Closest race you've ever had?

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  1. Convergent


    A Huayra hits me on the second last corner..............................I spun out and gained control but he was about 5 seconds ahead of me.................................As I was trying to catch up to him, on the last corner the Huayra went too fast and goes to the sandtraps......................I gain the lead and finished the race in first.
    :lol:BTW this was in Bathurst...
  2. MisterWaffles

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    This was the tightest AI race I've ever had:

    "5 Laps of Spa"
    Time change: 60
    Weather Changeability: 10
    Car: Blue Chrome Citroen GT
    TC: 3
    Other Cars: 9

    What should have been a 1st place finish ended up being me chased down by two lmp's and coming in second
    a pretty good performance considering it was two cars with PPs in the high 600's against one with around 609

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  3. GreenGhost74


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    One night in a 500pp Sports Hard free run room I ended up in some really close racing with this Japanese guy. It wasn't really an organized race with a set start and finish, we just ended up at the same spot on track at the same time, and from then on it was a nonstop battle to get in front. We were bumper to bumper almost constantly, and we kept passing each other, but neither of us could actually pull away. The cars seemed to have the exact same straight line speed, so all the passing happened in corners. It seemed to go on for a long time... just passing and getting passed back without a real gap ever forming.

    Perhaps it was partially due to the fact that he was driving an NSX and I was driving an MR2. Both of us were in midships, so maybe that's why our braking and accelerating points were so similar. Whatever it was, I had never been in such a close race before, and still haven't since. It felt like the kind of race you'd see in a movie, not something you'd experience in a video game. When we finally stopped, it turned out the guy didn't even speak much English other than "great racing", so we couldn't really communicate. He managed to say "MR2 very fast", and I just responded with "NSX very fast". Haven't seen the guy since.
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  4. JMoney


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    This, in a 610PP-tuned Cadillac Cien.


    Probably the most intense offline race I've ever won.
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  5. Obelisk

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    I was trying to get 100% on the trophies a while ago (which I eventually did after 4 hours on that stage 4 Senna event, but that's a different story) and I was particularly focused on the .010 second trophy. So I decided to do a single player race using a turbo'd 2J on Daytona. Messed around a bit then spun out on the last corner behind a Peugeot 908. Freaked out, floored it and somehow passed him right at the line with a .001 gap (I got to about 247 MPH too)
  6. dinosaur202


    I think this would be pretty close, I was in the del sol when I went into the dirt on two wheels, slid, and did this about 5 times, towards the finish on the last lap, I hit the peugeot 206 and spun out. (I was about 5 yards away from the finish when that happened) But I still won the race. (The peugeot was touching my car when I crossed the finished line!) :lol: Eifel.jpg That was the most intense single player race I've ever had.
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    Closest race I've had in GT6?

    Well a long time ago when I did the Nürburgring 24 minutes for the first time I used the R8 LMS Team Pheonix. I was battling a McLaren F1 GTR '97 and he refused to pit until the end of the second lap. Now in that race you either pit the first lap or the second lap, unless you have car that sips fuel. I was going to pit on the second lap when I realized, I missed the pit entry! Almost in a panic, I thought of my options. I could either push hard with what gas I had left or conserve as much fuel as possible by not pushing the gas pedal as much, causing me to lose a bit of time. I went with the second option.

    With one lap to go and the total time at around 18 minutes, I set off on the final set of miles. The F1 came out of the pits and started out at around 20-25 seconds behind me. I was close to the Nordshliefe part, so I wasn't terribly worried yet. Throughout that lap I feathered the throttle, not pushing it on the declines, pressing on it on the inclines. I had a quarter of a tank of gas at the start, and my strategy seemed to have been working good so far. As I got to the Carousel, the F1 had made up some time, now being 15 seconds behind. I was running out of gas, and I really needed it for that final straight towards the end. So when I got to the straight, I poured to it. Using whatever gas I had left, I flew down that straight, the F1 now clearly in my sights. I ran out of fuel on the final corner, and the F1 was catching up fast. Good thing was I had just enough Speed to edge out the F1 at the finish, finishing just under a second in front of him.
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  8. wahthewalrus


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    Welp, might as well make this my first post on the forums!

    My closest race thus far came a couple days ago in the quick match event they currently have running at the Tsukuba Circuit. I managed to grab the lead in an NSX following the typical first turn carnage. But then, another guy in an NSX starts closing up on me. In the last turn, I thought I had a sure win when he forces his way inside of me and grabs the lead. He didn't get out of the corner that well, though, and I started to come back on the outside. It was extremely close, but it wasn't enough; he still won. Margin of victory: .012 seconds.

    Here's a pic of the finish:
    Tsukuba Circuit.jpg
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  9. Blaze the Fox

    Blaze the Fox

    Ohh, Ive had a few close calls over the years, my most recent one was on a drag run actually. had a custom track online and the end result of the 1v1 drag waaas 0.000 seconds between us.
    our 500pp dragsters had tied on the 1/4 mile custom track the host was running on

    it was fantastic!

    the game says i lost it but i dont care - it was fun anyway!
  10. Aggserp4


    0.014 loss in the sportscar QM.
    I jumped from 10th to 2nd but didn't have enough time to overtake the last guy :(
  11. Its No Use

    Its No Use

    Won a race in a car that ran out of fuel, milliseconds behind a faster car.
    Best moment ever omg
  12. epic_apri_39


    Novice race in a Honda Fit against a Honda Civic on Silverstone National; -0.004. The game said I lost but I still got the trophy.


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    Closest race I had when I was battling at the end of a Suzuka race. I'm driving an Acura NSX, and I overtake the Honda HSC going into the Casio Triangle. I try to pull in front of the HSC, and I get loose going into the last straight. As I try to straighten the car, I end up spinning out right in front of the HSC, slowing the HSC down just enough for a white car (I forget the make and model) to inch out the HSC for the win. I end up narrowly holding off a Dodge Challenger for 3rd by throwing the car in reverse and backing it across the finish line, a la Ricky Bobby.
  14. JR98

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    Really close finish in a stock Charger R/T, 0.013 gap to a GT40 '66


    And while the gap in this race wasn't as close the race itself was far more intense. Drove pretty much a perfect lap and still ended up having to block the faster Skylines near the end of the race. Will try to post a replay of this race tomorrow


    Edit: Not really a race but:


    United States
    Here are a couple extra close calls I had.

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