Car Manufacturers Want to Know What Cars You Buy in GT Sport

Do we really need another concept car.

Just keep the game updates PD and start work on gt7 for the ps5
Well, I wasn't in the board meeting when this concept came about. However, this may nearly be PD didn't have a say in this, so to speak.
Mazda wanted to put this car in. Don't think PD would say no. Are Mazda "donating" money to PD to include this concept car? I don't know. Is this beneficial to all three companies(Sony, PDI, MAZDA)? Definitely.

Why there isn't an RX-7 or RX-8 GR.3/GT3 entry? I don't know. I get it, we all "want X, y and z" in the game. It was also noted at the RX-VISION GT3 reveal, more Mazda content may be on the way. Afterall,Mazda celebrated its 100th Anniversary this past January.

With current content dwindling for GT Sport, it's possible we'll get a plethora of real cars for the next GT game.

With so many car companies actually standing up and making these concept cars "for a game", they are acknowledging it's serious business.