Car of the Week 228: COTY GTS Finale

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I'll throw my hat in the ring if the COTW guys will have me...

Cool mate
Just need 2 more.

On GTS when you do a Time Trial is there a leader board like the one GT6 has?
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So what are the rules? Tired of getting spammed by newbs on Tekken 7, time to get slaughtered at GTS lol. Sorry about my lateness!!! I want to play also lol.
If team challenge hub gets one more player your in as we need the same amount of people.
If you get in I'll invite you to the pm that has all the details.
Just thought I throw this out there, in the event of a drop out or someone unable to participate, I’ll be willing to step in on their behalf. 👍

Take my place Vic... my situation is getting worse lately, and had to quit an FIA race yesterday because of it. Please and thank you!

Did 07.15.695 with it on the Nordschleife. Ruf is finally back to GT. And with such a car (first time ever in GT)! Pooh, really not easy to handle at the limit at all. Reminds me handling wise a lot of the Aston Vulcan. Obviously it is incredibly fast in a straight line. Very, very twitchy. Gotta be really carefull with throttle and steering control, or you're off immediatly!

Verdict: neutral

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Just thought I let you guys know, there’s a maintenance update during our normal meet up time.

So we might have to run it on the following day if possible for all. 👍
Ok, tonight’s new router test part 2:

- Modern Warfare Remastered: Won’t connect to matchmaking services

- Titanfall 2: Unplayable lag

- Modern Warfare 2019: Unplayable lag

- Gran Turismo Sport: Unplayable lag

- Assetto Corsa: Other cars teleporting around the track every 1-2 seconds

Connection speed tests:

Test 1: failed to obtain IP address

Test 2: 761 Kbps download, 69.3 upload

Test 3: 89.7 Kbps download, 26.7 upload

Test 4: 2.4 Mbps download, 79.7 upload

Test 5: 230 Kbps download, 18.0 upload

Test 6: 5.3 Mbps download, 21.3 upload.

Playing in Modern Warfare ‘19, the ping warning on the side of the screen is constantly flashing in-between red and yellow over and over again like the connection speed is constantly fluctuating. Seems to be supported by the six connection tests I performed.

I’ve never seen such inconsistency with a router before. The constant shifting of the connection speed seems to line up with the unplayable stuttering I’m experiencing at the moment.

Still can’t play anything online until the issue is solved.
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I don't really hang around the COTW lobbies often but I do follow this thread whenever it pops up. Have been for a while now, actually... Thought I'd finally throw my hat into the ring and give my thoughts on the CTR3 now that it's shown up.

I've tested it a while ago on Autopolis with SS tires and it managed to do a 1:57.851. It's quite a quick car; it's got a high top speed and pretty good acceleration, but the thing is very unruly. You really need to focus when you drive it, otherwise it won't end well. I do quite like the car; and I do especially appreciate the fact that it's in GT Sport at all, co-existing alongside other Porsches like the extended 911 family and all that, especially since other games that previously featured RUF usually dropped it in favor of having only Porsche instead.

That being said I think I'd have to rate this car Neutral since I can't really classify it as a sleeper car (in the sense that it's a hidden gem) or a beater (something hyped up only to be a total letdown).
I really like the CTR.. I do get it about how people say its "unruly"... I did a fair few miles on the base tune. The tail has as odd pendulum thing like an old Porsche HOWEVER... the car is an MR 997 so it shouldnt be like this.

WIth a HSG tune though its dialed out a lot. The car just hammers in n400/500. WOuld recommened people just but it day one Like I did and not wait for DWG,

On a tangent... I'm waiting for this:


This car was in Horizon 1 and the early Forzas and its allmost iconic. The flat 4.5 eight.
Beautiful car in need of experienced driver. One of the fastest cars in the game stock and fully tuned, it's immensely capable. It takes an expert driver to not **** it up. Styling is, imho, on point and the inside is decent.

I was lucky enough to get this car early on and have not regretted it.
Vedict: Neutral