Cars with unusual traits

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Catlin, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Catlin


    I just bought the standard Blitz ER34 from the UCD and went for a spin on sarth night,it has a huge glowing neon where the intercooler sits,pretty cool i thought.

    Any other cars with some unusual things?
  2. Marcus Garvey

    Jamaica Ocho Rios, Jama

    The High End Performance G37 has a PS3 and a TV in it.
  3. G.T.Ace

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    Germany Bonn, Germany

  4. Catlin


    wow,just checked it,huge screen and speakers,thats awesome.
  5. Marcus Garvey

    Jamaica Ocho Rios, Jama

  6. Bushby_23

    Australia Brisbane, QLD

    The speedo needle in the tvr tamora will go past where the numbers end, but not sure if it will do a full loop.
  7. bigberry


    The Weddsport Lexus has a TV for a rearview mirror as you have no rear window.
  8. The one in the SL 300 will do the same thing if you can wind it up high enough (as does the tach).
  9. SkierPS3

    United States Connecticut

    One of the standard elises (don't know which) has a light over the rear license plate that turns on when you flash your headlights. Not sure if any other ones do it as well.
  10. SkierPS3

    United States Connecticut

    I wish the Zonda R and 908 Hdi had that feature.

    Oops double post.
  11. terminator363

    Bulgaria Canada

    Subaru Imprezza RM because it's the easiest car to drive in the entire game. Honestly. It's so fast yet so grippy! It looks all slow but you can really take off in it.
  12. Vol Jbolaz

    United States Burlington, NC, USA

    Not sure how that is unusual.

    To the OP, I'm guessing you've seen the variable geometry HSR-II?
  13. greg666

    New Zealand Auckland

    A Mazada van or SUV, cannot remember the spec. But it has neon light at the back, looks pretty cool.
  14. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    The Dome Zero's headlights makes it look like Jar Jar Binks. :lol:

  15. Castrol Supra has flashing headlights when you hold the button down
  16. seanneedscar


    all the premium supergt's do this
  17. CrashBandicoot

    United States In a box

    The AEM S2000 has a NOS tank by the rear window. Not sure if thats wierd.
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  18. MasterFocus

    Canada Stoke, Québec,

    Leno tank has semi truck wheels/engine/suspensions/brakes
  19. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    Eheh yeah I noticed it when I got the car. I thought it was a glitch
  20. Snaeper

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Correction: The Leno Tank car has a tank engine. Hence why it's called the tank car.
  21. Calamari100

    Singapore Singapore

    When you hit the gas/brakes on karts, you can see the drivers feet move? lol I dunno if thats weird or not.

    oh and when you're stationary in a kart, and you go from full left lock to right or wtv, the kart raises up and down a bit somewhat like real life?
  22. Catlin


    nope,what is that?
  23. ferhound


    Also some NSX GT500 have that.
  25. Catlin


    ok,that is freaking awesome.
  26. Tompie913

    United States Pittsburgh, PA

    I don't know if this qualifies, but the '69 Corvette Convertible's speedometer measures in km/h. This is a problem since it only goes to 160. It's meant for mph, so the needle is frequently pegged. I'm not sure if some other American cars have this problem.

    Also, one of the TVRs (the Tamora I think) has the most confusing gauge cluster ever. IDK if it's realistic, but I could never figure out if the meter behind the wheel was reading km/h or revs or what.
  27. Suzumiya


    I used to have that Corvette and I noticed that the speedometer was horribly wrong.
  28. Bushby_23

    Australia Brisbane, QLD

    Majority, if bot all of the gt500 cars have that because they don't have back windows. Ones that are visible in cockpit mode however a hard to come by.
  29. TiZzla

    New Zealand New Zealand

    The R35 GTR

    It weighs 2 tonnes (almost) has less than 500hp yet it blows away cars that weigh less and have much more power.

    It handles like no other car in the game, It is insanely easy to drive fast.
  30. Onboy123

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    That's not unusual, that's just it being typically R35 and boring.

    Unusual would be something like…um…I don't know. They've all been said! :lol: The HSR II is pretty bonkers to look at though, so I'd agree with that being one of the most unusual cars in GT5.
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