BMW'S Upcoming SUVs- X2 Sports Crossover and X7 Luxury SUV

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Here is the thread to discuss the BMW X2 and X7.

BMW X2- A compact, sports crossover. About the size of an X1, but design takes cues from X4 and X6

Spy photos:

BMW X7- Ultra Luxury, 3 row SUV to be priced around $100,000 and compete with Mercedes Benz GL and Range Rover.

Renderings of what SUV may look like:


I think that all of BMW's X cars are ugly, though the X7 appears to be the exception. It is hideous. There's something so desperately wrong with its proportions.
Contrary to popular opinion, I do think the X7 has style. The grille is nice, and even though the proportions are somewhat off, they don't seem to bother me.
The X7 isn't likely to be seen even in FEP guise until 2017, as it's rumoured to not hit showrooms until late 2018 (possibly even 2019 according to some sources), and most spy shots of the X7 are mules wearing odd bodies. Hence the terrible photo-chops you're looking at here. It will, apparently, have more in common with the Vision Future Luxury concept, than the Gran Lusso or Mercedes GLS.

There's also going to be 2 versions according to BMW, the 3 row 7 seat version mentioned above, and a 4 seat more luxurious version. Of the 45,000 units BMW hope to sell annually the majority will probably be 'X7 xDrive 40i' or 'X7 xDrive 40d' models with an I6 motor, and the 'X7 xDrive 50i' with a V8, and finally the 'X7 xDrive 60i' models will get the V12 - hopefully in full M760Li Spec :D. I'd assume an 'X7 xDrive 40e' and 'X7 M50d' would also be likely.

BMW anticipates the 4 sear luxury version to only sell in the hundreds, but it will bridge the gap between the standard X7's and the Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV - which is built off an entirely different platform. Pricing estimates for the X7 range appear to fall between €100,000 to €200,000

The FWD/AWD X2 should be seen this year, and go on sale next year. Pretty much the same engine line-up as the X1, and both X1 and X2 are rumoured to receive M-performance versions. X2 will be joined in the market place by the MINI Countryman Coupe, which is the replacement for the Paceman. Both the X2 and the Countryman Coupe appear to just be 5-dr models, there's not been much talk of the rumoured X2 sport (3dr) for a while, and if the Paceman is being replaced by a 5dr model I'm guessing BMW didn't see sufficient demand for a 3dr model.

New X3 is also due in a similar time frame as the X2 and X7, along with the LWB version of the X1 for China, and it looks like China will also get a new EV version of the X1 with the Zinoro 1E replacement.
If people think Nissan are bad with the SUV thing, I think BMW are obsessed with it.
Guess they want to make the Ultimate Drive-thru machines.
Good god, that's ugly. Proportions are fine, and probably close to the production X7, but that style detailing is terrible. :yuck:
It's like an XC90 and Range Rover mated... and not in a good way!

As said, it's a trim bits that's ruin it. That long side tick they insist on doing (also seen on the 7 series) is not attractive.
Looks like a Mercedes.


Absolutely cannot be unseen. :eek:

I didn't know this thread also included X2 discussion. Speaking of which, I have seriously grown to love BMW's smallest crossover - It is my pick of the X range. Sure, it is the least practical of the lot but it has such a great profile without overdoing the fastback appearance like the X4/X6.

Also nice to know there is a hot M35i variant undergoing testing too.