**COMPLETED ** SNAIL Gr4-MPCC Season 1 Champions: GTR4MROD(GS)/ MrDonovan(TCR)

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I plan to open a practice lobby sometime after snail practice. Will update when lobby is up unless someone else has one open then.
MPCC Spotter guide SVG Event 4.png

Event #4
at the Red Bull Ring
October 9th, 2020
at 9pm est
Pre-Race Briefing

Event #4 at the Red Bull Ring is tomorrow night, and should continue to present some great racing. We will be back to a Multi-Class single race room for the event, and thanks to everyone for the continued communication and confirmations:cheers:

Drivers are asked to please review or refresh themselves with the following tabs in the first post:

Tab 1.7 Start Procedure (especially GS drivers)
^^Disregard in split race rooms^^
Tab 4.2 Caution Process
**GS Drivers** Please be familiar with the start procedure for Multi-Class race start. Any questions, please ask.
For Reference:
Confirmation Post for Event #4

For our Event #4 grid, it looks like we will be full at 16 drivers, 11 GS Class and 5 TCR, using quite a few of our Reserves.

Our grid for tomorrow night is shown below:
GS Class (11 entries)
@llNovall / II-NOVA-II
@TEX36 / TEX36
@Rob Brown / no1needs2perish
@nmcp1 / nmcp1
@Bologna_Duc /Bologna_Duc
@GCimprezaFTW /GCimprezaFTW
@Xradkins /Xrad- 11
@Noob01_lmdead / rauljimenez76
@GTP_Guido / GTP_Guido
@Akzl298/Akzl298 2nd GS Reserve filling TCR Absence

TCR Class (5 entries)
@Moby45 / Moby45
@stelephant / stelephant
@Phlano099 / Phlano_099
@Herimopp89/Herimopp89 1st TCR Reserve
@Fudman420/Fudman420 2nd TCR Reserve

GS Class
(X) @Roman_GT23 / Roman_GT23 Primary
(X) @R1600Turbo/R1600Turbo Reserve
(NR) @DesertPenguin / DesertPenguin Reserve
(X) @Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 Reserve
TCR Class
(X) @RadStewart /heated_seats
(X) @MrDonovan /MrDonovan
(X) @JLBowler / JLBowler
(X) @Drummer79/Drummer1979 Reserve

Grid Coverage Summary
- @GTR4MROD is covering @Roman_GT23 for Team ART
- @Herimopp89 is covering @RadStewart for Team Late but Great
- @Fudman420 is covering @MrDonovan for Team Late but Great
- @Akzl298 is covering @JLBowler for Team Thrustmaster. (Since no additional TCR Reserves were available, this spot was filled and covered by a GS Class Reserve entry)

All Drivers that have confirmed to race and are tagged are considered primary drivers for this event and are expected on the grid. If anyone thinks they may be tentative or must cancel, please let me know by 5pm est Friday (Race Day). Any cancelled entries after this time will result in possible forfeiture of primary status or forfeiture of Reserve priority for future events.

Please verify your driver specific BOP Regulations before entering the room:

The Race Room and Party Chat will be open for entries and warm up around 8:50pm est. Please be in the room no later than 9:10pm est to have your entry verified.
15 minute Open Qualifying to start at 9:15pm est.

Good luck to everyone and see you all on the grid for the green flag:cheers:
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Overall, great racing tonight. There were a few incidents that occurred that I hope drivers will at least submit for review. I know from my vantage point, the racing was very clean and tidy, but if anyone at all feels they were tied up in and incident, please submit for review. Red Bull Ring presented some challenges with the long heavy braking zones and some incidents were noted. A full post race report will be forthcoming and final placements will be on hold until the ir filing deadline of Monday, 5pm est. Please submit before then for any reviews.

Snail Gr4-Michelin
Pilot Cup Challenge
Event #4 on 10/9/20
at Red Bull Ring
Post Race Report

Great turnout for Event #4....full 16 car grid to start the night, and those Qualifying times. Couldn't have been much closer across both classes.
Both classes saw many battles all across the grid over both races. Myself and @Noob01_lmdead had some very tight battling in race 1 and some in Race 2, along with an all out dogfight with @GTR4MROD in Race 2 who went uncontested in Race 1. @TEX36 and @Rob Brown and myself also had a 3 way battle that lasted a few laps as well. These were just some battles from my perspective of the many fought over the race night. Have a look at the Replay Broadcasts or Replays and feel free to elaborate on your own battles.
Also, great job to @Akzl298 on his inaugural race night with the series...held some nice pace and battles.👍

While overall, it was another successful event, there were some "elbows out" incidents that bordered on too much.
4 incidents have been filed and are currently under review.
Those involved will be messaged.

Our Provisional Event #4 Winners for each race:
Race 1 GS Class Winner: @GTR4MROD
Race 2 GS Class Winner: @nmcp1
Race 1 TCR Class Winner: @Fudman420
Race 2 TCR Class Winner: @Phlano099

Overall Event #4 Provisional GS Class Winner:
@GTR4MROD :cheers:

Overall Event #4 Provisional TCR Class Winner:
@Fudman420 :cheers:
(by 1st place tiebreaker)

Congratulations to our Race and Overall Provisional Event Winners:cheers:
*Final results will be reflected in the scoresheets after reviews.
Scoring sheet link is available in the tab below:

All photos were compliments of @Fudman420

By llNovall
Race 1

Race 2

Actual replays can be found for playback at search tag: mpcc

Roster News:
@Xradkins has retired from the series.
@GTR4MROD as our highest participating GS Reserve driver has accepted the vacant primary grid spot.
@RadStewart has requested a demotion to the Reserve roster to cover life over the next few events. He expects to return after the first of the year.
The spot was solicited to our 2 highest participating TCR Reserve Drivers, and @Herimopp89 was first to reply and accept the open primary TCR grid spot.
Congratulations fellas.:cheers:

The roster, profile page, and scoresheets will be updated over the next few days.

Our next race is on:
Friday, November 6th at 9pm est
at Nurburgring GP.

Race Event Details will be posted within the next week. Drivers are welcome and encouraged to confirm their attendance or availability at anytime between now and Thursday, 11/5, 5pm est.

Great racing everyone, and I'll look forward to our next event:cheers:
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Here is the Event #4, Race 1 Broadcast for anyone interested. Nearly 40 minutes of non-stop battles across the grid, but skip to the 35 minute mark and watch to the end. :eek: This drops you into the middle of 5 simultaneous battles for positions that rage to the finish line for each.:cheers:
Myself and @Noob01_lmdead were battling for 2nd and 3rd place, @TEX36 and @Bologna_Duc for 4th and 5th, @Akzl298, @nmcp1, and @GCimprezaFTW for 6th, 7th, and 8th, and @Rob Brown, @GTP_Guido, and @Xradkins for the remaining positions. And, the 5th battle was in TCR between @Phlano099 and @Herimopp89. All these battles ended at the finish line. Great racing fellas:cheers:.

Race 2 Broadcast will be added over the weekend.
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MPCC series banner png file.png

Race Event Details Post

Snail Gr4-Michelin Pilot
Cup Challenge
Points Event #5
on Friday, November 6th, 9pm est

at Nurburgring GP
17:00 Clear

Race Event Settings and Details
Track: Nurburgring GP
Time of Day: 17:00
Conditions: Clear
Race1 Laps: (19 laps/40+min), Fastest First
Race 2 Laps: (19 laps/40+min), Reverse Grid
Lobby Settings can be found below:

Standard Lobby Settings
Basic Settings

Room Mode: Practice/Race
Room Privacy: Public *
Room Settings
Room Name: Snail Gr4-Michelin Pilot Cup Challenge. Event #1-12 (Date)- Members only
Race Type: Race for Real
Fixed Room Ownership: No **
Max no of participants: 16
Required Sportsmanship Rating --
Required Sportsmanship Rating --
Track Settings
Track: As per Race Date
Select Condition: See Event Details
Laps: laps to = 40 min (or choice for practice)
Race Settings
Start Type: Grid Start
Grid Order: R1, Fastest First (Set by host off qualifying)/R2, Reverse Grid from previous results.
Boost: None
Slip Stream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tire Wear: 1x
Fuel Consumption: 1x
Initial Fuel: Default
Grip Red. On Wet Track / Track Edge: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 sec
Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier: Default Qualifier Settings Time Limit: none
Qualifying Continuation Time: none
Tire Wear during Qualifying: N/A
Fuel Consumption Qualifying: N/A
Regulation Settings
Filter by Category: Gr4
Balance of Performance: Off
Power Limit: No Limit
Weight: No Limit
Maximum Tire Rating: Racing Medium (RM) Minimum Tire Rating: Racing Hard (RH)
Livery Restrictions: No Limit
Type of Racing Number: No Limit
Assign Car Number Automatically: None
Tuning: No Limit
Kart Usage: Off
Ghosting During Race: None
Shortcut Penalty: None
Wall Collision Penalty: None
Wall Collision Detection: Default
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collission: Off Replace Car at Course Out: Off
Flag Rules: Off
Limit Driving Options
Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited Driving Line Assist: Prohibited
Traction Control: Prohibited
ABS: No Limit
Auto-Drive: Prohibited
Notes: * There seems to be a glitch that not all friends can find a Friends Only room ** Friends Only room only allows for Fixed Host. Special permission is required to set up a Fixed Host lobby *** In case manual lineup is required, there is and option to set grid manually.

Please see the link below to verify your Driver BOP requirements:
Driver Specific BOP Chart

Target lap times:
GS Class: approx 2:04.0-2:04.7
TCR Class: approx 2:07.5-2:08.3

-Above are all the Event #5 details for anyone who would like to get an early jump on some practice/lapping sessions.
-Confirmation to Attend Post/Reminder will be posted to the thread by Friday, October 30th. Please look in on this thread and reply here or via psn when you know you status.
(Any Drivers who wish to confirm attendance early may do so at any time).
Reminder: Reserve driver priority is based first on level of past participation, and then on date and time availability was confirmed.

See some of you this week for the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge and practice sessions, and the rest of you on Race night.
Steward's Report
Event #4
at Red Bull Ring
We had 4 Incidents Reported and Reviewed for Event #4 at the Red Bull Ring on 10/9/20.

Myself and Rob Brown were the peer Stewards for these incidents.

IR fell under a Level 2 Penalty (5-8 points)
6 point penalty decided
Halved for on track concession
3 point penalty issued for incident

IR fell under a Level 2 Penalty (5-8 points)
8 point penalty decided
No concession
8 point penalty issued for incident

IR fell under a Level 2 Penalty (5-8 points)
8 point penalty decided
Halved for attempted on track concession
4 point penalty issued for incident

IR reviewed for Level 2 Penalty (5-8 points)
Incidental Contact decided
No Penalty

All Scoring has been updated.

A reminder for all drivers:
While incidents do occur from time to time, this group has consistently shown solid race craft and on track etiquette toward our competition and cross class entrants. Let's all continue to race and maintain the racing standards we all hold ourselves to within Snail. Overall, great racing with everyone, and looking forward to our next race event on 11/6/20.:cheers:
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"I have reviewed the first post and would like to participate in the Snail Gr4-Michelin Pilot Cup Challenge International Tour, and agree to run the time trial to establish my driver specific BOP regulations.
PSN ID: CoDe2_462
Car:Audi TT Cup 2016
Sorry for the delayed reply and welcome. I'll have a formal welcome pm sent your way sometime tomorrow. Had alot going on this weekend and getting the affairs from our other series in Porsches wrapped up. Keep an eye out for the pm some time tomorrow, and glad to have you join us
MPCC Spotter guide PNG picture entie roster-2.png

Confirmation Reminder Post
for Event #5

at Nurburgring GP
on Friday,
November 6th, 2020
9pm est

To all Drivers tagged in this post, please confirm your status by posting here in the thread or via PSN message that you "will" or "will not" be racing by 5pm Thursday (day before race night) to secure your grid spot and/or to adhere to the absentee policy.

The final Driver BOP regulations have been updated and shown in the 2nd post of the thread. Please verify and apply these latest numbers to your car before entering the race room.

Also, I would ask that all drivers re-review section 4 of the first post, tabs 4.1 (Multi-Class Racing etiquette) and tab 4.2 (Caution process) for the series; and tab 1.7 (Race Start Procedure) to refresh and be ready on race night. Any questions at all, please reach out and clarify before race night.

The race Event schedule is shown below:
9pm est- open room and verify bops/warm up
9:15pm est -15 minute Open qualifying
9:30pm est - 19 laps to = 40 minute Race 1
10:15pm est- 19 laps to = 40 minute Race 2, (Reverse grid)
Race will be using all updated series rules and format. (Caution rules will be used if needed)

Race Event Details
-19 laps for each race.
-17:00 Clear
-1x fuel consumption/1x tire wear.
Event #5 Race Event Details

Driver BOP Chart

All drivers are required to be in the party chat whether they have a mic or not. Caution calling and directives will be issued through the party chat, and for those without a mic, it would come through your monitor/tv audio.

**(In the event a Caution is called during the race, I ask everyone to be patient and cooperative.)**

***Please review tab 4.2 in the first post and clarify or ask any questions before we get to race night.***

All drivers who make it on the grid as a single or dual room event, please stay in the race event for the night, as we will have had to turn some drivers away and it would be a wasted opportunity for them to race ir you entry is needed to keep the 2 room grid whole. If you do not plan on participating for the duration of the night, leave the spot open. In the Event of a solo off track or spin, run to gather up as many points as possible (and there is always the possibility of a Caution to get you back up to field) Stay with it.

Primary Drivers will be given priority for each class, then go to the Reserves for each class as needed. Reserve Driver priority will be based on prior testing/time trialing participation, then based on order of availability. Please reply your intentions either way.

Also, a reminder to our Reserve Drivers: in the event we secure confirmations of at least 14 GS Drivers and at least 10 TCR Drivers total for each class, we will seperate the race Event into 2 race rooms by Class. Once confirmed, your entry is being relied on for attendance.

Anyone with a 👍 has already confirmed and are noted to be present for Friday, November 6th. Everyone else, please confirm, here in the thread or via PSN message, that you "will" or "will not" make it no later than 5pm est Thursday (Day before Race Night). *Please reply either way*

👍= will be present
(X)= notified of absence
(?)= Questionable

Drivers Roster

GS Class Primary
👍 @llNovall / II-NOVA-II
👍 @TEX36 / TEX36
👍 @Rob Brown / no1needs2perish
👍 @nmcp1 / nmcp1
(X) @Bologna_Duc /Bologna_Duc
(X) @GCimprezaFTW /GCimprezaFTW
👍 @Noob01_lmdead / rauljimenez76
(X) @Roman_GT23 / Roman_GT23
👍 @GTP_Guido / GTP_Guido

TCR Class Primary
👍 @Moby45 / Moby45
👍 @stelephant / stelephant
👍 @Phlano099 / Phlano_099
👍 @JLBowler / JLBowler
👍 @MrDonovan /MrDonovan
(?) @Herimopp89/Herimopp89

Reserve Drivers List (12 Reserves)
GS Class (6 Reserve Spots)
(?) @Akzl298/Akzl298
👍 @Harry Rowley /Harry Rowley 2nd Reserve
(X) @R1600Turbo/R1600Turbo
(?) @Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 -last (tag if spot still open on Friday)

TCR Class (6 Reserve Spots)
👍 @Fudman420/Fudman420 1st Reserve
(X) @RadStewart /heated_seats

See some of you in practice sessions over the next week and the rest of you on Friday the 6th.:cheers:
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