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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by trk29, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. trk29


    Hey guys I wanted to let all of those know that might be interested that Buttkicker is now selling there Buttkicker Gamer2 again. So for all of those that have a driving rig and have been waiting on getting this product to use with GT5 it is now available to buy. I am posting this because I have been waiting 3 months to get one since they have been sold out.

    This can be mounted under your gaming rig seat, it is hooked up to your subwoofer of your surround sound system and shakes your chair.


    $129.00 with free shipping.
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  2. grbmrdj


    Dude wtf is this
  3. looks like some futuristic type kinky toy thingy ma jigger. and the name dont help.
  4. Rey-FD


    I think it shakes the chair.. ?
  5. ASH32

    England Nelson, England

    This has to be against the forum rules, doesn't it?
  6. storm8ring3r


    Thank god it isn't manufactured by Thrustmaster!

    introducing... the Thrustmaster Buttkicker!
  7. Lol
  8. addictions

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    My surround sound does the same thing, In fact It shakes the house. Then the Mrs comes home & spoils It.
  9. trk29


    It shakes your chair in your gaming rig.

    It kicks your butt (buttkicker).


    Wow I try to let the community know about a pretty cool product that will enhance the immersion of playing this great game and I knew someone wouldn't appreciate it. If it upsets you and do not think that it contributes to the GT5 discussion then report my post.

    This can be used with GT5.

    This can be used with gaming cockpits that is why I posted this. I for one am going to buy one and since they are back instock I thought I would let everyone know since it has been sold out worldwide.
  10. snoopybg


    I've wanted one of these for a long time, but I'm not prepared to cough up the dough. The neighbours would come banging on the door anyway.
  11. trk29


    ^Well that is the good thing it doesn't make noise just vibration. This coupled with a set of headphones would do the trick. :)
  12. ConfidenceAngel


    lol! :)
  13. Kreepnslayer


    The buttkicker rules.
    I have one mounted to my Obutto cockpit and it's great. Adds a whole new level of immersion to racing.

    Don't get too worked up over the name. It's buttKICKER, not buttprober, or buttanalysizer.
  14. Trizzig


    Where did you mount it on your Obutto?

    Thanks OP, looked at these when Forza came out but never pulled the trigger. Only heard good things about them -- might have to pick one up since I already got everything else. What's another $130? ;)
  15. Kreepnslayer


    I mounted it on the arm that you mount the shifter to.
    I had it on sideways underneath but wasn't satisfied with how it performed so I moved it.
    It takes a bit to dial it in, but once you do you'll love it. I can't even race without it now
  16. speedgear


    [​IMG] here it is the real definition of buttkicker
  17. I have one of the original Gamer ones and the problem is it responds to sound frequency... that means only low frequency stuff shakes your chair.

    This is fine as a bass enhancement... you really feel as if your sub is cranked up when its not so that's nice for keeping things quiet, however it would be so much better if you could somehow tie it into rumble feedback.

    For instance you MIGHT be able to tune it so that when you go over rumble strips, the low thuding noise shakes your char, but your engine tacking at high revs? Nope. But the wind... as long as it's at low frequencies will shake your chair, but then as you go faster it may move out of the right frequency range and the shaking stops...

    So much potential but I ultimately couldn't get mine how I liked it :(
  18. Perkel

    Poland Poland

    it's more like hardcore facepalm...
  19. jjsahagun


    I've been trying to do this. How do you set this up?
    I thought Buttkicker uses LFE signals, and when I plug the headhones it deiconnects all speakers (including subwoofer)
  20. jswilli1

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    The ButtKicker Gamer 2 or even the BKA300 does not have to use the LFE channel from an A/V reciever. You can use the Component or Composite out from the PS3 (Not HDMI) if you do not have an A/V reciever. If using headphones you may have to "split" the signal between the headphones and ButtKicker amp. I have the Turtlebeach headphones and they already have the inline RCA connectors where you could connect a BK Gamer 2, The Gamer 2 should also come with a splitter or Y cable to attach the BK amp.
  21. jjsahagun


    Cool; did not know that.
    I have been holding on getting the buttkicker because I normally play at night and can't have the speakers on (thus the headphones).
  22. With one of these hooked up, does it shake the house? I live in a duplex and just curious how it would affect my neighbor.
  23. jswilli1

    United States Albuquerque, NM
    PSN:jswilli1 / GTP_jswilli1 (GT5 only)

    The ButtKicker Gamer 2 is a smaller Transducer and the mount shown in the picture allows it to be mounted to an office style chair. The vibrations will not pass through the floor and disturb your neighbors. The larger transducers such as the Clark Synthesis, BKA300, or Aura Bass Shakers recommend you use rubber isolators underneath your Platform (I.E. couch, cockpit, etc) to prevent vibration being transmitted through the floor (which still should not both the Neighbors). When using rubber feet as "Isolation" it prevents loss by transmitting the vibration to your couch or chair instead of the floor.
  24. Thanks! I've just got my Obutto and saw the Buttkickers have been out of stock. I think I will go ahead and order one.
  25. greekbull

    United States Tulsa, OK

    Quick question will the Buttkicker Gamer hook up to my LFE output if I want to? I could just slit my LFE out and have a cord going to my cockpit.
  26. jswilli1

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    You can still use the LFE output and is definetely the preferred method when using a Tactile Transducer. You will have much more control using your A/V receiver and the BK amp to optimize the Gamer 2 to your liking.
  27. greekbull

    United States Tulsa, OK

    Good to know, that's how I'll set it up. Thanks!
  28. ShylockHolmes


    I've been looking for one for a bit, but it's trying to rip me off $36 for shipping. I can get a used one on Ebay for less than the shipping cost alone.
  29. DaveTheStalker

    United States Michigan

    Amazon still does not have it in stock :(
  30. greekbull

    United States Tulsa, OK

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