includes disassembly of the production car, welding and paint of a full roll cage and interior, and assembly of the race car, adding more than 250 motorsports-specific parts. Other components of the car, including the Mazda SKYACTIV 2.0 liter engine are sealed to ensure even competition and a cost-effective platform.

Season 2 Schedule

Each RND will be 15 Minutes Long, there will be a 15 Minute Qualifying for the first race and a reverse grid for the second race.

RND 1+2 Brands Hatch Indy
RND 3+4 Monza
RND 5+6 Suzuka
RND 7+8 Bathhurst
RND 9 +10 Nurburgring GP
Rnd 10+11 Interlagos
Cars to be used:
Mazda MX5 Roadster / 155BHP / 900KG weight, Racing Hard tires.
We will be using a basic spec tune with the Stock Gearbox and Differential.



Required Decals

The placement of the below decals is up to the user but they must be on the car the rest of the livery is up to the racer.

Number Place Holder
Battery Tender Or Battery Tender
MX5 Cup
VP Fuels
Pagid Racing
Indy Car
Tow Decal
Electrical Cutoff
Fire Extinguisher
Novice Cross - This decal must be placed on the back of your car if you have never raced with us before.
Points system:
1: 30
2: 25
3: 22
4: 19
5: 17
6: 15
7: 14
8: 13
9: 12
10: 11
11: 10
12: 9
13: 8
14: 7
15: 6
16: 5

Everyone therefore is guaranteed points , and reverse order grids off the first result should help people who maybe aren't as quick as others. This series will however include people with totally different skills so don’t panic
if you cannot keep up with the front runners.
Driving aids:

All driver aids will be turned off with the exception of ABS which will need to be set to weak.

Ghosting - off.

Off track surface – real.

Reset car orientation after spin – off.

Slip stream – real.

Boost – off.

Tyre and fuel depletion x 10.

Power limit – 155

Weight – 900kg

Tyres – Racing hard

Course cutting penaltys – strong ( reduced to weak if too stringent )

Damage – Strong ( Heavy damage will result in you having to pit to repair )

Collision penalties – off

Flags - on


Important information:

Flags must be adhered to, if you are being lapped even without a visible notification, then move over. Do not block the race leaders from coming through.

When qualifying if you are not on a hot lap then again please move out of the way of drivers who are, basic common sense. Remember there is 15 minutes of qualifying

No rage quitting, if you have to stop the race then pull over and apply the handbrake until race has finished, drivers who continuously quit because of a spin out or out of frustration will be replaced with someone who does wish to race. If you have to leave then do so and just let us know later on. Anyone who does have to leave or doesn’t participate to the end will be classed as DNF, therefor no points can be awarded.

When leaving the pit lane please remain in the lane on the exit until the solid white line finishes, and check your mirrors before pulling out.

Trading paint will happen but crashing will not be tolerated, if you feel you have been shoved off the track, or lost time due to poor driving of a competitor please log the lap time, the lap in question and the driver that was involved. Contact Sammo85 via discord GT SPORT channel and he will decide on who is to blame, and what if any action is required.

1 Mandatory pitstop is required each race.

When all the vehicles are bunched up, especially into the first bend, every driver will need to be respectful, if you have to swerve to avoid a collision and leave the track yourself then so be it. No brake testing / no swerve blocking / no shunting. You are entitled to defend your space and racing line within reason.

If you cause a collision which allows you to gain a place, then give the position back, if you do so no further action will be taken.

No driving around the track the wrong way.

Punishment for what we deem as exceptionally poor driving i.e avoidable collisions etc, will be dealt with in the way of point penalties. Continual trouble makers will be removed from the series altogether.

No bad mouthing or slagging off other drivers in the chat, if you have an issue then PM COXBOX / BOPPA / SAMMO85.

If you for any reason cannot make a race then not a problem, just let us know as we have people on a waiting list who can participate until you return. The first 16 places are taken, however the line up will change from time to time if you have other commitments.

We welcome you to the series and hope you enjoy the racing. The racing calendar will be up shortly once we have set all the dates, however we will be running lots of practice sessions in the meantime, please monitor Discord GT Sport channel for details.

Series owner: Coxbox / Online host and coordinator: Boppa_ / Race steward: Sammo85.

How To Sign Up

To sign up, once you have read the specs and rules, either post your team/driver number on here, or do the same by tweeting @the80sbusiness.

Please then join Our Discord Server to come and chat and discus the series in detail. please state that you are for GT sport and the racing series, we play many different games.

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-- Team Poundland reporting for duty --

Even though the roster is full, we still need reserve drivers for all teams, so if you want to get involved in this or future race series, drop us a line.


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@ everyone, please read the series details at the top of the page to ensure you understand the rules and regs of this series. This is to ensure the racing is kept clean and fun. Cheers.