Clutch & Gear Shift Changes

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Used it some last night, no misses either. Though I suck at downshifting and can't heel/toe so it's a bit of a mess. :P
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I think I understand why I am no longer suffering missed shifts, the clutch is not needed to move the H-pattern out of gear only to put it into gear.

I don’t think I ever tested this in previous versions!

For reference I am using a TH8a, plugged directly into the console via usb (cable is broken so it can’t be plugged into the wheelbase any more), T3pa pedals and a T300RS wheel.
Removing the ability to use a clutch and h-pattern shifter in Sport mode is a TERRIBLE solution to the problem. Just limit the speed at which shifts can be performed in Sport mode to make it even for everyone. Driving an old school mini-cooper using paddle shift is ridiculous.

Great to see the progressive clutch but not being able to use it in Sport mode is pretty annoying.

This has pretty much killed any enthusiasm I had to play online. I have a Quaife Pro-Sim H-Pattern shifter which, all by itself, costs three times as much as my PS4 Pro!! Not being able to use it in the game online is stupid beyond words! I. DON'T. USE. PADDLES! Never have, never will! Please change this PD!!!!!!!!!

Back to PC sims until they fix it.