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    In the event table, you should see a value named "num_competitions". This is the number of total races in that series. This is the one you'll want to increase to add more races. And that's about all you need the event table for.

    event_track_pool is where all the interesting stuff happens:
    • event_id refers back to the event table. This relation basically makes sure the right events get the right tracks.
    • network_bias is the likelyhood for that track to appear. You'll notice that the Bay Bridge Trophy actually has 4 different tracks assigned to it, but two of them have only a minor chance of appearing.
    • num_laps is the number of laps in the race (duh)
    • order_index seems to be related to the track order in the championship. A track with order_index value 0 will appear earlier in the season than a track with a value of 1. Or at least that's the theory, it's been a little shaky on my end.
    • player_grid_position_base and player_grid_position_range determine your grid position in the race. You'll never start higher than position_base, and it can vary by up to the value in position_range. For example, a position_base of 7 and position_range of 1 should see you start exclusively on the fourth row of the grid, whereas a position_base of 1 and position_range of 19 should be maximum randomness.
    • track_model_id is the most important part of this. I wonder if you can guess why from the title? Go into the track_model table, find the track you want to use and note the id value. Put that in here, and that track is now added to the pool for a given championship.
    Oh, and the number of entries in event_track_pool with a given event_id obviously needs to be at least equal to the value in that championships num_competitions. For hopefully obvious reasons.

    Let's make a case example of me wanting the Brembo GT series to be exclusively a 50-lap enduro at La Sarthe:


    This is the basic event table, with Brembo Series highlighted. Note num_competitions = 5 and id = 61


    The basic event_track_pool table, with all entries where event_id = 61 is highlighted. We could practically go ahead and delete all of them. So let's do that.


    Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's find the id for La Sarthe:


    It's track_model_id will be 6. So let's add a single row in event_track_pool with these data:


    ..and let's not forget to change num_competitions.


    Now let's see what it looks like in-game:


    upload_2019-6-4_18-25-37.png voila, one modded Brembo championship.

    Bathurst is a bit more fiddly because it's a DLC track and thus spread across many databases, but, as I demonstrated so long ago, it's still definitely possible.

    Now, about them DLC cars..
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    Thanks for the help, managed to get it working

    Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 - Race Driver Grid Screenshot 2019.06.04 -
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    So I took 5 minutes out of my day and "an breakthrough" has happened:


    ..yep, that's the McLaren F1. In the garage. In full custom livery glory.

    I currently have two theories as to why it didn't work before, as this was ever so slightly accomplished by replacing the Murcielago's slot in the database. The most likely theory being that the game pulls cars based on their id in the "vehicles" tab (and I'll somehow need to find a way to change those parameters), the less likely being that it pulls them in a more first-come-first-serve kind of way.

    *Edit from before it was even an edit*

    I want to die. But at the same time I don't:

    20191012182047_1.jpg 20191012182057_1.jpg 20191012182133_1.jpg 20191012183351_1.jpg

    ..I can't believe I didn't see that maybe, just maybe, there's a good reason their ids in the vehicle tab is as ludicrously high as they are. Why the :censored: did it take actual years for that thought to cross my mind?

    All I had to was port them all into the one database file and change their vehicle id, bam, they work perfectly. Or as perfectly as they can, given that they're missing some UI textures, but yeah, they do actually load into the game, and do work in events (as long as you don't attach too many cars to a single event. Not quite sure where the limit on that one lies).

    :censored: you, GRID. I have bested you. I have desecrated you. I have torn you limb from limb. And now, I shall put you back together as the game you never knew you were.

    Actual edit:

    ..ok, maybe not perfectly, there are a few more issues, mainly that many of them, for whatever reason, load the wrong model. The Ferraris, for instance, have decided to switch models, the SLR McLaren loads the Gallardo LP560, which in turn loads the Gallardo GT, which itself then loads the SLR, the Furai loads the Integra, which loads the Lotus, that loads the Veyron which then loads the Furai.

    It's entirely possible I've :censored: The Big Integration up somewhere. Time to retrace my steps..

    ..yup, found it. For some reason, they're not matched up to the correct livery id's. Don't ask me why the livery changes the model when there's also a model id, but there we go.

    Edit again:


    The game did crash after signing my first sponsors, but still.. I find it incredibly powerful. And the image isn't bad either.
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    GRID 2008 is the gift that keeps on giving.

    So I'm looking into compiling a neat, tidy package for anyone looking to get the DLC cars in GRID World, when I stumble upon this:


    and wonder where the :censored: that (and its Holden equivalent. Yes, there's one of those too) came from.

    So I chase down the original DLC-download .zip file, et voila, it's there. Clear as day. Somehow, this was part of the DLCs.

    As this is just a boring, regular Friday evening, I decide to engage l33t h4x0r mode and dig up as much about this as I can.

    Gamespot has this article on a supposed V8 Supercars pack being announced for the game, mentioning how the VE (the one present) and BF (pretty sure they meant to say "VF". Either way, no trace as far as I can see) Holdens were to be included alongside Bathurst. Bathurst, famously, did arrive as part of the Prestige Pack, which, as far as my research goes, was a PS3-and-Mac-releases only thing. But it didn't come with any shape or form of V8 Supercar.

    Also, what happened to the VF Commodore? The one I've pictured here very clearly isn't a Holden? Unless, of course, they meant to say BF Falcon, and someone just had a stroke while writing that article.

    Right, enough talk, time to work my magic.

    A couple of minutes later, aaaaand:


    :censored: me sideways, that's the BF Ford Falcon V8 Supercar! Albeit with a very glitchy user-created livery. Still, considering how much (read: little) info I've found on this thing online, either I'm the first person outside of Codemasters to see this car in these surroundings or those that have seen it have gone quiet about it.

    And the best part? It not only loaded into the garage, but, apart from a few things I'd screwed up:


    Yes. It. Actually. :censored:. Works. It just sort of does. And what's more, both this and the Commodore come with 10 liveries each..

    Welp, guess I'm delaying the release of that all-DLC-cars-in-career-and-extra-tweaksies mod!


    Ford Falcon with an actual livery:


    Holden Commodore (which my game currently thinks is a Honda because jk) with livery:


    Seriously though, as far as I can tell, all they're missing to be release-ready are a couple of textures for the UI and some work on the user liveries. The rest of it just sort of works, to the point where bringing them back caused 0 crashes whatsoever. They've even got working :censored: language values!


    20191025212757_1.jpg 20191025212824_1.jpg 20191025212838_1.jpg


    Edit again: While we wait for the video to render, there be moar interesting stuff:

    First up, they had a lot of ideas for events specific to Bathurst:

    db_bath_GT1               Bathurst GT1 Race
    db_bath_GT2                Bathurst GT2 Weekend
    db_bath_gtclub            Bathurst GT Club Cup
    db_bath_openwheel    Bathurst F3 Exhibition
    db_bath_Prestige        Bathurst Millionaire’s Club
    db_bath_promuscle    Bathurst Pro Muscle
    db_bath_prototypes   Bathurst Prototype Showcase
    db_bath_protuned      Bathurst Pro Tuned Trophy
    db_bath_Touring         Bathurst Touring Cars
    Secondly, this confirms that this was supposed to be the third DLC pack mentioned on the games' wiki page, simply named the V8 Pack:

    dlc_pack3_name    V8 PACK
    dlc_v8_name    V8 PACK
    Everything is just.. there. Readily accessible to anyone with the tools. All the drivers have their language values, all the teams, the legal text, there's strings to suggest it'd have online events, even a certain string mentioning The Great Race itself.

    I'm speculating that the only reason this didn't come to fruition is related to how they would've been trying to sell 2008 V8 Supercars in.. Idunno.. 2011? 2012? Seems a little out of fashion when one considers the previous Race Driver games had V8s no more than a year old.

    Edit yet again: Through the wonders of the Wayback Machine, I've found more on this V8 Supercars malarkey:

    Seems my prediction was fairly solid, then.
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    Since it's 2019 (and especially because this is a Codemasters game trololo) I've decided I can more than justify releasing things in bunches. So here goes Untitled GRID Mod - Extremely Basic Standard Edition.

    What does this do? Not much, to be perfectly honest. The events are the same as they've always been, the progression is exactly as it's always been, the endgame is exactly as it's always been. On the surface, it's very much classic GRID.

    It does, however, add 20 cars to all tracks in Race Day mode (including Drift Battle, though not only are the tracks not at all set up for 20 cars, the in-race UI is extremely broken and I have no idea how I would even go about fixing that) and adds all DLC cars (bar the V8s - I either want to make sure the user liveries work or are so far above my skill and technological level I definitely can't be bothered to try before I add them to the package) to career events where it makes sense for them to be usable. The Nissan GT-R and McLaren F1, for instance, fits perfectly into the Brembo and Volk series, and not so much into LMS. They do have a few missing UI textures (which I may or may not do something about in the future) but apart from that, they should work as intended.

    Oh, and the car you're given to start your career is the Firebird. Because reasons. Even if the game doesn't look or sound like it at first. Consider it limitations of modding.

    The only known issue with this build is that the car-select-wheel-thing doesn't seem to hold more than 21 vehicles (curiously specific, considering the base game has a total of 20 "ownable" european cars + the Porsche 911) per region, which is a problem considering there's a grand total of 72 vehicles if we count the V8s. I've got a few ideas on how to circumvent that, but it may take a while or be outright impossible. Basically what this means is that, as of right now, you can neither sell nor wash most of the european DLC cars on a whim.

    It may also make the game somewhat unstable - but then again, so would you be if I was to cut you open, mess with your internal organs and stitch you back together. If you do experience a crash, take note of what you were doing, and reboot the game. It may be a fluke. If it crashes on the same thing again, that's a consistent issue, and I'd like to know about it. While I have done a near-enough complete playthrough and not experienced any unexpected issues, bugs don't really care.

    Long-term plans:
    • Have vehicle statistics make sense. May need a better test driver than myself/the AI to determine what goes where.
    • Add opponents using DLC cars. Delay mostly down to a lack of imagination and laziness.
    • Make all tracks fully support 20-car grids. I *think* I may know how to do it, but it's a lengthy process and definitely needs more alpha testing.
    • Do funky things with career events in general.
    • Add Driver Offers that function as showcase events for the DLC cars.
    • Potentially offer an option for a completely restructured progression. Nothing that breaks the non-linear approach the game takes, but something that means you probably won't be able to easily afford the R10 within the first five seasons, get the best sponsor in the game and suffer no further financial challenges. Because having to think ahead with your vehicle purchases is fun.
    • Make the Porsche 911 work with user liveries, then add that.
    Want to give it a go? I'm thinking I'll do a closed trial run first, just to keep the chaos controlled. Shoot me a PM, you'll get a download. And please, have the common decency to not redistribute those files more than absolutely necessary for the time being.

    Oh, and this should go without saying, but backup your save files. Or better yet, start a completely new one for this.
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    Hey there, a while back I've been also modding this game, based on the GRID World DLC car mod. I've done similar approaches like you, also trying to allow all useful cars in a race and make the AI use as many DLC cars as possible. I still got my saved database files, however I don't know which ones would be useful for you, as I altered also the language files. Some ideas/epiphanies I had while modding the game:
    - Making the AI drive DLC vehicles really adds much atmosphere, especially for the touring/supercar events. Unfortunately, they all seem to come with only one livery each. However, it's may possible to "add" new liveries by copying the files from the respective livery_user folder and add create a new livery_x (look below).
    - For the events where I filled up the field to reach 19 AI opponents, I usually made the races a bit longer.
    - The special rules for Le Mans made it a bit complicated to mod it. I tried to change that in the other three classes you are not entered in everyone drives the same car, and of course adding the 550/575 to be usable.
    - It really seems to be quite easy adding new liveries for vehicles. I used the Chevrolet Lacetti factory team livery by RallyGamer to bring this the team to the touring class, analogous to BMW Team Germany. The database adjustments for teams/drivers seem to be possible, I only had problems with the language files for some reasons.
    - I replaced some track slots for the Asian events with Bathurst.
    - The author of the GRID World DLC mod threw the TVR Tuscan Challenge and the Lotus 2-Eleven into one class, however the latter one seem to be much faster.
    - For the Le Mans legends event I was working on adding special opponents to drive the AI cars (Jacky Ickx, Derek Bell, Henri Pescarolo,...), also there being hindered by the language files.
    - As it was quite easy to add new files to the system (compared to the DBs of later titles) I even wondered whether it would be possible to add cars/tracks from other Codemasters titles of the same era. I guess i.e. the Audi TT/Lotus Exige RX cars from CMR Dirt should fit quite well, the two game seem to be very similar from a technical point of view. But I guess this would require much more efforts to put in the game.
    - I tried to change the mechanism of LODs being used for opponents cars as the lower-detailed look very poor and aren't required performance-wise anymore. Maybe it's also possible by replacing the respective files.

    What really bugged me the most is how little custom liveries were ever created for the game, however I never was much of a painter :(. Nevertheless, great work finding the V8 supercars, good luck :D
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    Oh, absolutely, but, like you go on to say, making custom skins requires some sort of creativity in making them :lol:
    It is a little cumbersome at first, but it's not too bad once you find the pattern. At this current junction, the 575, 430 and Gallardo GT are all working at Le Mans with no real issues. I'm somewhat contemplating adding the McLaren F1 as an LMP1 car, but I haven't really tested just how competitive it is against the AI.
    It should be easy enough, yes. Unless you're talking about that thing GRID does where some text strings will break at random and you have no idea what you've done to cause it. Because that is still a mystery to me.
    ..I'm not convinced about this, given just how surprisingly easy it was to add the V8s. I mean, GRID is essentially a modified version of DiRT anyway (as evidenced by the amount of leftovers in the language files). I did (for some reason) try to add tracks from later GRID games, but that worked about as well as you'd expect. Adding things from EGO games around the same time as GRID, though.. I wonder if F1 2010 is still a "first-gen" EGO game.. it'd take some time to get either of them working with user liveries, but this could get extremely interesting. Do watch this space.

    See, this is the thing that bothers me - everything was basically ready to go. Not ten minutes of fiddling with databases later, boom, there's a V8 Supercar, working in every way but the user decals. Surely, in the five-or-so-years since the DLC files were brought to PC/Mac, someone would've wandered off into the files and found them, and surely they would've given bringing them back a go. I mean, tools for messing with the files are readily available if you know where to look, but.. I've found absolutely no evidence of that ever happening.

    Granted, GRID 2 was released in 2013 and Autosport followed not long after, so it's entirely possible the first game was vaporware by then and nobody gave enough of a :censored:.

    Actually, on the subject of how the V8s work:

    20191026232402_1.jpg 20191026232412_1.jpg

    Yes, yes, it's a Falcon with a Castrol livery and that's wrong, but aside from that, I have got the user decals (roughly) working. They're not quite 100% symmetrical yet - and for some reason not centered despite everything suggesting they should be - but that's definitely a start. The Holden will come at a later date because, as it turns out, absolutely none of the work on the Falcon could be reused.

    And no, there was no useful information about what sponsors should go where, so this is just a creative interpretation.

    Edit: Welp, that didn't take long.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't recall a Corvette C6R and Saleen S7R being in the first DiRT. Especially not ones whose file structure is essentially the same as they are in GRID. They're missing a few files, but I'd be surprised if this doesn't mean I can bring them back in DiRT and bring DiRT things to GRID. This just got exciting.
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    I'd say that you can create some nice designs in the livery editor but of course doing it by hand would likely result in better results.

    I'm pretty sure it would be slower, should be about as fast as the GT1 cars. I've added both the F1 GTR and the Super GT Nissan to this class, which worked quite well performance-wise, on the other side they felt a bit out of place. Maybe the F1 would fit better in the Mazda 787b/Nissan R390 GT1 but probably it would be too slow as well. Weren't the Ford Doran Daytona Prototype and the Mazda Furai in the same class for some races?

    Yeah the language files are a bit tricky, I guess it had also to do with the editor available to modify these datatables.

    F1 2010 used some mix between EGO 1.0 and later versions of the engine. The games that would come into consideration are just the first two Dirt titles, maybe also F1 2009 which was released for neither PC nor XBOX 360...

    Great work! I hope you can publish some of your work at some point, I would definitely both try out and contribute to your little project :D
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    I was fairly certain I'd left in the paragraph where I suggested the Endurance Classic would work better as a beat-Prototypes-in-a-McLaren-F1 experience, but apparently not. I'd like to think that could work, though.

    See, I genuinely don't know. I've had less-extensively-modded versions of the game break text strings, and yet the one I've got with all the DLC cars, V8 Supercars and a couple of rejigged series work without issue. I'm guessing it's just a matter of not messing anything up, which, let's be perfectly honest, is easier said than done.

    I do have a little bit of a follow-up on the GRIDiRT project: some part of the very process of injecting the cars causes a crash. The game - as I have it wired up right now - functions just fine until it goes to load the vehicle.

    First thought was that it may be related to how DiRT stores textures in a slightly different way to GRID, but then I tried recreating that issue on a native GRID car, and while it did have a few missing textures, everything worked.

    I'm also fairly certain it's got nothing to do with the actual models, as I can "delete" the ones on native GRID cars just fine and the game won't crash. At least not in the garage.

    The only real difference I can find between DiRT and GRID is the latter adding a .ppts file to the cars, and that's not the issue. I have checked.

    There are a couple of things I haven't fully explored yet, so I'd like to stay cautiously optimistic.

    You know, when I said I was going to "make GRID the game it never knew it was", I had anticipated neither the V8 Supercars nor the transferral of DiRT stuff :lol:
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    I was actually wondering what happened to the V8 supercars dlc pack for Race Driver Grid such a shame that it got cut.
  11. RufGTI


  12. rallymorten


    As an on-and-off side project, yes. Ran into a spot of bother with the Commodore seemingly defying its own logic, so I've allowed myself a break for sanity to reset itself. The project itself is far from dead.
  13. UKMikey


    United Kingdom
    Is it wrong that I pestered an uploader to make a 13-minute edit of this a couple of years back? :D

  14. rallymorten


    For the time being, I'm going to go ahead and call the Holden..

    *engages sunglasses*



    It's an absolute nightmare to work with. I'm not sure if it's my "position-converter" or the model itself, but something is just not working the way you'd think it's supposed to - the center isn't where the textures would suggest they are, the sides don't really align at all.. I ended up having to eyeball an awful lot of it. It's close enough that most probably won't notice, though. I'm glad this bit is over.

    Plans going forward:
    • Make DLC cars opponents in applicable events. Not a problem whatsoever, but I'lll need to either make an existing team use a new car or come up with a bunch of drivers myself. May need some help with the latter.
    • Make V8 Supercars events. I'm contemplating replacing an ARL National/Pro (there was supposed to be a V8 City Jam event, and the US is full of city tracks that could be interesting with V8s. Also it's V8s) and one of the Global events. I'll gladly take suggestions on which ones to sacrifice.
    • Give them all car ratings that make sense. Again, I may or may not need a better test driver.
    • Investigate exactly why the Porsche 911 doesn't work with user liveries. And then make it work.
    • Investigate possibility of creating events specifically meant for Driver Offers or adjust existing events to fit. I want to give all the DLC cars a form of showcase event - time trial, one makes and so on.
    • Investigate giving all tracks 20 functional grid slots. I'm fairly certain I know which files to adjust, and I'm fairly certain I know how to adjust them. It's just a matter of not making the game crash. And no, I'm fairly certain I can't cheese this one to 40. The game seems to be hard-locked to 20 somewhere deep in the coding, which I haven't been able to access just yet.
    • UI textures. A few missing brand logos (Holden being one of them), easy enough. The one with the cars' outline when you don't own it? That might be a bit too much for my photo editing skills. Fortunately, this is probably lowest on my list of priorities.
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    To be honest I am waiting for this "mod" you are making more than for rest of DLC's for the GRID 2019... It is already awesome what have you done.
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    I finally found the time to work on a few mod liveries. I'm trying to create a whole grid of real-life WTCC liveries that could replace the highest touring series with a fake WTCC, including real team and driver names.

    The main_m1 texture wasn't worked on, yet.

    One thing that I find very stupid is that the Volvo has Michelin tires, despite running Yokohama Advan advertisement :confused:
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    ..I see someone with better painting skills than I have when it comes to this. Consider me immediately interested in anything you may have cooking.

    You make it sounds like besting GRID 2019 is an achievement :lol:

    I mean, I have got a stable version with a few DLC cars added as opponents in Bridgestone Challenge and Brembo Series + a preview of the "fixed" V8 Supercars. Yeah, that's about all that's happened. I blame work, snooping around the game and general procrastination.

    Speaking of "snooping around":

    In the language files, there are strings to suggest that each DLC would have added a new "tier" to the GRID-World-event-select-thingy, and there is indeed evidence of these in the databases. As should be evident, they don't work by default, but then again, neither did the DLC cars. It's curious that each and every one of them - even the unreleased V8SC one - has these strings in the language files and the first two have what appears to be leftovers in the databases. If that sounds interesting, that's because it is, because it adds fuel to the add-more-tiers-and-events fire.

    Unfortunately, much like 20 grid slots, I haven't cracked that code yet.
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  18. RufGTI


    I've progressed quite a bit but the remaining parts are going to be painful. It took me ages to get the black stripe on the sides, because the UV mapping of the Volvo in the area of the doors is catastrophic. I still haven't got the _main_m1 file right (included in the livery's pssg file and responsible for the appearance of colors, e.g. as regards gleaming), which can be seen from the bright spots at the front of the vehicle. Sadly I've got only GIMP and no Photoshop, the later would certainly make the work with half-transparent areas like used in this file easier.
    I am currently working on the rear of the Volvo, where the mapping is particularly confusing. I'm trying to recreate the black lower edge of the original, but if necessary I'll make everything turquoise. After all, the paintwork would be mainly driven by opponents if you were a player competing with your team. Also, the paint job changed several times over the 2011 season (and was used on the facelifted C30), so accuracy is generally difficult.
    By the way, I'm already thinking about which teams to include in my planned mod. I would like to divide the 18 opponents as evenly as possible among the four touring cars, although of course with three BMW teams and the player choosing it as well eight 320si's would be in the field. Nevertheless, my plannings so far:
    BMW 320si
        BMW Team Germany (reworked Codemasters skin)
            Jörg Müller (original driver) (GER)
            Dirk Müller (original driver) (GER)
        BMW Team UK-Italy (semi-fictitious)
            Andy Priaulx (GBR)
            Alex Zanardi (ITA)
    Chevrolet Lacetti
        Chevrolet RML (based on Rallygamer's 2008 livery if I get his permission, otherwise own creation based on the 2010/2011 Cruze livery)
            Rob Huff
            Yvan Muller
        Another Chevrolet team
    Honda Accord  (2008)
            James Thompson (GBR)
        Another Honda team (I'd love to go with the Castrol Honda team but the liveries made for the Civic hardly fit the Accord's proportions)
    Volvo C30
        Cyan Racing (2011)
            Thed Björk (SWE)
        Volvo Olsbergs Green Racing (2008)
            Robert Dahlgren (SWE)
            Tommy Rustad (DEN)
    + 2 other cars
    Let me know what you think. Great work btw @rallymorten :D