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Steward's Penalty Report for Event #2, September 20th, 2019 at Autodromo Nazionale Monza

No incidents reported. Great driving to everyone on the grid. There were battles all over the field, and looking at replays, the racing was hard but looked overall exceptionally clean.:cheers:

A reminder to all primary drivers who confirm to race on race night: the confirmation to attend is a commitment to race all races scheduled. If you confirm to attend earlier in the week, but decide you are not up to or can't commit to the whole night of racing on race night, please forfeit your grid spot to waiting Reserve drivers before 9pm of race night. We have 9 Reserve drivers signed up for this series, and will likely have around 4-5 at least available to fill in on race nights. It's not fair to start a race(s) and then retire early when a spot was held for you, especially when a Reserve driver may have been eager and waiting to race.
If a primary driver confirms to race on race night, it is a commitment to race for the entire event.

**Moving forward, any primary driver who confirms to race, and retires early on race night will receive a 5 point deduction on season points standings after drop races.** (Exceptions can be found here: Confirmation, Absence Reporting, and Participation Policies
Please allow a Reserve driver the opportunity to race a whole night if you dont think you can race the whole event.

Thanks in advance.

Next up: Event #3, Friday, October 18th, 2019 at Nurburgring GP

Event details will be posted shortly.

The Confirmation to attend post will be out on Wednesday, October 9th. Please reply to this post or via PSN of your confirmation to attend or availability (if a Reserve), or to report your absence. If you know of an absence prior, please report as soon as you know.

@nmcp1, I already have your absence noted for the Oct 18th event.

Looking forward to our next race night. See everyone on track:cheers:
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I could have sworn I read somewhere that we were swapping Mt Panorama and Nurburgring GP for the Oct. 18th races????

Must have dreamed it.... :lol: ;) :sly:
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Good morning Drivers,
There has been a change to how the team scoring will be kept. Rather than taking the average score of team drivers that raced on the night, the following score keeping process will be implemented. Scoring from the first 2 events have been adjusted to this new poilcy.

Team Standings and Points
The points earned on a race night from the top 2 scoring drivers of each team will be totaled to reflect the Team Points awarded for the event. (3 driver teams will drop the lowest scoring driver's score). If only One Driver of a Team is present on race night only those points scored will count for that Event's total team points. Top 6 scoring events of the 10 Event race schedule will be kept to reflect Season's Team Points Totals. Any penalty points incurred by a driver for an Event will be applied to his contribution to the team score only. If points deducted exceed his points scored, his points are Zero. (First 2 Events have been adjusted to this scoring standard.)

Please like below as acknowledgement of the change.

Btw, nice battle brewing between teams ACI Motorsports and TPC Racing.
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Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge

Event #3, Friday
October 18th, 2019
Race Event Settings and Details
Track: Nurburgring GP
Time of Day: 17:00 Evening
Conditions: Clear
Race 1 Laps: 10 laps
Race 2 Laps: 10 laps
Race 3 Laps: 15 laps

'16 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Tuning Permitted

Target lap time spread: 2:00.0s-low 2:02's

Linked for Reference
SNAIL- Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Qualifying Procedure

-Above are all the Event #3 details for anyone who would like to get a jump on some practice/lapping sessions.
-Confirmation to Attend Post will be posted to the thread on the evening of Wednesday, October 9th, 2019. Please look in on this thread and reply here or via psn once it is posted.
See everyone throughout the month.
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I have reviewed the series details and would like to participate in this series as a reserve driver
Welcome to the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge series as a Reserve Driver. Please review the link below regarding Reserve Drivers Process.
Reserve Driver Process
(Basically, be one of the first few Reserve drivers to confirm availability to have the best chance of getting an opened grid spot.)

Also, please run a time trial with the following settings so I can establish your Driver Classification.
Arcade mode/time trial
2016 Porsche GT3 RS
Tuning permitted
Race Hard tires
17:00 clear

Run 10-12 laps and pm me a screenshot of your ontrack fast lap and lap history along with your psn id.

Lastly, you have been added to the Reserve Driver News Feed for October 2019. Please look through those posts, and stay up to date and ready for any posts that come through, especially the 2 weeks before scheduled race night. Also, be sure to select the "watch thread" option so notifications are recieved.

Welcome to the series, and look forward to racing with you.
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Small Announcement:
To enhance the visuals and playback of replays, beginning with Event #3, Visual damage will be ON. Mechanical Damage will remain on the "LIGHT" setting.

Also, I wanted to reach out to everyone to be sure to get some practice in. I'm near certain that fastest laps will fall in the low 2:00.0 range, to possibly cracking into the '59's with consistency falling in the mid-hi 2:00's. I've got some laps in already, and I still need to find about .7-.9's.
Event #3, Nurburgring GP, Race Details post

Confirmation post will be out this Wednesday evening. Please be sure to reply.
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Season Event #3
Friday, October 18th, 2019
at 9:30pm est
Confirmation Post
To all Drivers tagged in this post, please confirm your status by posting here in the thread or via PSN message that you "will" or "will not" be racing by 5pm Friday (race night) to secure your grid spot and/or to adhere to the absentee policy.
Below are links for easy reference for policies, procedures, and series information for anyone who needs them.

Confirmation and Absentee Policy

Reserve Driver Process and Information

Qualifying Procedure

1st/Main Porsche Cup Challenge Post-All.necessary info is here

A reminder to the Reserve Drivers: open/available grid spot priority on race night is given to the Reserve drivers who confirm their attendance first. Your confirmation posting date and time will be referenced for priority.

Anyone with a 👍 has been confirmed and noted to be present on Friday October 18th. Everyone else, please confirm, here in the thread or via PSN message, that you "will" or "will not" make it no later than 5pm est Friday October 18th. *Please reply either way*

Looking forward to our next race at: Event #3 at Nurburgring GP: Friday, Oct. 18th, 9:30pm est <<(Link has all Race Night Information to set up for practice.) See you all on track.:cheers:

👍= will be present
(X)= notified of absence
(?)= Questionable

👍@llNovall (confirmed early)
👍@Rob Brown
👍@TEX36 (confirmed early)
👍@GTP_Guido (confirmed early)
@Clean Racer-retired from series
(X)@nmcp1 (absence noted)
👍@LightningFox (confirmed early)

@govstruck-retired from series
👍@gulfvet67 (1st Reserve)

October 18th Scoring Sheet with driver confirmation date and time in the notes section
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the first Reserve, and the absence of nmcp1, you will be guaranteed a spot on the grid with ACI Motorsports. See you on race night.:cheers:
I wanted to edit the reply above. You may accept coverage with the ACI Motorsports livery now, or you can wait until after 5pm est on race night to have 1st choice of any team/liveries available at that time. Let me know.


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I wanted to edit the reply above. You may accept coverage with the ACI Motorsports livery now, or you can wait until after 5pm est on race night to have 1st choice of any team/liveries available at that time. Let me know.

I am okay with the ACI Motorsports livery.