Car friend gift bug?

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  1. Just sent a s15 P to a friend, got a message "upload failed" and he never got the car and it disappeared in my inventory...
  2. trk29


    Hmmm. I gifted a card but I don't know if he was able to get it or not.
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  3. Same thing just happened to me... 30 grand down the drain.. I dont know why they wouldnt just leave it in your garage.

    Hopefully they can fix this, and even more importantly, recover the cars!
  4. TenEightyOne


    This would sometimes happen on Forza 3, after a set period (30 days, I believe) unclaimed/undelivered gift cars would be returned to sender.
  5. A friend of mine said he tried to gift me a rally car yesterday and it said 'Failed', but I didn't get it and he's lost the car too. Strange. I hope he gets it back in 30 days.

    EDIT: I definitely won't be trying to gift any cars in the immediate future!
  6. nebojsa_o


    I managed to gift 2 or 3 cars with no problems. Last night, I bought a truck, upgraded it, won some races, and gifted it to the same friend. "Upload Failed", truck is gone, and he never got it either...
  7. Cataclizm1


    Same thing just happened to me. Gifted to friend and upload failed. It was a Toyata VITZ but I had upgraded it alot. Very annoying!
  8. shift_drift240

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    When you gift from the garage=upload fail. When you gift from the community tab=it works. I learned the hard way, but it seems to work.
  9. happycorey

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    This definitely needs to be fixed. Moderately modded Lamborghini Gallardo just lost itself in the internet after 'Upload Failed!'

    Great, 400k wastedddd

    Edit: I turned off my system whilst the Upload Failed! message was still on screen and I was able to recover the car.
  10. BAZZ

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    Gifted myself a Trueno SS ed. from my second PSN user and got the same message. This should be fixed asap in my opinion. Imagine gifting a car worth millions and having this happen?
  11. Trucker_Sean



    I have gifted a few cars to friends already and had no problems. I just tried to gift another friend a brand new GT-R V spec and got the upload failed message. The car is gone on my end but wasn't sure if it actually got to him or not. Judging by this thread he won't be getting it.

    That is a very expensive bug and I sure hope they fix it and return the cars.
  12. Same just happened me,and it was a 430 scuderia (sp?) with everything on it,just poof,3 hours of gameplay down the drain.seriously better get it back,it was a dissapointment to begin with but this is a bit much
  13. happycorey

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    If it happens to you, TURN THE SYSTEM OFF IMMEDIATELY!! And you can recover your precious cars!!
  14. the.true.samiam


    If you'll notice next time you are gifting a car, or any other item, as soon as it says 'upload successful' or 'upload complete' or whatever, it will autosave. However, if it says 'upload failed', the game WILL NOT AUTOSAVE. If you simply quit your game (do not gift anything else until after you quit, or it will autosave), your file will reload before you gifted the lost vehicle, and you can try it again. The fact that it doesn't autosave if the upload fails probably means PD knew this was happening, and prevented it from being permanent, IF YOU'RE SMART ABOUT IT.
  15. maxzibit

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    I just tried to send to my friend the Toyota Minolta Race car, the one you get from "LIke the Wind" , and it said "upload failed" ; had no ideea about the problem and didn't exit the game, so now the car is gone from my garage and my friend never got it.
    Hope they can fix this somehow, i refuse to believe that i wont get the change to have that car back. :guilty:
  16. xx666Kris666xx


    wish i'd found this thread before i just lost my 925k fully modded Trans Cammer....mother ****er....

    I'm so so dirty:ouch:
  17. Doomdayz85


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  18. Doomdayz85


    I had the same problem with sending a car to a friend, upload error..
    It was the BUGATTI VEYRON with chrome paint !! arrrgh :indiff:
    (i bought the game for this car lol)
    I hope they will fix this expansive bug soon...
    I think ill give a call to the number displayed on the little "book" on the last page, that came with gt5 where you put your disc in...
  19. xx666Kris666xx


    had this happen a second time sending a car over from my second ps3, this time gifted it through community as suggested

    (*note have done every night since lost original trans cammer without issue)

    operation completed, car gone, no error....

    400k of half modded McLaren MP4-12C gone to the ether....:grumpy: say i am a little pissed off I have lost 1.4million worth of cars in under 2 weeks is an understatement!!!

    Fix the gifting bug FFS :crazy:
  20. I had an issue similar to this. I sent my friend a "Car Ticket" so he can claim it since I had just won it. The transaction was successful but he never received it. The issue? It was my Minolta! I refuse to accept that this car is gone forever whether it's truly gone or not. I just won't lose that car and continue to play GT5. I may sound a bit childish at the moment but I'm just so angry! It's very apparent as I've mentioned this before on GT Planet. LOL (Well, the mentioning is LOL anyways)
  21. RedBull_2_M3RK


    Hahah 30 grand? Lol i lost 19m worth of cars.
  22. m4fioso


    I did the birthday glitch to get a Mazda 747B, sent it to my main account, transaction successful but i never got it, happened 3 times then I gave up
  23. willstuart


    I've had the upload failed a few times. But the cars never left my garage.
  24. Turbonutter


    Suddenly I'm not so ticked about the 750k or so I've lost.
  25. DaxCobra

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    then you are a bit of a noob trying the bday glitch...
  26. m4fioso


    Not really, I only tried it when I was Level 24, I would call myself lazy