Car of the Week 228: COTY GTS Finale

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It's that time, folks! Pour yourself the finest drink you can, put on the finest attire you have, and join us on the red carpet for the

2019 GTPlanet Car Of The Year Awards!!!


Beater or Sleeper? It's a question we ask every week, and every time the answer is different. Sometimes it's an enthusiastic "Sleeper!" Other times it's a disgusted "Beater." Sometimes we can spot a beater a mile away, other times our expectations are proven wrong, either in a good way or a bad way.

Tonight we look back on the year we've had, the cars we've driven, the people we've raced with and the good times had by all.

For those who have joined us in the last year, Car Of The Week was initially set up back in the Gran Turismo 5 days by @Turismo.M.G! Here's the first ever COTW thread, dating back to 2012. Yes that's right, in the beginning each car got their own thread, before McD decided to group them all into one thread for the GT6 edition. Much easier that way.

Basically, the idea was to get people behind the wheel of cars they wouldn't typically drive otherwise. Maybe the car was overlooked, maybe it was unpopular, maybe it was just downright slow, but as part of a Gran Turismo game it deserved a fair chance. And thus, Car Of The Week was born!

Without too much more rambling, let's get into some awards, shall we?!

Half of a car's appeal is it's looks. It has to catch your eye, make you drool a little, and make you giggle like a little boy, all without any regard for how fast (or not) it actually is. The Best Looking award goes to the car purely seen as the most visually attractive. The one you'd have wanted to get dropped off to elementary school in.

The nominees are -
Ferrari 458
Ferrari 458 Gr.4
Ferrari F50
Mitsubishi GTO TwinTurbo
Aston Martin V8 Vantage S

and the winner is...

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage S!!!!

On the flip side, there are some cars that have the exact opposite effect on people. Women faint, children scream and somewhere an automotive designer writhes at the thought of the behemoth he is responsible for. Who wants to live with that burden? The Worst Looking award goes to the ugliest car from this year, again with no regard for it's actual performance.

The nominees are -
Honda Project 2&4
VW Beetle Gr.3
BMW i3
Suzuki Swift

and the winner is (by a considerable margin)....

The BMW i3!!!!

American cars are in their own genre. Literally. While, in my opinion, they get more and more European each year (A mid engined Corvette? Come on!), there's no denying there's still a particular air about them, they're brutal. They're loud. They're wasteful. They're quick in a straight line, and they'll kill you if you try to push them an inch too far. And we wouldn't have it any other way! The Most American car award goes to the finest piece of American engineering to ever roll out of Detroit, Michigan, or wherever else they're building cars these days!

The nominees are -
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
Ford GT40 Mk1
Dodge Viper GTS 2013
Shelby Cobra
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
Ford F150 Raptor

and the winner is...

The 2013 Dodge Viper GTS!!!!

One of the big things that sets Car Of The Week apart from other Gran Turismo clubs is the drivers. More to the point, it's the drivers' attitudes during a meet. The racing is usually clean, the camaraderie is amazing, and generally it's a good time all round! The Member's award goes to the driver who, in your eyes, really helps contribute to the COTW atmosphere.

The nominees are -
@Baron Blitz Red
@Alex p.
@Vic Reign93

and the winner is...

@Baron Blitz Red!!!!

Good things cost money, we all know this. Unfortunately the best things cost A LOT of money, and then there are the luxuries that only the 1% could ever consider affording. Either the marquee is legendary, the craftsmanship is second to none or it just happens to have diamond studded everything (Or sometimes all three). The Sky High Roller's award goes to the car that will both bring a smile to your face and help you out with your money laundering.

The nominees are -
Ferrari 365 Daytona
Dallara SF19 Super Formula
Pagani Huayra
McLaren F1
Ford GT40 Mk1
Ferrari F50

and the winner is...

The Pagani Huayra!!!!

The transition to GT Sport was a pretty big one for this club. Some features were omitted, such as AGS and Playing With TT's, and others were introduced, like fully customizable liveries. Previously, if we wanted to express our artistic side, we had to make do with a new coat of paint, some new rims, and if we felt particularly daring, maybe a custom race number! But now, drivers are free to dress up their cars however they please. Stripes, flames, replicating other models, even something totally original! Anything goes! The Crayola Arts and Crafts award goes to the member who always rocks up to the meeting with fresh wheels, a slick livery that oozes style, and you can't help but admire it in spectator view before the race.

The nominees are -
@Vic Reign93
@Baron Blitz Red

and the winner is...

@Baron Blitz Red!!!!!

In 2008 the first GT Academy was held, and the day before the finals began, young Ted Thomas lost his life due to tragic and bizarre series of events. Ted's memory was honored each year by awarding the Grand Prize winner of GT Academy with a Red Helmet. COTW also presents a Ted Thomas Memorial award to The Most Improved Driver over the course of the year.

The nominees are -

It would seem most are in agreement, the winner is...


We've seen our share of talent come through this club over the years. Legendary races, epic rivalries, the tales of speed and skill are still sung about to this day. From a dead heat duel to a four wide finish in one of the slowest cars in GT history, these moments wouldn't be possible if our drivers didn't have a serious amount of finesse behind the wheel. The Driver Of The Year award goes to the person who, in the eyes of their peers, has the right stuff.

The nominees are...
@Vic Reign93
@Alex p.

and the winner is...

@Vic Reign93!!!!!

And now, we come to the final two awards. The bottom of the barrel, and the grand prize. Naturally, first we shall scrape the bottom of the barrel and see what sort of turds we can find, but most importantly, which is the worst? As voted by you, of course.

Suzuki Swift Sport
Dodge Viper GTS '13
Nissan Fairlady 300ZX TwinTurbo
Mitsubishi GTO TwinTurbo
BMW i3

And the winner is...

The BMW i3!!!

And now, the one you've all been waiting for. There was a good variety of nominations for COTY, and it all came down to one vote. SO here goes!

Ford GT40 Mk1
Ferrari Dino
Ford Mustang Gr.3
Porsche 911 Turbo (930)
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
Honda S2000
Nissan Silvia S13

and the winner is....

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE!!!!

And there you have it, folks! the 2019 Car Of The Week awards for another year wrapped up! As the COTY, we will be driving the Camaro again next week! Thank you all so much for an epic year of racing, of reviews, of good fun and hearty banter, and here's to doing it all again in 2020!

Thank you and cheers to all!!!​
Just wanted to say thank you all for another great year!!! Hopefully 2020 will be a year of great vision... (get it??? ;) )

It must have been REALLY hard to choose the Crayola Award... there were some fantastic liveries out there, week after week. Keep it up people!!! Again, thank you all! :cheers:

Cheques are on the way to those who voted!!! :sly:

IMO most of these American force fed 'supercars' are one trick pony jokes.

I would love it if the new GT500 and the Dodge Demon and these horsepower war muscle cars made it to GT Sport... even stuff like the Grand Cherokee SRT 6.4 things.

These cars are cool in that they are nice to have but they arent even the best cars in their respective DLC's let alone car of the year lol.

I think its partly because GT Sport is a track focussed game and these arent really track focussed cars.

I honestly feel that the mid range like the 1LE SS and the GT350R etc. are better suited but then I love n/a V8s.
I'll admit, there's a bit of motive behind my choice this week. As well as being a scarcely used addition to the GT Sport lineup, there's also a series coming up that I'll be taking part in, so needing all the practise mileage I can get ;)

Also, some more videos I got around to uploading!

8584494283846844444_0 (1).jpg

The Renault surprised me. At first it feels like a GT3 spec racecar, albeit with slight advantages. It's grippy, it stops much better than Gr.3 cars, it's quick, and it has that purpose built racecar look.

But then when you're trying to get the most out of it, mainly because there's a British guy in your mirror or an Aussie who seems to be bringing the thunder a bit too, it seems to get violent. It would snap over steer on me upon the exit of a corner, or do a little arse dance that was both difficult to recover from and cost valuable pace. Even seemingly straightforward corners it wanted to jump, pounce and wrestle me to the ground. And I don't think traction control would have done much.

It's not a bad car, it just has a rebellious side, and that will play a hand in how you need to drive it. It's one of those cars that mastering it will really pay off for your skill as a driver.

sidawg2 seems to like it too. :P

It'll make for an exciting season too! If you guys are keen to get among it, able to race a t7pm NZT and want to take on some of the top in NZ, let me know and maybe we can get a COTW team entered! Only need two drivers per team ;)

Finally caught up on videos, just last week's left. That's all.

I've been avoiding posting for a few days but I'm tired of sitting on to just tell it and let it go. Thursday a transformer blew out in a nearby neighborhood. There was a sharp crackling noise out of the PS4 and it shut itself off. Turns out we got a power surge which fried the console-it was HOT to the touch. It's dead. Won't even turn on. Apparently my surge protector was faulty.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Having it repaired by Playstation could be as expensive as buying a new one. I wish I knew for sure what was happening with the PS5.

Ya know, that thing was jinxed from the beginning. I paid for a PS4 Pro on Amazon but got sent the regular model. I had to fight with Amazon because the seller insisted he sent me the Pro and that I was trying to cheat him. When Amazon got him to take it back, he wanted to charge me a restocking fee and not reimburse me for the shipping. It took a lot of time and several phone calls to get it all sorted. So good riddance!

So I must sadly say I won't be participating in car of the week for awhile. It's been a very integral part of my gaming since I joined in April 2015. I'll miss you all, but will check in here and if perhaps you guys choose a car that's in GT6 I'll do a review. Take care for now my dear friends, you never know what may happen 👍
Did an 08.30.685 with it on the Nordschleife. Lovely design. Drives rather well, and considering its HP, it's rather fast I think.

Verdict: neutral
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Hey everyone
I've been chatting to @Nismonath5 about starting a crossover competition between the GT6 CHALLENGE HUB players and you guys.

The basic idea is,
We race a car on a track that is in both games in TT mode, the car will be stock with the same tyres.

Each team will consist of 3, 4 or 5 players (so far I have a team of 3)

Will we race head to head with one and another, earning points for our team.

I know the physics of the games are way different but Nismonath5 and I have done some testing, with some pretty good results.

So if your interested in getting a team together please let me know.

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The Integrale is one of those n200-n400 cars that can do it all (except maybe drift?) - I quite like it moreso than the newer Japanese WRX and EVO spiritual decendants. If these cars are moving to 1,5 ton then its too much.

I think people can rightly say that the 4wd in the Lancia kind of dominates is character.

I also think the Integrale is a lost opporunity for FCA. They made a hatchback that the motoring world loves. And yet they werent able to capitalise that into an ongoing model.

Lancia could have conceivably be in the hot hatch race like the Golf GTI and yet...

The Renault R.S. 01 GrX... What can I say? I loved it. Fast, corners like a Lotus, and gorgeous to boot, did I say fast? Yes, it over steers easily but that's part of the fun. I spent a lot of time with it and enjoyed tracking it. Definitely underrated. I'd love to see how the Gr3 car is! What's unfortunate is this is a GrX, so in the metagame it's hard to place. That being said:
Verdict: Sleeper

The Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo is a legend. I always loved it in previous GT games.
It's quick stock for it's time period, and fits nicely as one of the better N200s. Only complaint is lack of top end, which isn't a large concern on certain tracks. As a fan of the unloved Maserati Bi-Turbo series, this car reminds me of it...except without catastrophic repairs lol.
I really like this car for dirt tracks where I feel it transforms and feels right at home. Its AWD system, as @TonyJZX pointed out, really does define how this car drives and feels. I also prefer the Lancia to the WRX, though I like the Lancer Evo platform just as much.
On the road it handles nicely but won't be blowing anyones doors off in a straight line after it's initial launch. With some tuning and the right course, I could see it competing in N300/N400 especially in the wet or on the dirt/snow.
It's very tractable and easy to drive IMHO. Lovely car all around. I would love to see a modern version.
Verdict: Neutral