CLOSED: The GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 17

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GTS PMC 15 Winner @Snake55wildcat - (click for full-size)

This Week's Theme
This week's theme is a conceptual one. It's of opposites, really. @Snake55wildcat proposed the title "Contrarian Effect", and we'll let him explain what he's looking for:

"As the last few years of the series have passed, we have seen many manufacturers bring in their own crazy ideas for concept cars just for this game, and as someone that likes fictional cars, I find it really cool, though I understand not everyone does - but for this, why not play with this divide in an interesting manner by placing something where it doesn't normally belong? be it location, colour composition, livery design style and more. I am just curious to see what you guys can come up with such a literally polarising concept and how you make the opposites work as a complementary dynamic shot! Time to bring out the contrarian in you and make it work to your creative benefit!"

CARS: Only Vision GT car(s)
UNIQUE RESTRICTIONS: Image must show opposites

Competition Rules

Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification. If you have questions, start a convo with me.
  • The only way you can take part is to be a member of the GTPlanet forums. If you haven't created your account yet, click here.
  • It is recommended you host your image either here on GTPlanet (via the Media section), or on Flickr.
  • Not sure how to submit your image? Here's a guide for both methods mentioned above.
  • Preview images can not exceed 640 pixels in either direction.
  • A preview image must be representative of the full-size image. Do not add effects to it.
  • Please use a clickable-preview to full-size, not a separate text link for it;
    it makes poll creation much easier!
  • Mark your FINAL ENTRY clearly, with red text.
    Unsure how to? Copy and paste the following:
  • No post-game editing, besides proportional resizing and rotating, is allowed.
  • One entry per user. It must be your own work, and never previously used in a comp.
  • Do not ask other users to choose your entry.
  • Absolutely no entries which utilize edited/hacked file saves.
  • You may change your entry once. Do it clearly; edit out your previous entry, and
    either post the new one in a new reply, or in place of the original.
  • Do not post "Honourable Mentions" or outtakes - just your Final Entry, that's all.
  • Winner gets to choose the following week's theme.
  • Winners cannot enter in their own theme!
  • The Host may ask for the original image and it must be submitted if so.
    It's recommended to save the original image (preferably in-game) until week's ends.

June 4, 2018
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...and from the ruins a phoenix shall rise...


Hey... just wanted to say "hi" since this is my first entry in this competition and in fact my first post in this forum. (Hope you like it!)

This is my take on the challenge... a futuristic concept car rising from the old ruins... seems like a nice concept ;)

Looking forward to sharing and enjoying awesome pics with you....
Wales, UK
Gotta say, I am absolutely loving everyone's entries so far, certainly gotten a few laughs as well out of a few (in a good way!) and there's also been a few stunners as well, its been great to see the creativity on display for this one, I was worried the VGT requirement might have lessened the amount of entries currently but I see that I need not have worried! :bowdown:
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