Can you still update to Spec III?

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I got this game when it came out. I used to play the heck out of it when I was younger. I haven't played it in quite a few years now, so I decided to boot it up for ol' times sake. However, it's keeping me stuck on Spec II of the game. I want to update to Spec III. Is there anyway I can still do that, or am I stuck on Spec II because the game is old now?
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The servers that held the data for the Spec III update have been taken down, as have the online ones. The only way to get it now is to buy one of the Spec III discs, or restore a backup from a PS3 with it on the HDD.
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Question: will it matter if the Spec III disc is from a different country? Like if i use my US Prologue disc after installing Spec III from a Japan disc?
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No no, I mean between II and III
Oh ok. They added in the GT by Citroen, Ferrari California, and Lotus Evora.
  1. in Time Trial events, speed penalties have been removed, and instead incurring such a penalty now invalidates the lap time for that particular lap.
  2. Race events have tweaked difficulty levels and increased earnings for winning a top spot.
  3. Improved responsiveness when using the wireless controller & added key assignments for controller 2 in device.
  4. Improved sound volume balance for sound effects and music.
  5. Drift Trial races now feature a rolling start.
  6. Corrected a problem where the steering controller moves while at a standstill.
  7. Manual updated (taken from GT Wiki)
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It was really strange, i started it yesterday and it asked me to update on 1.3. i skipped and now i can't get it anymore :(
It was really strange, i started it yesterday and it asked me to update on 1.3. i skipped and now i can't get it anymore :(

Point your controller cursor to the game at XMB > Press Triangle > Check for Updates.

anyway you could look up for GT5 Prologue Spec III bluray disc on Amazon Japan.
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I wasn't asked to update, and the manual update check didn't work. Such a shame.

Would the Platinum EU versions come already updated? Since AFAIK they've been released after the Spec III update, one could be lucky.
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I'm thinking about trying to out since I got the disc for free.

But it looks like Spec III doesnt even add much stuff... just minor tweaks and a few cars so you could finish GT5P and not be bothered.