Bring GT Academy to Canada!! - Sign Here!! Photo Competition Added!!

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Should GT Academy come to Canada?

  1. YES!!!

  2. I'm not Canadian but I think they should have a chance!

  1. BlackIce90

    Canada Toronto

    Sign here to support the cause!!


    As I'm sure everyone already knows that GT-A doesn't include Canadians in the North American GT-A tournament. So to show SONY that there is a strong interest in Canada for a GT-A tournament, I would like to ask any and all of you to sign here. If you are Canadian, type that you're Canadian and that you want to take part in GT Academy. If not, show your support and help bring GT-A to Canada.

    I am hoping that with this thread, if it's successful, will show SONY that Canadians want a shot to become world class race car drivers as well. There is just as much interest here as there is in the States and in Europe.

    "I'm Canadian and I want to be a race car driver!"

    Post your photos!
    Post some artistic pictures of your favourite cars sporting the Red and White! Every Monday and Friday night I will put a picture that catches my eye and shows Canada's passion for racing on the first post. That picture will stay there from that point on and every week I will add another 2 pictures to the list. Hopefully it will attract more attention to the thread. Now post those pictures and let me see what you can do.

    Photo rules:
    Make sure the colours red and white are in the picture. If you decide to make a black and white photo, see if you can edit in a canadian flag some how. Photo editing is allowed but not required. Get creative with these photos, I've seen some amazing photos in the photo mode forum, I want it to be comparable! Just make sure the photo promotes racing in Canada. BOTH Canadians and Non-Canadians can submit photos, support from all over is what we want to achieve. With your photos post what country you live in. If I decide to pick your picture, I will post your GTP name and country along with your photo.

    Please only use your own original photos/work, do NOT submit someone else's photos. If you see a photo you think will work out great for this thread, contact the owner and convince them to post it here on their own.
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  2. MustangCobra95

    United States Houston, TX

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  3. Oshawa-Joe

    Canada Hillsdale

    I hope that was a joke.
  4. Evolvedsoul

    Canada Toronto

    Am offended..
  5. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    So that somehow makes you think we're all terrible.. I've raced with plenty of terrible Americans, Brits, Italians, Brazilians, etc.. Signed. But isn't there a law that prevents us from getting a contest like this from happening in Canada? Probably why we don't have one.
  6. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    Because looking at a country based on only a few examples of it is always a good idea.

    Well, I do OCCASIONALLY sleep in my igloo.
  7. SohnVonStig


    I have to ask...why use a M5 as a banner photo?
  8. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    Oh and by the way, PD doesn't control GT Academy, Sony does.
  9. BlackIce90

    Canada Toronto

    Best looking picture I have for now. There aren't any cars made by Canada.


    Also guys, keep negative comments out and don't fuel the flame. Keep this positive!
  10. Evolvedsoul

    Canada Toronto

    Oh, consider me signed!

    And those Polar bear traffic jams.. I gotta get myself a cheetah, but those imports are hard to come by..

    Edit: Ninja poll
  11. Bushby_23

    Australia Brisbane, QLD

    Ill say yes, purely on the basis that it opens up for other nations as well (Yes, we do still exist in Australia :indiff:)
  12. R1600Turbo

    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    Just FYI, the reason Canada was not included in the first one is because the country has a law about competing in contests that Sony couldn't work around at the time.
  13. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    You could always use an HPA-fettled car for the image - I mean, they're at least based here ;).

    Sign me on - there were positive comments from the people running GTAcademy last year, about a desire to open it up to Canada, so it'd really be awesome if it happened. I imagine Quebec could be the sticking point, but plenty of nationwide contests just exclude that province, so maybe that'd have to be the case. We have quite a motorsports heritage too (though ironically, some of the most famous bits of it are from Quebec).

    Plus, I've won something on a much smaller scale before, wouldn't mind something to push me into actually worrying about lap times again :sly:
  14. Shinzah


    Sony could have worked around it. They chose not to. All the other GT related contests except Academy have been open to canadians in the past IIRC.

    Sony made the clause that they could decide who will win. The Canadian contest rules, as far as I know them, are that all contests must involve some kind of skill and can not be a random select lottery. Because Sony wanted to have control over the entrants into GT Academy, they would have had to add an ammendum to Canadian GT Academy hopefulls to make them answer a math or other question to win. It could be a simple math question. Such as 2+2. That would make it possible for GT Academy to work in canada. Again, as far as I know it.

    I'm a canadian who lives more south here in ontario, then what? over ten million americans? And I want to be allowed to race in GT Academy.

    Also, Don't Exclude Quebec. French-Canadian drivers are strong competitors.
  15. Snaeper

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    I'm surprised HPA doesn't have a direct line to put cars into the game, yet! You'd think winning the award twice and getting nominated a few times would put them into contention to being regular contributors... especially since they're representing ALL of Canada, pretty much.
  16. R1600Turbo

    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    That's all I know, don't kill the messenger. :sly:

    There was talk of trying to include Canada if they were to do another contest, but I haven't heard anything about their final decision on that. I would think that this thread might be a bit late though.
  17. Shinzah


    Thats true, its pretty unlikely. Even with an earlier forum thread, and many votes, it'd still be pretty unlikely.

    But I will never get over being more south then several million Americans and not getting access to hardly any of the contests or priveledges they get.

    I would trade free healthcare to be able to participate in events like GT Academy and win other racing related contests that appear on social networking. Its like theres a world ban on Canada in terms of contests, and to my knowledge, its not that hard to include the country. They just don't want to have any added effort.
  18. BlackIce90

    Canada Toronto

    Better late then never. Even if it doesn't happen now, it could happen in the (hopefully near) future.
  19. MustangCobra95

    United States Houston, TX

    Notice I didn't say everyone was terrible. And FYI I have raced with a few good Canadians, but most Canadians I've raced with have always been total :censored: no matter what type of race it is, whether it's LMPs, GT500, Rally, hell even drag racing. And I am aware there are crap racers in America, but most Americans I deal with actually race cleanly.
  20. CSLACR

    United States United States

    Something along the lines of, Sony would have to pay your government an amount equal to the prize.
    So honestly, if I were Sony I'd have done the same thing, excluding Canada.

    It's a damn shame though, many very fast and talented drivers reside in the great white north.

    @ Mustang - You must have a way to find the crap ones, I've never met a terrible Canadian GT5 player I can remember.
  21. Even if they cannot do an official full-blown contest per se, they could still hold a Canadian only event that runs the same way.
  22. kieran177

    United Kingdom Tadley

    I would love if gt academy to go to Canada. Although I don't live there, I think they deserve it, there is probebly lots of talent to discover.
  23. berty1979

    Wales Dolgellau

    What has nationality got to do with how clean someone races, your not too bright assuming that your limited experiences paint a realistic picture of how clean a whole nation of racers is?

    Of course Canada should have a shot if its possible, so should a lot of other countries.
    Go Canada! :lol:
  24. McClarenDesign

    United States Norman, OK

    Everyone should have access to GT Academy. It's a wonderful opportunity.
  25. Oshawa-Joe

    Canada Hillsdale

    So...the 49th parallel determines if someone races clean or not? It's actually sort of amusing that someone would even believe that.
  26. A1-242

    England Birmingham, Eng

    What an absolute load of rubbish, is this guy for real?
  27. MustangCobra95

    United States Houston, TX

    An absolute load of rubbish? I'm being 100% legit. Sorry if I haven't raced with a lot of the 'good' Canadians, but You have to realize that I can't control getting in rooms with Canadians that 'suck.' I've had a long history with them and, although the races with the good Canadians were memorable, there was still an overwhelming amount of people that either ram me off the road, brake check, or, in some cases, try to PIT me on the last lap. If there is a way to flush out the regions with the bad racers and only allow the good regions to compete, then yes, I would support this, but until such a feature can be implemented, my answer is still no.
  28. BlackIce90

    Canada Toronto

    Please try and keep this thread positive. Some Canadians are good, some are bad, just like anywhere else in the world. Mustang may just be unlucky to have only raced with the bad ones. This thread is about giving Canadians the same opportunity that Americans and some European countries got. This thread is to include Canada into the next North American GT Academy. We need to show SONY that there is a driver somewhere here in Canada thats better than previous GT Academy winners, if not better, just as good.
  29. fryercar

    Nepal Nepal

    Bit off topic, I wonder why there has yet to be a GT Academy Japan?
  30. LongbowX

    Canada Canada

    Yes, what Mustang was saying was pretty....ludicrous. You can't base how everyone (thousands) in a country drive over the few you've raced with. I think most people know that.

    Obviously I would like a GT Academy to be in Canada - not for me, but for the people I am lucky enough to know that are GT Academy material.
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