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On the move
Weeks has passed since the leader of the Mythic: Nash, left his fellow apprentices a mission: to find someone of potential and make them an ally in their team of the ultimate racing group.

Nash specified what was to be found. This was not in wealth or influence, but someone they deem worthy. It doesn't have to be a top racer, but one dedicated enough to help shift the tide against an unknown foe.

The time passes along with Paul's mind on a rampage with what's happened.

Who is this "enemy" holding the strings behind the Richelieu?

Why did the only person that can repel them somewhat go along with them?

Why has Fiona decide to hang around London for longer than usual?

Why the legendary Nash Kirkham had this abrupt change of heart?

What piece of heart did Mirielle touch within the champion?

Focusing on these, Paul goes on the usual crazy in mind. Nobody finds it weird, especially when he's in the middle of a quiet section in the city, alone, and on a bench.

A nearby bottle of Volvic and a sandwich bag an hint that Paul's already settled for food. The amount of nearby pigeons just waddling around probably signal disappointment and selfishness, or otherwise.


He sees a pigeon standing by his foot, pecking it. He reacts with a tossing of the sandwich bag, getting it to fly away.

Paul: "B:censored:d.."

Paul, who's been unemployed for a while now, takes his moments on the bench like he lives on it.


Where The Streets Have No Name
The Joshua Tree

Moments pass. Paul was asleep. It was deep, but he wasn't in any hangover recently. What he actually dreamed about was only explainable from his eyes.

He saw red, then blue, then green. Flocks of confetti zoom out in this 3D picture. The dream has him immobile. A quick glance, and he sees his arms, with racing suit and gloves on. On those hands carry a trophy, worthy to hold. One can't see the name, but given he's in a very euphoric state.

SomePlayaDude Presents..


The First Chapter From Dawn Of The Mythic..


Featuring the vibe identical of a racing rivalry during the golden age..

Song Progress: 1:10


~ A dragon is no doubt a fearsome being.

A reason why is the flames it breathes out regularly.

Paul breathes these flames; the flames of rivalry.

Part 1: Everything Ages, But Speed.

An obstruction in the astral plane made Paul's dream world disappeared in an instant, as he re-entered the real world.

Seeing someone he considers an enemy, Paul had no anger towards this person, as this state is in a more competitive view.

Boniface: "Monsieur Paul?"

Paul: "Ughh.. that voice. That you, Bon?"

Paul stretches his arms and legs as far as his body could reach. The Scotsman peeked on his wrist and registers the time as 2 o'clock.

Paul: "You alright, laddie?"


Boniface: "Magnifique as always."

Paul: "Good.. good.. Heard about your sister giving me friends a lotta trouble these days."

Boniface: "Yeah.. you must be pretty cross to us Richelieu, then?"

Paul: "Aye.. but i don't hate you, Bon. You're much too honest to be part of them crooks."

Boniface, from sweating starts cooling down and rests in comfort.

Boniface: "For real?! Merci! You can see.. how thankful i am for that bit of honesty. I don't really like what ma famille plans to do."

Paul: "Lad, i heard you held a gun. The lass with the mini dress mentioned something like ye being all like fresh flan on the plate."

Boniface: "You've heard of Amadine being an assassin, ya? Well, since you know how me and her don't go along well, that also didn't go along."

Paul pats Boniface in the back.

Paul: "I understand how facing the barrel o' the gun feels like. It's excitingly panic fuelling, but it's harder to boast living from it."

Boniface: "Heh.."

Paul: "By the way, how'd you find me?"

Boniface: "That's easy. If someone on Twitter mentions monsieur Paul Henderson's One-77 seen in this corner of London.."

An X-Bow R presents itself behind Paul's million pound Aston.


Paul: "That's your car?"

Boniface: "Lucky guess, as always? You still remember my preference of what speed really means?"


Paul: "Argh.. I don't want to, mostly because it's the reminder of what's been the roughest racing ever, despite.. we being in the same class of touring cars.."

During Paul's younger racing days, he was a successful touring car racer. His team respected him and it seemed that nothing could go wrong.


Then, Boniface started his career.


Boniface: "We never looked one to one easy. Even now, i feel you're still the racer with the wings of glory. What happened to you, Paul?"

Paul: "It's hardly a matter that i want to converse about.."


Boniface: "Peer pressure perhaps."

Paul: "Nah... nah, it can't be."

Boniface: "Wait.. wait, wait.. I heard about that conspiracy, but... you never fought back.."

Paul: "I know.."

Boniface: "In your feet, you know I would've done everything to get my right in what happened."

Paul: "Yeah.. but i was in too much of a depression to get involved. They were to send me to the authorities, ya know, and bring me to court."

Boniface: "Didn't they? No.. wait.."

Every racer in the season at the time knew about Paul's predicament. Yes, it seemed impossible, if it weren't for the lawyer on Paul's side.

Boniface: "Monsieur Judge, wasn't it?!"

Paul: "Aye.."

Judge Bill stood up to the FIA, and became Paul's personal lawyer, protecting him whenever conflict comes up. Being the earliest convenience, Paul found hope, and a lighter wallet. At least he was saved from a permanent ban, but taken was his racing license, which Billy fixed back later.

Soon, the Judge became an influential man with Paul and the racers of the UK. Despite the fame, not everyone knew how he figured that or this, or even exploited this or that. His seemingly exploitable methods remain a mystery.

Paul: "The Hendersons owe him lots. But even after all 'o that, me name's tarnished. Even today, when i've pushed all efforts to make a happy family."

While Boniface isn't a man of charity, he's one with the piety of a knight.

Evidently, Paul needed a push to get back into his glory. The gentle Frenchman knew he can do something about this, with something his sisters object to share.

Boniface: "Tell you what, monsieur.. there's an open space for one. A street car racing league, hosted by German racing champ Willeim Weiss. Not a big event, but pays good, and you can tell everyone who owns that.. one of the 77."

Paul: "Huh.. Williem? No thanks, lad."

Boniface: "Come on! It's not like our Touring Cars days! No way a derby or a contact sport, even. It's simple, pure racing. The fastest wins. You might see me on track as well."

Paul: "Sounds great, me heart thinks.. But.. i have obligations.."

Refusing to give up on negotiation, Boniface starts doing the sweet talking.

Boniface: "See, this is what's wrong with you. You had a great teacher. You had the best cars. You can say i am pretty jealous of what you've went through with your Mythic club."

Upon hearing Mythic, Paul then had a small burst that brought his dormant memory to life.

From sorrow, he is filled with a little determination, and a moderate amount of rage.

One can say Boniface tickled the inner dragon of Paul.

Paul: "Mythic? That's what you said, correct?"

Boniface: "Oui... huh?"

Paul: "May i tell you.. that name isn't even known to the public, or even to many of me mates. Your sister's a real pain in the bum, lad. I know it."

Boniface: "...."

Paul: "And.. about your offer. I.. will have to accept, but i want to make it clear.."

Boniface: "(To light his flames like that. Parfait..)"

Paul started to stand and walk towards his car. Boniface followed suit.

Paul: "Clear that.. there won't be any mention or threat to any one of us, or I'll make it my goal, to come to you. I like you, Bon. Trust me.. you don't want to push us too far."

A finger points from Paul towards his rival with a blurry confidence, but an honest one.

Boniface: "I'd say.. i want to see the confident, the arrogant, the majestic Paul Henderson of racing brutality. But you know this is a non contact sport.."

Paul: "I won't be sorry they gave me no room. (But i will be, heh.)"

Boniface: "*chuckles* Magnifique *claps*."

Paul: "So.. first race?"

Boniface: "In two weeks time. Brands Hatch. I'll have the arrangements done. This is between me and you, though.. My sisters know nothing, but i don't mind if you do the opposite. You'll need all the help you can get to bring back the old you."

While Boniface extends a hand..

Paul: "I recommend you find the new me to be as much of a challenge as the old me, lad."


The meeting of hands from two people represent a greeting. A greeting that marks the relighting of another rivalry, hopefully not one that'll lead to conflict as it is from the current state of their superiors.


Seeing the X-Bow leave, Paul thinks of getting back to his parental duties.

He heads back to his beautiful Aston Martin, and sees the many people taking pictures of it.


Paul: "I guess this won't be the end of it... Move away lads. I got's to get going.."

As the photographers take last second pictures, Paul sees a whole stampede of people running towards his direction.

Paul: "Oh, GOD!"

Paul moves to the rear of his car for cover, only to see the stampede pass by him instead of what's expected. Confused, he sees the general direction to another man.

One with long blonde hair and a teal suit.


Those crazy nights, I do remember... in my youth.

I do recall, those were the best times, most of aaall.

In the heat with a blue jean girl, burnin' love comes once in a lifetime.

She found me singing by the rail road traaaack. Took me home; we danced by moonlight


Paul came closer to see what appears to be a small concerto by Armand, as he stand atop of his car's hood.

Paul: "Armand.. boy oh boy.. You and yer Toronado's come to save me arse.."


Armand may be a rockstar with his own songs, but he's known to make the most flawless covers of certain hits. After the crowd's gone, he and Paul get together.

Armand: "When i first saw you, Paul.. you were like the other 2.. no.. 3 hundred people today: they want something from me? They get it, but... limited quantities."

Paul: "Then it's lucky that i get it first time, eh?"

Armand: "Indeed.. *strums guitar*"

Paul: "By the way.."

Going on to see the beautiful Toronado, this isn't Paul's first time hearing about it, but it is his first time seeing it personally. Armand can see Paul's curiosity, and he decides to sate that appetite.


Armand: "How is it, that Armand, top hat and guitar soprano, manage to drive what appears to be a special conversion of Oldsmobile's luxury classic?"

Paul: "Aye.. that's the way to say it."

Armand: "For anyone.. it's my own business unless they watch the Late Night Show that time. But.. you're lucky, Mr. Henderson. It was a dare."

Paul: "That?"

Armand: "That signals special way to say 'I enjoyed your company'."

This mystery of a man: Armand, is known to be very influential in the realm of being liked.

Paul: "Who doesn't?"

Armand: "I've yet to meet someone as such, or he must be deaf."

Paul: "So true.."

Armand: "Yes, yes.."


All they did afterwards was stare into the city life, seeing the many cabs and Land Rovers pass around the Marble Arch. Upon seeing Evoque after Evoque, Paul is reminded of Fiona, and is suddenly attacked by his friend.

Armand: "So.. heard Fiona Henderson's related to you?"

Paul: "Yeah.. i get that a couple times."

Armand: "She's pretty, let me tell you."

Paul: "Pretty... aye, but she's sometimes a bit of a hissy fit, mind ya."

Armand: "How is she nowhere like you, i don't know."

Paul: "Me old man's always scruff and dandy, but.. you don't want to see his arse when he gets mad."

Armand: "Oh yeah? Where is scruff and dandy now?"

Paul: "Still at Aberdeen. We talk now and then, but... let's just say i prefer me mum's side."

Armand: "That sort of relationship, i'm sure i can understand."

Paul: "What? You're something like this as well?"

Armand: "Nah.. I.. have no parents."

Paul: "Someday, you'll tell me?"


Armand: "Ohh.. Paul! *sighs* Maybe. Maybe not."


Paul then drives over to pick up Amelia. His large Aston Martin is given priority on the roads, maybe as a sign of luck, or the people's goodwill to see a big V12 do it's thing.


Upon arriving at the school, he sees his daughter outside the school gates, with her friends. Flashing his lights, Amelia sees the car. All the boys and girls are stunned as they see the million pound car.


Paul: "Hey there, dear. How was class today?"

Amelia: "Not bad."

Paul: "Just.. 'Not bad?' I've seen something of this sort in me past. Care to bring up?"

Amelia: "It's... nothing too special, daddy."

Paul: "Oh.."

Amelia: "Why are we driving the car today?"

Paul: "We don't drive often, do we?"

Amelia: "Well, i went with mommy in that new car to school today."

Paul: "She say anything?"

Amelia: "Not really. She's not really a fast driver.."


Paul noticed his daughter. She was obviously down on her dumps, leading to a question.

Paul: "What's wrong, dear?"

Amelia: "Nothing."

Paul: "You see, the body talks for you, telling me something's really wrong."

Amelia: "..."

Paul: "You're hiding your pain, but daddy can see it. Be a good girl. I won't be mad at you."

Amelia: "... okay.. I'm just.. working too hard in this new year. Class change.. Why is this happening?"

Paul: "Well... life doesn't work that way, i think. It's easy to tell you prefer the friends you had, and.. i understand that. Change is.. it's a tricky process. You might hate it at first, but.. when you like it?"

Amelia: "I don't get it."

Paul: "Well.. you don't mind a history lesson then, lass?"

Amelia: "Not really."

Paul: "Well.. when.. argh!"

Amelia: "Argh what?"

Paul: "(Paul's systems crash, that's what!) Erm.. I don't really study history."

Amelia: "Hehehehe.. Thanks for trying anyways.. daddy."

It was then Paul sees his daughter the way he wants it to be.


Paul: "Alright.. we're nearly home, and.."

*Message tone*

Paul: "Think you can... check for me?"

Amelia: "Okay!"

Amelia takes out her dad's smartphone. Knowing how to use it like any child of today, she unlocks with a pattern, then heads to the notification on the top. She sees:

Amelia: "It's from Uncle Nash!"

Paul: "Okay."

Amelia: "Practice run at.. Brands Hatch. Coming?"

Paul: "Coming? (What luck! And we're nearly home...) How about you reply to him that I'm coming. Hope your mummy's not too crabby tonight."

Paul takes it that with the invitation by Boniface, he has to be sharp on the track with his One-77. A new car is a new adventure, despite him owning another Aston Martins.

Amelia: "Oh. Oop.. another message."

Using her fingers, she heads to that other message.

Amelia: "It's from mom. She said... won't be home till dark, with your sister and the baby.. having some girl time."

Paul: "Girl time with the baby? I just hope Jacob's not going to be such a girlie."

Amelia: "I thought he's a brother."

Paul: "Exactly, lass."

They arrive by the house, but a change of plans made it a temporary stay.

Paul: "Okay.. since i've got nobody to handle you, I'll head to Brands Hatch and drag you along then. Get ready."

Amelia: "Okay~"


Brands Hatch. 4 PM.


The well known circuit is a classic track in the UK, and many race fans are encouraged to visit the track, for all sorts of racing happens on the aged roads, that pave ways for champions. For now, the GP track stays closed for unknown reasons, leaving the Indy Circuit only for use.

A car is already on track when Paul arrives. While not everyone knows, it is immediately identified as a red Rocket.


Amelia isn't a car person, and questions it's identity.

Amelia: "Daddy.. why is that car look like a bleeding baguette?"

Paul: "There are lots of reasons, dear. (A bloody baguette?)"

As the car passes the pit lane and enters the infamous Paddock Hill Bend..


Amelia: "*gasps* Look dad! Clowns!"

Paul: "(For real?) You sure you see clowns on a race track?"

Turning from the sound of the light car to his daughter, Paul sees her pointing to some men ahead.

Amelia: "He's juggling bananas. Ahaha!"

To correct the primary schooler, one man ahead is juggling guns to another man.

Relevant between these two is the color purple.

Hayato: "(This man doesn't grow up, doesn't he?!) ......"

Gary: "*sings a song*"

Suddenly, he stops and shoots the gun that landed on hand towards the Japanese heartthrob.


Gary: "Lucky..."

The juggling continues, and..


Gary: "Ah! Loserville's got a new neighbor!"

Hayato: "Ergh!"

Unfortunately for Gary, this is a man who carries a REAL KATANA 24/7.


And this all happened in slow motion..


It didn't take long before Yoko No Ken meets a neck full of bling.

Gary: "EERP!"

Hayato: "I'm done playing games with you.. clown. How can the Assassin of infamy withstand someone as scrawny you??"

Gary: "Hey! Hey.. hey.. hey.. huh.. It ain't so funny when you break people's stuff! Or is it, b:censored:."

With those words, Paul walks in with Amelia's ears already covered.

Paul: "Guys! Watch your tongue as always. How are you not at the house, G-man?"

Letting go of Gary, Hayato sees the two and nudges Gary. Making a good impression is hard, especially when he's going through what seems to be collateral damage.

Gary: "Ohh! Sup, Paul. N just gave me a phone call. And i see little Amy! Hey, sup girl."

Amelia: "Hiya, Gary!"

Paul sees what appears to be a handshake that he's never taught.

Paul: "(Huh.. Gary's a better dad than me, I'm thinking..) Moto-san? What's your occasion, lad?"

Hayato: "Oh, me? Yofu-san dragged me out of bed for.. having some quality time with 'friends'? That's how it sums up for me. Gary-san, on the other hand."

Gary: "The G-dog supreme's still in shock that Gin's not on our side, but he insisted i get some time to chill, and think it through."

Paul: "Right.. and I'm not the only one here last second. You know, i'd want to know where the boss himself is, or i just wasted precious time and gas money."

Hayato has been ordered by his adoptive father to keep Paul around, and he strikes on his curiosity.

Hayato: "Well, I'm sure you noticed a bison on wheels before, right? That sums up Gary-san's 'racing monster'"

Gary: "Hey, it ain't your first ride, Paul, but you about to see a monster SRT up your bum, with me behind the ever so round wheel."

Hayato: "That's going to go around the corners like... 3 seconds slower than i would.."

Gary: "As if! It's still got the seats and it'll sting you like Ali."

To back that up, Gary would then mimic the famous sting like a bee.

Paul: "Right. Now.. how about that rocket?"

Hayato: "You remember.. Murph? That's him."

Paul: "And.. why do i even guess?"

Hayato: "We also just knew about his collection of cars. As if he's about to impress what he's got. Secrets hide behind a man's face."

Gary: "I'd like to know your secrets on getting girls."

Hayato: "Heh! Over my dead body."

Gary: "Don't push me, buddy!"

Paul: "Guys!"

Both Gary and Hayato: "WHAT?!"

Paul: "Where's Nash?"

Gary: "He's busy, and if i know N very well, he's always busy."

Hayato: "*repeats sentence with hand* he's alwuys busy.."

Our eastern foreigner thinks otherwise, seeing on what he did.

Hayato: "He might be my father for this world, but he's never as busy as a real father."

Gary: "In front of your ass, maybe. Did he ever say how much he loved you, like your grandpa or something?"

Unfortunately, Hayato will not let go when Gary insults the ancestors that made him who he is today.

Hayato: "WHY YOU.."

Gary: "URGH!"

Paul: "Guys.. guys.. GUYS!"

Amidst this conflict, Paul then realized..

Paul: "Where's Amelia?"

Looking left and right repeatedly, Paul can only see Gary choking Hayato, while Hayato holds on to Gary's head to prepare a concussive strike.

Gary: "B:censored:d ass son of a b:censored:.."

Hayato: "Your.. *cough* head will be.. *cough* on a f:censored:ing stake!"

What appears to be an unbreakable struggle between two men are broken..

Nash: "Break it up, boys."

Amelia walks next to this man of significance: Nash.

Paul: "Phew. I was worried for a moment there."

Amelia: "I wandered away until i saw Uncle Nash. He tells me where the ladies room is."

Nash: "Yes.. and.. what sort of mess is this?"

Hayato: "He started it!"

Gary: "Hell no i did. Ninja boy here did."

Nash: "These two are ever so troublesome sometimes.. reminds me of a pair of twins i used to work with in the Yard."

Paul: "So... you don't mind if we..."

Nash: "Only if Moto-kun brings out the blade. Keep and eye out."

At that moment, the red cigar heads back in.


Nash: "And.. this is why I've brought you three here."

Amelia: "The baguette! Yay!"

Paul: "What about the Light Co. Rocket?"

Nash: "Paul.. give the owner ample time to explain."

Getting out of the car is Murph, who owns the car. They only realize it's him as he opens his helmet.

Murph: "Oy oy, lads."

Paul: "Ah.. Murph, was it?"

Murph: "I can check me underwear if that's what you're expecting. What's cooking, doc?"

Nash: "Like any regular day.. we have.. A ninja and a gangster making no amends."

Still fighting like in a high school hallway, Paul and the gang pay no heed until..


Nash: "There he goes, oh no!"

Paul: "Moto-san! Calm the hell down!"


The chaos is then settled.

Gary: "Say.. what's this here cigar got to do with us?"

Nash: "The thing is.. if you actually remember... Gary.. NOT to pick fights with Yakuza trained ninjas."

Gary: "Aww.. sorry, N. If i had the balls to go up face Gin when I'm still pissed, then a ninja's just icing on the cake."

Hayato: "Look who's talking.. a man fuelled by the presence of women!"

Nash: "Alright, lads.. calm down. Or else i fear Murph might get a gun and shoot you both."

Murph: "Shoot him? Nah, that's so not ol' Murph.. But i do have a gun.."

Nash: "Now, the reason i've called you here is to get familiar with track racing."

Hayato: "You know.. Yofu-san. I am, a Super Formula champion.."

Nash: "Well, i did this to Jacob once, and with this in mind, he's obliged to be one hell of a driver. More than you even, Moto-kun. Heed me out, and you might learn a thing or two."

Hayato: "Nyeehhh, fine!"

Nash: "Good boy."

Murph: "So.. tell us this here secret that'll.. warp the minds of us?"

Nash: "Right.. but before i begin. I'd like to confirm my info on you all. Just to make sure i've been spying right."

When Nash realized he spilled the word spying out loud..

Nash: "Oops. *whispers* Murph, help me out."

His approach tells that Murph is well versed in the art of the criminal.

Murph: "The boss just wants to credit check you all. I mean.. if he's to put you all racing around in this country or in Europe."

The rest are suddenly okay with the word 'spying'.

Nash: "Let me begin with you, Murph. He's been my associate for almost a decade now. Watched Jake with an eagle eye, he has."

Murph: "He's right. Except he's the eagle. I just have the eyes."

Nash: "Right.. (Jake, oh Jake..)"

Paul: "Now, do me! You've been doing your homework, and let the teacher mark that for ya, eh?"

Nash: "Well.. you went behind my back to see your old rival."

Paul: "Wha?!"

Nash took out his phone to show Paul a message board from Armand.

Nash: "I have eyes and ears, and since our rockstar Armand's connected to these.. Richelieu.."

Paul: "Hah.. well done, old bean."

Nash: "Yes.. (Old? Damn..) I'd say one thing.. we'll help pump your racing game up. There's no way a drunkard can destroy this up and coming supercar league."

Paul: "Heh.."

Nash: "Alright.. I'll just stop here. The intel's all solid. Now.. to business!"

Following those words, Nash walked towards the Rocket, and then turned around, not lose the small crowd he was announcing to.

Nash: "I'd like to see you all to the test. Ten minutes is all i need. Show the world famous Nash Kirkham your right to be part of Mythic."

Gary would then walk up.

Gary: "Did i hear that right? 10 minutes of show and tell. The G dog's got this in the bag."

Hayato: "*imitates with hand* een ze baggu.. You've got to prove it first. Your monster car here isn't built for speed with those extra two doors."

Gary: "Oh? You're relying your gut over something that's so whack with a wing and TV in the car there, ninja dude. You driving as the rep for 'Pimp My Ride' or something?"

Murph: "Lads. Chill down a bit. This is time you both can boast around. We've got one of the Mythic here to make an impression, and to exceed that is one objective. You can say you're lucky to be under his presence."

Splitting momentarily, Paul wants a word with Nash.

Paul: "And what happens if i don't haul arse here, then?"

Nash: "Then I'd have to call Jake and Rin, who's both having a day trip to the far west edge of Wales.. Or Sonny, who's having his own worldwide F1 show. And the Prodigy's back in Germany. You're really my only hope."

Paul: "Heh. I had to drag me kid along for this. Where is she now?"

Nash: "Headed to a room i pointed to. I promise that she's in good hands."


Nami: "I'm your grandmother. Call me Nami-sama, alright?"

Amelia: "Nami... sama?"

Alan: "Hohoho.. don't worry too much, Amelia. Your Nami's one heck of a granny."


Alan: "*whimpering* But she's a little on the slappy side, oohhooww...."

Amelia: "Hahahaha."

Nami: "You have a silly grandfather, you know.."


Paul: "Well.. i think that's okay then. She's truly one to one with Carrie's dad."

Nash: "Good. Now.. how familiar are you with the track?"

Paul: "Very. I'd say you give those lads a chance."

Nash: "Of course, with them getting 10 minutes and an official guide."

Going back to the other three, Nash lays it out for them.

Nash: "Now, Paul and i agree that you three should go and make yourselves comfortable with this track. It's a track of many racing stories it is."

With that, the meet adjourns as Nash leaves the scene, with Gary and Hayato heading off. Meeting a Scotsman just next to him, Murph however..

Paul: "Except you, lad. I want you."

Murph: "Me? Well.. what's on your mind, chap?"

Paul: "Just need yer opinion, lad. Ever drove an X-Bow?"

Murph: "X-Bow? You mean a motorbike corp's car thing? Nah. Haven't gotten a chance. Me rocket's about similar, if that's what you need to know."

Paul: "Well.. if Nash isn't wrong, he isn't. The reason i'm in this tourney is Bon's given me a challenge. He's me rival back in the day, and i want to know the secrets behind super lightweights."

Murph: "Erhh.. this is about track racing, no? That's taking contact out of the options."

Paul: "Touring cars aside, I was afraid you were going to mention THOSE bit of tips."

Murph: "Don't be so negative already, mate. What i know about the lighter cars is that they don't favor them straights, like this here Brabham. They'll most likely attack by out pacing you in the tricky turns."

Paul: "So, the straights is where to attack?"

Murph: "Yeah, unless these superlights get boosted, you're going to need to peek at your rearviews at these tricky turns. See how hard that is to avert?"

Paul: "Yeah. Ya need to focus on them turns. Not every car comes with a rear view mirror, no?"

Murph: "Light cars are evil, but they're not perfect. We're about to see our gangster bring out a heavyweight, and i bring out my little nuke. You're going to see the differences between pumping power and a light frame, and Moto-san's going to play the role that is the scales of balance."


The three stooges head to their cars and take practice runs after the drivers watch videos on Brands Hatch. Nash and Paul take view from above a high location, and sees from the cameras.

Putting the words of Murph in weight, Paul learns how the Rocket makes the best times around, with low times in areas of smaller bends.


And sees Gary's street fighter duke it out on the straights, making a straight section time faster than the other two.


Nash keeps record on the three cars on track. His face says impressive.

Nash: "Not even a second's size of difference.."

Paul: "So... any recommendation you have on who's to watch out for?"

Nash: "Hmm.. that's easy. It might be the worst of the three, but.."

Just when Paul is about to receive that answer, a black tuner passes the Brabham straight.


Nash: "Moto-kun is that person.. for reasons i can tell as i saw him in that car. It reminds me so much of a friend that's gone from this world."

Connections with the racing world of Hayato and his racing teacher gave Nash a few memories about the people he's saved.

Paul: "Alright. Just tell me when we get the show running. I can't wait to show Amelia what her daddy does best."


The signal is sent. The three cars enter the pit lane.

After grouping the three test subjects...

Nash: "Alright.. it looks like i have to.. *continuously rabble*"

From a distance, we can see that Paul is busy with a special tool: a tool once used against Rin to unlock cars: Murph's car lock overriding device.

Whatever algorithms it carry has it adapt, which has it perfectly replicate the locks of Gary's Charger and Hayato's G37.

The purpose of this is to put miniature spy cameras at the car. Without notice, Paul applies these cameras to the feet and the steering, like in a rally race.

Being an open top super light racer, the LCC Rocket is easily placed, but requires Nash to distract Murph himself to ensure no paranoia breaks the cover.

Suceeding at his espionage mission, Paul only has one more thing to do: place these cameras at his Aston One-77.

Paul: "I'll show Nash whose scales he's messing with."

Paul then heads back.

Nash: "Your cars really define who you are..."

Paul: "*whispers* Job's done."

Nash: "Ahh! Thank you, Paul. Now.. as we agreed, Paul will be the judge on who he likes. And surprise surprise.. Gary!"

Gary: "You called?"

Nash: "You win the driver's choice awards."

With confidence, Gary raises his arms, and starts the smack talk.

Gary: "You see there.. NEVER, and i mean NEVER NEVER mess around with the G Dog!"

Paul: "No hard feelings, lads. He's just gotten in the game, and to be up par with you lot? It's more than reason."

Gary's street racing regime has somehow paid off.

Nash: "Well done, Gary. Well done!"

Gary: "Now.. the order was it? How's that i go first, so i can rub it in their little faces."

Hayato: "Cocky isn't he?"

Gary: "Hey! Cocky is what's it all about when you've won. How's about you go second?"

Hayato: "You issue a challenge? Well.. alright. Moto-san can't guarentee to be up to your level.. but i won't make it boring."

Murph: "Guess that puts me at the back. I don't mind, but.."

Putting his arms around, Paul decides to comfort a new friend.

Paul: "Hey.. it's much better if you see the benchmark for a super lap."

Murph: "Hehehe.. i guess we Brits think alike."


Having recently getting to know the track, Gary starts away his 10 minutes.


Nothing But You
Paul van Dyk

Paul: "Alright.. street racers.. what are they like, eh Murph?"

Murph: "Street racers are all about flair and getting from the start to the finish in any way possible. And also: flashy parts."

While Hayato and Nash aren't around to see a live recording of Gary's car and feet, Paul and Murph notice something.


Paul: "It's.. really tense, but calm.."

Murph: "Ya.. i see it too."

Paul: "He's really putting the right amount of feathers on the throttle."

The car shows understeer in the track's many roads, but Gary knows his car. It makes him faster in it than even anyone on Earth.


While Paul is impressed on that alone, Murph pays attention to the cockpit view more.

Murph: "It's strange, really.. because.."

Paul: "Because?"

Murph: "In a track car, you play with every twitch and it responds straight away. Look at his arms."

Gary isn't one with a build, but his small arms play with the steering, turning it fast, left to right, right to left, or even a unidirectional break in between. The response from the car isn't instant, but Gary knows his car.


Murph: "He reminds me of Jake a lot."

Paul: "Aye."


Murph: "Know your car, and victory will come."

A confused Murph scratches his hair.

Murph: "What's got the lad into street racing anyways? This is performance of winners, it is.."


Paul: "Hmm..."

Gary finishes his 10 minute run.

Nash, who stood in front of a monitor, records his best time.




Next, as per Gary's dare is a Super Formula competitor: Hayato.


Must Be The Feeling
Welcome Reality

This time, Murph is off to prepare for his run. Accompanying Paul this time around is..

Gary: "Pretty sick?"

Paul: "Pretty.. sick.."

Gary: "Alright!"

Paul: "Huh.. (How can they handle the talkative one, eh?)"


Gary: "So.. what's up with N giving the setup of punk ass crooks?"

Paul: "(Says the 'punk ass crook')"

What they noticed about Hayato was how his car is, even street legal, also well suited for all around racing. He has no worries pushing the throttle.


Gary: "God damn! He just brings the car to its knees. Not to mention he turns a lot earlier than i do."


Paul: "Well.. that Infiniti likes to boost ahead on exiting turns, minding them understeer."

Gary: "Yeah.. there's merit for reaching balance, yo. The wing's not a style thing."


Paul analyzed the apex and the ninja like reflexes.

Paul: "This ninja's great at what he's doing. Drives and acts with no bound.."


Gary: "A guy who's not afraid to use a sword is a bad ass, no doubt."

Paul: "What's this lad's history?"

The time for espionage is over for Hayato.


Hayato: "This is for you, Shinzo-sama!"


And thus, Murph sets off for his run.


The Outline
You Smash It, We'll Build Around It.

Gary: "Hey.. you ain't the only one, ninja dude. Cameras all over."

Hayato: "So.. how was it, Paul-san? I think.. i did much more spectactularly."

Paul: "You're amazing, nuff said. Sorry G."

Gary: "Don't worry... it ain't over yet!"


Three people make analysis on Murph's track racing. Being in a super light car..

Paul: "He's twitching a lot more than you, Gary."

Gary: "Which is strange, actually. Even outside, the G forces shouldn't be no different."


Hayato: "And that's where you're wrong, you dweeb."

Gary: "Care to.. explain?"

Hayato: "Sure.. (what unrefined bull:censored:) Lighter car, with no tech. He doesn't have counter steering... like an older F1."

Paul: "He's putting more work on them turns.."


Hayato: "Like in F1, you need more precision in a light car. The heavier cars take longer to turn, but you have the power to get out fast. Lighter cars go turn quick, but.. it's not like they're always full of traction."

Paul: "Hah.. alright.."


Paul then headed straight out the room.

Gary: "Hey, hey, hey, hey.. where you think you're going?"

Paul: "How's about you watch me get to work. I think I've learned a lot today."

Hayato: "(Just like Yofu-san said.. he's going to show it to us all)"


Paul: "See ya later."

It's evident that Murph had fun.


Murph: "Fantastic! Can't wait to blabber all about it."


Paul heads to his car, to see Alan and Amelia waiting.

Where The Streets Have No Name
The Joshua Tree

Amelia: "What are you doing, daddy?"

Alan: "He's going to show you how he does his job. Am i right, there?"

Paul: "Aye.. It's about time you see me on where i rule, eh, Amelia? You remember me prime time, eh?"

Amelia: "Yeah!"

Paul: "Well, back away from the car. It's race time."


Paul fires up the engine, and gives it a few revs.

Amelia: "My ears!"

Alan: "Let me get them for you, dear.. oh Lord!"

All settled, Paul sends it out after seeing the all clear.


Paul: "Alright.. let's take the prize home!"

Song Progress: 1:09

After the warmup lap, Paul already knows he doesn't need a practice lap.


Being a natural in Brands Hatch, he knows to brake and attack early reaching Paddock Hill.


The Druids are unable bewitch the One-77 passing around in the car's optimal speed.


Down past Graham Hill and to Cooper, everyone can hear the car's V12 pass in all it's might.


Paul learned a lot about cars today, and he brings it all to fruit as he pushes the One-77 through the Surtees-Mclaren chicane.


With him understanding his car more than anyone, this has to be the One-77 in it's finest passing the Clark Curve, and re-entering Brabham.


And across the line!


Paul: "Good show! Very well done! YES!"

The only person that hears these cries out is the man that hears his former catch phrase through the radio.

Alan: "Good show indeed.."

By the cameras..

Gary: "Hah.. money buys good cars. I'mma get one soon enough. What says you, ninja dude?"

Hayato: "I guess.. i have to shape up more to be up par to him."

Murph: "Where's Nash? I'd imagine him giving the lad a nice kiss to the cheek after that."

Nash sees the clock with Paul finishing about a second ahead of the competition.

But one thing unknown to many: Nash was inside a cockpit, watching said clock behind a safety harness.


Upon hearing that sound..

Alan: "Oh no.. Paul! Paul.. come back in now."

Paul: "What's the matter, sir?"

Alan: "Nash's loose of his chains."

Paul: "What?"

Paul drove straight in to the pits. And at about the same moment, Nash exits the pit lane.


As Paul exits his car and undresses the racing suit, he witnesses a legendary car from the cameras. Everyone sees it make a practice lap.

Paul: "Whoo.. who would've thought Nash got bored after he waited long?"

Gary: "Make no mistake, Paul, my bro.. that's your car's worst nightmare."

Hayato: "I wonder when do i get a go at riding it.."


Murph: "Even if he's your daddy.. Not a chance, slick."

Halling it
Robert Ridihalgh
Need for Speed II: Special Edition Soundtrack

The solo lap begins..



Paul: "Dear.."

Amelia: "Yeah.."



Paul: "This is what your Uncle Nash does for a living."

Amelia: "How is it i don't know.."

Paul: "He's been hiding his ugly face. Also, the man's demotivated recently, but he still goes far to make me group of racers glad."

Amelia: "Hahaha."


Paul: "I didn't finish yet, lass. Nash would've never gotten the confidence to come on out and whup our efforts if i didn't say yes to his crazy plan."


Nash crosses the line, and faster than Paul, while just half a second so.


Very few have survived drifting through Paddock Hill, and Nash is easily one such person.

Nash: "Hahaha! Oh... i just wonder why you didn't witness MY superiority, Brother.."



Author's Notes

- Hiatus, schmiatus. After taking months off writing, i come back, possibly with a new intent on what to find in writing. Maybe you'll see what it is, i don't know.

- Within Mirielle and Amadine's evil, is a side of good and honesty from Boniface. He's still an antagonist. Too cliche to have evil, stand out bad guy named villains. THIS HAS TO STOP, PEOPLE. Just look at Clark. Even evil jerky people can be good. Good antagonists have good reasons to be evil.

- Paul's predicament references Resident Evil 6's Chris Redfield.

- Gary is really half the person without Ginoa, huh? Ginoa would go eye to eye on Hayato, if he didn't already try to kill her.

- Say, haven't i done this before.. in the Legacy?

- Nash didn't intend to have a run, but we hardly see his racing, so here you go. It's time i justify his legend, anyways.

- Upon making this, i learned how to tackle the Paddock Hill Bend. Yay me!

- All cars are timed and with sports softs. Here are the pp ratings, specs, and the best lap after laps of practice. (ABS 1 only)

Gary: 600pp, 2011 Dodge Charger SRT8, 823 HP, 1570 KG
5th) 47.525

Paul: 600pp, 2011 Aston Martin One-77, 750 HP, 1356 KG
2nd) 46.057, 1 lap only, stock gearbox.

Murph: 600pp, 2007 LCC Rocket, 247 HP, 432 KG
4th) 46.695

Hayato: 600pp, 2008 High End Performance G37, 717 HP, 1251 KG
3rd) 46.349

Nash: 618pp, 1994 McLaren F1, 657 HP, 1080 KG
1st) 45.610, 1 lap only, power and weight adjusted, but all stock.

- Difficult to write, but i hope it's good.. I have doubts about the facts, so feel free to correct me.

Cars Introduced.

- Armand's Jay Leno Oldsmobile Toronado "Moody Blues" Armand is once a guest of the Late Night Show, hosted by Jay Leno. Having the honor of going through the garage, Armand knows the many faces of cars over the years. What caught his eye was his modified cruiser, with over 1000 horsepower, and a body that screams maniac, Armand decided to go on a dare and have Mr Leno hand the car to copy. The dare still stands today, and Armand drives the car like some regular muggle, hoping to magically transform into some sort of superstar with it.

- Boniface's KTM X-Bow R "Aerodynamic" Boniface is well versed in the light track cars department, and his fair gotten X-Bow is his masterpiece. Preferring this over any Caterham or Ariel, Boniface also lives with an idea of how to play with the best on track. This is a deadly combination, no doubt.

- Murph's Light Car Co. Rocket "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator" Aside from daily expenses, Murph spends a lot of his money on bacon.. and a private car collection. One such car that stands out in his mind was this Rocket. Engineered by the same man that created the legendary F1, Murph's crazy ego would push the rocket into a super trooper, with intent to blow it up sky high.

- Hayato's G37 "American Ninja" For the everyday travel, Hayato had to ensure his NSX was kept off streets as many times he can get. When the heat's too much, the ninja takes on a disguise in a tuned Infiniti. It's no way a slouch, and has proven it's mettle in many races, legal or not.

- Nash's McLaren F1 "Undisputed" Nash's most prized posession. His racing career went into hiatus after the news picked up that he's bought the car. Being a large fan of Gordon Murray's work of art, Nash moved ahead of other dreaming men and went to buy it before the price rose in the 21st Century. Was once put as a prize in a tournament Paul traumatizes.


Of Murph, Gary and Hayato, who did you root for and why?

Gary. Because Creator's Pet. And the Charger, i admit, carries amazing potential for a four door (despite being the only one going above 47 seconds.)

Some side notes: Hayato's NSX is initially to be used, but it ain't too fair. And i have feels for keeping it like it is, because it doesn't feel right to paint it (despite auto show models having a white one). Not putting Hayato as one of the select few to own it (in my universe, maybe), but people do these to road going concepts: doing nothing to it except just filling up the gas or changing tires. And sending it back to the HQ for analysis and further tweaking.

Is the LCC too slow? Both variants of Brands Hatch are really built for fast and powerful cars. Analysis show that cars that exit fast and smooth will be dominant here. Should Murph get another shot in these, it'll be in the godlike MP4-12C.

Coming Up:


"You will know that Mir will only accept me as her favorite... not you."

"Di.. di.. dispose?!"

"I'll make sure he savors the last moments first, so justice be served."

Part 2: Mirielle's Gambit.
Pictures Cleaned!
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Glad you have returned with this. I like how you represented heavyweight / middleweight / lightweight.

And I couldn't really decide on wether to root for Gary or Murph. I guess it would have to be Gary because of my "slight" bias to SRT.
On the move
To my readers: an announcement.

You all know me as SomePlayaDude: a reader of stories, and a maker of one.

But I've been on hiatus as one calls: a guitarist trying to find his muse. I'm an author who's confidence to write can mean his downfall, and said confidence can also lead to unwanted results.

Instead of being a moron or some sort of cocky scientist, I've been looking at what I've possibly reached, thinking of the outcome from Morton's Fork. Am i meant to reach mediocrity with whatever i do?

Apparently, i know i don't deserve it, but it's what i got. Maybe this isn't the place to write stories about the very force that runs in this website. But i know giving up is just out of the options. There's no success in giving up. The only success i see are in perseverance and just keeping the standard that constantly improves.

Perseverance means growth. And this is why i initially wanted to change the fiction world: i thought couldn't see growth.

I try my best to read work from other people, as a matter of getting inspiration, and improving my own knowledge. It was hard. The feeling was like my want to be immersed was blocked off in an impenetrable shield i call being an elitist. Facts come in to me as a way to understand.

But to follow and love? That takes more than just: hey, well done. One that loves what they read should do something about it. Make it better as they keep up the good work. You're more than a fan if you're inspired to start writing.

There are ways people believe and think is right. What I've done to touch these seem to be wrong, and I've recently realized it. There are the bounds to respect the beliefs and to change what's blatantly wrong to your own view.

Right now, the current GT6 stories that are still active(?) push themselves as the testament to change. I may not be satisfied to see them without me following, and i want to apologize.

My standards leave me with so little. And to solve that lack of desire, i looked back.

Back to when i was a fresh author. What was it that made me who i am today? And to add with that: i couldn't resist seeing what happens if i had to change it. Change as if in on what a year of writing has done to me.

It's a good first step before i can get back into writing my current agendas for now.

SomePlayaDude's Retrospective.
Prologue Part One: West Man In East Land

Our tale begins within of one of the world's most well known countries: Japan.

It's easy to tell that many aspects of life can be seen in the technologically advanced world within. Though, the hustle and bustle of daily life can be a stressful one.

While there are various methods that people put aside said stress at night, one popular method involves a lot of cars, a group, and quiet empty roads. It's no surprise that Japan, having one the largest automobile industries in the world, has also it's unique share of car fanatics.

Tonight, a group of these 'fanatics' arranges a drive around a part of the mostly empty highways outside Tokyo; a hotspot many call "Route 5". By many of such an interest, these strands of tarmac are so well known by Japanese street racing.


As we zoom the detail, the leading car of tonight's entertainment comes in the form of an overhauled Nissan Skyline R34. None can argue how iconic this Japanese sports car is even today. This model, however, was tuned and overhauled by both geniuses and enthusiasts from famous tuning garage: Mine's.

With such work, the sports car has been made to level cars it's able to not normally match, reaching a power output not shy of 600hp. That alone makes it easily comparable to many exotics. Behind the wheel is a man, named
Katsu Takaguchi. To many, Katsu can be defined as a part-spoiled young man, wanting to lead a group of 'drive fast across Japanese roads', most likely as a method to garner attention.

They go with the name 'The Tsunami Riders'. They drive cars that would outrun most other groups, and thus, are hated by majority of Japan's racing community. Their habit to ridicule other groups on car selection and power may be why. A website posing as their blog serves as a home to flame wars.

Nothing unusual so far, this pace is interrupted when one of the deputies, in a RUF tuned Porsche, senses an unexpected anomaly. Pondering by his rear view mirror, the driver spots a striped supercar.


Immediately activating his group's specially made communications system, the RUF driver swiftly calls his leader.

RUF: "Huh? What's that? Requesting your presence, Katsu-sama."

Katsu: "This is Katsu. What's wrong?"

RUF: "Have any of ours owned a.. (do i know what that is?) lean, striped car?

Katsu: "Lean? I.. hmm.. maybe just a poseur. No problem. Outrun it when you can."

Still watching the Ford, he senses a bit of anxiety as he sees it purposely warm its tires. An act that sends it to war with the raspberry RUF.


RUF: "Whaaahh! Don't let him beat you.. COME ON! I WON'T ALLOW YOU TO PASS!"

The cars line up at the next straight. Pushing the RUF to the max is what's to come, but is put to naught by the Ford GT's accelerating as well.


RUF: "Come in, Katsu-sama! It's passed me easy!"

Katsu: "Hahahaha! Not to worry. If someone as amazing as myself can outrun you no problem, there's truly nothing to worry."

A few moments later..


The pass had the HPA Audi driver make contact with his leader, to the latter's slight disgust.

HPA Audi: "Damn it! Permission to speak, Boss!"

Katsu: "*sigh* WHAT?"

HPA Audi: "The car that's haunting us is a Ford GT. Black with white stripes."

Katsu: "Really? Around this district, no racer's wave those colors."

HPA Audi: "And i think the car's boosted. It.. just slips through me easy."

Katsu: "Hmmpf..."

They enter a tunnel, with the super Ford setting its sights on 2 road cars from premiere tuning group Amuse.


From the driver's seat of the V8 supercharged supercar, the man boasted.

GT: "This act's all a felon. Do as much as you want to your car, but it'll be no match for my race engineered monster."

The machines continue along the road, with the Ford creeping closer after every turn.

Until we reach the inevitable.


Both Amuse cars, overtaken with the Ford blasting through from the inside; a risky move nonetheless.

Soon, the GT enters the straight, with the bored driver in sight of the 600hp Skyline.


Having a lower power output and predictably being heavier, the Ford GT is still regarded an engineering marvel. Carrying state of the art Brembo brakes, the American supercar heats up the tires on the next turn before the tunnel, letting loose some heat as it slows down.


Eventually, the leader Katsu sees this evil horseman.


Unable to contain his feelings from the mind, Katsu yelled his pride out towards his demoralized group.

Katsu: "The leader of his men is obviously much more than you think, Ford GT-san. I know more horses, less weight and better tech can only mean victory for me!"

To the mysterious GT driver, the situation is interpreted as a trivial challenge.

GT: "Nice car. I'd reckon it'd be obviously an easy match for anyone I've ever raced.. *gears up* a match for anyone who can take a car past 100. And a match for even me the second my driving license was bestowed."

Mysterious as he is so far, the driver ignored the apex on the hairpin. On the other hand, Katsu had his reflexes pushed ahead like his life is really on the line.



Katsu: "WHAT?! He messed up the easy apex and still catches on? It must be modified."

Up the ramp and into the large straight, the Ford eventually accelerated past the GT-R on the inside. Katsu, trying to minimize scratches, had to move outside.


Katsu: "No.. no no no NO NO!"

As per the wishes of this rider, the Ford paced down, allowing the Skyline's headlights to shine at the goods.

GT: "Come forth, infidel. This car ain't for the faint of soul."


Intentions from the GT driver now clear, Katsu notices the V8 and recognizes the engine work.

Katsu: "Are you kidding me?! It's... totally stock! And road legal too!"

The driver's mission completed, this Ford GT zoomed away like an arrow from a bow.


This Ford driving man of mystery then sinisterly laughs, with his accent standing out as something from a spaghetti western.


A day has passed.

News of The Tsunami Riders' defeat was eventually spread due to evidence from monitored CCTVs. Having some dutiful service men interested in racing, the camera data are discreetly taken and uploaded to YouTube.

The single video of proof has gone viral, mostly in Japan. Victims of this Ford GT's shenanigans affected their blog. While they reluctantly accept their defeat, this caused them to receive even more views than before. It slowly prepared to be a hot topic in the years to come.

But fate has allowed one certain follower to get more than just words about this. This man lives by the gardens of Gion located in Kyoto. No doubt he's heard his own interpretation of the news.

Known by the name of
Hideki Minami, this art major isn't just a timid young man who likes to draw. Owning a tuned GT 86 and recently got his official FIA racer's license, Hideki's all ready to support his second interest in life. Although, he isn't much of a daily driver due to economic reasons.

Upon finishing another drawing for academic reasons, he swiftly jumped from his drawing table straight to his PC just opposite of his placing.

Going through the Tsunami Riders' main page, he sees this Ford GT that slams down the group's pride in full. Highlighted on the website, Katsu himself puts a small statement regarding this.

"The Ford GT is a car I've seen outrun me, but when modified. This one's plain stock. It prances like a horse.. a dark horse.

Kuroiuma. What a fitting name."

Hideki discreetly puts those words to heart, forging an interest to actually meet this guy.

Later, he runs down the steps to see an empty room, reminding him of his room mates leaving him upon finishing their studies. The only resident takes his jacket, locks the door and takes a night walk to a nearby convenience store to buy some drinks and snacks. Many sounds of sports cars pass by as he made his way home.

Seeing all the car enthusiasts that live nearby, he's used to just ignore it. Earphones on his head, he strolled back home casually until he sees..


Hideki: "*dropped plastic bags* Kuwaaa! Is it? Must be Ginto-sama buying another car.. Or.."

Adrenaline runs through his body, with his heart rate backing that up. He makes a shy, yet determined move towards the American car, afraid of the owner's ill intents to invaders.


The car is empty, but lights still on? Assuming it's just an oversight from the driver, he approaches even closer, when suddenly:

???: "That'd be enough, kiddo. I wouldn't do that if i were you."

By the nearby dark alley, a shady figure appears. From Hideki's line of sight, he can only decipher these behind his glasses.

A bespoke dark leather jacket on top, with an unzippable section on his left shoulder.

A sweater with grey jeans and casual shoes.

A military buzz cut, an aggressive snarl, a clean shave and a helmet tattoo on his neck.

Hideki, while still shaking, can easily see that the man is not Japanese. His shy but determined nature kicked in when his curiosity reveals to him the visible pattern.

Hideki: "You're... not from Nippon?"

???: "Nippon? That's how you folk say it? You're right.. I'm not 'Japanese' but I can say I live in Fuji. And you're shaking like a wet cat. Noticeable, but just irritating."

Swallowing his fear, Hideki still had courage for the interview to follow.

Hideki: "You! You.. you own this car? (There's nobody in this neighborhood with guts to get this Ford)"

???: "Why'd you think i own this? Why does it matter to you?"

Hideki: "This blog online says... says this one Ford GT beat this top tuner group."

It was then Hideki witnesses this smug smile.

???: "Oh, sorry. Did i make someone cry?"

Hideki: "(Holy..) Whoa! It's you, isn't it?! Why are you here, in Gion?"

GT: "News from reliable sources tell me a lot of top class street racers live here. I would like to propose a challenge if they would accept. And it looks like it's not the case."

The shock that placed Hideki in stun intended to stop him here, but he's still not quitting.

Hideki: "I bask in your.. you humble presence.. but what can i address you with? A name, i mean!"

GT: "Just call me a nobody. I'm finished here."

Hideki: "No! Please! I insist you stay. Let me offer you something after that long drive from Fuji! All i want to provide is some hospitality! Please!"

The GT driver, while about to leave, mutters:

GT: "Oh, i hope i don't regret this.."

Turning his head around, he faces Hideki once again, but with a much more humble tone.

GT: "Such kindness, i can't refute. But let me introduce. I'm.. Jacob. Jacob Ross."

A name like 'Jacob' is very widely used in the US, but obviously foreign to one in Japan.

Hideki: "Ja.. Ja-kobu. Jei..kabb?"

And Hideki isn't out of that loop.

Jacob: "Try a little harder; you'll get it someday, kid."

It took a while, but he's gotten the word down.

Hideki: "I.. I respect you Jacob-san"

Jacob: "*smiles* Good for you. Now, your turn."

Hideki: "Minami Hideki. A Master's at Kyoto University in Art. Small time racer in Suzuka. This is my car.. eh hehe."


Jacob: "That'll be all i need. Hideki, was it?"

They both enter Hideki's place nearby. Both men took a seat.

Jacob sees the man living all alone, and the home being well furbished for living with a small group. After serving a drink to his guest, the native then asks one of the obvious questions to his American guest.

Hideki: "How did you end up here, in Nippon? Someone as.. strangely American as you. Military? Job? Holiday?"

With that, Jacob stands up from his seat and starts to talk, showing that he needed to let something go.

Jacob: "None of the bunch, actually. You're seeing a man who was happy in the states, but i came for a reason."

SomePlayaDude Presents..

A feature fan fiction...​



~ He terrorized these sands.

The sheriff's not happy.​

Justice's swift punishment due.​


I'm seeking the balance of what made Legacy Of The Dark Horse the best start of something I've ever done, and what Dawn Of The Mythic could've been.

My duties right now include being a part timer in Sim Gear and having to do more tracks in the Senna Tribute. Right now, though, Dawn Of The Mythic comes first. Chapter 1-2 will be on by possibly the 2nd week of August.

These words represent part of my pride and joy, and i won't let it be shunned and ignored. Hopefully, as you read this, you can understand what I'm trying to convey.

P.S: Anyone want to request a rewrite of any part (including the crossover chapters of 3-1 and 4-4)? If you want to read the original, there's my sig.
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To my readers or whoever's passing by:

Looking at my story, it's stuck at 1-1 due to yours truly having no PS3. Not to worry. By the time i somehow get pictures, you'll be seeing 1-2: Mirielle's Gambit, and 1-3: Wisdom Of Outlaws And Nomads, get kicking.

I'm going to make a preview text of what's to come, but I'm dying to release some content right now. So, i have 3 ideas.

1) Re-do a part of Legacy Of The Dark Horse. The part i want to re-do is the beginning of the action, in 1-F: Knock 'Em Down. The one where our brave, unmoved hero: Jacob Ross becomes a chicken. Haha. :D

2) Make a pictureless Gaiden. I don't want to do this, but if it's going to give some progression, it will count as something to do. What to expect? How about one revolving Isamu Adachi, and his secret on how he's so called "Raiko: Ascension to the God of Speed"

3) Re-do the overly cool, award winning, butt kicking, mega super awesome Sonny And The Beast. Words not needed.

1-2 PREVIEWS (subject to change):

"If making me feel bad by saying lies is the only way you can beat me.. you're never going to reach the many milestones of the Assassin. I think a rookie policeman can do much better."

"Lass? Oh 🤬! Aren't cha with those Richelieu scum?!"

"Not just that.. he's doubled the posted limit *goosebumps*"

"The silent type? Whatever. My brother's talked a lot about how Sonny's gone to make an apprentice. You still have a long way to go, but if you're not taking that step ahead to go fast.. the road to success will diminish."

"Hey.. don't worry too much about me. You're on the hook of trouble, and I'm the fisherman that'll reel it up to freshen you up."

"I knew that Assassin woman was trouble when she'd go and betray us all!"

"Any hint the Messiah's rolling about and we have ourselves the man to hunt and end his miserable reign."

On the move
Dear readers:

With the release of Zahara finally, i just wonder how do you want your Circuito de la Sierra?

Personally, i like it with some taste of MYTHIC!





But i need Gaiden ideas for this track. Any chance you guys want a certain someone in the spotlight, please do tell.

And be on the lookout for the subtle changes that made it's sneaky return on post #1.
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Manila, PH
Dear readers:

With the release of Zahara finally, i just wonder how do you want your Circuito de la Sierra?

Personally, i like it with some taste of MYTHIC!





But i need Gaiden ideas for this track. Any chance you guys want a certain someone in the spotlight, please do tell.

And be on the lookout for the subtle changes that made it's sneaky return on post #1.

I have some:

- A recreation of the "Targa Florio" time attack.

- A group of street racers from different parts of Europe converge on this very public road, since they found a new way of excitement, however a local is the only one who mastered every twist and turns - and it's someone very least expected to be.

*Insert cops here*

Crossover ideas? None so far... I have yet to insert this new track, and I don't know where.
On the move
Last Time, on Dawn Of The Mythic.

"We never looked one to one easy. Even now, i feel you're still the racer with the wings of glory. What happened to you, Paul?"

"I recommend you find the new me to be as much of a challenge as the old me, lad."

"Class change.. Why is this happening?"


"These two are ever so troublesome sometimes.. reminds me of a pair of twins i used to work with in the Yard."

"Bon's given me a challenge. He's me rival back in the day, and i want to know the secrets behind super lightweights."

"Hahaha! Oh... i just wonder why you didn't witness MY superiority, Brother.."








Part 2: Mirielle's Gambit.



An Irish pub on the southern end of the M1. 10 PM.

:) Happy hour! :)

In happy hours, drinks are normally sold at a reduced price than usual, and a small crowd of men, including Paul, take advantage of getting the addictive poison into their stomachs, or through more holes within the human body.

Memorial Day
Dropkick Murphys
Going Out In Style.

All sorts of noises come from the blindingly green building. From random wailing to singing a few tunes, to even a few exchanging of fists.

Paul was not much of a stranger to these events, but to help him control this all is the ever so amazing Dr. Singh. Always alone, Singh needed a friend, and could rely on Paul for that and some extra pocket money. This isn't the first time he's ever done these.

Now under Nash's watch, Singh's expecting little change. But little did he expect what change kicked down the front door.


All who had their blood fueled of whatever they drink stop. They stare at new man entering the door. Suddenly..

The many patrons stood up, and start celebrating.


This man: Sonny Meng, snaps his fingers, prompting all that cheer him to cease their fire for a moment, then head back to their things.

Moving ahead the chaos, Sonny pushes a napping man off his stool, and sits by the Indian doctor.

Sonny: "What the hell is up with these prices? Ah! You're still sober, doctor?"

Singh: "(Nash? You have control of THIS?) *exhales* Still sober? How about you? What sort of juice comes to mind?"

Sonny: "Ehh.. where i live, these drinks come in such high prices.. Teaches me not to mess around with cleaning solution. How about you, doc?"

Interested to his rather perfect look, Singh had no way to counter that obsessive voice of a definitive racing world cock-badass hybrid, give or take 1%.

Singh: "Drinking will make me a TOTAL hypocrite in my job."

Sonny: "You're a smart doctor, lah. Coming from you, it's not exactly surprising."

Singh: "Mmm hmm. But let's carry on. What can i do to.. intrigue you?"

To make friends with celebrities, one has to be worthy to face one and stare down with appeals that'll make them tinge with interest. Sonny's appeal isn't in who Singh is as a doubly physical and mental doctor, but..

Sonny: "Intrigue? Me? Nash mentioned something interesting of you. And that's your nice yellow prized acquisition."

Singh: "(Oooh boyy.. this one again)"

Sonny: "Chop chop, doctor!"

Compiling his thoughts, he always hid why he had a nice NSX.

But he had to impress Sonny.

Singh: "You sure you need to know? Say no more! Ha ha! Okay.. it's from shady people while i worked in Japan. They gave me the car, and told me to keep quiet. That's the honest truth!"

Sonny: "Mmhmm.."

Dripping like a broken faucet, Singh sees Sonny giving thought. It didn't take long before Sonny defines his way of saying yes.

Sonny: "Wow, stop with the sweating, lah. You're not a liar, i know. If you go around making those sort of faces when telling the truth, you're anticipating good things. Hah hah hah!"

Singh: "Charismatic, like they say."

Sonny: "It's a side effect on being top shelf performer. Celebrity life isn't all party life and serious tone all the time."

One thing we don't really know about Sonny is how serious he is when he is given a duty of being one of life's best.

Sonny: "My dad tell me all kinds of tips, lah. He tell me to be good in life, i go good. He tell me to be rich and happy, and i become that lah! Then, he tell me to find girl and i find!"

Singh: "How is the progress on finding that girl?"

From that, Sonny's super confident face turns to a blush of embarrassment. Singh sees this sudden change of body language, with thanks to his experience.

Sonny: "Ahh... that's not... (piece of 🤬!)"

The mad doctor attacks whilst his prey stays down.

Singh: "(Ohoho, in the bag so easily!) Tell you what, Mr. May-ng."

Sonny: "Meh-ng."

Singh: "Meh-ng.. you come to my office in Hammersmith some time, and I'll help you do much, much better. Like Paul!"

Upon mention of Paul, the two stop momentarily and hears wooing and repeated shouting of the word 'fight'. Then, they see what appears to be a free for all bar brawl in a ring, involving Paul.

Sonny: "Erh... I'll.. keep that in consideration when the main man isn't busy with F1s. (Quack Doc is quack lah..)"

Singh: "Alright... what time is it?"

Sonny: "Pretty late, but i don't care lah. Why do you?"


Singh: "Ouch.. that's gotta smart.

Sonny: "And Paul is out.. Oh! It's just about five to ten."

Singh: "By the way.. The missus wants her hubby back before 11. We might as well pack this up. Help the good doctor, and please start the car. White Peugeot."

Singh hands over Sonny a pair of keys as they get up from their seats.

Sonny: "Peugeot? Subtle."


Carrying Paul by the shoulder, Singh drags along towards a white RCZ waiting out front.


Singh: "It took you just a small sample, and he's gotten himself hit hard on the head. I'm a terrible person."

Sonny: "You're sure he's not going to get hurt bad, lah?"

Singh: "Paul's hard headed. I know there won't even be a minor concussion. But how about you just help me.."

Sonny heads out to help the doctor stow the drunk Paul by the rear seats.

After minutes of placing..

Singh: "Whew.. what a night."

Sonny: "If it makes you feel better, you're driving. You do want to impress me?"

Singh: "Okay then. (Why i feel it's wrong to be under this guy?)"

As Singh moves to set up his driving position, Sonny makes a few stretches in the form of feminine gymnastics. Nobody around, he uses the space to make the muscles feel the burn.

Sonny: "Five, six.. seven...."

Upon the mention of eight, however.


???: "Get out of the car!"

Singh: "Aiyaya!"

Sonny: "Doc? What's the hubbub?"

Turning around in reaction, he sees a woman in green.

Amadine: "Ahh! You must be that man that.. no.. it's just a fool in the spotlight."

Sonny: "Fool? (how many times has that word come to me?) I don't really remember getting exposed for sexual fraud. *scratches beard*"

While Sonny likes to look good in front of women, Amadine sees him as an enemy, and despite the shiny teeth and imaginary explosive just nearby, nothing is stopping her.

But she's not doing the beatings of Sonny tonight.

Ginoa: "Sorry, buddy.."

Sonny: "Hey.. that sounds like.. Ginnie?!"


Sonny: "Hey.. are those flying V8s spinning on my head?"


Ginoa: "Alright? My job's done. Madame.. let's get them in the car."

Amadine: "Tch.."


Minutes have passed. Getting their hostages in the right place, they wait for someone.

Ginoa: "....."

Amadine: "Where are you Mirielle.. heh.."

Ginoa: "Ama? What's with the mood? Sounds like someone's getting a little impatient!"

Amadine: "As if! Just.. a little.. disgruntled, m:censored:."

Upon hearing that insult, the Assassin strips of the limits of patience.

Ginoa: "Disgruntled?!"

Amadine: "And i thought you were patient.. hahaha! You're like sister Mir sometimes.. like an oiled wick."

Ginoa: "Huh.. (Such a kitten.. she's trying hard to push me.)"

Not allowing the green one's pride to best her own, Ginoa uses it to make fun of her.

Ginoa: "You're all talk... like always."

Amadine: "Quoi?"

Ginoa: "If making me feel bad by saying lies is the only way you can beat me.. you're never going to reach the many milestones of the Assassin. I think a rookie policeman can do much better."

Amadine: "B:censored:!"

Turning the tables of her rival, Ginoa has one thing to say.

Ginoa: "Come on.. Madame.. You will know that Mir will only accept me as her favorite... not you. :P"

Amadine: "Grr..."

While she makes an evil smirk, Amadine suddenly pounces and gets her weight over her rival. This led to the Assassin having no reaction but to move on the mental game.

Ginoa: "*in a pretend tone* Ahh! Oh she's got me good!"

And with that, Amadine reveals a new set of weapons.


Amadine: "Wolverine style claws, Gin? How do you like your cut?"

Ginoa: "Erghh.. (Not good, Ginnie..)"

Amadine couldn't wait to make fresh meat for cannibals, that is until she's forced to stop in the form of a man just approaching the scene.

Boniface: "Arguing again, eh, miladies? You do know.. Mir has zero clue of you both hassling like this as always."

Amadine: "Bon.. (Damn.. b:censored: just got lucky..)"

Boniface is a man with a kind face and a humble voice. Any advice coming from him is most likely to be slept upon.

But Boniface is very well versed in haggling using debts of servitude.

Boniface: "Madame, may i suggest you don't give her a new one. It's not only Mir that really wants Madam Fantoccia breathing through her neck like a normal human."

Amadine: "Ohh.. don't worry, Bon. Mir will see Miss Ginoa in a finer fashion than normal."

To disagree with Boniface is a suicide. Amadine already knows the suicide of these after years living with him. Letting go of the Assassin, she hides the claws.

Amadine: "Now is the time you say 'Merci', mademoiselle."

Ginoa: "Why would i? You haven't scored anything against me."


While Paul is incapacitated, his tolerance with alcohol and the such isn't normal. Being a regular doing these night moves, there are times he would break the trance of the drink quicker than usual, especially when he's not gotten too much for this night.

Expecting to be in the back of his wife's RCZ, he sees himself in the middle seat of a nicer car in the middle of somewhere.


Paul: "Ugh.. ma head! No more bar brawls.. huh? Wha? I don't remember the RCZ being THIS nice. And spacious."

Ginoa: "So, you're awake?"

Turning left in reaction, Paul sees Ginoa once again.

Paul: "Lass? Oh 🤬! Aren't cha with those Richelieu scum?!"

Ginoa: "Scum? Trust me, Paul. Trust me when i say that Mir isn't bad."

Paul: "I don't know about that.. you know how ticked off Nash was? He'd kill you, over and over, ya know."

Ginoa: "HAH! Kill me? I've yet to see it."

Paul: "Yeah, you mess a man with a plan, and all ye think of is to laugh?"

Interfering the conversation is someone entering from the right door.

Mirielle: "Awake? Did you touch him, Gin?"

Ginoa: "How about a guess?"

Paul: "Whoa! What the heck's going on?!"

Panicking for a small moment, he immediately calmed when Ginoa grabs him by the cheeks and stares by the man's face.

Paul: "Phwoah... (What's her problem?)"

She lets go.

Mirielle: "It's scum like you that i don't get. Why oh why do God let you run amok?"

This overdressed Lolita lady would enter the car, reluctantly coming closer to Paul.

Paul: "So... what you want from me, eh?"

Mirielle: "Fufufu.."

The static car was parked by the M1, not very far off from where they last were, but pretty far off from civilization.

Mirielle: "What i want from you.. is your silence. Bon has been talking behind my back, and while I am cross with his decision, I am even dissatisfied by your presence in his journey."

Paul: "Me? The guy that's already done them pushes towards his limits?"

Mirielle: "Push, eh? That is how you brutes say it regarding my... beautiful, delicate brother? I'm saddened. Weep, weep."

Paul: "Delicate? And, let me be honest, lass. He's the one pushing me."

Mirielle: "You think so?"

Paul sees the rich b:censored: move her whole body, changing attention.

Mirielle: "Que pensezvous, Ginoa?"

Ginoa: "Il a n'est pas couche."

Mirielle: "Ahh.."

Under confusion of language, Paul had something to say.

Paul: "You know, you lasses only want me, but it got me curious.. where's the good doctor?"

Mirielle: "Them? They're having some snooze time in the back."

Paul: "Back? As if in.. holy smokes! Must be very cramped there."

Mirielle: "Non non, Monsieur. I treat my hostages with care as well."

Paul: "Huh..."

Turning around, Paul realizes the Tesla's boot location is with his two guardians. While cramped, they don't realize for now that they're in a delicate situation.


Paul: "When'd Sonny get here?"

Mirielle: "Does it matter? It won't be long before i make Ginoa dispose of them as well."

Paul: "Di.. di.. dispose?!"

Mirielle: "Oui. I don't like what you're doing to my brother, and i want you.. gone."

Paul: "But.. but.. but.. there must be something i can do? (WHAT CAN I DO?!)"

Seeing suffering of others is natural for Mirielle. Seeing people end that is natural for Ginoa. Paul really is in a lot of trouble.

Mirielle: "Very well. You will entertain me. From the moment i want to get some nice English air, you will convince my Assassin to get you insurance. Time's ticking, monsieur.. hehehe."

Offering a small ounce of mercy, Mirielle leaves the car to talk with Boniface.

Paul: "Oh God, she's irate for something i didn't intend to do."

Ginoa: "Tell me about it. Just be glad she knows our connection as trusted employee and employer."

Ginoa is being hunted by Paul's merry troupe due to her deception. Paul uses the time for some answers, knowing he has a chance to be spared by someone that has some pity on him.

Paul: "If it won't tickle you, you'd know i'd ask: Why'd you do it?"

Ginoa: "It? What could that mean?"

Paul: "*sigh* Don't play coy with me, lass. Threaten me all ye want with your bombs or your blades. I won't leave here unless i get them answers, or me soul departs to the hereafter."

Ginoa was both reluctant and proud. Using her time to teach Paul bravery and to stand up during her stay in the Henderson home, a teacher is no doubt happy to see the student flourish.

Ginoa: "*sigh* You've been through a lot, i know. As much as it pains me, i guess you deserve some answers."

Paul: "(Well, that was easy, but she's uneasy? Hmm...)"

Ginoa: "Since we don't have much time..."

To her surprise, Mirielle comes back in the car.

Mirielle: "Time for what, exactly?"

Paul: "Nothing! Nothing at all. Nope.."

Mirielle: "... Your bluffs can't stop my curiosity, monsieur. Where i live, there are tricks and lies people regret hiding."

When Paul heard all of that, he knows he's headed for the gutter, that is, if Ginoa hadn't got a word.

Ginoa: "Mir, Paul here's asked me a question I only can answer. I'm sure you'll oblige."

Unlike the slightly panicked man, Mirielle sees something else from her best friend.

Mirielle: "Oui.. i guess you deserve that much. Come, Gin. Entertain us."

Paul: "Yeah.. (I'm saved!)"

Ginoa: "Let's see.."


Moving back to a day, when Ginoa would wear Carrie's favorite blue dress to have a small shopping spree in London, we see how is it the Assassin makes a turn for the worse.

Finishing the day with Carrie's pair in the bag, Ginoa exits the building with an expensive navy fashion dress, complete with matching sandals.

Ginoa: "Hahah! I feel alive!"

But what Ginoa isn't prepared for was the way back to Cricklewood. Escaping the crowded side streets, she makes a small check to confirm her fears as she approached the metro.

Ginoa: "🤬! Where oh where can it be.."

Amadine: "Tut tut tut.. looking for THIS?"

Upon hearing her voice, the Assassin turned to see Amadine flashing an Oyster card. One with it's carrying case reveal a small passport photo of Gary.

Ginoa: "Madame! (Oh 🤬, i have no time to spend with HER.)"

Amadine: "Salut, mademoiselle! Jolie tenue, i must say."

Ginoa: "Merci."

Amadine: "And without your precious card, i will have to also reveal something else."

Taking out a small wallet, Ginoa then realized her pockets are lighter than expected.

Ginoa: "Wait.. *feels around*(No.. no.. NO!)"

Amadine: "It appears i've caught the shark lying on the beach. Tell you what, mademoiselle.. i am going to destroy these unless you tell me the secret of your body."

Ginoa: "You're already trying to make me really angry.. (she wants that, i know..)"

Amadine: "And I'm doing an excellent job at it, non? Now.. to put the last nail in your coffin, mademoiselle. Adieu!"


Ginoa: "Aaargghh! (Totally not what i want! When did she get so smart?!)"


To further put relevance in Paul's current situation, time is sped up ahead by 20 minutes.

Amadine relaxes by a small alleyway near a small cafe in Paddington.

Amadine: "*panting* C'etait.."

And landing behind her as she finished muttering to herself is...

Amadine: "Mon Dieu.. *panting*"

What made Amadine shock like that was due to how Ginoa isn't even sweating.

Amadine: "Such stamina. I'm impressed."

Ginoa: "I've no mood to kill you today, madame. Just.. hand the belongings already."

Amadine: "WHAZZAT!"

Ginoa: "Huh?"

Momentarily distracting Ginoa, Amadine then tosses the personal items to a nearby open top car.

Amadine: "Bien.."

Managing to notice the acts made by her rival, Ginoa then realizes what the car is: a blue Tamora.

Ginoa: "What the?!"

And from the corner, a friend seals the deal.

Mirielle: "Gin! It's you! (So, it's no trick..)"

Ginoa: "Mir?!"

Making a reunion for how long already, the two makes a comforting hug.

Amadine: "Mission complete.. heh.."

Mirielle: "Bravo, Ama."

Ginoa: "What brings you to this cold place, Mir? You're not one with the British, as far as i know."

Mirielle: "Come.. let's talk."


Ginoa: "And, since i owe Mir a debt of funding the ultimate Assassin body... it didn't take much convincing."

Mirielle: "We owe each other for events in the past. It was the least i needed."

Ginoa: "Sorry, Mir, but.. I'll have to place insurance on Paul here."

Paul: "(Called it.)"

Mirielle: "Ugh.. you're celebrating, ehh? Alright. But.."

Ginoa: "I'll take you back to where you were, Paul. Bon's brought my Tamora over so we can have a drive together. For old times sake?"

Paul: "Emm.. sure, lass."


As Ginoa leaves the Tesla with Paul, Mirielle exits the other end to talk with Amadine.

Mirielle: "Shame, i know. We had to let him go, or it'll take more than a cage to convince Gin to our side."

Amadine: "So.. what do i do with the other two?"

Mirielle: "I suppose it wouldn't be much harm to give you entertainment with two more to play with, hmm?"

Amadine: "Tut tut.. i love it when you say that."

The Tamora then leaves the Tesla, as it travels down the M1.



The Tamora knows who Ginoa is, and Ginoa knows what speed is, and it performs as such on the roads. While not a racer, Ginoa knows how to travel at 100 MPH, and casually talk at the same time.


Ginoa: "That was a close one."

Paul: "Close one?"

Ginoa: "Mirielle isn't easy to forgive, you know.."

Paul: "I'd say. She's a creepy lass, you know."

Ginoa: "Creepy.. heh. More like a bit of a jock. But.. she's one of the few people that make me comfortable."

Paul: "And who else would you put in that regulation, lass?"


Ginoa: "Erm.. you."

Paul: "I'm not exactly surprised, nor thankful."

Ginoa: "You know my policy with people talking awkwardly social to me."

Paul: "Aye."

Ginoa: "Since I've sympathized with you, you're on Santa Assassin's nice list. You really need to cherish it more."

Paul: "Heh.. True."

Silence carried onwards, as they let the TVR do the talking for them. In a flash, Paul thought about Sonny and Singh.


Paul: "Ohmegosh!"

Ginoa: "Something the matter?"

Paul: "The doc!"

To Paul's surprise as well, Ginoa also just remembered about their hostages.

Ginoa: "And.. his sidekick Sonny?"

Paul: "Ayup!"

Ginoa: "Well.. it's too far to the next turn around if Madame wants to do soemthing to them.."

Paul: "Aww.. crap. I think they have the keys for the RCZ too.."

Ginoa: "I have those, not to worry."

Paul: "You're prepared for this escape, aren't ya?"

Ginoa: "Yeah... but.."

Paul: "But?"


Ginoa: "Forget what i said.."

Paul: "It's now that when i carry on, you will place a weapon of sorts to me neck, eh? At this speed, even i think Jacob can't do 🤬 to harm me."

Ginoa: "*smiles* Wow.. I am a great teacher."

They pass whatever traffic can be found, but a sound of a powerful, but unusual sound coming from the other side of the road.


Ginoa isn't one to quote about loud, blaring muscle, but Paul?

Paul: "Hmm.. (That sort of heavy's kinda not like a Jag or an Aston.)"


Back at the Tesla's current location..


Sonny: "Wait.. leave us here?! That's just grand. Don't you people know who i am? THE FANS WOULDN'T LIKE IT! *teeth shine*"

Mirielle: "Monsieur, it's much much much better than let Ama kill you. She did intend to get a body count today."

Amadine: "Come on, Mir!"

Boniface: "*sigh*"

Singh: "But, but, but..."

Mirielle: "Don't throw your buts at me, docteur. We just.. want to make sure nothing goes wrong, and make a mark as a real contender to your employers. You're unfortunate you ran into us, alright? Adieu."

Leaving the scene, Sonny and Singh are left on the dark night roads of the M1.


While there are many trucks and vehicles passing, this country doesn't have America's policy of hitching a ride.

In the Tesla, Boniface drives as he sees his older sister take an inhaler to her mouth. He watches momentarily, concerned of what issues she has to reveal to the public soon.


More importantly, Sonny and Singh hold each other in an odd position to heat themselves. Without any immediate way out, and no signal on any phone service, the men seemed like they're lost on an island. Left marooned by a family of rich Frenchmen, Singh's pushed to the limit. The Indian ended up desperate, and started to weep.

Singh: "*weeping* What're we going to do?!"

Sonny: "Calm down, man. You're.. you're making me look bad!"

Singh: "There won't be anything to look at if we can't get back to London!"

Sonny: "Hey.. hey.. just.. gimme time to think, lah."

Singh: "*snivels*"

It didn't take long before Sonny puts his arm up like a hitchhiker.

Suddenly, the first car came to stop, and to his surprise.




A car appears to the sight of Sonny and Singh. To Sonny, he knows who this is.


Sonny: "Doc! It's Kirk!"

*distant cheering sound*

Sonny: "Come on, Doc! This way."

In sight of these people is a modified 70s Camaro. They stop by Sonny and the demoralized doctor.

Sonny: "Whew.. good thing you came along, Kirk my bro."

Rolling down the windows is the pony tailed person and direct clone of my awesome personage: Kirk Ackepoke.

Kirk: "When we know you'd take too long, it didn't take long to figure you'd go missing, boss."

Sonny: "Ahahaha! Let's stuff the good doctor in the back and head back to the pub. Just a small hubbub. But.. how'd you find good old me?"

As that sentence comes to a close, another car appears: a yellow Plymouth Cuda.


Kirk: "That guy in our Cuda. Some white haired guy that knows you."

Sonny: "White haired, eh?"

Putting the doctor in comfort, Nash steps out to be the Cuda's driver.

Nash: "Hi there, Sonny. How you're doing?"

Showing off a GPS tracker, Nash smiles confidently.

Sonny: "*whistles* That's a good job. You're just trying to bring down my level, eh?"

Nash: "Don't get me wrong, there. It's not the end of our rather eventful night. See... predicting Paul and his assailants on their way back to the pub, a certain irate street racer looms in waiting.."


Returning to the much more clearer parking lot, the white RCZ is still present.


Glad of the current situation, Paul exits the Tamora.

Paul: "You know... I'm a wee bit on the sad side now."

Ginoa: "What's on your mind?"

Paul: "Erhh.. aside from Sonny and the doctor, it's about you. Can't stop thinking about your current placing in Mythic's future."

Normally, Ginoa isn't one with show of feelings, but seeing it's from Paul..

Ginoa: "Don't be a baby.. I'll handle this. Imagine if Madame took you when I'm not standing by you all the time?"


Paul: "Wait... you're with them.. So.."

Ginoa: "It might've been an honest betrayal that I'm not on your side, but... treat it that you'll be fine whenever they go rowdy."

Paul: "Technically, you're saying what you're doing now is a much bigger favor for Nash?"

Ginoa: "Not on Nash, no! On you. I don't dislike you, but... I can't really say why i need you alive."

Paul: "I'll be happy to be alive when i can be."

Ginoa: "You do that."

But, just as Ginoa prepares to leave.

Hail To The King (Instrumental)
Avenged Sevenfold
Hail To The King


Ginoa: "Ahh.... crap. (Clarkie's not going to be happy...)"

A sight to behold. The Messiah's Revalation has arrived in all it's glory: slightly scratched in a few places, screams to even make any Lamborghini turn to fillet mignon, and with less than half it's fuel tank.


To Paul, it wasn't the fear that shook him; it was what he might to do Ginoa. Already knowing a car chase would end in failure, Ginoa had to face an employer and a friend.

Clark's exit from the FXX was in mystery, due to his face covering. He walked slowly to Paul, who still stood not very far off the Tamora.

Clark: "You might be thinking.. what's the heck's going on?! I'm not exactly pleased with what our Assassin's turned to.. but.. if you're still alive."

Paul: "Ulp.. (What's with the blabber?!)"

Ginoa: "What's your point, Clarkie?"

Calmly taking off the sunglasses he didn't need at night, Clark answered without relying on brutal force.

Clark: "Paul's still here. If i knew the other assassin in green, she'd be one that leaves no mark."


Clark: "I see.. You must've realized what you did was a much wiser move than what Nash had planned for you."

What Paul was in shock was on how Clark:, a man with seemingly more brawn than brain, figured all that out.

Ginoa: "Your brother's a pansy, Clarkie. What he might do with me's gonna kill him."

Clark: "We all know how soft he can be, but he's the smartest man I've ever met. You're not wrong though, Assassin."

Ginoa: "Hu hu hu.."

Clark: "Hah hah."

Paul: "Okay.. I'm officially freaked out."

And then Clark threw a random haymaker at Paul, who struggles to keep hold.

Clark: "AND YOU! You.. Don't make me laugh about my brother again, Paul. Promise me that, and there's a much much less chance that you'll come home all bruised to your kids."

Paul: "Of course.. but ye don't have to do that... *moans*"

With that, Ginoa prepares to leave for real now.

Ginoa: "Well.. so long, Paul. Heheh.."


Clark: "Huh.. upon facing her, I'm just glad we can say she's kind of on our side."

Paul: "Aye."

Clark: "And flattered i was, but.. how about we keep this to ourselves? It's not going to be easy. Being my brother that manipulates me, you're going to help me bluff up a really smart man, Paul!"

Paul: "Wha?! Please tell me yer kiddin', Clark!"

Shaking his head in disappointment, Clark keeps Paul around, being they never really knew each other. A new Clark still has to fill in socialism as a quota to ensure he's really changed for good.

Clark: "I can't... really sorry, but the sort of s:censored: we dive in isn't going to be easy to clean."

Paul: "Oh, lovely.."

Clark: "Besides.. how's about you get to know the Messiah's Revelation? You don't have to go to Cardiff or find one of my safe homes to get a look at my masterpiece."

Paul: "Well, I'd be happy to oblige, but... news tells me it's being followed and the lot."

Clark: "With reasons like that, i can tell you're still curious."

While not a graduate of any university, Clark's intelligence is that of a genius, but his usage of the mind is normally minimal. With great intelligence, and getting some small hints from meeting Billy, Clark decides to see what the con-man turned lawyer's tips can reach.

Paul: "Gah! Alright! Caught me!

To Paul, the already awkward night can't get any more awkward. He can't feel easy approaching the Messiah in schadenfreude.

Clark: "*laughs maniacally* Ohh.. Paul! Your judge is an amazing person. What sort of friends do you make?!"

Paul: "The right ones, or the wrong ones, who really knows.."

Clark: "We'll settle that question another time. Now.. let's have some show and tell."

Paul: "Huh..."

What Paul witnessed up close is the street racing Messiah's car. From the many pieces of tech and lightness unaltered, the only visible difference would be Clark's Unforgiven Angel instead of the regular Prancing Horse on the steering wheel.


Paul: "Must say: i like that icon."

Clark: "Just a way to say I'm special. Shouldn't be seen elsewhere from my alias on internet or the news."

Paul: "And.. how about it's performance?"

Clark: "It takes a real racer to get this going as what everyone else sees in 'fast'."

Paul: "It begs me to ask the amounts of money and time you dedicated this."

Clark: "Don't make any rash predictions, pawn."

Paul: "Heh heh.."

Straight afterwards, an American muscle came to flex their style.


Sonny exits from the Camaro's driver seat, with Kirk exiting the other side a little shaken, while not stirred.

Clark: "What got into you, Sonny, seeing your own understudy shaking like a working blender."

Sonny: "Just moving along past the speed limit. No need to freak out about it lah."

Kirk: "Not just that.. he's doubled the posted limit *goosebumps*"

Kirk then was attacked by Sonny.

Sonny: "Why so frail, bro?"

Clark: "If i may.."

Sonny: "Huh?"

Clark still stood by his Ferrari, but decided to give Kirk some advice.

Clark: "You're... Kirk, is it?"

Kirk: "....."

Clark: "The silent type? Whatever. My brother's talked a lot about how Sonny's gone to make an apprentice. You still have a long way to go, but if you're not taking that step ahead to go fast.. the road to success will diminish."

What strayed Sonny away from racing was how Clark taught him the art of speed in such a harsh and punishing way. When hearing on the small piece of advice, it was like those days again.

Sonny: "Ahh... crap."

Kirk then realized how beautiful speed is, and how not beautiful it is for Sonny not to teach him such powerful advice.

Kirk: "Sonny... you mother:censored:er!"

Sonny: "Ahaha!"

Kirk: "How about a nice bet."

Sonny: "Yeah?"

Kirk: "We get back to Paul's pad and we're 'racing'."

Sonny: "Sounds like something I'll win. I'm the Pug?"

Kirk: "Yep."

Sonny: "Just a sec, there, Kirkie. Yo Paul!"

The call prompted Paul to raise his head like a meerkat looking for predators.

Paul: "Eep! Sonny!"

Sonny: "Keys. And because of you not vouching for me, you're not coming."

Going through his pockets, Paul held the keys to the RCZ and tossed it after a pause. Just when he was done, however..

Paul: "Right... how the bloody hell am i supposed to get home then?"

Sonny: "Oh.. i don't know, lah. Use your Oyster, lah. See ya!"

Sonny took something out of his pocket. It's revealed to be a £2 coin as he tosses said cash to Paul as payment for possible transport.



Moments after Sonny and Kirk left, the AAR Cuda comes in.


Paul: "Who the.."

And for unexpected happenings, Singh appears exiting the car.

Singh: "Paul! Hey."

Paul: "Doctor! Sorry you had to be part of this mess.."

Singh: "Hey.. don't worry too much about me. You're on the hook of trouble, and I'm the fisherman that'll reel it up to freshen you up."

Nash: "In any case, Paul.. I know Ginoa's been a naughty girl, and I want her to be part of the punishment due."

Paul: "Aaa.. (How now?!)"

Clark: "Brother.. calm down.."

Nash: "I'm trying, you know.."

Clark: "Let's slow down on the revenge plan. I'd steer away from the Assassin, and we'll find that spot to wound them where it will hurt."

Nash: "And where would that be? I'm not a large scale con artist.."

Paul had the need to interfere, seeing he had to hear from the enemy directly.

Paul: "Let me handle it!"

This action begs a pause.

Clark: "And... what can you do?"

Paul: "Ya see.. that lolita lass Mirielle's worried about her little brother, and came for me personally to warn me."

Nash: "Warn you?"

Paul: "Just to put me in the scaredy mood. I can tell: it's the over protective sibling syndrome."

Clark: "Over.."

Nash: "Protec.. tive?"

To see two of the Mythic mentors in their thinking caps again, Paul had to take them off.

Paul: "Look... i know you both want to teach those blokes a lesson, aye?"

Nash: "Yes.. what are you claiming?"

Paul: "We push her buttons, and when she's had enough, I'm sure that's the revenge you both really needed."

The arguing stop with thinking. This thinking stops after minutes.

Clark: "He's.. right. You agree?"

Nash: "Yes, i see. Hmm.. very well then. It appears that you have something to do at least, Paul."

Paul: "Something ta do? Heh. I've been waiting."

Clark: "Good... now.."


Bad Mood
The Vaccines
Come Of Age

Song carries on to the end.

Singh: "Oh, is that the police I hear?"

Nash: "Yes..."

Nash can't handle being in the spotlight of a criminal. Deducing in seconds, he knows who to blame while holding on his brother's mantle while screaming to his face.


Clark: "Hey, I'm sorry, but I'll apologize when we're in the clear. Paul!"

Paul: "Huh?"

Clark: "Take the wheel!"

Paul: "Pardon? Did i hear..."

Clark: "No time to argue, you pawn. NOW MOVE!"

Paul enters the driver's side of the FXX, while Clark moves to the passenger seat. Nash and Singh, however..

Nash: "Into the Cuda now, Doctor."

Singh: "I know, i know!"

The sirens come closer, prompting the cars to immediately exit the scene. Paul takes care of the throttle, with Clark taking the co pilot role.


With that in place, Paul has more than an elephant's worth of burden upon his shoulders as he drives the Revelation itself.


As Paul get used to the FXX, Clark handed him what appears to be an earpiece and puts it on Paul's right ear as he moves the car in speed.


After fiddling with the earpiece, Paul hears Clark speak in a digitized voice.

Clark: "How are you holding up?"

Paul: "What's this? An assist tool fer me?"

Clark: "Nonsense. It's the only way we can communicate in a race car. There's no way that I'd be able to talk to you otherwise, pawn."

Paul: "Right.. so.. what's the situation? Any police behind?"


Lacking a rear view mirror, Clark had to boot a small computer embedded on the dashboard.

Clark: "Hmm... (Paul, you lucky charm..) we might be scot free, but it appears we should stay away from London. Head there."


Paul: "Son of a.. me wife's still waiting for me."

Paul drives the FXX more comfortably at a pace just above the regular speed limit, seeing what adjustments that made it street legal also gave it a much more friendly handling.

Paul: "Hello? Earth to Clark."

Clark: "Don't fret... done.

Paul: "Done?"

Looking to the right momentarily, Paul sees Clark's Samsung Galaxy. The unfamiliar icon around the messaging app tells Paul Whatsapp is out of the question.

Clark: "Sonny's about to be my messenger boy."

Paul: "The poor bloke's got it coming huh? Say, nice alias."


Clark: "It might be silly looking, but it allows me to keep hiding as the Messiah. These precautions, i know.. you know.. then it'll punch you where it hurts. By me."


To follow up on what Clark sent to Sonny, we head to the Henderson home, with the Peugeot somewhat reaching there the second that Sonny felt a disturbance in his pocket.


Exiting the car, with a smile on his face, Sonny takes it out and sees..

Tell the good lady that her husband's not coming home tonight. - Clark.

Seconds afterwards, the Camaro comes in.


And the driver exits, with Sonny standing ready to make fun of.

Sonny: "Well... about time YOU showed up."

Kirk: "Big deal, only beat me by a traffic light."

Sonny: "Still beat you."

Kirk: "Cut it out."

Sonny: "Still beat you."

Kirk: "That don't matter that much to me anyways."

Coming up to the steps of the house, Kirk rang the bell as more torment came onto him.


Sonny: "Have you heard that folk legend of the MAN that beat your p:censored: ass? *strong pose*"

Kirk: "Why don't you ever behave?"

Sonny: "Right at this moment, I don't need to, because we're not visiting the Queen, and.. *whispers sexually* i.. beat.. you.."

Kirk: "*sigh* Sore winners.."

*Door opens*

Carrie: "Paul?! Oh.. it's the cookie monster."

Kirk: "Cookie.. monster?!"

Sonny: "*whistles casually*"

Upon seeing Sonny with a rather guilty act, Kirk went on to put his palm on his face while making a slapping sound, and then sighing.

Kirk: "My boss can be a really stupid man sometimes."

Carrie: "That's fine. He was our guest at the time, anyways."

Kirk: "So.. Sonny. You have something for the lady?"

Sonny: "In fact i do, my trusty steed."

Carrie: "Come on, what did my husband get himself into this time?"

Sonny: "You wouldn't like it when it's called a death threat."

From a night at an Irish pub to some more shady dealings had Carrie worry. Like in Shakespeare, she raised her arm while falling to her knees.

Carrie: "Ohh.. Paul!"

Leaping ahead to catch her, Kirk gets into more details.

Kirk: "Calm down, Mrs Henderson.. the big boys sent the cavalry."

Carrie: "I knew that Assassin woman was trouble when she'd go and betray us all!"

Sonny: "If i might add, that Paul might not be alive tonight if it weren't for that Assassin."

Hearing a little bit of surprise, he quickly makes a private chat with Sonny as he pulls him back a bit.

Kirk: "*quiet* You're not making that up?!"

Sonny: "*quiet* Half consciousness is a b:censored:, but.. there's no doubt that i overheard his insurance lah."

As Sonny moved on to console the worrying wife.

Sonny: "If it isn't too much of a trouble for you, his racing bosses Clark and Nash are on the case to make sure you guys are going to be safe, and your man's going to be better than ever. They're even at it tonight!"

Carrie: "Huh? Alright.."

Kirk: "Hey, Sonny?"

Sonny: "Talk to me."

Kirk: "Think you can formally introduce me to that Nash guy?"

Sonny: "That won't be a problem.. we can get started right away!"

The yellow AAR Cuda from earlier tonight would creep up to the front porch.


And Nash exits the car alone, tossing the keys to Sonny. For Sonny, results were overwhelming.

Nash: "With the jaws, eh Sonny?"

Kirk: "It ain't his first time, old man."

Already caught a plastic handle of his Viper's keys once, the Cuda's key had more of a metallic palate.

Sonny: "*spits* Blech... freaking mouth cleanser is on the list.. Where's the doctor?"

Nash: "Sent him back to Hammersmith."

Carrie: "Nash... what happened to Paul?"

Nash: "Paul eh? He did splendid. Gave me new ideas today."

Sonny: "Ideas?"

Nash: "Ideas that can exploit the Richelieu, and put us on map. I'll need the help of the judge for that, and Englehart for your protection, though."

Carrie: "Engie? We don't need his help for now."

Sonny: "And why would that be?"

Carrie: "Ermm..."

A man with boxers suddenly appears.

Gary: "What's up, everyone?"

Kirk: "Who's this smurf?"

Sonny: "Him.. ohh him.. I taught him the way of the race before you, Kirk, my man."

Gary: "Pleasure to meet your ass.. insert dude's name here."

Kirk: "Kirk will do."

Gary: "Alrighty then, double K."

Kirk: "Aa.. hey.. i like that."

Nash: "Figures. Even I can't figure out why you'd hate Gary anyways."

Carrie: "When i found out Paul's not coming home early, i called to police to check, just saying.."

Nash: "I see... (That answers our quick escape)"


Back to the speeding FXX, Paul is informed of Sonny the pilgrim, and heads to a nearby place to stay for the night. Clark, however, has plans to hide the car, and won't be needing the Wyrm around.


Paul: "Cheers, Clark."

Clark: "It's no big deal. Just go where you need to go, and I'll make my way home from there."



With the events passed, the police surrounds the parking lot of the Irish bar.

Pictures are taken, and CCTV nearby are observed. All the faces shown tonight, from the Richelieu to the Messiah, were too obstructed to make a definite claim to them. Cars, on the other hand, are clear as day.

The FXX loose on the streets had the enforcement bring out someone on special call.

Suddenly, a car came in scene. Police nearby recognize who this is, and make remarks.


"It's him.."

"The bounty hunter.."


"He's in the UK?"

"I want my mother!"

The man parks by the main investigation invigilator. Exiting his car after turning off the ignition, he goes straight into the action.

???: "You! Tell me what's the situation?"

Chief: "Ahh.. the reaper.. what brings you here?!"

Reaper: "You know what brings me here. Any hint the Messiah's rolling about and we have ourselves the man to hunt and end his miserable reign."

Chief: "Good luck. The police can't really help you kill a man."

Reaper: "Kill him? Ohhh, no no no..."

This reaper moves aside to his Bugatti.

Upon standing by the large car, a police officer analyzes some data of this man through a database.


His name is Rodulf Sorensen, and reports of him ending lives of other racers for his own volition are being compiled at a slow rate, showing the many lives he's ended, covered by the police he befriended or coerced.

Rodulf: "I'll make sure he savors the last moments first, so Justice be served."


Author's Notes

- Wow, can't believe i got back. But i wonder how far will i get now?

- IMHO, getting to develop villains as much as heroes makes any story much more believable.

- The Tesla Model S having the 5 plus 2 children seats also gave me a bit of a jump start (Pun intended, start down voting)

- Red Vs Blue Reference on Kirk's arrival, while not as dramatic.

- What I'd like is a time changer for my story writing reasons, PD. See how inconsistent my night is?

- Clark's schadenfreude is seemingly off character, until you realize how much of a 🤬 Clark Kayne the Messiah is.

- Introducing a real dark man. The bounty hunter, inspired by the dominance of Outlaw. Now, out for the hunt every time. This man is Rodulf Sorensen: a Swede justicar, whatever the cost. Putting Justice over any other human ethic, he's feared, and his Bugatti takes no prisoners. This is a man who won't hesitate to kill for the bounty. You thought Outlaw was a crook? This is the devil. Inspirations include Kuroshiki Oni of Street Fighter, Savo of Midnight Club 2 and Cross of Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Cast Introduced.

- Rodulf Sorensen. Claiming to be a hero on the streets, Rodulf is tainted by the justice he thinks is destroying those that exploit the 'dangers of speed'. While being a hypocrite on the methods, what he does is psychologically potent and isn't hidden to any media that follows his many infamous chases.

Cars Introduced.

- Kirk's Pozzi Camaro "Born To Be Wild" Kirk wasn't an all time Camaro fanatic like Sonny, but when he needed a recommendation to get a car, Camaro was the only thing the seagulls at the beach kept on wanting. To ask Sonny for one made it initially much more daunting. Using his racing celebrity powers, he special tailored one Pozzi Motorsports Camaro, and the Ghosts didn't stop there.

- Kirk's AAR Cuda "Jaws" With five guys under one roof, the Ghosts needed a third car with Sonny having some sort of vendetta with the number four on the car, be it the doors or the drivetrain. An AAR Cuda came in handy, with aplenty frames left to rust on the junkyards. Refurbishing it apparently costed more than it's asking price back in the day, but Sonny left the Ghosts to make their own tinkering to the thing. With an added supercharger, this Cuda bites!

- Ginoa's Tamora "Azure" For Ginoa's 17th birthday, the Richelieu made her a special gift: a roadster that symbolizes as her training wheels of speed. While not too lavish, it served her well until she left France for international work.

- Rodulf's Veyron 16.4 '13 "Tainted Love". Hell hath no fury like Rodulf on a mission for his blind justice. Pushing aside anything that moves, Rodulf's Veyron is known to claim these: a sub 7 minute time around the Nurburgring. A top speed of 260 MPH. Handling like a GT-R, and more. The car carries special weapons to take down enemies, like any high tech police interceptor. But recently, the decline of street racing is blamed on the existence of such a Veyron, driven by a threat on racing on the whole.


What do you think of racing and stories as a idea?

In racing, i would find it all to be satisfyingly fast: as if in winning because i deserve it. To win by sheer luck or by something you didn't do kind of makes it feel campy. That's how i feel about stories as well. If the hero slays the bad guy in a satisfying manner, he kind of deserves that victory, no?

You need effort. You need to teach the good guy something. You need a proper progression. And importantly: no biasing! Transforming someone into the Mary Sue is a sin that i want to repent.

In the hiatus between this and 1-1, i learned to try reducing the bias in characters. There are many tropes out there that i try to dodge or prevent to reduce the cliche that's inevitable.

Coming Up:


"You're about to enter hell, and don't you worry. We're here to provide that leverage."

"Me and my beard have this bad feeling to you, Mr. Henderson."

"This is a database of the best. But.. there's no way they're deserving to be the Mythic i want."

Part 3: Wisdom Of Outlaws And Nomads.
And Pictures Cleaned too!
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On the move
Here, something to begin with!

Okay.. now that's just overhyping..

Money For Nothing
Dire Straits
Brothers In Arms

SomePlayaDude presents..

After only 5(ish?) hours of gametime in Gran Turismo 6..

A Bonus Page, based on the Author Avatar from Legacy Of The Dark Horse..

.. No, this is not Dawn Of The Mythic (but it sure is related).

A Fairy Tale Of A Badass And His Serpent...


Sonny's Penthouse, Burbank, California. 7 AM.

Burbank is located just beside the much larger city center of one big Los Angeles. One of the most well known places in the world, for just about anything happens here.

The nightlife dies slowly as the sun is seen.

As time passes, the sun slowly wanes above the sky. The clouds pave way to the American dream city, of both low and high life. From sounds ranging from seagulls, car horns and construction work, there's no stopping in making the busy city life be a cause of noise pollution.

Aside from all these problems from the people, to the economy, to even the balance of life, there is a feeling here that cannot be explained in just words. It's a feeling that can only be experienced by either visiting or living in the city of LA.

Or just around it. One such man is the self proclaimed American Asian Badass: Sonny Meng Xian Zhen. Living in one of the top level penthouses in Burbank, he's no doubt a man of fame. 7 AM and not awake? To answer this phenomenon, we head to the room of the man.

Aside from the high end massage bed, personal toilet and a walk through dresser, Sonny's room is mostly a rebel's small home. Posters on the wall are of his achievement and his idols, such as The Undertaker, Dire Straits, various posters of 80s movies and rock icons, and for good measure, a large picture of Chuck Norris staring down the bed.

Atop a small end table is an American passport and a ticket from Frankfurt. It also hold a cheque of 500 thousand Euros and a photo of him on a podium.

From this, it tells us that Sonny has won the fifth annual King Of The Ring competition, this being his second time in a row. Obviously, he's jet lagged, or maybe the alarm ringing isn't strong enough.


It hasn't rang? And they call me the narrator..

Sonny moves his hands as he takes a grasp on where he is on the bed. Struggling for the first few seconds, he manages to get his eyes open, and then get to the alarm clock.


Song Progress: 1:50

He stretches and wakes up, then suddenly goes to an air guitar pose. Playing along his mind is the real rendition of his alarm. Dire Straits' hit song: Money For Nothing.

Sonny: "Mmmhmmmhmm... You play the guitar on the MTV..."

Seeing Sonny, we can see his hair's a total mess, and so is his bed and his clothing. A red undershirt with boxers covered in censored word bubbles of profanity.

Taking a moment.. he stops going with the Air Guitar and cleans up. After flicking his hair back, he sits up and looks with interest at the large TV in front of his bed. As he gets his bones cracking and his mind to shape, he peeks at his blue chimera tattoo on his right arm, glowing in the dark.

He snaps his fingers, and lights turn on simultaneously with the TV. It opens to the sports channel: a channel he watches a lot. A coincidence or not, the program was an interview Sonny had yesterday before leaving Germany.

"Sonny Meng has won his second round around Nurburg Germany, dominating with a modified Camaro for the second year in a row."

Knowing what he said very well, Sonny turns off the TV.

Sonny: "Cheh.. there's just not enough competition this year. It sucks when Jake's the only opponent i face worthy."

Getting up, Sonny stretches around for a moment, then takes off his clothes and walks naked to his towel rack. He's feeling comfortable about it due to the door being locked. Grabbing a black towel with golden initials marking SMXZ, he heads into the shower.

Sharp Dressed Man
ZZ Top

Entering the shower after placing the towel on the rack, he unleashes a deluge, then turns on the heat and starts moving his body erratically to the sudden heat.

After a moment, he grabs the soap, spins it on his finger and rubs around parts of his body like a musician to a tune.

Then, he applies a lot of anti dandruff shampoo to his long curly hair. He brings it all up, scrubbing the whole strand with his hand. As it all falls, the water from the hair makes it look like some ridiculous commercial.

To finish the moment in the shower, he uses a special face cleanser to clean his face, making him look fresh all day.

After closing the water lines, he exits and immediately grabs his towel, wrapping it around his stomach.

He heads to the electronic weight measurement.

Sonny: "72 kilos? Walao!"

Gaining a few kilos after his last measurement, he knows what to look out for: calories.

He then heads to the sink and mirror. Obviously, charisma is one powerful trait for Sonny.

Sonny: "Hello, sexy."

He grabs his electric shaver and shaves off most of his 5 o'clock shadow.

Then, he uses an electric toothbrush to shine the teeth that makes his smile one to want for any great smiler.

He takes a small look at his personage and sees his teeth shine like the sun. The mirror says he is ready.

Sonny: "Ready to rock."

Getting out, in sync with the music in his head, he rubs his somewhat straight wet hair with another towel. As he finishes drying, it looked like Sonny has an afro, until he flicked it back, somehow all strands fall curly.

Then, he walks into his walk through closet. Seeing a bunch of biker coats, he chose the one that looks exactly the same as the others.

He does the same with the jeans, but this time, he actually has a variety. He takes a pair of black B.U.Ms.

After donning these, he heads out of the closet, wearing his indoor slippers and grabbing his belt, with a skull for a buckle. Counting the rings on his hands...

Sonny: "One.. two.. three.. Alright!"

The belt clicks on.

The jacket zips up to his chest.

Sonny Meng, at your service!


Exiting his room, Sonny sees his indoor fountain waterfall already on, and lights relatively off. The sun shining on the morning was bright, and he finds a great use for his installed solar panels on top. The place, with the only access the elevator and secure stairs, is walled by tinted windows, and is very wide open.

He turns on the solar panels. After seeing the machines get to place, he looks left of his current position to see his maid carrying towels. Being one with a large feminine physical form, this woman is
Andrea Sean. Having graduated from a college of hospitality, she swoons all over celebrities, and finds Sonny to be one of such.

Sonny: "Zaoshang hao!"

Andrea: "Oh! Good morning, Mr Meng! How's the trip? You feeling fine?"

Sonny: "Ahhh! It's good to be sober in US soil again. Kept the place good while i was away?"

Andrea: "You'll see that anything dirty is already cleansed inside out.. except the fridge. That's your problem."

Sonny: "Hey, the fridge's no problem, girl. It's always sub zero in there."

He snaps his finger as he seemingly tries to attract a large fanatic.

Andrea: "Good! Kirk's making breakfast for you."

Sonny: "Wait? Kirk?"

Andrea: "Said something about a small celebration..."

Sonny: "Oh! You didn't hear about my.. dominating win in a prominent racing competition?"

Andrea: "I'm afraid I don't follow those news."

Sonny starts looking at her face with a little stare.

Sonny: "Well, you better get started, cause I want you to like serving me and all.. I pay top dollar for the best, and i don't want anyone getting doubts, alright?"

Andrea: "*gulps* A..A.. Alright!"

Having attacked the maid's personality, he heads down the stairs to the kitchen. He sees a man cooking up some sausages for him. This man, having a slightly overweight look, and a ponytail to boot, is Kirk Ackepoke. Sonny, knowing this man for a couple of years, has no idea he's a great cook.

As far as relationship goes, Sonny's right hand man would be Kirk. They may live in the same penthouse, but they sleep in different rooms, and they respect each other as much as they respect privacy.

Sonny: "What's the occasion, lah? Don't you know part of my charm of any day is some of Andrea's great pancakes?"

Kirk: "...."

It took a moment before the sizzling sound dominated the surroundings.

Sonny: "Kidding! I don't mind whatever you got, buddy. Just make sure they're good."

Kirk: "They are, don't doubt it for one speck. Don't go dragging me down when i hear a lot of s:censored: from you."

Kirk would then turn off the sizzler and place the sausages on the plate. The baked beans around it are cooked for extra perfection. Just in time, as the meat hits the plate, the toaster dings.

Already in a rush, Sonny sees his fellow mate do all the work. Not bothering, he reads the day's paper, conveniently placed on the table.

Sonny: "Mmmhmm... mhmm.."

After a moment...

Kirk: "Bon appetit."

Letting down the paper, Sonny sees some bona fide high end breakfast.

Sonny: "Wow.. five outta five breakfast here."

They get started.

Kirk: "Don't make me glaze it even more, Son."

Sonny: "I'm not. You don't glaze the perfect breakkie."

Kirk: "Whatever you say, road hog."

They munch and munch.

Sonny: "And then you will ask: How was Nurburg this time round? "

Kirk: "How was Nurburg this time round?"

Kirk gasped for air as he realizes what just happened.

Sonny: "The last round's not so hard. I mean.. i liked last year's one. 4 racers in the dark is so much better."

Kirk: "I don't know. I liked it when you raced those R8 LMS'es around."

Sonny: "Yea! But.. i just don't appreciate all wheel drive cars as much as the regular norm we have around here."

Kirk: "I agree. No, really."

Sonny: "We're Camaro brothers. We understand each other perfectly! Huh! Huh?"

They high five, despite dropping their forks and spoons. Andrea watches from a distance, sighing.

Sonny: "Yeah! That's my boy!"

Kirk: "Heheh."

Minutes pass in silence aside from the chewing and eating.

Kirk then noticed he finished his portion, and sees Sonny's plate a half sausage not finished.

Kirk: "I have eyes on the meat piece.. commence swoop?"

Sonny: "Peh.. whatever lah. Take it. And so you can shut up about why, I gained weight again."

Kirk: "Swooo... what? How is it you care so much of your own mass? I mean.. they make up of muscle.. partially *flexes biceps*"

Sonny: "The paps, man. They're all over me when it comes to being a celebrity. They see a small hole of any size of flaw.. BAM! Top page of celebrity news, guarenteed!"

Kirk: "I feel your pain. *munch*"

Sonny: "So... is the gang here? Heard about the cold trip north."

Kirk: "They just got back from the road trip to Alaska. What made 'em think THAT?"

Sonny: "Must've been boring without me, lah."

Kirk noticed how right his boss is.

Kirk: "Hahahaha! No s:censored:!"

Sonny: "Alright. Let's get them pumping. Tell 'em to head to Willow Springs for our reunion. And while we're at it.."

Sonny had an idea.

Sonny: "We make another super car killer."

Kirk: "...I'll get to it. Clean the plates, will ya?"

Sonny and Kirk leave the table at a simultaneous fashion. While Kirk heads to the sofas at the nearby living room, Sonny's laziness kicked in, and he takes the moment to call Andrea.

Sonny: "*in a pretend mood* Oooohh! Dishes! What a paaiin! I hope some-one's heeree too..."

Andrea: "Here!"

Sonny: "Gaack!"

Andrea: "Always by your side when you need it. So, dishes was it?"

While Andrea gets the dishes to clean, Sonny sees Kirk on the phone. He takes a moment to get out to see the skyline of Los Angeles from his penthouse. Seeing down from his place, he has a silly idea.

Sonny: "Bungee cables? I'd have to hire a pro for that. Or Ginnie."


Soon, Sonny got on his computer. As soon as he logged into Skype, he receives a message from a recognizable face.

Sonny: "Huh?"

Showing the display name, Sonny knows who that is when he sees Nashie-K. This person is Nash Kirkham, messaging him from all the way in the UK.

Sonny: "Nash? That guy just won't leave me alone eh. But... I'll see what he wants."

The computer is then invaded with messaging.

[14/03/20XX 09:35:34] Nashie-K: Hey

[14/03/20XX 09:36:05] SonnyBDSMDFR: Hey back

[14/03/20XX 09:36:19] Nashie-K: Congrats on nurburg again

[14/03/20XX 09:36:40] SonnyBDSMDFR: Thx lol but I think you're onto me there

[14/03/20XX 09:36:59] Nashie-K: Pardon?

[14/03/20XX 09:37:05] SonnyBDSMDFR: I caught you stalking again dude

[14/03/20XX 09:37:24] Nashie-K: Really?

[14/03/20XX 09:37:35] SonnyBDSMDFR: YEA REALLY!

[14/03/20XX 09:37:57] Nashie-K: Cant prove what i didn't do

[14/03/20XX 09:38:10] SonnyBDSMDFR: One step ahead of you pal

exilimphoto_041.jpg uploaded.

[14/03/20XX 09:38:22] Nashie-K: Alright i admit of spying at you

[14/03/20XX 09:38:39] SonnyBDSMDFR: Knew it

[14/03/20XX 09:38:47] Nashie-K: Just being a responsible M

[14/03/20XX 09:38:57] SonnyBDSMDFR: I get it

[14/03/20XX 09:39:04] SonnyBDSMDFR: Thx anyways

[14/03/20XX 09:39:13] Nashie-K: No big

[14/03/20XX 09:39:24] SonnyBDSMDFR: So how about the thing you want me in uk for

[14/03/20XX 09:39:35] Nashie-K: I'll tell you when you get there

[14/03/20XX 09:39:39] SonnyBDSMDFR: K but not sure..

[14/03/20XX 09:39:48] Nashie-K: Just come i brought jake and rin

[14/03/20XX 09:40:00] SonnyBDSMDFR: For real?

[14/03/20XX 09:40:10] Nashie-K: Real

[14/03/20XX 09:40:23] SonnyBDSMDFR: No i mean really

[14/03/20XX 09:40:32] Nashie-K: Yeah but he agreed to me with something. Its private

[14/03/20XX 09:40:40] SonnyBDSMDFR: I dont want to know, but ok. WHat you up to?

[14/03/20XX 09:41:51] Nashie-K: In person pls

[14/03/20XX 09:41:55] SonnyBDSMDFR: .....

[14/03/20XX 09:41:59] Nashie-K: Just tell me when flight. TTYL

[14/03/20XX 09:42:03] SonnyBDSMDFR: K.

Nashie-K is now Offline.

Sonny sits on his office chair and swivels around thinking. He's not busy at the time, and has more than ample funds to fly to the UK for another round of leisure and racing. He just didn't like how Nash is still keeping secrets to himself again, like always. Holding back, since curiosity kills anything, Sonny just wonders.

Sonny: "What's he got planned under that shadow? And me?"

He then looks at a nearby photo of him, Jacob and Rin having their honeymoon visit to Sonny's home country. The picture has a large, circular structure spouting water.


This is in Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth, located in the center of Singapore City. He picks it up. Seeing that he holds for a moment, he obviously misses his home country, his childhood friend, and the couple he thought never worked out.

Sonny: "And Jake? Rin? Must be some sorta Mythic s:censored: lah."


Sonny's private garage, basement of his penthouse building. 10 AM.

The garage, owned by Sonny, is available behind the glass for the public. Security watches it everyday, with state of the art alarm system, being able to call the SWAT teams under a minute, minimum. For today, however, it is closed. It's not very popular, but to many car enthusiasts, and fans of the Soul Chimera, it's a big deal.

As it's closed, Sonny walks by his many cars collected by him over the day. While nothing as lavish as some random millionaire, or as occupied as Jay Leno's, Sonny's ownership of the cars is more to his liking than the piles totaling to their collector's value.

He passes by many cars. He then stops to a recently special ordered SRT Viper, coated in Black Venom with Grey Stripes.

Sonny: "Ahh. Hello beautiful."

Kirk was behind him as he works underneath Sonny's Z/28. He rolls out, and gets up. Wearing a special apron for these undergoings, he stays mint clean. He wipes some sweat as he asks Sonny.

Kirk: "The SRT Viper.. what made you hook up this thing."

Sonny: "Oh Kirk.. you don't understand me sometimes, eh?"

Kirk: "No. No i don't. To understand someone else is the first step to love."

Sonny: "Oh! That's what you mean? Well.. i hope you forget what i said then, ah."

Kirk put up an evil smile, while not noticed.

Kirk: "Hehehe.. (I'm so remembering that. Watch out, Sonny, you motherf:censored:er.)"

Sonny: "Okay. Back to business. *claps and holds hands* Bought it because, let's face it, i love the damn thing. I pay for much less for something that can go faster than a Porsche."

Kirk: "And how about things you racers cringe about.. like controllability?"

Sonny: "Hoi.. Kirk. Who are you talking to? I guess years of living with me made you forget."

Kirk: "*sigh* I am under the presence of the oh so great Sonny Meng. Whoo."

Sonny: "Thaank yoouuu..."

Sonny shows off his badass pose, while under progress of perfecting.

Kirk: "By the way, why close off the garage museum?"

Not used to talking while doing some ridiculous stand, Sonny jumps back to a regular stance.

Sonny: "Cause.. just felt like it. Besides, we're going out. Leave the damn show open and paparazzis take advantage of me when the main man's not here, IF they can. There might be 2 behind that carr... aand another in that vent, i don't know."

Kirk: "I'll make sure Andrea gets the pepper spray on the vents..."

The vents then have sound as if rats run away from there, except it sounded heavy. Being used to it, the two ignore it.

Sonny: "As if! I don't want to get news that those b:censored:es got sprayed because they saw me!"

Kirk: "Ahahaha!"

Sonny: "Ahahahah!"


Sonny: "*shaking hand in recoil* Ohhhoho.. I just wonder, when it's your turn to be in the spotlight, oh Kirkie?"

Kirk: "Nah. I have stage fright. I'd be much quieter if i wasn't talking to my best bud slash boss slash.. a lot of other names."

Sonny knows Kirk too much. Perhaps this may be one reason why he agreed for him to live with the great Asian American Badass.

Sonny: "So true! Ahahahaha!"

Kirk: "So... back to the serious stuff.."

Sonny inspects his new acquisition. Being a fan of the SRT Viper when he first test drove it for millionaires looking for a cheap alternative, he could feel nothing but joy and power in a very American sounding V10.

Sonny: "This car. We transform it. Keep it regulated as a 'sleeper hyper', at most."

Kirk: "Sleeper? So, nothing fancy, then? I get what you want. Or.. am i wrong?"

Sonny: "Hehe, you know, like that Dark Horse Camaro SS? Keep the fancy stuff under the hood, maybe get rid of the bulky interior things."

Kirk: "Ahh? So.. the usual? And this is a Viper? I'll put... what was it.. ah! Mopar and SRT Motorsports racing on standby for quick installing and things like that. I'll get them on Willow Springs, with blueprints. What happens if i hear no, especially on such last second?"

Sonny: "They'll get hooked. Especially when you tell the Californian racing enthusiasts that.. we'll be making the most super street legal Viper yet! It's big!"

Kirk's always impressed when he sees Sonny's dominating confidence.

Kirk: "That's... (Wow. Just wow. It takes years to be one full of charisma like that..) I won't let us down."

He then receives a message on the phone. Sonny also receives this message.

Sonny: "What's up?"

Kirk reads..

Kirk: "Gang's already at Springs. They're reserving for the day, but there's some racers mucking about, they say. They'll be gone, not to worry."

Sonny: "Whatever that means, it won't stop us. Go and get ready. Also.. i want it done today. Hope the guys are okay with that, mmm?"

Kirk: "..... just tell them later. They really don't want to be without you, boss."
Kirk leaves the garage and heads back to the penthouse. Sonny, meanwhile..

Sonny: "*exhales in comfort*"

Stares at his darling SRT Viper. Having never driven it at a track's pace, he looks forward to driving it. After a moment, he heads to a nearby wall and pushes a switch. The switch allowed him to put the cars in an illusion to be at different places, thanks to some nifty camera work and rotatable walls to mimic a green screen effect.

First: Ronda.


Then, the Gemasolar Power Plant.


Afterwards, a square in Syracuse.


Looking at these, Sonny felt like having a romance scene with his SRT Viper, possibly making out with it. If a talking device for a car would exist, Sonny would have dibs on having the first one out and find out what's up with his car's feelings.


Willow Springs International Raceway, California. Midday.


Appearing before the track is Sonny, wearing shades not for style, but due to the blazing sun heating the sands of the track. Unable to get a proper test run of his new SRT Viper on the way here, he sees that he has to reach a higher speed than usual on the deserts of his favorite track.

Unlike many other racers getting names for each track they master, Sonny thinks otherwise. Why place a name on the face of one track? Why not be the one to place it all over the world? Being a master of many things is done harder than said. Sonny aspires to be the one that overcomes this limitation. Already proven himself over the Nurburgring for a second year, he refuses the right to be an official meister when the lap time he managed to reach with his Dark Horse Camaro is plainly just at 6:54.356, which is FAST.

Why? To the many racers, being a meister would be an accolade of being the best over an overrated toll road. These roads serve as a benchmark, now losing its charm, but not by too much. Sonny doesn't want his name to be chanted on the Nurburgring. He wants it to be... the ultimate racing badass in the world... give or take 1 percent badass.

As Kirk gets the car to the gang, Sonny inspects the Big Willow: the only portion of the track he normally uses. The big, speedy bends, mixed with the unforgiving change of height in some of the corners, and the large straight sections allow for a very unbiased result when a car's dominant specialty takes advantage in other tracks.

Looking at the sky, Sonny peers around for a cloud of rain. The many spectators that know him, along with the track marshals wonder what he's up to. Sonny's not a warrior of the streets known for weather; it would go against his own persona.

He then hallucinates as the great sun made a mirage. The sunglasses he wears ensures it's not really a strange moment.


Sonny: "(These guys won't leave me alone, eh? Hmm.. f:censored: it!)"

Sonny turned around to see chatter amongst the people. As he sees them pointing at him, he tries to walk left, only to walk to a mysterious person.

"Pardon me."

???: "...."

Sonny sees this person walk away. The way this person walks, with swooping hips and arms on the sides, signal to him that this person's a female, but wearing a European head scarf, with some glasses covers this woman's identity perfectly well.

Sonny: "Man.. there's just too many of these people being all sneaky and all."

The sneaky people... the people doing things behind their backs.. Sonny hated dishonesty amongst the many traits of human evil. One such moment was when the man who trained him chose not to divulge why he's being treated so harshly at the time of training. Other was when the small group of 'ultimate track racers' chose disrespect than listening to the wisdom of the Mythic racer. Sonny thought ill as he walked back to the garage.

Sonny: "(By God, they will pay their due punishment...)"

Clearing his mind of negative images, he head to the pit garage they reserved. Seeing Kirk toss the keys to the Viper straight at Sonny without warning, Sonny put it as such a challenge that he managed to catch it with his teeth.

Sonny: "*Spits out keychain* Kirk.. you and i have to talk about warning me."

Kirk: "So-rry."

Sonny: "Anyhow.. it's all us right? Six of us?"

A man passes by, carrying a box of scrap metal.

Skull: "Yeah, boss."

While not important, it would be nice to know what Sonny's got riled up here.

Sonny's mother, known as Red Hot M, is a biker, and travels across the nation a lot. While this impacted heavily on Sonny's relationship with her at an all time mediocre, the relationship would spike when the woman passed away not too long ago of lung cancer.

The gang she made crumbled quick, and they went their separate ways. Sonny, who's been well known by these bikers, had an incentive to bring back their days of glory, riding bikes all over the country. Sonny owns a custom chopper that he hardly uses, but knows what it feels to ride it due to his mother giving him the occasional ride back in the day.

When Sonny met Kirk, he had nowhere to go. Kirk was an educated man, but couldn't find opportunity. He saw refuge in some of the biker gangs he came across. Already a natural at the roadie life, Kirk taught Sonny what he needed to know, and at the time, Sonny was looking for traces of his mom's old gang.

Already knowing the great mechanic known as Crank-Shaft working for his mom, Sonny immediately hired him, under the condition he trains his 25 year old nephew in the muse of the spanner: Hawt-Rod.

Then, Sonny needed some muscle to start the little gang off. He finds an infamous pair of twins. Not knowing their real names, they live with their infamous names as the Bandit Twins: Skull the deft hands, and Raw the bear hugger. Needless to say, the two have great synergy as brothers, and are amazing makeshift mechanics. Hand them DIY tools, and who knows, they might invent the next telephone.

With these six, Sonny proclaimed the birth of the California Ghosts: a gang succeeding Red Hot M's dream. This dream is to be the fastest cruisers in the whole of the states. No doubt, their exploits for riding haven't been seen, but the tuning?

On sports cars, this team has worked on many variants of Sonny's many Camaros, a certain Ferrari F430, a Ford GT, and an infamous 70s Mustang. These guys also serve as Sonny's pit crew recently. Sonny drives, Kirk being the brains, the others get to work on the car prepared.

Hawt-Rod: "Look lively, boys. Boss is here!"

The whole gang huddled around Sonny. They make high fives and special handshakes.

Crank-Shaft: "Hey.. how was the forest roads again? I swear, it must've been BOOOORRIING going round that place again."

Sonny: "Ugh.. You know... forest-y. Either way, i would've never won if it weren't for all of you guys. Although.. I'll be honest here: I don't need a Dark Horse car then. It's easy, lemme tell you."

Raw: "Easey? Why easy? Me no understand..."

Skull: "You big lug! It means that he has no problem. Sonny's a natural champion."

Raw: "Ohhh.."

Sonny: "Treat your brother with a lil' more respect, eh Skull?"

Skull: "He's got a thick head, but yeah.."

Raw: "What you mean... thick head?"

Sonny: "It's a good thing, lemme tell you lah."

Raw: "Ho-kaay.."

Sonny claps his hands twice, signalling a need for attention.

Sonny: "Okay.. gimme a sit rep on your guys trip north."

Crank-Shaft: "It's nothing too pretty, Boss, but it's unique that we all took cough medicine straight after. We're fine now, nothing for your rich ass to worry about *sneezes*."

Dodging the sneeze, Sonny increases worry.

Sonny: "Okay.. You guys just make sure we don't sag today. The media's watching every strand of my hair today.. cause i told Kirk to tell em.. *nudges Kirk, and whispers* what did you say?"

Kirk was daydreaming again.

Kirk: "Hmmmm... OH! Umm.. err.. i told them, under the words of our boss here, that we're going to make the most badass street legal Viper ever."

Sonny: "Attaboy!"

Sonny slips ten bucks into Kirk's back pocket.

Sonny: "So.. my boy Kirk here has called in the guys from Mopar and SRT tech to pump up this here Viper. I know we've done large things with what... Dark Horses... but this is my most ambitious project ever. Kirk!"

Kirk: ".. HUH?! Where's my f:censored:ing manners?!"

Sonny: "Tell them providers that this workout is coming from my wallet."

Kirk: "Already.. *typing on mobile phone* done!"

Sonny: "Alright.. just for fun.. head count!"

Sonny climbed on the nearby work bench and stands tall over his fellow gang. With a Jim Carrey vibe, every name he spouts, he points towards.

Sonny: "Let me hear your voices! Skull!"

Skull: "Prrreeesennttt!!"

Sonny: "And your brother, the ever so big and musclebound Raw?!"

Raw: "Huh? That's me! That's meee!"

Sonny: "Do i hear aaaaa Crank-Shaft?"

Crank-Shaft: "You hear me!"

Sonny: "And Hawt-Rod!"

Hawt-Rod: "Last but not least, am i right?"

Sonny: "Right, but no. You forgot our dear Kirkie!"

*heavy laughter*

Kirk: "Alright, boys.. I'm flattered. So.. what's the plan, boss?"

Sonny: "The plan?"

Sonny jumped down and walked to the car.

Sonny: "You already know what's the plan."


Moving ahead to 1 PM. The skies are clear, and the sun heats the track like a large frying pan. What not better time for a...


Bohemian Like You
The Dandy Warhols
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

0:00 - 0:13

A scene is seen by other passersby as they see Sonny's crew walk to their garage from the annex building.

Sonny wears a racing outfit, carrying a helmet.

Kirk wears a headset, holding a pen and a paperback.

Skull brings along a bunch of tools in a large moving toolbox.

Raw carries two tires on his shoulders.

Both Hawt-Rod and Crank-Shaft carry bunches of blueprints.

They all walk as if in they're in slow motion.

0:14 - 0:58

After the track gets cleared, a certain serpent finally gets on track after minutes.



Like the rest of his Dark Horses, Sonny aims for the feel of the Viper compared to his preference for a super street demon.



His crew watches the cameras. Having known Sonny's level of racing, they expect no quarter.




0:59 - 1:27

After multiple laps, Sonny heads to the pits.


He makes a diagram of the car, and notes on what the Viper feels like, while explaining what he wants the team to do. Looking at what's what, the team gets to work. Notes on the board stand out, circled.

50-50 weight distribution..

Weight loss: PRIORITY!


Using the garage's mechanical life, they brought the car higher so they can work on it's underside. Versatility comes in when a moving elevator allows for some bodywork changes, while nothing large is planned of such.

1:28 - 1:47

The day passes, with 2 hours of work, consisting of only sounds of the blowtorches and spanners. Mechanical processing is heard every few seconds.

Kirk holds firm of a paperback as he brings in men bringing parts for the Viper as Sonny takes a small nap.

Body parts from SRT and performance parts from Mopar are placed, with a guide. They get started.

1:48 - 2:17

It's now 4 PM.

The Viper, now with a lot of modifications inside is now race spec. Aside from adding lighter body parts, it also has a small lip wing, similar to the Time Attack model. Sonny, holding a cup of water, looks and sees. Everyone, finishing with their current duties have only one thing to do:

Point Sonny to the cockpit.


Sonny then would make a quick lap with the mini TA lip wing, provided by SRT.


Strangely, while he's going faster around the track, it's quiet. Too quiet.


Underneath that helmet, a surprise awaits.

2:18 - 2:31

After a lap, he comes back in. With a face of suspicion, Sonny leaves his car..

..only to come back with a sledgehammer.

The whole team holds him back. Kirk, under a minor panic, rushes to suggest a solution: reduce the downforce and get the CPU adjusted. Sonny then mentioned that the car needs more power, and the suspension's settings are too wide.

During all the adjustments, Sonny sneaked in with a spanner to try removing the passenger seat. Kirk objects when he mentions having no way to head home. Lucky for them, Raw brings in lightweight racing seats. It turns out to be the saving grace when they see Raw's fingers through the small holes behind the head area.

2:32 - End.

Sonny then makes last efforts of his team fruitful by making the last run his best, after seeing them weary.


He appears to enjoy it more than when it was 6 hours ago.


Sonny: "In the gutter like them mountain boys! What an improvement!"


As Sonny brings the car through the straight, he expresses on how he enjoys the car very much by screaming like some crazy maniac.


The tired team was raised back up hearing this scream, and start celebrating. Upon examination of a timer, Kirk looked at how the best lap time has exceeded a 4 second gap from his last best.


After a tip was offed, A crowd piles up by the pit lane, mostly consisting of car magazine editors and car enthusiasts, not to mention fans of Sonny.

Stopping after seeing the crowd, the Asian is greeted with a megaphone.


Sonny: "Ladies and gents... Dark Horse tuning garage has not made... a creation worthy of such a name.."


Sonny: "Let me tell you what a magnificent job me and my crew have been into, and may i present to you.."


Followed by an arousing applause, pictures are taken, along with people wanting to hear opinions from Sonny about everything that's happened today.


Fast forward to 8 PM.

Unlike any regular crew, this crew knows how to drive. With piles of tires and an oil tanker's amount of fuel at the back, they take turns making laps.


Laps. As if in donuts. Get it?


While they hear Hawt-Rod make the tires cry of rubber, Sonny sat with Kirk in the garage.

Sonny: "It's amazing what motivation these guys have. This is the best tuning day yet."

Kirk: "It builds up when you're not around. The motivation, that is."

Sonny: "Hahah!"

Kirk: "Let's get them even more motivation, eh? They won't mind following you around the world... but about the parameters?"

Sonny: "How you all should really look normal? I mean really.. I'm not interested in making wars with other criminals."

Kirk: "You assume we're some sort of biker drug dealing scum?"

Sonny: "I'm afraid everyone else just thinks so lah."

Kirk delved into thought for a moment.

Kirk: "Well.. one glimpse at Skull or Crank-Shaft tells you a lot."

Sonny: "You see?"

Kirk: "I do, i do.. but we really don't want to be left out when Sonny's a total badass on track. We, as Dark Horse Tuning, really want to be with you for that extra support."

Sonny: "Yeah.. yeah.."

Kirk: "Also.. you're headed to England?"

Sonny: "Ah yup. Not sure how long though."

Kirk: "How about we get some holiday points in?"

Sonny: "You all got cash? I'm not giving mine."

Kirk: "Come on.. you're a generous man. This Beast cost us only 100k worth of parts, removing like 20k worth of it though.."

Sonny: "It's all on me... but.. huh... well.. I'll be generous. Tell the guys payday, tomorrow. How's.. we boost by 20k each?"

Kirk: "Yeah! You the boss."

Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Wang Chung
Everybody Wang Chung

As Kirk stood back up and head to the gang, Sonny sat and thought..

Sonny: "This Beast's going to be one bad mother.. Let's see you babies cry when i wipe your pride clean!"

But then, upon no realization that the whole of the current California Ghosts realize they're being watched. The person watching is the mystery woman with the headscarf.

???: "Hmm.."

The distance is large, and only she knows where she got an army issue binoculars. Able to see darkness, she sees Sonny with interest.

???: "So.. he's the American Asian Badass, they say.."

Taking away her binoculars, she wraps them around her long scarf.

???: "I thought he must be some racer way over his head on performance.. and i am right.. as always."

The woman, wearing a loose blouse and a rolled up pair of pants, along with nice clogs, is so far unrelated to what's to come. But, with motives against Sonny, there is no way she has to be ignored.

She enters her car. The car starts up. The sound of the engine is heavy, but unheard from the closest mortal being to her distance.

Song Progress: 1:08

???: "When Sonny meets Nirvana Kellen, he will be in for a surprise.. get ready!"

With a sandstorm coming in, her car is nowhere to be found after it passes.


Beauties and..

- Sonny's SRT Viper "The Beast". Being one of Sonny's favorite cars during his days as a tester, he bought it. Putting on the black and grey stripe markings on it signals his team's signature color. It comes to no surprise that it has been tuned by his personal racing team, giving it a special name: the Beast.


- Sonny Meng Xian Zhen. The first Author Avatar. A badass in his own right, carrying both the coolness of an Asian heart throb, with the personality of an American roadie. Already a famed racing celebrity, his interest in cars brought him to the path he now leads. A member of Mythic, named the Soul Chimera.

- Andrea Sean. Servant of Sonny Meng. A woman born into a modern American family. Struggling to keep up with other people of her age, due to different interests. Aspiring to be one with the stars, but not in a sense that's expected. After graduating in hospitality college, her meeting Sonny and under hire is the way she wants to live life.

- Kirk Ackepoke. The second Author Avatar, and the closest one in comparison to me. A roadie for most of his life after finishing his degree. One that finds the thrills of racing by purely interacting with what does what in a car. Shy, but nice, and is liked amongst his brothers in their club: The California Ghosts.

- Nash Kirkham. A legendary racer, thought dead, but really in hiding. For reasons unknown, he plans to revive his name as one of the bests, like the days before. It won't be easy, but he's been waiting and planning till the day comes. The leader of Project Mythic.

- Nirvana Kellen. Who is this person? Why does she watch Sonny with interest? Why is there a large scar on her face? What relation does she have in the racing world of today? Why is she all a mystery? We'll find out soon enough.

The California Ghosts.

- Hawt-Rod and Crank-Shaft. Nephew and Uncle. Crank-Shaft's family has been in the biker game for a long time, and mostly are followers of Sonny's mother: Red Hot M. Also skilled at tinkering bikes and monster trucks. Devoted to the California Ghosts since it's predecessor's heyday.

- Skull and Raw. Twins. Once a pair of bodyguards for a large biker conglomerate, they joined Sonny after their organization turned to dust from act of capital punishment. Sonny took them in when they heard about a certain racing biker dude needing some more muscle. Also: great makeshift fixers, as long as they are together, they can make anything.

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On the move
Small Disclaimer: Content heavy, clocking in at above 100 kb!

SomePlayaDude presents..

A small feature, previewing a brand new character.

A Bonus Gaiden, starring the NSX Concept and its driver..

Still not Dawn Of The Mythic.



Suzuka Circuit. Midday.


Wet rainy days steer away drivers from the tracks. Possibly to insult nature itself, one car pushes the limits drives around, with a man inside.


???: "What day is it today?"

To answer whether or not he's unnamed, he isn't. This person, with a look that signals years of experience and talent in something much larger than his supercar: a road going concept of the new NSX.


His name is
Hayato Matsumoto, and his car is more as a lifelong friend to him when it comes to anyone mentioning vehicle relationships.


As Hayato goes through the rainy day, he finds it a moment to practice in Suzuka, since in a normal wet day, nobody comes over.


To him, this also means less time signing autographs and more time with his car. And this also means more time with a voice recorder. Hayato is also narcissistic: an important factor for us to know.


Hayato: "I promised myself a lot of the sad people that never got to share my spotlight."


Hayato: "While i know.. sucks to be those guys.. i have to make sure Nippon is following the right man.."


Hayato: "That'll make these people happy. I want to be the idol that is loved by the right people."


Hayato finishes another lap at 2:04.490, which shows off his prowess in the rainy roads of legends.

Hayato: "I'm the only victor of these roads.. i won't be satisfied if it's any less.."


Half and hour later, Hayato heads back in to refuel and change tires.


His racing manager awaits, but only for maintaining Hayato's acquisition: An unreleased road legal concept of Honda's flagship sports car: the NSX. Hayato has a deep story on how he managed to get it, but he always doesn't feel it's something he can share.

Upon exiting the car, he is greeted by his English manager. The manager immediately tosses something at Hayato.

Manager: "Here!"

Hayato catches it. An ornamental, secure wooden scabbard carrying a katana blade. To many, it's just a weapon. To Hayato, it serves as something even bigger.

Hayato: "*pulls blade out* Hello... you look sharp today.. *puts it back in*"

While Japanese, Hayato is fluent in English due to his studying in an international school.

Manager: "He's talking to himself again.. oh God.."

Hayato: "So, what did you do to the car this time? I chose to ignore you last time, that i admit."

With a bit of disappointment, the manager directs Hayato to the nearby whiteboard. While Hayato puts the scabbard's sling around his shoulder, they look at each other, while not in joy.

Manager: "How many times do i have to tell you? We didn't really change anything today, because we just can't."

Hayato: "You're not wrong there, manager-san. Forgive my.. forgetfulness."

Manager: "Hmmpf.. Also, we want you to recognize the car as it is first.."

Hayato: "Yes. Even if I had it for about a year now, but it's not like anyone sees this car in Tokyo traffic, hmm?"

Manager: "No."

Hayato: "At least you keep me entertained.. Keep talking, manager-san."

Manager: "Right... since a GT500 race is on today in Fukushima, our workforce in Mugen and Honda's racing division is currently out of order today."

Hayato: "A minor setback, i hope."

Manager: "It isn't. You had to bring the car out today, when it's busy, and wet.."

Hayato: "Calm down, manager-san. I know you're about to give me some good news regarding this, so shut your trap or tell me what's going to happen."

In the manager's face is the tip of Hayato's katana: a nicely forged blade with multiple layers, giving it the ability to cut with precision and swiftness.

Manager: "Right.. we managed to bring in some of Kyoto's finest young racers to help you."

Hayato: "I don't need more screaming b:censored:s!"

Manager: "Will you let me finish explaining?"

Hayato: "I won't if you're serving me a nice.. mojito of girls, their low pitched screams and.."

Manager: "MOTO-SAN!"

The manager calms for a moment as he manages to shut Hayato up. Hayato puts his katana away to his back.

Manager: "Okay.. you'll think of it as a favor."

Hayato: "*plays with his hand as a mouth* feenk uf eet ez er faver.."

Manager: "Errrhh.. "

Hayato: "Alright, I'll listen.."

Manager: "Thank you."

The manager would then sit down, while Hayato leans on his NSX.

Manager: "These people that come today visit from a growing touge club based in Kyoto. Mostly university students with a car. Bodykits, aftermarket parts.."

Hayato: "You know, Honda will destroy me if they find out i put a small change in whatever nanomachines they have running around.."

Manager: "I briefed them and they should already know about your situation. What i want to let you know is that the person leading these people are tuners."

Hayato: "Like i said."

Manager: "I don't want them to mess with the car at all, but some of them have dissertations to hand in. Mechanical and Art dissertations."

Hayato: "And?"

Manager: "One of them wants to see the car go, and we'll keep this quiet from Honda. Just tell them about the car's.. public things. And don't worry. I only brought in two people."

Hayato: "Two is better than ten. Okay.. Yeah. You got lucky today. Go and fetch them."

The manager left the area.

Hayato took the time to play around with himself. He begins with a small chanting, holding his hands as he performs a kuji-in prayer with his eyes closed.

Hayato: "My ancestors.. guide my path with the swiftness of the wind.."

He then makes a backflip, and land on his feet on the rain. His left arm crosses his chest, and his right hand hold firm on his katana.

Next, we see him doing some ninjutsu. Shadow boxing with his limbs and his katana. He keeps in shape, but why?


Doing The Best I Can
Stevie Nicks
The Other Side Of The Mirror

Song Progress 0:00 - 1:51

We travel to the past. Hayato was 11 years old.

Hayato's youth is filled with love and prosperity. A whole home in a small village that belongs to his family. There are many Matsumoto branch families, but this one is home to an ancient ninjutsu clan.

Being the only child to the head of the family, Hayato had a lot of expectations, but these are somewhat too challenging for him. In school, he always barely pass his exams. In sports, he always underperform, and he was frequently punished in home for not reaching what expectations his parents had for him.

Hayato had his burdens lifted when he challenged himself to travel through a mansion that served as an old training ground for ninjas that would be easily punished with death. Such things as fatal pitfalls, spike traps and flamethrowing statues only can be witnessed by the small community upon an attempt to demolish it is botched.

It was a bad bet, but Hayato learned his ancestry upon entering the mansion. He would see symbols that mention if a trap would be present. What he faced nearly cost him his own life so many times. Nobody can say how lucky, or talented Hayato was to go through all this. Hayato was determined to prove the latter over time.

He eventually found himself in the deepest part of the home. It was a shrine, with a scroll hung and a katana stand waiting. Flame traps inside the room lighted the many dormant candles as Hayato enters. The scroll read of secrets and burdens now the young 12 year old Hayato can only hold, but he only read the fine print..

For the reader of this scroll..

Victory is what you sought, therefore..

You are the champion we waited for..

The champion of the clan's future..

It's in your hands..

Gain that victory our clan deserves..

The young Hayato found a new purpose. To be a champion, because he knew his ancestors want it. To deserve reading that marks Hayato's change of heart. He knows that he wants to be the best that he can.

About to unveil more secrets, there was another challenge: demolition. Thinking Hayato didn't make it out, the whole family reluctantly had to destroy the death trap. Swiftly getting out from the top floor, Hayato exited the mansion with a katana at hand. The secrets of the scroll remain lost.

While happy to see Hayato, they punished him. Expecting it, Hayato's personality today came from the proof the ornate katana he holds everyday.


Song Progress: 1:52 - 2:18




In slow motion, we can see water pouring from all over his body. They drip down, cleaning the man of all impurities in his mind..

Except for one..


Song Progress: 2:19 - 3:09

Back to the past, Hayato turned 15 this time around.

The dedication he gained years ago gained him higher echelons of life. The honor roll in an international school. The school champion of athletics and kendo.

But, everyone knows Hayato isn't destined to be a hero, or an icon. He was always out of sight, silent, and never shared why or what made him. He slowly turned rebellious and narcissistic.

Selfish, gluttonous and mean. The four years from finding that scroll made him a different person, good for him, bad for everyone else.

One such day, he walks home, as always. But he looked back to find his parents in the family car on the road.

His Japanese father and his Brazilian mother pleaded he listen to them. Hayato would listen more and more when he got the facts..

"Being hunted."

"Family slain. A large group. Organized."

"Regarding the mansion and it's secrets."

"These culprits want it. The one holding the katana."

Hayato was given a bag of his choice belongings, and the katana he found. What secrets did it carry?

They stopped by an orphanage of a friend. Hayato said his goodbyes. The words that echo through his parents will always be in his head.

"Whatever happens, be the king on top, like you always were to me.."

"I will.. always love you..."

As the car sped away, Hayato felt real emotion since his turning.

He never heard of his parents ever again.

Living in the orphanage as Yamato Ito, Hayato donned a new look with striped purple hair, and had his skin paled a little bit. He might look like some sort of clown, but nobody minded him. He was known by many as Moto-san, and he adopted that as his nickname for the times ahead.


Song Progress: 3:10 - 3:53

He takes out the same katana and starts swinging it around the rain.

In a precise moment, only he can witness a raindrop splitting by a precise blade.

He would make various clean cuts to his shadow, and then begin dancing around.

The mind of Hayato took a less serious manner as he swished and slashed the katana.

Then, what appear to be happy thoughts enter the head.


Song Progress: 3:54 - 4:56

Amongst Hayato's favorite activities as an orphan was, aside from looking at himself, was bullying.

He was hated, as always, but someone looked up to him.

This person is
Yoko Chiba, who saw Hayato not as a rival, but as a man of power. When they formally met, it started out rough. The boy in hiding would hang on a tree, while she approaches said tree.

Hayato: "Stay away if you want to live.."

Yoko: "So rash.. who taught you such manners?"

Jumping down from the tree, Hayato's landing was comparable to a gymnast.

Hayato: "Little girl.. you don't know who you're talking to."

Yoko: "How can i? Heard you're incredibly popular amongst them."

She pointed to a bunch of other children peeking, then immediately heading back.

Hayato: "Those losers?"

Yoko: "All about you. We've yet to find out why you have such a fascinating weapon on hold at all times."

Yoko was not particularly pretty, but she has a fine build, and a real tough personality. For a bully, Hayato was calmed at the time..

Hayato: "Well.. it's unbelievable.."

Seeing doubt, she halted him, and accidentally held his hand.

Yoko: "I believe you."

Hayato: "(She can't be lying..) Well.. alright. What do i call you?"

Yoko: "Call me Yoko-san.."

Hayato: "Okay, Yoko-chan."

Yoko: "(Yoko-chan?!) No.."

Hayato: "Yes."

Yoko: "No."


Song Progress: 4:57 - end

When we return to Hayato, we see him kneeling down with his katana, holding it's tsuka tight.. The wet rain veiled what appeared to be him in a sorrow position.

But why?

Hayato: "I promised you. *snivels* You.. and all those people will watch me.."


Hearing what appears to be an illusion, he gets up.


Hayato would wipe his face to hide his emotions, and immediately responded.

Hayato: "I heard you the first time, old man!"

Hayato heads back in. A small thunderstorm flashes the circuit grounds.


Hayato: "Hey.. you're back.. *sneezes*"

Manager: "Yech!"

Hayato: "Ahh.. sorrry."

Manager: "What's wrong? Have your parents told you anything about the rain?"

Hayato: "They do. It's about running fast enough so you won't get soaked."

Manager: "*sigh*"

Hayato: "Okay. I'm ready to meet them tuners. Lay it on me!"

Manager: "Okay.. *whistles*"

Behind the manager is two young adults. One with medium spiky hair and glasses, and another with a mix of tied ponytails and dropped medium-long hair.

They can only reveal the tip of their heads.

Hayato: "Ugh... BEST DAY EVER!!"

As Hayato gets more and more bored, the manager calls the two over. Hayato takes his time to put away his katana into the car.

Manager: "What is wrong with you two? You're facing a Super Formula competitor. The rookie everyone's looking out for!"

???: "I know. But in these moments, i let Ayu-san talk for me.."

Manager: "Grow up!"

???: "Eeeek!"

???: "Hey! Leave Deki-san out of this! We're nervous, okay? I want more than just his autograp... whoops!"

Manager: "So.. what. Should i just shoo you away like a regular fan?"

Hayato: "No."

Manager: "Huh?!"

Hayato: "You job here's done. Now, back off, bozo. I'll give you the low down the moment I'm done."

Manager: "*sigh* Alright. But.. you know what NOT to do, okay?"

Hayato: "Okay."

Manager: "Okay."

The manager takes his leave.

Hayato: "Ugh.. he is such a d:censored:.. Anyhow.. why so.. timid? You're given an opportunity to meet the ever rising racing icon, and i don't want to waste your precious seconds. So.. you, girl! Name, and... *teasing* do you love me?"

The girl is Ayumi Tanaka, a touge racer from Kyoto. She's evidently nervous.

Ayumi: "Heh... heh. Name's.. Tanaka Ayumi... and... I'll... break down.. *screams*"

Hayato: "Haahaahaa. Very good, beautiful. Slow claps, everyone. Slow claps."

While Hayato insults them with slow clapping, the other person introduces himself. For our sake, he's Ayumi's boyfriend: Hideki Minami.

Hideki: "I'm.. Minami Hideki!"

Hayato: "Who asked?"

Hideki: "Eep!"

Laughing in his head, Hayato has no more reason to mess around.

Hayato: "Don't be startled. Pleased to make your acquaintance, but you should be careful!"

Hideki: "Thanks.."

Hayato, while a little disturbed, is a little happy that the right sort of people would come up to him. He hated people that either don't appreciate him, or just blindly scream at him.

Ayumi may be that such person, but he knows she's more than the regular genki girl.

Hayato: "So.. what did my manager decide to promise you with? A ride? Just some of the detailed intricacies i have no clue about the car? My..."

Ayumi would creep up to Hayato, in a really scary fashion. A small piece of paper and a pen await in front of the ninja's face.

Hayato: "Auto... graph?"

Ayumi: "OH YES YES YES!! Please please please please please.."

After enough pleasing..

Hayato: "When does she stop?!"

Hideki: "There's only two ways: you kill her or you do what she says. Doing the first one might risk her soul haunting you for your life, so.."

Hayato decides to use the third way: he snatches from her hands, and immediately tosses the paper to the rain outside.


Ayumi: "HEY!"

Hayato: "You're welcome. You should know.. I don't let crazy punks leave with my autograph. Keep that in mind the next time you ever see me."

Ayumi: "Hnnmm.. :( (why is he such a toughie?)"

Hayato: "Now, back to the real world.. reason, stat!"

Hideki: "We're art students.. and tuners. We're making a duo project to finish our studies. We plan to work on high speed as a canvas. Car art."

Hayato: "Well.. I'm not planning to launch any paintballs from my Dallara, if that's what you really want.."

Ayumi: "No! Moto-san! We're talking about how the racing line isn't more than just the fastest way around. We're researching the motion of art, and we want to use cars as an example."

Hayato then figured it out.

Hayato: "Cars? Well.. (This is an offer i can't refuse, or how can i become this nation's icon?) I'll accept. It's these things that make you guys happy, then.. how's a lap in the rain?"


Using special computer software, the duo track Hayato in his natural territory: rain in high speeds.

The Bloody Beetroots

The software comprises of an on top view of Suzuka, and the NSX Concept tracked via GPS. The line taken by the car will be recorded on the map, like art.


As Hayato left the pits, the show starts promptly.


The storm is brewing in Suzuka.


And this NSX isn't stopping.


Many people have their moments in Suzuka. While unnoticed, Hayato makes his aside from Super Formula racing.

In speed, he passes the line once, and he makes yet another round.


And another..


And then another..


Until he returns to the pits. The tires are getting less and less grippy.



Minutes later.

Both Hayato's guests get a fine view inside the NSX.

Ayumi: "Wow~ this is just too futuristic."

The many bits of tech seen at an auto show gets some exposure, such as the red leather, the sporty automatic gearbox, the small panel. It's like a private car show.

Hideki: "May i ask why it's left hand drive?"

Hayato: "Made in America. Had it brought here, but.."

Hideki: "But?"

Something came up on Hayato's mind that had him hold back.

Hayato: "*sigh* Forget i said anything."

Ayumi: "Come on! You've been so nice to us, Moto-san."

Hayato: "I know, but you don't want to piss me off too many times in one sitting."

Hideki: "So.. it's not for us to hear? A secret?"

Hayato: "Yeah.. let's call it that. Hidden beneath the shadows. That sort of s:censored:."

Hayato would then move ahead in discomfort, while stopping on the hood to see one's self reflection again.

Ayumi then notices some of the more detailed changes inside the car. She knows not any supercar would have a koshirae with it's mounting by the back.

With curiosity, she managed to bring the blade out.

Ayumi: "Phwoah! Deki-san!"

Hideki: "Huh... whoa whoaa!"

Seeing the shining sword, Hideki sees in awe, but Hayato, on the other hand.

Hayato: "What in the name of God?! GET AWAY!"

With a natural reaction, he elbows the innocent girl and as she lets go, he grabs it by it's tsuka, and tosses the katana up and immediately has the blade by her neck.

Hayato: "...."

Ayumi: "Waaaahhh!"

Hideki: "Moto-san! Stop! Please!"

Making a small stare to Hideki, he peers back to his victim to be.

Hayato: "......"

Then, a flash of the storm caused it to happen.

Yoko: "Do it.."

Hayato: "!!"

He re-enters his consciousness and steps back. As he does so, Ayumi immediately runs a distance, while Hideki comes to Hayato.

Hideki: "Moto-san! What's wrong?!"

Hayato did nothing but breathe heavily and quickly.

Hideki: "Moto-san! Snap out of it! There's nothing to fear!"

Hayato: "I.. I.. nothing to fear.."

Hideki: "Stay.. i need to check on Ayu-san."

Hideki gets up and heads to his love interest.

Hideki: "Ayu-san, you okay?"

Ayumi: "Errrhh.. yeah.. Thanks for coming by.."

Hideki: "Not a problem. Come on. We have to help Moto-san."

As they got back to Hayato, they looked at him. He was slowly sniffing up and dripping tears.

Ayumi: "What's going on?"

Hideki: "I... don't know."


Ten minutes have passed.

With consoling and cheering up and done, Hideki decided to do one thing.

Hideki: "You're a client for story time, and it's about that sword, and the car. Come on, Moto-san."

Hayato: "No! I refuse. I object. I withdraw. I.... object again!"

Ayumi: "Aren't you a tough customer? Come on! Please make our lives easier!"

Hayato: "I will share this story you all offer to me, that is, when i say: GET AWAY FROM ME! Not to mention get a restraining order."

Ayumi: "Sheesh! The nerve of that guy."

Hideki: "Don't give up, Ayu-san."

Hayato: "You two keep on offering me millions of yen. It's not going to bring this topic for me to share."

Hideki: "Oh, that's it!"

Ayumi: "(..and he said not to give up.. IDEA!) Deki-san! Leave him to me."

Hideki: "Really? What if that katana comes close to your neck again?"

Ayumi: "I promise that won't happen again. Now.. Moto-san."

Hayato: "*hums a casual tune*"

Ayumi: "How would you like to be one to know what REALLY happened to a very infamous street racer dressed like a desperado."

Hayato: "By any chance... you're referring to you-know-who."

Ayumi: "Yes. I'm talking about our good friend: Outlaw."

Hayato can't be lied to seeing Ayumi's honest face.

Hayato: "Hmm... interestingly interesting. You claim.. to know what is unknown on his disappearance? You have my intrigue, and.. for that..."

Ayumi: "*whispers* Hook, line and sinker."

Hayato: "How about YOU begin. It's MY story at stake here, not your living legend."


All was spilled.

Hayato, while at first, skeptical, started to believe in their pleads. More facts that pushed logic are exposed. All about a man named
Jacob Ross.

Jacob Ross wore a jacket with a zipper that somewhat only existed to show off the tattoo.

Outlaw reappearing in Germany, just when Jacob Ross was there too.

The accent present through the voice adjuster.

The framed news report of Outlaw not being Jacob Ross.

And the small details regarding the Harbingers.

Just when the coup de grace was to be landed..

Hayato: "Okay! Okay! You win! Clever.. *starts slow clapping*"

Ayumi: "You don't believe us?"

Hayato: "No, i don't don't believe in you two. You can't be lying if you're so adamant in backing it up, with that boorish tone of yours.."

Hayato stands up.

Hayato: "Like your Dark Horse, i have the deep story in the past to share. You're very, very fortunate.."

Ayumi: "I'm ready~!"

Hideki: "Another one for the books."

Hayato: "Heh.. heh.. let's start, and no interfering!

The room was in silence aside from the rain for a small time.

Hayato: "Yes! I have met Jacob Ross once.."


This tale will take the perspective of Hayato in First Person.

Jacob Ross is a big man, isn't he? Americans. They can be such people. This one? Bald, stern, that vibe of fear.

Anyhow, it was in this very track, and in this very weather about a year ago that i see him and his smug look. But it wasn't him alone. I don't think he's told you about his involvement with some Yakuza, hmm?


But let me give you the summary of facts: Jacob Ross battled the Oyabun of the Takaguchi clan:
Heishiro Takaguchi on these very roads. While you might think how i got involved in this..

My position at the time was something like.. the head of Heishiro's enforcers. The ones that run in katanas and slice people up. I had practice in these criminal things..

You mention any of this and i will deny everything, and have your head on my katana's wish list.

So.. as i was told many many times, Jacob Ross won without problem. That man's a real racer, unlike our Oyabun.


But let's go back even farther, eh? It would be too much of a hassle to mention you those straight up. How did i end up with the Yakuza?

Of course, the things to be mentioned only are what's buzzing around in my head. It's nine years in the making.


Reaching 17, me and this other girl.. Yoko, had to find a place to live. Her cousin's got a nice home waiting for us in the south of Tokyo, by the bay side. Mostly quiet. This was about a decade ago.

Me and her got living as a couple, as we get a lot of exposure to the oodles and kaboodles of street racing around there. We didn't intend on giving any attention to it.

All it mattered for me and Yoko to live through to make a shining moment in life. Studied hardest i can, and did pretty darn good in my A-levels, though, but still couldn't find anywhere to go. The economy has gone to hell.

So... nice home? Well, hardly nice is what I'd say. Compared to the nice gardens and hallways of my old place, this is cramped hell. But at least it's free.

My A-Levels? About 280 points. That's good for a low level degree or something, but i rather not take that path. Yoko's done worse, but she apparently has connections to some... nasty people.

She's got money for us, but i didn't question it until one night, where she came back with a stench of blood.

Hayato: "Yoko-chan? What's with the act?"

She was wounded, but i don't recall why i was so casual about it.

Yoko: "Hospital.."

Hayato: "You're convincing you know? I'll give you that. So.. what's for dinner tonight?"

Yoko: "Baka!"

With me playing around, having no idea Yoko was an enforcer for a prominent Takaguchi clan on the rise. The only thing that had me convinced that she's not playing around is when the floor didn't clean itself.


Naturally, one wounded lady taken to the nearest practice. What i don't get is why she's headed home instead? Hiding a wound? Heck, even I'd go straight to treatment when i get sick.

The doctor allowed only me in, so i get some more time with her.

Hayato: "There! Better?"

Yoko: "Yes... but not really."

Hayato: "Is that so? Well, indulge me, Yoko-chan. What is it that you do to keep the house running? I have this right to know after i witnessed what i call a period."

Yoko: "Ugh.. (What the hell, Moto-san!)"

Hayato: "Come on!"

Yoko: "Alright.. alright.."

Damn, you do take your time. Sometimes, Moto-san just don't understand women and their fast beating hearts at these times. Keep it up..

Yoko: "I am one of the enforcers.. of a certain Yakuza clan on the rise. Does Takaguchi ring a bell?"

Yakuza's are a really man powered group. You don't see women in it except for just the pleasures of the men. It's natural i act thusly:

Hayato: "You?! An enforcer?! A woman, as an enforcer in Yakuza family?!"

Yoko: "I am not bluffing!"

Hayato: "And so am I! I can't grasp these facts into my mind."

Yoko: "Look, just trust me okay?!"

Hayato: "Yeah.. (sheesh..)"

Yoko: "I was in a battle with some rival gang and none of us made it out but me.. think you can get me out of this mess?"

Hayato: "What mess?"

Yoko: "You don't really know about honor amongst the Yakuza?"

Hayato: "Why should I?"

Yoko: "It's like samurai warriors, Moto-san!"

Hayato: "Ahh.. samurai warriors..."

For a guy living in Nippon for life.. i'll admit.. i don't really like culture. Heh.. heh..

Hayato: "*whispers* So.. what's a samurai again?"

Yoko: "For crying out loud! Why do you call yourself a ninja then?"

Hayato: "....."

Yoko: "Ugh.. I'll have to summarize slowly.. since i'm injured, I'm afraid they treat that as betrayal when not proven, and they'll hunt for me. I want you to take my place. You've got skill with a katana, am i right?"

Hayato: "Yeeeaaahhh?"

Not really, but it's getting there..

Yoko: "Just fill in for me for a few days."

Hayato: "You sure he won't.. notice? You're a rather.."

Don't ask, but part of me had a much more detailed look at her injuries. Didn't know the magnitude of how bad it is, while it didn't kill.

No, this is me not being a pervert. It helps to be perspective around you.

Hayato: "Well shaped female.."

Yoko: "Don't worry. You'll fit in fine. Just tell the Oyabun the truth."

And you'd ask that i did tell the truth? Truth is not something to make up, and then, i got in. Despite that, the initiation was nowhere fine, and I'd rather not talk about it.

But, nevertheless, I am in. With blade in hand, tattoo underneath, and suit worn. I mindlessly follow the Oyabun for his desires: to be the best. At the time, i had no idea what it means to represent, or even it's significance. Who knew its those words that run through my life today.

To be an ICON. To be a man deemed SIGNIFICANT.



In the years to come, we've gotten our lives in shape, despite being criminals. During our duty in the gangs, we've toughened, grown up, and so on. For an odd couple, is it odd that she's the one that proposed me to marry?

The latter party (A.K.A me) refused, but it didn't let her down easy. Unlike many refusals, she still holds my hand and we do.. couple things.

Just about a year later, when my age reached 19, a new passion came to my dear Yoko: getting me off the couch.

I'm not going to ask her how does it, but.. karting? She told me she got interested watching a certain living legend rip up the racing world, and wondered how they got there. I never got a clue who this person is she kept on mentioning.

She went to go far to buy a Red Bull branded Go-Kart. It's hard to get money for a nice car, and this is what we spend on?


I'm the one consistently objecting about all of this, until she pushed me on the bucket.


A guy like me can say i don't like it, but i can. I don't like it, I LOVE IT!


At first, the many basics are always messed around, but after a few laps, you can say I'm a certified professional at these. I learned the very basics of racing from here.


It didn't stay at newbie level forever, as i went on, pushing my limits at the district go karting exhibitions.


And then push them harder when my name qualifies for an all Nippon tournament.


And after six months: International. These reflexes from my youth actually paid off! Nice! Very nice!


Yoko-chan didn't have any intent to go pro, but it's easy to say that she was happy that she put me into this. If it weren't for her, i might not be as famous (and handsome, don't forget) as the great Moto-san is today.

While in the light of minor fame, I didn't know of being monitored of my performance.


Mixing life from slashing up losers who can't stand up to me..

And taking over the small scale racing world here..

But what happens is to be expected, just not to me.



Out in the windy nights of Tokyo Bay, I had a walk by the sea breeze blowing away the people going around.

And, since you two are so lucky, I'll tell you that.. well.. I was walking on a thin guard rail, in the dark, with no-one around. One side asphalt, the other.. big blue.


The dark obstacles around the bay provided me with a brand new way to flex my reflexes. I do these often in my free time for all these years, but not only at the guard rails. I moved on to jumping, and athletics. A perk on being a loner.

As far as my memory serves me, even Yoko-chan had no idea her boyfriend does these shenanigans. That is.. until that day..


Someone had the nerve to find me!


The lights blind me like a vampire about to die. It didn't take long for me to see that it was Yoko-chan, in a nicely modified Fairlady Z34. More well known as a 370Z around the world.

Hahah. She's really excited by the way she's giving me attention. Jumping down, her pointing had me come close to the passenger seat.

Hayato: "What's this?! The dog show's champion?"

Yoko: "Just come on in!"

Jumped in to a comfortable seat. Nice, nice.. Then we brought it out on to the field. I have to see how far she's dedicated to the vehicle world when she sent me go-karting.


The night is quiet, and gladly, since the Yakuza don't pay us that much, she must've been busy. Answers? You think like me, sometimes.

Hayato: "What's gotten you to the wonderful world of street racing?"

Yoko: "Like you, Moto-san, i found my own opportunity."

Hayato: "Sure, you keep hiding all these from me until you decide to go all out on it."


This is the way for me to talk often. Sure, it will hurt you every time you see me, but to Yoko-chan? She's got a heart of steel after the years living with me.

Yoko: "Ehh.. i guess not everyone in Nippon are great supporters."

Hayato: "Hey.. i didn't say i didn't like it? What are the odds that when you introduce me Karting, that you would go very far and start racing real cars."

Yoko: "I thought Karting was real racing."

Hayato: "If i was going to be a Formula Nippon racer, then yeah."

Yoko: "You'd do pretty good at it if you get the opportunity. I can't take the pressure, unlike you."

Hayato: "Hahh... yeah.. (To be an Formula racer? Nonsensical bulls:censored:.) Now.. about the car.."


Yoko: "This? It's used, and cheap. Only 3 million yen, and all the parts are on. Came from an illegal street racer that's been caught racing. The police aren't interested in it since it's too minor."

Hayato: "For a minority, the street racing scene's been quite large. Of all people, YOU would be one to do something?"

Yoko: "A girl has to make a living, Moto-san."

Hayato: "Like i said, I never thought you'd be the one."

Yoko: "Well, you have your Kart racing, i'd go another route. One that I think i'd do better anyways."


Hayato: "I never knew the Oyabun would approve."

Yoko: "Oyabun Heishiro agrees that as long as we don't break the code, or shatter his honor, we'll be fine. Besides... he's okay with us doing this since he's a former street racer."

Hayato: "(An Oyabun doing street racing?) Must've been a rather poor one seeing what he's become."

Yoko: "He's not a real kicker in the streets, but from what I've heard, his son's trying to ensure his father's going to be the one that shaped the street racing scene around here. Just a year later and maybe we'll see something."


Hayato: "Hahah."

Yoko getting into street racing? Yeah. She's pretty good with not getting caught, but she's not a winner, most of the time.

But it did tell me to move on. No more staying in second place..

When you can go for gold.



While Yoko-chan's has her own career aside from us being enforcers, I've focused on track racing recently.

Long distance is out of the question, due to my Yakuza duties. But, that doesn't mean the champ hasn't gotten ahead of miniscule Kart racing.


I joined a small national track racing series, and for the racing, a special KTM X-Bow from my sponsor was provided.


When i mean it's special, it means you don't see X-Bows in this blue color.


And, let's say the driver was excited that day. About to meet this man that handles the sponsors. Heard he's a big player in worldwide racing.


With the signals, it's time to head back in.


An old man approached me after i exit the car.

???: "Very nice, Moto-san. Very nice."

Hayato: "Arigato.."

Suspicious? Yeah. He sounds pretty young to me..

Hayato: "What's a nosy Brit like you doing here anyways?"

He wasn't moved one inch. He just inspected my fluency in the world's accepted language.

???: "English? And fluent?"

Hayato: "Graduated from an international school."

???: "I see. It's no surprise that you, Ito Yamato."

Wait.. I was still going with Yamato Ito, right? Don't worry. Details are coming.

Hayato: "Really, you have to call me Moto-san, or I'll be irked."

???: "Okay then.. Moto-san.. or should i say.."

Both: "Matsumoto Hayato."

Hayato: "Kneeww it."

Sucker punched.

???: "....."

Hayato: "If you really know me, then you'd have to tell me what you want from me."

???: "I only see you as a racer, nothing out of the ordinary."

Hayato: "You do? That's nice. But you're obviously giving yourself away."

???: "Alright."

Hayato: "How about we talk so nobody else can hear this."

???: "Fine."

We head away to a private location. This man's been stalking me, even to know a name that hasn't been said out loud outside from Yoko-chan. And, no, even i don't want to let this man go.

???: "Before you decide to make my arm slices for sushi, how about i go and.. make acquaintances, hmm?"

Hayato: "You Brits are such rotten poshes. But the only people i can't take are the French."

This man's personality reeks that of a gentleman. I... I don't like it, but he seems okay.

???: "Call me... Nash. Or Nash Kirkham, if you're into saying full names."

Hayato: "Nash, huh? I don't know anyone with a similar name aside from a legendary racer Nash?"

Even though he's some big name, excited i was not, because, say.. having an idol isn't what i had in mind in life. The only person I look up to, is... not a big surprise.. myself.

Nash: "I'm hoping i don't have to repeat what i just said."

Hayato: "No! No.. it's okay. Now.. what is it that you want from me?"

He's one you don't want to meet personally. He's like a real foe: one that would make your every move seem futile, because he has 20 more counter measures, not counting the ones you might not expect.

To trust him? Yeah.. not that i.. like or idolize a racer of this magnitude..

Nash: "I was thinking.. when i looked at you.. (Still young.. and rather.. proper..)"

Hayato: "Huh? What is it you see? Hot personality? I'm not destined for the big leagues."

Nash: "Is that so? You know.. from where you left Red Bull Karting, you have the potential of the top racers. Karting isn't just just petty games, Moto-san."

Nash then explained to me the many ins and outs of racing psychology, and why Karting is such a big deal. Have to move on.. Or it'll be impossible to shut this guy up. Killing is so out of the question, but it was an option.

As he went on, and on, and on.. it's strange. Didn't feel that small speck of boredom.

This man's a natural at being the mentor. How is it so, i have no idea...

Every word he said, all absorbed by my mind, and if i ever told you what he said, it'd take much longer.

You can say.. after all that ruckus, i was steaming up a whole pile of vegetables! But then, one thing for sure..

I went out, knowing a destiny involved me and racing is sure to come.

Nash would then leave Japan, but he would be a person embedded in my mindset.


While me and Yoko-chan lived together for long time now, she often goes for these cross country trips either for her own volition, or under Oyabun Heishiro's calling. While we see each other a lot in between clan wars and at home, i never really worried about her. Affection wise, it's not even that much.

Especially the days i decided to lay back and watch the news. Whenever she's not home, i always do my own thing with the family katana.

Odd? Well, it's the only thing i thought of my parents, along with my clan that's been massacred. I've no progress on finding out who did it all, or why they want just some random katana?

Always pretty secure, i kind of.. had a knack on unsheathing it, and even playing around like a kid and their cartoons. But, this particular night alone had me think...

Hayato: "Ugh.. What part of me is this even supposed to represent?"

It's time i looked at its smaller details. It had such an interesting pattern. Adorned in a nice silver finish, and with a nice black wrap around it's tsuka. It had a gemmed ornament in the end. A horimono of my clan emblem. You can see it behind me that it appeared to change, or is it a different sword altogether?

Hold your panties, everyone.. I'll confirm that the katana's not the exact same.. I'll tell you why.



To back up my curiosity of the sword, i head to an expert swordsmaster that happens to be living in the middle of Tokyo. Forging some quality blades for the Takaguchi clan, he's a man to trust, and I immediately head in.

Hayato: "Konnichiwa.."

Swordsmaster: "Ah! Come in! Welcome!"

I guess being an enforcer helped with the persuasiveness of this old man. But, i did mention that with a message, along with the sword. He was expecting me.

Taking the blade from me, it hurt me to see it go into the man's hands. I had to hold back.. yeah..

After what i assume is a long and deep analysis, the man exits his private quarters.

Hayato: "Took your time, huh? How's about some results?"

He was rubbing his head with concern, or interest, i don't know.

Swordsmaster: "Moto-san.. i can confirm this is no ordinary blade. Do tell me where you get it? It... interests me."

In my shoes, you'd expect me to keep it hidden, hmm? That's what i tried to do. It was creepy.

Hayato: "Give it to me.. now."

Swordsmaster: "...."

Hayato: "I'm not fooling around."

Swordsmaster: ".. but before i do.. may i tell you about what i can tell?"

He had a look that obliged to my interests, but i was ready not to turn soft.

Hayato: "Lay it on to me."

Swordsmaster: "Alright.."

Now we're cooking!

Swordsmaster: "This is a 17th century blade.. I wonder how is it here today, unscathed, hmm? The only way it is as such is if it hasn't been touched for about.. centuries. My curiosity strikes hard."

Hayato: "Ever heard of a family mausoleum? There you go.. but think you can keep it between us?"

Swordsmaster: "I see. Respect for the dead and all. I may be daft, but i've been following legends, and this one is of a sword no other."

Legends?! That's pansy crap!

Hayato: "Oh sure.. it's like Orochi itself was slain by this sword. Yeah... you know how much i have faith in these legends.."

Swordsmaster: "But hear me out on this one, Moto-san."

Hayato: "*sigh*"

Swordsmaster: "I haven't made a pattern analysis of this blade yet.. but if I'm not mistaken, this could be the cursed sword everyone's talking about."

Everyone? I haven't heard of it. But at least he's struck my curiosity. Curses.. peh.

Hayato: "Do tell."

Upon making a second analysis around with my katana, he starts telling me about a fairy tale.

Swordsmaster: "Legend speaks of a fledgling apprentice trying to make a sword after his many teachings from a master. While there is none but blunders and waste of steel, there is one he's claimed to be his last piece of work, and this one's hoping that he's redeemed his failures."

Hayato: "And then something happened?"

Swordsmaster: "Yes.. when he showed it to his master, it was a perfectly fine blade. Finally done something right. As he went to celebrate.. he was assassinated. The sword ended up in the hands of his killer, but.."

Hayato: "But?"

Swordsmaster: "As an investigation was made, the killer went on a rampage, and then was found dead, with the sword on his hands. It was taken away by a guard by order of his superior, but then.. massacre. It releases a bloodlust not known from any man."

Hayato: "So.. it's a curse that weighs in with guilt?"

Swordsmaster: "Killers at the time don't guilt on their habits."

Hayato: "What's my sword supposed to mean with this story?"

Swordsmaster: "The detail of this blade matches that of the story itself. It was sealed away, right?"

It took me back, to when i found this katana.. it was adorned with a message. Something about our clan and victory. What victory is it?


Getting that to my own world, i had to leave the place.

Hayato: "Hmm.. and how much do i owe you?"

Swordsmaster: "50,000 yen."

The katana never got out of my head. It became part of me.

To hold off this bloodlust? A cursed sword? I scoffed at it initially...

But boy, did it not go so well..



You can tell after these dull years of living.. no doubt we have to move on. My racing career is moving along nicely. I travel across the earth often, but so does Yoko-chan, and her.. whatever she does.

Admitting years of living together since we first met, I'll admit, love is in the sky.


And yes, for the performance i had racing world wide.. managed to get ownership of the X-Bow. Don't believe me? The keys are at home; proof that I still have it today.

Hayato: "Six years.. how's it been, Yoko-chan?"

Yoko: "Hmm?"

On a bench, she cuddled on to me. Just looking at her makes me know what's about to come.

Hayato: "I never realized time travels fast.."

Yoko: "Yes.. How has Oyabun Heishiro treated you so far?"

Hayato: "Harsh, but fair. It's that life we've gotten into.."

Yoko: "~Indeed."

The only things we saw were our cars. I have a racing career, and I'm living with some mediocre street racer, last i checked.

Hayato: "Have you ever thought that you could do better than what you are doing now?"

Yoko: "You mean.. something like moving on."

Hayato: "Yeah.. I look at myself.."

Hehehe.. I'm a guy that could go on explaining what i can get by looking at myself. She got tired of it quick, as should you all.

Yoko: "Hahah. No.. Stop mentioning yourself again, Moto-san."

Hayato: "Hahah."

Then.. she brings it up again.

Yoko: "I know it's been half a decade, but... i just want to know if you're still ready?"

Hayato: "Marriage?"

Yoko: "Yeah.."

Hayato: "It's sweet of you, i know, but.."

Yoko: "Oyabun Heishiro is okay with it."

Hayato: "Really? (Even kings of the underworld have an ounce of respect, eh?)"

Yoko: "Yes! Really!"

Hayato: "So.. that's it, huh? How's about.. next 2 months?"

Yoko wasn't in a hurry, so at least she has the common sense to agree.

Yoko: "Alright.. then you're mine forever!"

Hayato: "Not if i say so, b:censored:!"

Yoko: "MINE!"

That's that. We've settled. A marriage is to be set soon. But then..

Isn't Hayato Matsumoto, the rising icon of Nippon, a single man? Yeah.. This explains about half the amount of girls chasing me each time i appear in public ill prepared.


Then, something happened.

The Oyabun, who leads a family of Yakuza, splits with a much larger conglomerate of criminals, and has gone solo. Now, the many people i've bonded with in the Yakuza has either joined up with the Oyabun, or headed over to the villains' side of things.

In my view, i was missing in action when this happened, all focused on my racing career with my X-Bow.

Yoko-chan is nowhere to be seen within the chaos. She never came home? But why? I don't understand? I'm A-okay home.

Well, it was me saying I thought I was. She did leave a small message not to worry, and that takes care of my feelings for her. She's tough.

About a week later from that news, a certain rising racer takes his keys to his home and unlocks the doors.

And after I unlocked the doors, alone time it is! As i grow comfortable in home, immediately I leaped onto the couch, only to be immediately ambushed. How? There were people through the front door. Great.. don't really know who they are, but they have the look of organized criminals.

Hayato: "Hey... what's the ruckus?"

An important rule, don't alert yourself in front of people you don't want to know. This man immediately turns around and puts a katana by my neck.

From then, you can say i got better at doing it myself, in both sides.

Henchman: "You are Moto-san, correct?"

Hayato: "You should ask if you have permission to go house hunting."

Henchman: "We should've, but we're on a mission of utmost importance. We're looking for this."

This guy showed me a picture of a katana.

Hayato: "Say.. i recognize this.. But.. it's not like i don't remember."

Henchman: "Well.. we've heard you're in possession of this katana."

Deciding to hold my wit, i tested him.

Hayato: "Say.. you should've asked nicely, but.. I'm not convinced. Why is it that you want this thing? You can always get a nice new one from the many smiths around."

Henchman: "Well.. we were told something about this being valued at an all time high on the black market. A sword that symbolizes dominance. It has something to do with a tale of an apprentice trying to impress his master.."

Holy s:censored:!

Henchman: "We've scattered around the house for this blade, and you're going to help us. It's that or you will be the next feed to the wolves."

Hayato: "Alright.. alright.. Come over.."

With threat on my soul, I had to do it, and showed them up to my room.

Opening the lights, I pointed ahead and the katana in question is hung on the wall, across another one i use often for Yakuza things.

Henchman: "There it is. Grab it, and leave no witnesses."

Kung Fu Funk
CTRL Z Vs Screwface

No witnesses? You won't live saying that.

Since i got better at these, i immediately head for the regular katana, and immediately sliced up this guy's neck. He did try to retaliate, but..

Blood all over the wall. Nice and dirty. By chance, these men had their guns on me.

Henchman 2: "Freeze!"

Hayato: "No thanks!"

Got close to him as he prepped a shot. Like lightning's speed, i lopped off his arm, thus he 'missed' his shot.


No mercy. To explain what happened is barred with me not explaining the amounts of cleaning that have to be done.

Hayato: "How many of you are there!?"

Heading out, i see.. about 3 men with guns. Opening fire at me.

My days as a criminal paid off as i grabbed the unfortunate man's gun and started firing back. The leader was unharmed, but i did nick off the others behind.

Shoot and hide. Shoot and hide.

But, only had a mag. Tossing the gun away, i needed something to make sure they don't surround me. The room i lived in had a lot of ornamental ninjitsu objects hung around the wall.

Henchman 3: "Got you!"



Henchman 3: "UHWAAAAH!"

What a feeling to hold specially carved steel on your hands.. especially when I barely had any time to play with shurikens. All in all, that was fun! Got him in the ear.

Hayato: "Hey.. if you tell me what's what.. I'll spare you~."

Henchman 3: ".... Errrgghh... I WILL.. NEVER TAINT MY HONOR."

He takes out a katana, and i began to leap at him with blade in front.

Many attacks blocked and parried, it's going to be a while before i finish him.


Years of training proves of my superior ability in katana duel. Only problem: those years made sure that my katana broke at this time!

What luck!

Hayato: "Well.. that's nice.."

Henchman 3: "Hahahaha! Now you die!"

In desperation, I had to do it. My beautiful family katana..

Rushed for it.. he was closer, but..


Henchman 3: "Ugh..."

Hayato: "...."

Six men came in.. the lone one came out victorious. But not without a minor scar on my cheek.

But then, i felt something. Must be that curse that everyone's talking about. It's a nasty curse, since i feel.. crazy.. i felt that i have to sate that bloodlust. But i can't risk it!

Hayato: "More blood.."

God.. never intended to use it as a weapon before. It was a new feeling, and i didn't like it, because i don't want to do it's bidding. But, to be addicting?

To control it? Maybe something to think about.. These events led to the start of me holding on to my unnamed katana from here on out, seeing how much someone wants it so badly.


In the same year, i participated in a nationwide racing league, it ended at Motegi with me winning. This is carried along with my dominating performance these past races.


After the podium party and the formal bulls:censored:, i prepared to leave, only to see a familiar face. Feeling suspicious, it's the curiosity that had me approach them in silence.

Hayato: "What's this?"

Behind an obstacle or two, i overheard something..

Nash: "The boy lost his parents, and i have nowhere else for him to turn to but here. This is the best of what i can do now."

The other man by Nash would then think carefully, but on what?

???: "Very well. But remember.. this act of yours have brought more burden upon your shoulders.."

Nash: "I don't forget petty debts, you know that.. Shinzo."

Shinzo? If it's a racing influence named that, he must mean Shinzo Nishimura, a prominent street racer back in my youth days.

As i prepared to 'attack'..

Nash: "Yes, Moto-san, come on out.."

Dammit! Just who is this Nash?

Hayato: "Okay.. you caught me. Bravo, bravo.. *slow claps*"

Nash: "Here he is.."

Nash didn't give me time to prepare, so i had to do some impressions myself.

Hayato: "In the flesh!"

Shinzo: "Hmmm..."

Shinzo's not a bad guy, but me and him.. we don't see eye to eye at all times.

Hayato: "What? Too young and stupid? I.. completely understand."

Shinzo: "No. Youth is always a fine thing."

Nash: "Well, Moto-san. Me and Shinzo here has conversed on your racing skills on the rise. You're getting well known, and may i be the first to officially applaud that."

Hayato: "Well.. good to know, i guess."

Nash: "And now.. i bid thee farewell. Sa-yow-nae-ray."

We stood and watch Nash leave as we were concerned at him just looking at romanized kanji for his translations..

Hayato: "So.. what'll it be, Shinzo-sama? I never wanted anyone to teach me, but to help?"

Shinzo: "Any.. help would do, is it?"


Like a master and an apprentice.

Shinzo, for his first go as a teacher, was exceptional, even if i was a first student.

The level of respect i had for him fluctuates wildly, but i got to know his family well.

There was an elderly
Nami Nishimura. She has the personality of a retired, caring, kind old lady. But my focus was on Shinzo.

Shinzo told me lots aside from the many techniques of racing. There's how he's related to my Yakuza issue. Being a guy that has connections with the Takaguchi clan, and Hagetaka Finance.. yikes! I haven't gotten any clue what else he's got.

He had a kid. A young girl. He said she was unstable, but top notch. Nobody's perfect in everything i guess. Even i think i can be somewhat a little bit off the loop. Who, today, wears a ninja outfit as an everyday thing to go with?

Even after hearing a lot about this.. girl, I never met her in their home in the woods of Tochigi prefecture, and thus, i never got to know the family's secret weapon.


So, what's happened so far, in case we've lost track. I know.. very simple.

Year 1. New home with Yoko in Tokyo's bayside. Found out she's a Yakuza, and joined in.

Year 2. My start in Go-Karting: simple to join and hop in, difficult to master. Got deeper in the Yakuza as well.

Year 3. Yoko's started street racing. Really nothing too breathtaking around here.

Year 4. I met with racing legend Nash, and got interest in the katana i've held dear for very long..

Year 5. Found out my katana's a 'haunted sword', only existing to fuel the bloodlust of a killer.

Year 6. Yoko's engagement to me, and our wedding, while postponed with her missing. Oyabun Heishiro goes rogue. Met Shinzo Nishimura, who would be my teacher in the racing art i've gotten better at.



Surprise! Moved out of the house, but only 2 miles away. That's home improvement. That home invasion had me take some measures needed.

And i had quiet time, with no more racing season to head into, and hardly any more jobs from the Yakuza. Guess they thought i was dead, huh? Nah..

They were wrong. Shinzo's also done with my training for then, and I'm left to do what a ninja wants.

At the time, it was nothing.

Supplied with cash that'll last me for a while, relaxing time is here at last..

Or so i thought. One fateful day, someone rang on the door.

Hayato: "And i thought they'd leave me the f:censored: alone.."


Hayato: "Huh?"

A young, burgundy haired woman? From how she dresses up, it appears that she's about my age. And also.. what's up with the bandage on the head. Must've been some sort of engineering work accident..

???: "Erh.... Ohaiyou gozaimasu!"

Hayato: "O...ohaiyou? (What the hell?)"

Another guy came over. Big man. And.. rather a dark skinned one.

???: "Hey, boy.. i hope you understand English."

Hayato: "Yeah.. you don't get that a lot around here, eh, big?"

???: "No. It's hard, especially when the girl's so odd in front of strangers.."

Hayato: "So.. what's a big..

What took my eyes was his posture. His stance. His clothing. It screams.. there's this one phrase they keep on saying.. ah:


Hayato: "...marine.."

???: "Oh.. the little dear wants to be here."

Okay.. what? To figure out why, i entered a realm and did a small moment of detective work. The only person that knows I'm here is Shinzo. So...

Hayato: "Say.. isn't it odd that you want me, and only one person I'm here."

I'll admit. Even today, I still live around there, and it's good that the paparazzi never notice my NSX in and out every day. The neighbors are real nice customers, but you know who's nicer.

???: "Oh... Otousan told me you're dependable."

Hayato: "Otousan? You mean.."

Daddy? So.. she means..

Hayato: "Shinzo-sama?"

???: "Yeah."

Hayato: "So.. (I heard he's got a kid..), you're his kid?"

???: "...."

Hayato: "*sigh* Alright.. you know. You're like a 10 year old. I'll go get your father.."

???: "NO!"

Hayato: "No?!"

???: "Pardon the lady here.. How's about we introduce ourselves first."

Sure.. go. Jump on me when i'm defenseless. Perfect tactics.

???: "Sergeant Major Sykes. Jared Sykes. Little Rin here has the tendency to give out names like that."

Little Rin?! So.. that's Rin Nishimura? I heard she's the one woman racer the world has to watch out for, as per Shinzo's words.

Well, she's yet to surpass me.

Hayato: "Well.. okay, Red-san. I don't need an introduction from you, Rin-chan."

Rin: "(Chan?!) Just.. so you know! I'm older than you."

And how'd you know? Freaking Shinzo!

Hayato: "Oh, I'm sorry. Not taking disrespect very well, huh? Suck it up."

Rin: "....."

To ensure things fo smooth, a guy like me has to know why this is all happening.

Rin was running and hiding. She didn't convey by who, or why. She only had one place to go. Me. Why not her parents? Maybe it'll make it much easier for them to find her? Makes sense.

Well, I'm sure her father's told her a lot about me. Well, i think he means.. if you're being chased by women all around.. yeah.

Moving on, Red-san here sent her as an order from Nash. Speaking of Nash..

Hayato: "He's dead?!"

Jared: "Mm afraid so, mate."

Hayato: "Whoa.. man.."

The man that led me down the path of speed... dead? I've never felt that feeling of sorrow ever since the purgatory of my clan. Tore up a bit..

But emotions are to be put aside for Rin-chan. Every now and then, she would weep, and i had to be her babysitter. Does that smell like awkward? Tell me about it.

Rin: "I heard Otousan trusts you, even if you're Yakuza."

Hayato: "Yeah, there's a lot he must've said about Moto-san, correct."

Rin: "Mmhmm.."

*Beeping sounds*

Jared: "Ahh! I'm on duty."

This big man left his chair and head out.

Jared: "Hayato! Take care of our angel... not for me.. but for.."

Hayato: "*plays with hands* Yak yak yak. Don't worry too much."

Jared: "Alright! Cheers. Nice meeting you."

He left. I never saw him again. And i was left with baggage. Nice, hot baggage.

Hayato: "Alright.. as much as i don't like company, i have a spare room. You can use that.. and.. anything else?"

Rin: ".... Can i not be in a relationship?"

WHAT?! Talk about a few screws loose. She's odd..

Hayato: "Sure... I'm engaged. And.. from your dad, i heard you're married to this American."

Rin: "Mmhmm.."

Hayato: "Care to share?"

It was then i got to know Rin Nishimura. A reason why Jacob Ross himself head to Japan. I also got to know her other interests. An extreme skater? Love of tempura?

It was like a relationship i never can have, especially when i think Yoko-chan's already long gone.


Time moved on, and so does who we are, and what we do.

Rin took on an alias as Kate-Lynne Yamada. Interesting name, but... it's a little drab. She serves as a waitress on a popular restaurant nearby where we live. Great food, and action.

And... since i was out of a job, i head back to the Yakuza for more work. To be safe, i brought my cursed sword along, while hiding it's features just in case someone got too curious..

I got brutal.. and victims didn't deserve seeing who i was. How many names have i adopted over the times..



While looking out far and wide, i conversed with Oyabun Heishiro about Yoko-chan. It's about time too, since i never got a proper chance to do so with him until now.

He apparently enjoys tea, and with that, he's invited me for a private session.

Heishiro: "You have performed admirably, Moto-san. As much as i am happy to call you a brother, i want to really know you more."

Hayato: "More?"

Heishiro: "Well.. you're an odd one. No family. No relatives. Just coming up and volunteering. That's real people work. If you want to sit by the side and do nothing, then they die doing so."

He's scary. My words are nothing but faulty infront of him. Oh how i wish i could get that back.

Hayato: "I understand what you're trying to convey here."

Heishiro: "Hahahaha! Power is everything, but you need the initiation to get what you deserve. You.. you put your life for my empire to grow, and even put your life for your little racing thing."

Hayato: "I've heard you were a racer too?"

Heishiro: "Correct. You've been under the wing of Shinzo-san for.. about 2 years now?"

2 years of him? Painful, but informative..

Hayato: "You must've been rivals with Shinzo. That man babbles too much sometimes."

Heishiro: "Correct again."

Hayato: "How long have you been with Shinzo?"

Heishiro: "Unlike you, I've been with Shinzo since my youth, and he's not a different man today. We lived happy, but flawed lives. If only we got what we can without any resistance."

Hayato: "Then life would be too easy, no?"

Heishiro: "That is true, but i've been under too much stress since my announcement."

Hayato: "Hey. Anything you want cleared up, i can do."

Heishiro: "Hmm.."

Hayato: "Something on your mind?"

Heishiro: "Yes. You will be the first to know when it comes to me. But.. i do remember you wanting to ask me something."

Hayato: "Oh, yes! I am in desperate search for a certain enforcer.. who's a woman."

Heishiro: "Yoko Chiba-san, perhaps? As much as i hate losing such potential.. we haven't gotten into contact with her.. She's a cousins' niece."

So that's how she's an enforcer? Tough luck indeed.

Hayato: "Ohh? That's interesting.."

Heishiro: "With that in mind, we're on full alert. Some might say she's defected, but i hope not to see such treachery."

Betrayal? Yeah.. as i feared. But i haven't gave up yet.

Heishiro: "By the way.."

Hayato: "Yes?!"

Heishiro: "There has been uprising cases of a very valauble antique of renown. A blade on the loose. A family sword.. belonging to the Matsumoto clan of Shizuoka."
Ahh.. that's not good. I'm still known as Yamato Ito, or Moto-san, for all i know. It's not like Nash tells anyone who i really am.

Hayato: "That sword? I only know about how it fuels the bloodlust of the wielder."

Heishiro: "Strange legends.."

Hayato: "Indeed."

Heishiro: "If you happen to know more, do let me know. I personally want to be the one to own a blade worth billions of Yen."

Hayato: "Huh.."

Billions of Yen? I wonder.. what do i do now?

But to finish this meeting off, Heishiro would then take me in as his personal driving trainer. For what reason? I don't know..



The big one.

Many things happened this time around.

You all ready for this? Alright!


It began with me hearing of someone's death. Shinzo Nishimura.

God.. first.. Nash, now him?

It was tough on me as it was on Rin. The news was all over it. A deluge of tears all over us when we first heard such has happened.

The only thing i could tell you.. was.. I can't.. I just.. There'd be too much emotion. A ninja's weakness!

It'd make more sense when IT happens. You can wait.. right?


Glad you could.

The Unforgiven
The Black Album

Heishiro, now losing his mind over the death of his son in an 'accident', has ordered mobilization of all his forces.

Me? Since i'm going deeper in involvment, I got closer to Heishiro, and led his personal force of bodyguards. He then sent me to do something.

Assassination. But who?

He said something in the line of.. Shinzo's sweetheart. Nami?

That's got to hurt me. But i had to obey..


So.. here i was, in Tochigi.

From the garden, to the tea drinking room, to the patio.

Memories of the old man. I know.. i couldn't kill. But a certain katana.. wants me to..

After seeking out, i see my target, alone in the shrine.

Nami: "...."

Hayato: "...."

I approached Nami: a widow, who's now alone.

I pity her, but a job's a job.. She didn't even turn around. She bravely accepts her fate.

Nami: "Do it."

Hayato: "...."

Nami: "I don't care what happens now. I just pray that Rin is safe.."

Hayato: "Then.. so be it."

I brought out the blade. Slowly, as i try to resist doing so.

My morals have been overtaken by the bloodlust, and my duty..

I prepare to strike, until..

???: "Enough.. Moto-san."

Hayato: "Huh?"

I turned to see.. a man with a mask? And.. is that a racing suit?

Nami: "Who are you?"

Hayato: "Errgghh.."

???: "Calm down, Moto-san. I implore you."


???: "Let me tell you.. i am N.Z."

The legendary racer? There's a whole coincidence running behind this, you know it.

Hayato: "Lies!"

N.Z.: "It would be.. but.."

He takes off the mask... Was it surprising?


Nash: "Do you remember me?"

Hayato: "Nash.."

Nash: "Yes.. now.. let her go. I want to ask you.."

Don't judge me, but.. What happened was strange.

I approached him, dropping my sword, and made an emotional return in the form of kneeling and weeping..

Hayato: "Nash.."

Nash: "Shinzo will be avenged.. i promise you. For your sake.. for Rin's sake. For everyone."

Nami: "Nash-san.."


With that, a plan was put in motion.

He's a great planner that Nash. Dictated his death to ensure something bigger won't get in his way. Smart..

Anyhow, remember Rin? She's on a hiding mission against.. whatever.. Her husband's come to find her all the way from the west.

How sweet.. It's like a ripe apple: delicious. Er hem.. what was i saying?

Using my Yakuza influence, i managed to hop into helping Oyabun Heishiro getting to where he should be. This is where the beginning of my story is supposed to be.

A rainy race in Suzuka.


Life Won't Wait.
Ozzy Osbourne

Song plays for all scenes in Suzuka rain.

Me and my boys were lined up, waiting for the race to end. At the time, they didn't bother on what's happening. Another car left the pit lane by the time we got into position.


Hayato: "Alright.. so.. the Oyabun wants us to finish off Ross, regardless of what happens, huh?"

Henchman 1: "Yeah.. what's wrong?"

Let's begin the festivities.

Hayato: "Well.. i've been getting some bad news about the Oyabun. Since i talked to him.. personally and all.."

Henchman 1: "What is it that you want, huh? We can't betray the Oyabun easily.."

Hayato: "I understand, but.. he's told me to.. i shouldn't say. It was between us. "

Using curiosity, it got into his head, and i got him under my control.

Henchman 1: "What?! Come on!"

Hayato: "I don't know.. you should bring all the boys here.. makes it much easier.."

Calling over the boys, they come to see their leader admit something.

Hayato: "Alright.. alright.. now, after this race, Oyabun Heishiro expects us to finish off that big American guy?"

Henchman 2: "That's what he said."

Henchman 3: "Yeah."

Henchman 4: "If we're not wrong.."

Hayato: "*sigh* He then expects all of us to blindly do the seppuku after that. All of us."

Henchman 2: "What?!"

Henchman 1: "Really?!"

Hayato: "Yes! Now.. i want to send a message to the Oyabun himself. When i get the order.. darnit! Give me just one.."

I had these things listed down from Nash's plans. He managed to trick an Interpol agent to come over and fetch a loaded Alfa Romeo. What these mean, i don't know, but my role?

Hayato: "Ahh! We do as he orders, and we're going to expect a flash to happen."

Henchman 3: "What flash?"

Hayato: "Doesn't say.. Anyways, all we do is follow the Oyabun's orders, and when this.. flash comes in, we do what another man says. Then, we'll be set free."

The henchmen took their time, but after moments of negotiation...


They took charge of their own honor, and broke their pact they had with the Yakuza. This is also what i did.

Put away the boys toys.. and grow up. This is the first step to be one of significance.



Jacob Ross has won, by a large margin. And to think.. our Oyabun's a racer on this very track..

We readied up on the pit lane. As the two cars parked..

Jacob: "What's the matter with you? Is winning for your son the only thing that mattered to you?"

Gee, i love that accent. What? Don't blame me when i watch a lot of American car movies.

Jacob: "That boy.. buried himself in his own grave trying to kill me! It's too bad.. i have friends from above, protecting me."

We watched, and slowly lose faith at our Oyabun.

Heishiro: "SHUT UP! I began a new age. I raised the best son i had. Both are taken from me forcibly, and it's all thanks to you! YOU!"

All thanks to him? Hah..

The Oyabun makes a whistle, and then..

We come out to play.

Jacob: "We had a deal!"

Pointing my sword to his neck, it felt like.. not so tough now, are you?

Heishiro: "Deal's off, punk. You're lucky until now."
But i thought hard about the 'flash' Nash thought of.


Jacob: "Well, it's all about to go south for you!"

That moment, the whole group, including myself, had a touch of confusion, until i heard the clanking metal..

Hayato: "(Is that a?) FLASHBANG!"



When we came to, we saw the N.Z approach the Oyabun..

N.Z: "Give it up, Oyabun."

Despite us recovering, we had the weapons to kill N.Z, that is if we still were on the Oyabun's side

Heishiro: "Who are you.. to judge me like that?"

N.Z: "You will see. It's really time you give up."

A finger snap? This must be the signal. After i grabbed hold of my katana and pointed at the Oyabun, my men followed suit.

Heishiro: "What is this? This can't be!"

And it appears the enemy of the Oyabun came up to insult him further. One of them is known only as Vulture, and his sister: Agent Maiden of Interpol.

Vulture: "It's over for you, Heishiro. I have the authorities investigate Shinzo's death. Putting poison in his tea.. what a classic."

Izumi: "I can have a small squadron in 20 minutes, with a court case in a week. It's your turn for a prison, Takaguchi Heishiro!"

With all odds turned against the Oyabun, i thought hard.. Is this the revenge that Shinzo-sama deserved?

Heishiro: "No!!"

And we let him go. He's a destroyed man now. No way he can get back to us now..

Or.. well, that's what i thought. He'd hit me, and hit me hard, he did.


After all the ruckus.. it's about time i get some time off. Rin was at work when this all happened, so it's me time featuring the Matsumoto family katana.

But Heishiro didn't forget my deception. Nor did i realize he was scoping at me for a while now. So, was it all that I've reached the pinnacle of the Yakuza was for naught, but his own use?

Won't You (Be There)


Enough ranting. It's time to end this tale. How is it that i felt true sorrow from my sword? And the NSX? That never came up, eh?

But back to my everyday life.

Hayato: "So.. what shall i do with you??"

Before i knew it, an uneasy sound was heard. An explosion to my door.

As i pick myself up, and the katana..

Hayato: "What sort of entrance is that?"

I see a small armada of Yakuza.

Hayato: "Huh?"

Heishiro: "So.. you had it after all, huh, Moto-san?"

Hayato: "I'm sorry.. i don't know what s:censored: are you talking about.."

The sword has been unveiled. There's no turning back now..

Heishiro: "Get that sword to me.. and we'll rebuild the empire that wasn't supposed to crumble.. Come on.. this is your last chance.."

It took me a while, but a reply is a reply..

Hayato: "Well.. you had your chance at redemption when you should've left me and my nice home alone! Now that you're here.. it's time i repay back for what you did.. to Shinzo!"

With that, he watched me as he orders the men following him to kill me. They are armed with guns, and you can say how glad i was when the home was filled with concrete walling.

As i retreated, they couldn't find me. That is, until one large closet opens with blade out.

Henchman: "Erkk.."

Hayato: "Sayonara, loser!"

Song Progress: 1:02

But while i got through my destroyed home..

Trick after trick, the men killed themselves looking for an experienced ninja of today.

Soon.. the destroyed place that i once call a home.. It was emptied of fools, and a rigorous cleaning regime is in order when i settle this.

Taking what i can from these guys, like a gun, I immediately head out to the glaring evening sky to see the Oyabun trying to make a run for it.

Hayato: "Oh no you don't.. *arms gun*"

Got him in my sights, and it's about to end, only..


Someone decided to shoot my gun first.

Heishiro: "Heheh.. come on out.."

Song Progress: 2:36

An assassin? Coming out of hiding, it seems that the person in between me and true revenge is..


Hayato: "Yoko-chan?!"

Yoko: "Go!"

Using what looks like a rifle against me, she allowed the Oyabun to flee to his car and go. What the heck is going on?

She has me down the sights.

Yoko: "Now.. Moto-san. The sword."

No! I didn't come this far to lose. But.. what distance did i dedicate myself to reaching?

Hayato: "Yoko-chan.. it appears I've been deceived from the beginning, if I'm not wrong.."

Yoko: "It was all a fashioned lie.. I'm very sorry.. Moto-san. Or, should it be.. Hayato-san."

Hayato: "..."

This is very hard for me..

Yoko: "You give me that sword, and i promise.. everything's going to be okay. Trust me!"

Despite what's going on, i won't give up the sword. It creeps up to my soul. Could it be..

The blade. It wants her.

Hayato: "Why did you lie to me? Huh? I really thought we had a life. Then you had to run away like some spooked rabbit!"

Aside from the life death situations, this is a moment to see good old Moto-san being a super serious man.

The blade i hold belongs to my family, and with their name and Shinzo's... i won't let them go. Even from her!

Yoko: "Ergh.."

Hayato: "I dreamed much on what we planned to reach. You had to work with a b:censored:d Oyabun and stab me in the back."

Yoko: "My mission was to retrieve the blade. Nothing else!"

Oh God, what the heck? and so on.. That's running in my mind at that moment.

Hayato: "Missions.. what will remind you that i love you? Was it right i denied that love all those years ago?!"

Yoko: "Don't make me! *aims gun*"

Hayato: "Shoot me. Fine.. Be that way.."


As she aimed up to me..

My survival instincts triggered! I'm not going to fall like this!

We were at a distance, but i just ran to her, bringing out my sword. She fired shots at me..


Our so called life. Our love.. a lie. a fact alone that made me very sad, and very angry.

My ancestors.. they provide the winds that guide me, and i flow through towards her tainted soul.

And with the swiftness of the wind stabbed her chest with my cursed sword..


It was then i felt the pain. What pain?

Pain from the bullets to my body. Pain from my heart that i had to do it..

Couldn't take it! I couldn't... TAKE IT!


Song Progress: 3:39

What happened?

The sword's so called curse took over?

Hayato: "YOKO-CHAN!"

A glimpse of pure insanity: sad and angry, while i held the family blade hard, despite the many holes in my limbs and body that provides evidence that she wanted to kill me.

I still fought within me, on my belief in her, as i pierced her body.


As blood spattered around us, i heard a scream from her.. and neighbors calling the police.


Bringing back the sword out of her, I watched gravity lay her down..

But, i loved her.. and as i came close, she kept on struggling to say what was left in her life.

Yoko: "Moto-san.."

Hayato: "....."

Yoko: "I'm sorry i lied to you..."

Hayato: "....."

Yoko: "Heishiro-sama.. he had me planted.. into that orphanage to look for.. the boy with the Matsumoto name... I knew it was you.."

Hayato: "What.. would give it away?"

Yoko: "We tracked.. your parents.. and.. if it belongs to you.. so dearly.. then.. keep it.."

Hayato: "...."

My bleeding arms held on to her hand, while my tears looked like it could clean it all up.

Hayato: "Even though you deceived me.. for all these years of my life.. I won't forget you."

Our faces were like mirrors.. both of them looked at each other.. with faces of forever goodbye.

Yoko: "...."

Hayato: "....."

My mind had a lot running when this happened.. I dreamed to be an icon.. to be one deemed significant.

She put that for me..

When my racing career started.. it was her doing.

When i became an enforcer.. it was for her sake.

These facts i never would step away from believing. That she made me who i am today..

But these steps i took led to the death of someone i loved, and the start of something new. With all of this..

Yoko: "Moto-san.."

Hayato: "Yo.. Yoko-chan.."

My body gave in.. despite that betrayal.. my trust to her is full now.

She pulled my head in with all her strength, to make a final kiss..

Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
Long Cold Winter

Song plays until replaced.

And when she let go..

She let go of life..

Hayato: "Sayonara... my princess.."

And then, the wounds from her bullets came in to full effect. Falling down in pain and misery, i battled with my broken spirit..

Crying, and thinking in grief. What do i do? To join her? Or to move on? These are the arguments. What a year it's been, huh?

These decisions i thought of carried on as my body head to an ambulance that arrived not long ago.


So.. with that... sad moment passed on.. i have to wrap this up. Nothing about the NSX? Please.. be patient.

While hospitalized, I was interrogated and to be arrested.. about what happened. Everything. The only charges i got: killing off some bad men, and.. Yoko-chan.

Witnessing Oyabun Heishiro-sama's last moments from the news, I felt satisfied upon making a well deserved sentence in jail. But as i fully recover, a few influential men, including Nash, bailed me out when they asked me to see a message of importance..

A will from Shinzo-sama. Having connections with Honda, and the Yakuza, Shinzo has been invited to own and test drive one of the very few road going concepts of Honda's legendary NSX.


The will mentioned that I, as Hayato Matsumoto, would inherit the car along with 40% of the inheritance. Nash can blabber all he wants about me, huh?

My acquisition was not the only thing. I was offered by Shinzo's team to race for the new Super Formula season. An offer well taken.

And with that, i decided to put the blade away for good. It has caused the evil within many people, even Yoko-chan, to unfurl, and i don't want that any more! The sword is now in property of the Japanese Government, while i received a hefty sum to rebuild a life in my vision with it.

That includes the katana behind me now. A memoir, to which i name... Yoko no Ken.

And then.. my name officially regains it's status as Hayato Matsumoto: a ninja in the world of racing.


Back in real life.

Hayato: "The.. end.. *sigh*"

Hideki: "Ayu-san.. (I.. I don't know, but..)"

As Hideki looked at his girlfriend, he sees her crying..

Ayumi: "I'm.. I'm fine, Deki-san.. It's.. just.."

Hayato: "Get over it.."

But, what made Hayato realize why he made his past life revealed to two strangers was with Ayumi.

He stood up, and brought Ayumi up.

Hayato: "Please... don't cry.. There's never enough sadness in the world."

Ayumi: "...."

Hayato: "Now.. i don't want to say i don't like you.. but.. I'm guilt ridden with this.. I'm not sure why i ever wanted to bring you two along with my rise to pure evil."

Hideki: "But.."

Hayato: "Stow it, fat face.."

Hayato tries to hide his real emotion, and pretends to mess around..

Hayato: "I'll.. I'll make sure you won't have to hear from me.. again."

Hayato enters the car, and leaves the track.


Ayumi: "Deki-san.."

Hideki: "Hmm?"

Ayumi: "I'm.. I'm so sorry.. for him.."

Hideki: "Me.. me too.."


Narita International Airport. 10 AM.

2 days later.

Hayato: "And then, i arrived."

While talking to himself again, Hayato, with a rucksack, moves ahead to the boarding area, where he will be officially out of Japan.

But then, he sees the unexpected.

Hayato: "You two?! (How the heck?!)"

Hideki: "Moto-san! Over here!"

Reluctantly, Hayato heads over to those two again.

Hayato: "I thought i told you to leave me alone after.. you know."

Ayumi: "We can't! We just.. we just need to tell you that you're not a bad guy, Moto-san."

The story of his life brought him back.

Hayato: ".... but i did kill her. An innocent girl."

Hideki: "Innocent?! Did you know what happened to her? She's turned for the worse."

Hayato: "Turned? I turned her into the monster she was when i denied her every demand to me. I'm sure you're no stranger to that European horror story? Slowly, Dr. Frankenstein makes his monster. I thought we're not going to bring this up anymore, especially when i know someone might be listening."

Hayato walks away to the departures, leaving the two behind.

Hideki: "Moto-san.."

Ayumi: "It's not your fault!"

Hayato: "Keep telling me that, beautiful, and who knows.. there might be a statue with your head on it."

Hideki: "What do we do now?"

Ayumi: "We have to tell him!"

Letting go, she heads out. A crowd in the way, she moves around, weaving past. Eventually, she sees his purple stroked hair, and gets closer to the ninja slash racing champion.

Ayumi: "Hey! Come back!"

Hayato: "No!"

Ayumi: "Can you turn around.. as a favor.. from me?"

Despite the poor attempt, it did prompt a stop reaction from Hayato.

Hayato: "........."

Ayumi: "I know you couldn't save her. I know you think it's all your fault. And i know you think about yourself a lot."

Hayato: "Mmhmm... where are you.. getting at?"

Ayumi: "Would you have been alive, knowing you had to kill Yoko-san.. you told us she really had the urge to kill you."

Hayato: "I guess i said too much. The sword i carry has corrupted too many, even myself."

Hayato gets back to his senses. He realized his emotions need to be pushed away further to say this:

Hayato: "I'll tell you what.. the moment i made that last kiss to end Yoko-chan's life.. it was the happiest moment for her. She had a faint, but pure smile. As i put her down, i can't accept that she's gone, but i realized how her true joy comes from that.."

And then, someone caught up.

Hideki: "*wheezes*"

Ayumi: "Deki-san.."

Hayato: "Would it be that this curse i carry with that blade.. I'll let it to only myself. Nobody else has to know why it's very valauble. I planned to just sneak in and destroy it.. many many times."

Hayato then looked at Ayumi.

Hayato: "But then, you arrived into my sad story."

Ayumi: "Huh?"

Hayato: "You looked like her. A lot like Yoko-chan. While nothing as demonic, but.. you remind me so deeply of her."

To back up his emotion, Hayato headed closer to Ayumi, and immediately rubbed her soft cheeks.

Hayato: "As much as i am glad to have you by my side.. whatever you do.. you don't tell anyone about why i had that tainted blade. Not even anything on Yoko no Ken.. and whatever else i told you."

Nobody took attention to Hayato as he makes his last words to his two new fans for a while.

Hayato: "I will always love Yoko-chan, despite what she did, and the differences we had. She will run rampant in my memory the next person i will cut."

Hideki: "*gasps*"

Ayumi: "..."

In a flash, Ayumi started to tear up, while smiling.

Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Wang Chung
Everbody Wang Chung

Ayumi: "....."

Hayato: "I'll have to thank God.. for reminding Moto-san's never alone. You have her kindness and bravery, little Ayu-chan."

Ayumi: "Aahhh...*sniff*"

Hideki: "So.. Moto-san.. You're running?"

Hayato: "I'm not running away, Deki-san. I am just... having a nice holiday in Europe. Take my time getting away when I'm off season."

For Hayato, he had no concern on how these two would find out he's leaving Japan. He became comfortable to the ones holding the truth behind the legacy of the Dark Horse.

Hayato: "Just take good care of Ayumi-chan, or you're next!"

Ayumi may be younger, but she doesn't take kindly to disrespect.

Ayumi: "Hey!"

Hayato: "Consider it my thanks.. *sinister chuckle*."

Hideki: "Oh! Moto-san... i have to hand you this."

Hayato then receives a folded paper, revealed to be a message as he opens it up. Written in English, Hayato reads like a linguist reading through Harry Potter.

Hayato: "*sings a theme song*...."

After a relaxing read, the ninja plays a trick.

Hayato: "This isn't for me?! How could you?"

Hideki: "Hey.. we just met! I written that weeks ago."

Hayato: "Well.. *rolls paper like a scroll* I'll make sure your precious Jacob-san gets this, that is, if, and only if, i give a darn about it.. (and how do they know I might see him?)"

A few beeping sounds are then made, from a speaker system.

Airport P.A.: "Final call for British Airways Number 6 to London Heathrow.."

Hayato: "Oh great.. Well, i have to split like a salmon. Deki-san. Ayu-san."

Hayato quickly heads off to the departure area.

Ayumi: "Thanks for everything.. Moto-san!"

Hideki: "Have fun.. we'll miss you!"

As Hayato heads in, only one thing fills the mind of Hayato.

"(Sayonara... Yoko-chan..)"


High in the moonlit sky..

- Hayato's NSX Concept "Tsukiakari". A driver of fame has to drive nice cars, according to a statement Hayato said. This Honda, under ownership of his former sensei, serves as both a fast vessel around here to there, and a memorial for both Shinzo and Yoko: people that passed on as his guide. Hayato drives it like a real professional, mostly only when there's people to show off to.


- Hayato Matsumoto. Semi-Japanese, semi-Brazilian, all reflexes and charm. A former Yakuza enforcer whose skills with the katana granted him many feared nicknames. To the public, he's one of the best Super Formula racers of the last season. A young, overliked man who has the women chase him around against his own agenda, and a big follower of the ninja arts, mastering it's many techniques.

- Yoko Chiba. Hayato's partner in his world of being an underworld enforcer. Often going along with whatever scheme or plot Hayato brings every time they get assigned, she knows that Hayato is destined for much larger. Loyal to the Takaguchi clan, and also Hayato's girlfriend.

- Hideki Minami. A recent graduate from Kyoto University's school of Art. A timid, shy young man who's recently into the racing game a year ago. Now in management of a small tuning garage, he's never been so busy to a recent addiction. One of the few who knows what really happened to Outlaw, and who he really is.

- Ayumi Tanaka. Another recent graduate from Kyoto University's school of Art, in the same class with her boyfriend Hideki. Recently opening a garage in Fuji, their shop has been very popular when Jacob Ross himself gave it many praises. A genki girl, who's always full of energy and pep. You may never know if she's about to give you a very bad time, or otherwise.

- Jacob Ross. A once famous street racer once known as the Dark/Black Horse (Kuroiuma) of Japan. Nothing can be said much about this man, due to the lack of public attention towards him. This is on purpose, as he was once the legendary street racer: Outlaw. Also one of the Mythic, named the Horseman of The Apocalypse.

- Shinzo Nishimura. A racing icon in Japan, but on the streets. Mostly unknown outside street creed, his real start of fame was when his daughter gave him the inspiration to bring back his need for the track again. Serves as a father figure to Rin and Hayato, making them siblings in the mind.

- Nami Nishimura. A former shopkeeper, now retired. Married to Shinzo: a man with reputation on the Japanese racing scene. Satisfied that her only daughter lives to succeed that. Prefers that nobody presumes her need for assistance, wanting to always prove she can handle herself well.

- Rin Nishimura. A socially flawed person backed up by her natural talent, beauty and wisdom. Rin's involvment in the racing world was more of a recent one due to her father's street racing. But, just like anything she does, it's undeniably great, especially from a woman. Nami's daughter, and Jacob's wife. Also, the last of the current Mythic; codenamed The Infernal Phoenix.

- Heishiro Takaguchi. The Oyabun of the Takaguchi clan: a large Yakuza family that has split from a much larger criminal conglomerate. A man of power and influence, but is waning recently due to a losing war against their former bosses. While desperate, things take a turn when his son is killed by Gary.

- Jared Sykes. A South African squad commander serving in the U.S. Marines. While a national hero at the recognition of the President himself, Jared's a mostly peaceful man, and not afraid to get dirty. Not exactly a racer, but owes a lot to a certain Jacob Ross, and brings himself to end their pain.

- N.Z. An enigma that has lived over 50 years. Only one thing he is known for within half the century: racing at the top. Not everyone knows who really is behind the mask, and he would keep it that way.


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On the move
Last Time, on Dawn Of The Mythic.

"My dad tell me all kinds of tips, lah. He tell me to be good in life, i go good. He tell me to be rich and happy, and i become that lah! Then, he tell me to find girl and i find!"

"And i thought you were patient.. hahaha! You're like sister Mir sometimes.. like an oiled wick."

"Arguing again, eh, miladies? You do know.. Mir has zero clue of you both hassling like this as always."

"Bon has been talking behind my back, and while I am cross with his decision, I am even dissatisfied by your presence in his journey."

"Don't play coy with me, lass. Threaten me all ye want with your bombs or your blades. I won't leave here unless i get them answers, or me soul departs to the hereafter."

"Since I've sympathized with you, you're on Santa Assassin's nice list. You really need to cherish it more."

"*whistles* That's a good job. You're just trying to bring down my level, eh?"

"You must've realized what you did was a much wiser move than what Nash had planned for you."

"It takes a real racer to get this going as what everyone else sees in 'fast'."

"I'll make sure he savors the last moments first, so justice be served."


Days pass past Paul's small kidnapping.

Knowing the Richelieu mean business, the Mythic trainers agree that the right points be pressured to bring them to their knees, and get some answers.

For those in Kirkham Manor, however, grow worry towards Nash and his actions recently. Only exiting his room for regular daily things like eat, toilet and sleep, the home servants are bound to take action, but are too afraid that Nash might not like it.

Still in the UK, the man's son heads to the door to see a note:

Moto-san, please call Jacob's friend. The president of an off-roading race team called Igneus PLC. Here's the number.

Realizing that it would take anything to bring Nash back to speed, the ninja takes action, and gets on the phone with someone.

Hayato: "Oha-, ermm.. Hello. Is this.."

Despite his education at an international school, Hayato isn't perfect in the English language, especially at reading odd words.

Hayato: "Egg-na-yusse UK?"

Receptionist: "Yes.. and what can i do to help?"

Hayato: "I heard that your boss has been present around here, and i want to see him at the most immediate convenience.."

Receptionist: "Very well, but take note that your meeting won't be for another... 2 days?"

Hayato: "Oh.. where is he now?"

Receptionist: "The boss' matters don't have relevance to me, sir."

Hayato: "(Dun't heff relevanchu?) Okay. What if i said it was an emergency."

Receptionist: "Mmhmm.."

Hayato: "The emergency that if i don't see him, then an open window by you home will be your downfall."

Receptionist: "...."


Putting down the phone, Hayato walks towards his room, with a passing servant seeing his distress.

Hayato: "People.."

Servant: "Is something the matter?"

Hayato: "Hmm? Oh.. nothing for you to interfere in. How's Yoko?"

Servant: "All polished up, and it's just by the door."

Hayato: "Good. Should he ever get out of his shell, tell Yofu-san i won't be back for a while."

Servant: "Alright. Get going then."

Hayato: "Sayonara."

Putting on his long coat, Hayato gets out and heads towards his NSX.


The doors open, and Hayato places his katana by the back in it's usual spot. He checks his watch, and registers the time at 2 PM. He stares firmly at the address of Igneus' UK offices in Staffordshire.

Hayato: "Ikuze."

As the car leaves the grounds and out of the gate, a plane flies above.


Part 3: Wisdom Of Outlaws And Nomads.


Just a few minutes after the plane flies above Manchester, it passes by a race circuit just by Derby.


It's mostly desolate today due to it being privately reserved for the day, and only one car heads out to drive the roads.

Double Edge feat. P. Money
Flux Pavilion
Blow The Roof


Identified as a Lamborghini Reventon, this 20 model limited run version of the Murcielago has obvious inspirations from the fighter jets of today.


With an added top speed from 211 to 220 mph, and a unique interior design inspired from fighter jets, the Reventon's desirability and rarity is one of the highest ever when it comes to today's standard of luxury cars.


However, the number of this Reventon isn't any of the first 20, and the number place is instead marked with a symbol of Igneus, with the man driving the car being the president of said off road performance company.


It's evident from the way he takes the turns that he's no slouch in racing on tarmac as compared to his day job as a Pikes Peak Rally racer.

After an endless amounts of running and handling this untamed bull, the driver: known as the Dirty Arab, brings in the Reventon.


Moving in at the speed limit, the man parks by the garage, seeing a silver SLS, painted in a different tone than the usual that Mercedes offers in that model.


Turning off the engine and getting out, a friendly meeting between Pikes Peak slash off roading company president Hamza Abdul and an acquaintance of his begins.

Hamza: "Ahh.. so he called you too?"

The friend of his wears a specially tailored dress that allows her to do her racing without hindrance. Also: she's a Ruskie.

???: "Da. Too long have i not seen you until today, Nomad."

Hamza: "Thought i'd never see you again, Leona Mashkov. How was the days gone? The days i watch you and the New Blacklist rule those sands."

Leona: "Street racing, Nurburgring meister, it matters very little to me. Speed is my friend, and i will never forsake it. But, i have interest in seeing what your company carry."

Upon mention of his car company, Hamza gets slightly annoyed.

Hamza: "About Igneus.. I'm supposed to have a board meeting now. Let's say my rebellion within wants to come up, forcing a cancellation from the president himself."

Leona: "Stupid moron."

Hamza: "Just be glad you're not in the stricter details, my sultana."

Leona: "Desperate man. You're obviously the shell of your racing days, Nomad."

Hamza isn't one to be challenged due to his treatment in life. To save him, Jacob enters the pit lane with a certain car.


Hamza: "If that's not a mirage, that's.."

Leona: "Outlaw's car.. what could be trampling in cowboy's head?"

Bringing in Outlaw's Trans Cammer, Jacob brings the race spec Mustang Boss into the pit lane. Parking by the Reventon, he exits.

Jacob: "Hamza and Leona... It's been years since i see you together like this."

Hamza: "Trust me, Mr. Ross, I'm very glad to see Leona move on, as i have. She's just really cold about it!"

Leona: "Cold? Don't listen to Nomad. I'm cold, always."

Jacob: "Like she said. It's all fun and games, Hamz."

Hamza: "Always the disagreeing person, huh, Mr. Ross. I'll keep an eye on to her as always."

Leona: "As you have kept an eye on your car, vnye zakona. Why now?"

Tapping the roof of the Mustang, Jacob has feelings for the car, as he has for his evil alter ego.

Jacob: ".... I couldn't let go."

Leona: "Come on, cowboy. We expect a lot of change from you. You inspired me, dyadya.. and who else? That so called nutcase you call a wife?"

Rin: "Yes!"

To everyone's surprise, Rin was hiding out behind the parked SLS in the garage, waiting for her husband.

Leona: "Oh, Bozhe.. (And how is she here..)"

Showing off what looks like a copy of the GPS Nash has been abusing, Rin confronts her husband that cheated on her with another love: the love of being Outlaw.

Rin: "Hi, Jake-san.. i know that's something you mean to show me?"

Jacob: "Ahhh... f:censored:.."

Rin: "We've never promised about it, but don't try to hide any more secrets, my husband. I love you, and i appreciate you trying to not offend me.."

Jacob: "Yes.. but i didn't even intend to bring my special Outlaw car here. It's all a last second decision, it is!"

Rin: "Last second.. That monster told you something, did he?"

Rin was onto her husband's evil side; a side she only met very briefly.

Jacob: "Yeah... that monster told me something. A promise. Even though he's my devil, I promised him that i'd not tarnish the memories of us, blazing the streets that made us supreme. I had to step up, and show the world that Outlaw still is king, and I'm still dedicated to so. You'll understand, Rin."

On the sidelines, Leona and Hamza kept quiet until the dressed lady came up with words to continue with.

Leona: "Da. I can relate to your fairy tale, cowboy."

Hamza: "You can't rely on a fair wind all the time. Effort is what gets you the reward."

Jacob: "Besides, there's tons of copies of this car in the black market. Repainting this a 3rd time, there's no way they can figure out Jacob Ross carries the only real one, after all."

Rin: ".... Aww.. alright. You win. But no more shenanigans!"

From a little angry to a little happy, Rin understood, but only..

She isn't a normal woman.

Seconds later, Jacob seeing her smile was enough that the explanation was okay.

Rin: "As much as i hate to say it, but.. can i give the car a go? For us."

Jacob: "Knock yourself out."

Moving towards each other, Jacob passed the keys to Rin, who proceeded to enter the left seat. As Jacob went around the front, heading to the opposite seat..


Jacob realized that the woman he married is too excitable sometimes, and jumped away in time to see his car blast away to the track.

Hamza: "She got you good, huh?"

Jacob: "Yeah.. damn! It's been years, but I still can't understand her actions at times.."

Wiping down the dust, Jacob finally gets back to business after letting go of his car.

Leona: "Cowboy.. i am curious, and for that, i will ask who are we waiting for?"

Jacob: "Yes.. i almost forgot. With Rin on the loose, and things like that, we're waiting for one guy."

Hamza: "A Blacklister?"

Jacob: "Mmm, no."

Hamza: "I'll stop asking."

Leona: "Darn it!"

Jacob: "Sorry, Queenie. I know you miss Lee, but who knows where he's gone to? (still in Japan, he is)"

Leona: "It's okay.. cowboy. I have other boyfriend."

Jacob: "I'm sure you're fine. If you want someone related to the list, we can bring Sonny."

Anyone in the world of racing shouldn't be oblivious to Sonny Meng.

Hamza: "Sonny? He's going to come in with a truck of fireworks, i predict."

Leona: "And i think he still owes me, heheh. Not a loss, at all."

Jacob: "It's that Sonny isn't free today. The guy coming over is someone you should recognize, Leona. I'm bringing my good friend Paul over."

Leona: "Paul... you mean the King Of The Ring Paul?"

Jacob: "Heads up: he doesn't want to hear those words, just telling you, Queen."

Hamza: "This Paul... what are you thinking now, Mr. Ross?"

Jacob: "I'm thinking. Teach only told me to harden his skills, but I can only think of so few.."


Stopping on the middle of the road, Rin adjusts the seat of the Outlaw Mustang, being much too short to see the road behind a racing harness. It's a miracle that she got this far on track with an obstructed view, and a car with a philosophy she lives to hate.


Upon getting it adjusted for her tastes, she then sees the mirror that brought her husband in delusion.

Pearl Jam

It appears Rin has experience in all matters of speed, from the really high, to the abnormally low. Outlaw's Mustang carries a good challenge due to it demanding a lot from the driver.


For Rin, the car reminds her much of her SVT Cobra.

Rin: "Son-son and his.. horsey magic."

After a slow lap to pace the car, she notices the lack of balance between over and understeer, and makes it a priority to adapt in what the car needs.

Soon, she sees that the car is made to tailor Jacob Ross. His reflexes are swift and strong, and the lack of power steering makes the car a handful to turn for her. On nearly crashing the car, her reaction is somewhat unexpected.

Rin: "Almost lost it!"


It blasts by the straight, with three people watching.


And upon reaching the first turn..


"Jess? Come on in.."

Not oblivious to police radios, Rin picks up what appears to be a CB.

Rin: "This is Jess."

Jacob: "How are you holding up with the wheels of steel?"

Rin: "Jake-san! Whoooh!"


Jacob: "I'd say you're holding her good, dearie."

Rin: "Just one thing."


Jacob: "Talk to me."

Rin: "Understeer. It's not natural for you to have it on, but why?"

Hamza stands by Jacob and nudges him to annoy him, with Leona chuckling nearby.


Jacob: "Well.. it reminds me much of you. Didn't think it'd help, but it wasn't enough. But do help me.. i need an opinion. A second helping hand is better than me growing another pair of arms."

Rin: "Huhh.. ermm.. high tech Power steering."

Jacob: "(Son of a..) Stop being a wuss. Thought my girl's gonna be much more stronger than that."


Rin: "Well... *southern accent* how about i pay fer it, cowpoke?"

Hearing that, the man nearly slipped the device. Jacob never was content with his wife mimicking other accents, especially his own.

Jacob: "Alright.. you win. After you done, come on in.. you do want to see your brother in law, hmm?"


Rin: "Roger roger, heehee."


As Jacob turns off his special phone to phone radio communicator with Rin, he sees Paul reaching the pit lane a-OK with the Aston Martin.

Jacob: "Well.. here he is, Hamz."

Hamza: "A One-77?"


Hamza: "Of all the times.. That's my call. Excuse me..."

The One-77 appears while the Arab reluctantly leaves.

Jacob: "Just so you know, this ain't a bodykit."

Leona: "I can tell. It is pretty car."

Parking behind the Reventon, Paul comes out to see a car whose rarity speaks for itself.

Paul: "G'day, Ross."

Jacob: "Paul.."

Stepping aside from behind Jacob, Leona reintroduces herself.

Leona: "Ahhh.. Paul, was it? Remember.. our little German joyride?"

Paul: "Hmm..."

Paul didn't recall much, but with sight of a teal emo bob, he remembered a similar woman who came in an elevator with bullets in her limbs.

Paul: "By chance i met ye.. ye were all moaning in pain. But don't get me wrong, i think you'd make a better soldier than i do."

Leona: "Hahah! Strict country export rules. For me and all my people, it's just flesh wound, you know.. and ruined dress."

Paul: "What's her business here, Ross? More torment?"

Jacob: "Settle down, Paul. You do know, as one of my former street racing friends, her talent exceeds many others. You won't believe me if i decided to bring out a Nurb meister when i prepare her."

Leona: "Da. And don't worry. I won't bite, unless you're that tender of a racer."

Paul: "Hehehehe... no thanks; I'm simply past well done."

And to Paul's surprise, a car he knows can't be existing with the man in front, slowly purrs down the pit lane.


Paul: "Whazza! Huh?! But.."

Jacob: "Calm down, buddy.. Your 'sister-in-law' can be quite the someone."

With a small ounce of regret, he looks back at the car that made him a street king.

Jacob: "And to think her very existence kicked me out of the car."

Leona: "Must be painful for you, vnye zakona."

Jacob: "It's a favorable trade off, Queenie."

Paul: "What's brought it here? Aren't you afraid they'll know?"

Jacob: "Know? There are like... hundreds of Outlaw replicas out there. Mine's got the real Outlaw touches, and tuned by Sonny's gang to make it actually win all the racing."

The car comes close enough to cease all conversation for a moment. Rin exits with the ignition off.

Rin: "Brother Paul, hey!"

Paul: "He-hey.. (Just how whacked is she?)"

Entering Jacob's embrace, Rin's very whacked when she holds her husband's arm very firmly.

Jacob: "Put Rin in my mind, *points to own forehead* and I've been faster than anyone i know. How's that?"

Rin: "*poker face* Heehee.."

Jacob: "Queen here's going to be your momentary trainer for your race league happening in the next few weeks, Paul. Hope you don't mind?"

Leona: "And i have feeling vnye zakona here know i don't accept refunds."

Paul took a stare at his One-77, then noticed the Reventon.

Paul: "This your car, Ross? First, a legend. Now, just bragging rights"

Jacob: "Nah. I'm not that rich. It's another friend's."

Leona: "You heard of this comrade we call.. Nomad?"

Paul: "Agh, buy chance he's that Nomad? The racing Arab?"

Jacob: "Well, Nomad, or Hamz's just a buddy from this large rallying event i participated. And more specifically: he's a pikes peak competitor."

Leona: "Da. Very middle eastern. They don't call him the Dirty Arab for nothing."

Being Hamza's popular nickname, Rin recognizes it.

Rin: "Oh! THAT Dirty Arab."

Paul: "I hope you didn't think so ill about him."

Rin: "Ill? He's dirtier than Jake when we tried.."


Paul & Leona: "*chuckles*"

Jacob: "Hmmpf.."

Hamza: "Hey, it's ill to talk about me behind my back, you know."

Looking by Hamza, whose body language is pretty positive, Leona commented.

Leona: "Meeting... adjourned?"

Hamza: "Nah. It was canceled some time ago. And.. this must be Mr. Henderson. Salam alaikum."

*Shake hands*

Paul: "Greetings.."

Jacob: "Get acquainted, you two. You're going to be the Queen's loyal subjects."

Paul: "Hold on, loyal subjects?

Moving aside, Jacob gives Leona a small something, then leaves, while staring at his royal grace in position. He and his wife then leaves them to their business.

Leona: "Front and center! You're about to enter hell, and don't you worry. We're here to provide that leverage."

Paul: "Ulp!"

Hamza: "And he drags me in these messes."

Paul: "Tell me about it, lad."

The person in front of Paul is a woman known as a recent addition to the meister range of Nurburgring drivers. Leona once went under the wing of Jacob Ross while street racing during their prime time.

Tougher than any ordinary girl, Leona's past made the diamonds comparison to her seem brittle.

Leona: "This is all joke, you see. I'm much less of a driver than you both will ever be, and i have to teach ethics of racing to two other incompetent people with big name."

Paul: "In-incompetent? Lass, you do know who i am? I mean.. this guy's even done the top of rally!"

Hamza: "I may be so, but surely, you don't know i was a street racer too?"

Leona: "Da. Paul, you will want to stop making bad assumptions. It's rude."

Paul: "Apologies, lad."

Hamza: "Don't worry."

Leona: "Now, we direct ourselves to that."

'That' refers to Nomad's specially upgraded Reventon.

Hamza: "My car?"

Leona: "Da. Your car, Nomad. Paul has been too comfortable in his Aston Martins for too long."

Paul: "Hold there just a minute, lass? Comfortable?"

Leona: "Comfortable, yes. Let me explain... an experience."

This woman of a frozen attitude moved inwards her parked SLS AMG: a car she's happy to drive since the day this ring meister's gotten it.

Leona: "Once upon a time, me and meisters had idea. This idea was to have us drive ring in our own cars, then try to match time with swap."

The track was clear: a perfect day for what Leona wants to call: the driver's relay.

Leona: "Swap refers to comfortability of user in any car. It ensures you're fast, no matter what. There is no admitting the fear if you haven't seen what is inside. Also it will teach you how to attack the cars when racing against."

Hamza: "Miss Leona, you are unaware of what I'm totally capable of."

Leona: "Da, that may be true, but.. will you prove to me your worth?"

Hamza: "Of course! The Nomad's blood boils in the sunlight today."

Leona: "And what about you, Paul? Would you like to drive in Reventon this day?"

Scratching his thin beard, Paul takes less time than usual to make this choice.

Paul: "Me God. That's tempting, but it's an experience. There ain't a good show till i take that wheel, eh?"

Leona: "Semi-confident? You're in for a trip."


Hamza: "So, how will we work our runs?"

Leona: "You both enter one car."


Leona: "Make your fastest lap of 3, then pit in."


Leona: "After pit, we swap driver, and i pick random car that's not yours. So, pretty much 66% chance."


Leona: "We have One-77, Reventon, SLS, and that 70s Mustang."

Paul: "Hold up. Outlaw's Mustang? Really?"

Leona: "As much as i hate to say so, yes. Cowboy is really pushing me to get another favor through."

Hamza: "It's come to me as i hear that car's a death wish on wheels."

Paul: "Can we just stop praising the lad with the cowboy look? We can at least rise to his level if we learn how, ya know."

Leona: "Well, let's see it, then. Since i want Nomad to go first, he'll take a random pick, and then you and that car. Take good care of him, Nomad."

Hamza: "Me and my beard have this bad feeling to you, Mr. Henderson."


Just One Second (Apex remix)
London Elektricity feat. Elsa Esmeralda
Hospital Records

Song will play until replaced.

And Hamza starts off with having a go at one of the 77.


Besides the Arab is Paul, which will persist for the runs they will undertake. This allows him to comfort up to the Wyrm, and they begin regular chatter.

Hamza: "Wow.. these are stitches made for millionaires. And I've heard all about that big lotto victory. I'd say.. you lucky devil."

Paul: "Lucky can't begin to describe me ride, you Arab. I feel like i deserve it."

Hamza: "Hoo? And how often do you go to the brink of using the lotto as a way to get something like this?"


Paul: "I'd rather not say, lad. Besides, haven't won anything of this caliber before.. or anything fer that matter."

Hamza: "If you'd like to know, Mr. Henderson.. i'm just not a fan of the lotto."

Paul: "Eh?"


Hamza: "Where i live, casinos are illegal to be used by my people."

Paul: "Hmm.. i don't get ya."

Hamza: "Well, gambling is a no no in what i believe in. Let's stay at that, for your sake."

Paul: "Right.. You're really nice, you know."


Hamza: "It's a perk for being adventurous. Nobody would help a nomad that's rude to the core or a deceiver under the night. Logically, you'd help a nice guy, right?"

Paul: "I.. I would, if he isn't any way scum or something of the sort. By the way.. how's me car?"

Hamza: "It's well done. I mean how it's made. I've researched this vehicle with such an interest.. you can never be too excited when Mr. Ross gave such a chance!"

Paul: "You don't say?"

Despite being a 4WD specialist, Hamza isn't in any way a beginner in high powered RWDs. The car keeps on the track, and hardly on dirt.


Paul: "Good speed in that apex, lad."

Hamza: "Nothing too special. This is very unlike rallying, trust me."

Paul: "Yes. But ermm.. you do know this track very very much, no?"


Hamza: "Sure. But let me tell you that it's a company secret. This place homes as where i hone both my skills, and to test the tarmac viability of our special off road cars."

Paul: "You sure your boys are okay with that kinda info leaking out like that?"


Hamza: "Yep, they're fine. It's because of this one phone call earlier that really made me open up."


The phone call from earlier makes relevance to Hamza opening up his tips of the trade.

Hamza: "Salam alaikum. Jamil? What's going on?"

Jamil: "Wa alaikum salam, Hamz. Just.. something."

Hamza: "Jamil, you know i told you to postpone that meeting."

Jamil: "They already know, sir. It's just that someone wants to talk to you. EEP!"

Hamza: "Jamil? JAMIL!"


Hayato: "Is this the 'dilutee alabu'?"

Hamza: "Dir.. wha? But.. that shoddy English. I know you! You're Mr. Matsumoto!"

Hayato: "That's Moto-san, to you!"

Hamza: "Ergghh.. what do you want now that you've made a point to my staff and family?"

Hayato: "Well.. i know you're wherever you are because of one Jacob Ross, and my father's real interested in seeing you."

Hamza: "Is that so? Well.. you'll have to arrange a something for a few days.."

Hayato: "Not gonna happen, Arab! I'll just say Yoko no Ken is hungry."

Hamza: "Yoko who?"

Hayato: "My.. my sword. You know.. you met her.. once. Come on, Hamuza, you're getting duller.."

Hamza: "If you're going to blackmail me, fine! But just leave Jamil and my guys alone."

Hayato: "That i can do. Just tell me where you're at, and it'll be quick, no sweat."

Hamza: ".... hummph. Head to Derby, and look for Apricot Hill."


Paul: "A Yakuza serving, man killing ninja in top league racer's clothing. He isn't so bad once you know him. Just beware of his little claymore, is all."

Hamza: "Yakuza? That explains so much."

Paul: "Once he comes in, let's sort out your relationship."

Hamza: "You.. you make that sound very very wrong, Mr. Henderson! The man you see here has a wife and 3 kids!"


ONE-77's best lap:


The next run would pull Paul's comfort zone away from the race track: a street king in the form of the Trans Cammer.

And his immediate reaction?



Hamza: "Hokay. Mr. Henderson, we take it slow. Lower your pace."

Paul: "But i have to prove that Ruskie i got the skills."

Hamza: "And it's evident that you prove you can live this. That's proof enough, to me!"


The silence keeps up as Paul tries to find the car's comfort zone.


Paul: "Lad? Got a sec?"

Hamza: "What's wrong?"

Paul: "Just what'd ya do to get yourself into Jake's Outlaw gag?"


Hamza: "Firstly, i was a family friend of the Ross family. And then.. well, that's classified."

Paul: "Aww.. Come on, lad!"

Hamza: "It's gotten to being his personal bank account the first days he dominated the streets. He's already paid me back, and more."

Paul: "And more?"

Hamza: "Yes. More. The Ford GT he drives is a special request. Being bespoke made for that balding cowboy with the help of me and Sonny. I never get involved unless they want tuning parts. Being Igneus, we have influences all around. How about you?"

Paul: "It's a similar story. We're an elite secret group of racers."


Jacob: "I can hear you, Paul."

Paul: "Gah!"

It was then that the Highland Wyrm notices the CB radio on the car's dashboard.

Jacob: "You tell Hamz something he doesn't know, and you stop slipping up that answer, and then I'll shut up."

Paul: "Erhh.. wha?"

Jacob: "But I'm surprised. That you're still kicking the tires good and wild. You're no ordinary racer, Paul. I'll give you that."

Paul: "You don't know jack 🤬 about me, Ross!"

Jacob: "Hahah.. How's the ride, Hamz?"

Hamza: "Everything's a little rough, but.. it's manageable."

Jacob: "Good. Just keeping the car in check. I'll sign off."


Paul: "Now that's something gave me a good scare, lad."

Hamza: "Didn't they teach you to be alert at all times? I'm just.. impressed with your casual manner in this."


TRANS-CAMMER's best lap:


From the race hub, a couple consisting of Jake and Jess watch the V8 Mustang go by the straight at 180 MPH.


Jacob: "I hope your brother-in-law's gonna be fine in there."

Rin: "Don't worry too much. He looks like he is."

Jacob: "I was thinking of not using that and bring in the Shelby."

Rin: "Shelby?! How about me?!"

Jacob: "Well, you said you were going to see our godchild.."

Rin: "That's tomorrow, Jacob-san! Now you're the one getting sloppy!"

Jacob: "I guess I am. *sigh* (That's why i love you. We challenge one another too much.)"

Rin: "Just makes me wonder where your Mythic tattoo was."

Jacob: "Now that you mention it... I'm surprised I haven't seen yours!"

Rin: "At the back. I try my best to hide it for seven years, you know."

Jacob: "Okay! I guess we're done here. I'll have Leona handle the car. What'd you bring? The LFA?"

Rin: "Hai. You want to go anywhere in particular?"

Jacob: "Hmm.."


After a brief respite, Leona went straight to business, handing Hamza her SLS AMG.


Hamza isn't a stranger to Leona "Queen" Mashkov when she was one of America's top street racers. One can say tuning might be a cause of supremacy, since the SLS is like a treat to the Dirty Arab.


Paul: "WOW!"

Hamza: "I know right! By God, this car is simply amazing! It's a race car in street form!"

Paul: "I was gonna ask: whaddaya expect?! I'm speechless!"

Hamza: "Taking the words out of my tongue, i see, Mr. Henderson?"


There was little Hamza could think of who could do such justice to Mercedes' own version of the Ford GT. But there was one.


Hamza: "Wow. I recognize this suspension work. Yes.. yes.."

Paul: "Care to share, lad? I'm as curious as the man's asking what's for supper."

Hamza: "Hmm.. if i can guess, then that Malaysian kook did some touching inside the car. Nice.."

Paul: "Kook?"

Hamza: "Just this speed freak from Malaysia. Not a big name, but he's pretty swell at tuning, i'd say. The New Blacklist won't be named such if it weren't for each of their efforts. Teamwork at their finest."

Paul: "Whatever."


Hamza: "By the way, i want a bit of focus. There is a lot of potential in this."

Paul: "Save it when i drive car number #21."

Hamza: "Hohaha. I like you."


And surprisingly, Paul kept quiet as he enjoyed his ride in an SLS.


SLS AMG's best lap:


The last run for today would be Paul and the Igneus special: a Re(b)venton!


Paul: "Say, this don't feel like a regular Lambo. What's you do to this jet?"

Hamza: "The works. The sort that mirrors a race car on track. Don't ask how much money it costed."

Paul: "You won't like it, but.. (your fault, you Arab!) come on! How much?"


Hamza: "300K, in US dollars, that is."

Paul: "Right. It's no easy tell that you made the car feel better. And wee bits of understeer diminished.."

Hamza: "How would an Aston driving man know what a Lamborghini feels?"


Paul: "Back in me touring car days, the cars i piloted had 4wD. And I once test drove Gallardos in the Blancpain endurance series. Being a man with no racing league to find, i head off to just do the tiny things that contribute big in the long run."

Hamza: "Yes. True. But let's see you handle my monster."


Unlike the past Paul, present Paul's not a prime 4WD driver, but he knows what they require, what treatment they need, and what pays off in their excellent use of acceleration and traction.

Paul: "How's that?"

Hamza: "Not bad. Not bad. You got the hang of it."

Paul: "Didn't i tell you about me touring car days?"

Hamza: "Not in detail, but.."

Paul: "Just watch me shove into overdrive!"

Hamza: "Alright, alright."


Paul: "By the way?"

Hamza: "Huh?"

Paul: "I want to... thank you."

Hamza: "For what, exactly?"

Paul: "For being with me. I'm always alone when i drive fast."

Hamza: "Right. How about i say that you're never alone."

Paul: "Whaddaya mean?"

Hamza: "Being alone, you have nobody to help you. The car. The guide. The leadership. Never believe that you're alone. You may drive the drive alone, but you have a team. Your Mythic, for instance."

Paul: "Yes.."

Hamza: "You may have never realized it, but they have your back. Their experience: Jacob, Sonny and Jessica, brought you here with me. You might think you're always on top of your game, but you never realize: we're learning till the day we die. Even someone as great as i am still needs to really take a second thought. Just that.. promise me you have an interest to get smarter than anyone you meet on track. Because to me, that's the way champions think."


Paul: "I'm touched, you dirty Arab."

Hamza: "Hahaha. I see what you did there."


REVENTON's best lap:


Paul and Hamza exit the Reventon, only to see someone suddenly appearing in the dark garage room.

Song (play till 0:19).

Hamza: "Uh oh."

Hayato: "Hi."


Hayato leaped in an instant to immediately put a threat.

Hamza: "Come on, Mr. Moto-san! Don't put that.. thing near my neck!"

Hayato: "It's MOTO-SAN only! And trust me.. Yoko's hungry.."

Hamza: "Paul! A little hand, partner!"

Hayato: "Paul-san? Ahaha! You want to try me?"

Paul: "Come on, Moto-san. You're not really gonna kill this millionaire?"

Hamza: "Yes! I'm only 38! Still much too young to die!"

Hayato, even though he's in many ways a killer, also has morals. Besides, there's no way he'd bring a dead body to his adoptive father.

Hayato: "Nyeeh.. fine. But you're on my black list, Hamu!"

Paul: "Really? Hamza. You're a nice lad. What'd you do to put him here like this?"

Hamza: "He said my beard was disturbing one time i went to visit Fuji Speedway!"

Hayato: "It's very bushy and i think it's really unclean! I could've shaved off half a second if i hadn't thought about it!"

Paul: "Wow. I'm not sure how to put this, but.. really? Grow up, Moto-san."

Hamza: "Yes! Please.. do this 'grow up' as he says."

Hayato: "NO TALKING!"

Paul: "*sigh*"

Hayato: "You're to meet Yofu-san Nashhe Kilukhamu right this instant. If not, guess who's coming to get you. Agreed, or slice?"

Hamza: "Agreed, for sure, Mr. Moto-san.."

Hayato: "(I'll pretend i didn't hear that) Come on. Into the Rebenton."


And Paul didn't get a nice goodbye to the Dirty Arab, as he sees him and Hayato leave the scene.

Paul: "Ah well.."

But he did see something as he looked for where Leona is.


Paul: "An orange Audi? Where have i.."

???: "Seen something like it before?"

The voice was faded, but recognizable. Paul turned to see:

Paul: "You! Holy! Aren't you that Williem Weiss, lad from the Ring?"

Williem: "Ja, that would be me. Guten tag, Paul! It's been a while."

Paul: "It has! (I hate that place, but.. this guy. It's an honor!)"

Williem: "Lucia sends her regards to you and Alan. How is the old man?"

Paul: "Old."

Williem: "Hahahaha! No doubt!"

Paul: "Aye. But what're you doing here for a change."

Williem: "Well.. see.. emm."

Leona: "Will! I'm over here!"

Paul: "Huh?"

Williem: "Coming, mein Liebling!"

To Paul, he sees a more amorous sight of two people he just couldn't believe go together.

Leona: "Paul. Great job with the Arab, i say."

Paul: "It's nothing. I'm more disturbed at the kissies rather than the Outlaw Mustang."

Williem: "Don't worry about us. We're just dating. Not too deep in."

Paul: "All.. right. Now that I'm mentally disturbed, can i go home now?"

Williem: "Well?"

Leona: "Alright. I'll send you text for next outing later. Expect Hamza to be there."

Paul: "Cheers. Thanks for all the action. You can get back to the kissing now."

Just as Paul got his keys from the Emo haired Ruskie..

Williem: "Oh, and Paul?"

Paul: "Yeah?"

Williem: "Expect me and Ed to be on top of our game at the competition."

Paul: "Oh! Shoulda seen this coming. Supercars are your game, right?"

Williem: "Ja. No pressure! We'll do our best, and you do yours, alright?"


The story hasn't finished this time around, since a certain Countach appears by Kirkham Manor.


F.E.A.R. (U.N.K.L.E. remix)
Ian Brown
Men From U.N.K.L.E.

Plays till end.


Clark: "Out of my way."

Servant: "Mr. Kayne? Oh, goodness!"

With his servants spreading news of Nash being in withdrawal, Clark would be the first to come up all the way from his home, travelling hundreds of miles as he heads north from Cardiff.

The door to his private chambers remain locked and left alone. Clark, unfortunately, isn't that sort of person. He isn't the first to reach there too.

Clark: "Damn you, NASH! Could've killed you back in orphanage, but NO! I had to like you~. OPEN THE DAMNED DOOR!"


Hamza: "Ooh? You are the Messiah, yes?"

For some reason, Clark just noticed the presence of Hamza Abdul just by the door he bashes on.

Clark: "An Arab? What's the world's richest kind doing out here?"

Hamza: "Pardon me. I'm the Dirty Arab. But if you want a name, it's Hamza."

Clark: "We all have these nicknames, eh? Yours is kind of double sided, not like mine."

Hamza: "Yes. I know. But I'm proud of it. Better be known than be unknown, am i right?"

Clark: "Right. If you're here to see Nash, then.. I'm afraid you're out of luck."

Hamza: "Out of luck? I was brought here by that.. ninja your 'brother' calls a son."


Clark: "*panting* Moto-san? Him? Where is he?"

Hamza: "Opening this door through the outside window, as his plans. But I'm not sure.."

To their surprise, the door opens with Hayato on the other end.

Hayato: "Ohh. Ojisan is here?"

Clark: "Never mind you, pawn! Where's my brother?!"

Hayato: "Wuheres mai bulathelu.. Inside. On the screen for a while. Strangely, he didn't take heed towards me."

The three stooges head in to see what Hayato has already made fact: Nash seemingly stared at a computer screen for what looks like a pretty long duration.

Nash: "Ahh. You did well, Moto-san. And what's brought you here?"

Clark: "Save the bull:censored: for later. You make me worry for something petty today."

Nash: "Did I? Well, what if it was another of Nash's plans?"

Clark: "Plans?! Why.. well.. huh."

Hayato: "Save the chit chat. Why'd we need Hamuza?"

Nash: "Yes. Our Dirty Arab. Sorry you had to be brought here. When i heard you and Moto-san know each other, let's say i have an opportunity for you. You must've heard of Mythic from Jake, correct?"

Hamza: "Yes. He trusts me, and, By God, I don't lie."

Nash: "Good. But this isn't an induction. You really haven't been proven or tested enough. I just want you to help us, and we'll help you. You'd want Nash Kirkham to be your supporter in your big racing company, right?"

Hamza: "You have my interest, at least. I'm listening."

Nash: "Mmhmm. Now, you three are about to see what I've been up to these past few days. Under the guise of depression, it's more of a research. I've never had such hefty logs just put in my databases. And group them i did."

Clark: "Well, what'd you cough up?"

With a bit of clicking, Nash navigated to the documents of said databases, and went to a folder marked 'Best of The Best'

Nash: "This is a database of the best."

The computer screen suddenly has him close the window displaying the names of the best.

Nash: "But.. there's no way they're deserving to be the Mythic i want."

Hamza: "Pardon my rudeness, but how did you manage to get access to this?"

Nash: "It's an outdated log, but it's all solid, true info. Murph and Moto-san 'received' it from the FIA a few days ago."

Hayato: "You've yet to thank me, yofu-san."

Clark: "You aren't glad you live in the home of greatness? Pawn."

Hayato: "Grr.."

Nash: "Back to the facts: they're good, but there are parameters that destroy my interest. From futile beliefs, greed, blind faiths and fellow 'Moto-sans'."

Hayato: "You mean criminals in racing?"

Nash: "Correct. Which is why you're not really into this."

Hayato: "How about Jacob Ross?"

Nash: "He was inducted before i knew he went street racing. Besides, he's a war hero, and that proves his reflexes are recognizable as the best. All in all, I'll give him that chance."

Clark: "It took him far to beat someone of my caliber. That chance was already proven."

Nash: "We've overlooked everyone but Ross so far. This is where you come in, Hamza."

Hamza: "I'm still not in the loop.."

Nash: "You will be, don't worry. You do have an authority state in the FIA, right?"

Hamza: "That i do, yes."

Nash: "Then, when i say you announce something, you announce it. It's not a bribe or anything.. just a suggestion. I know you're pretty honest when it comes to men with money, which is why you're the one i chose."

Hayato perceives a document on Nash's table that says something about him looking through the books of Igneus.

Nash: "What says you, Hamza? We have a deal?"

All eyes are on the bearded Arab next to a seemingly aged Brit.

Hamza: "Well, yes, I'll take that deal. But it better be worth the trouble."

Nash: "(Well, a first step to revenge is always good..) Right.. But for right now, there won't be much to do. Let's watch Paul decimate a competition i know he's born for."


Author's Notes

- Igneus is a reference to my original entry at GTPlanet's Create Your Own Car Company, with Hamza being the (rather wild and free) president. Fail as they keep on failing to proceed a year or so, but it's a nice effort to see small timers go big.

- For some of these expensive cars, I've prompted to buy another stock for the glory of owning them stock. The Reventon is an insane 4WD, oversteering like no tomorrow. Even i think the Veyron has a charm in it's handling compared to it.

- Outlaw's car returns, back to normal. Jacob still has feels for the man he's insulted, and the Shelby GT500 is that car to represent that. I like the Trans-Cammer as it was seen driven by our former protagonist's darker form.

- And for some reason, it got a lot harder to drive in this iteration of Gran Turismo. Yes, i am checking out other people's tunes for suggestions on what can be done. That thing just has too much power.

- The only thing i forget is to add Harley Quinn as one of Rin's characteristic inspirations. Hmm..

- That SLS. Damn. When i got in, it felt so good, I'm surprised that i made Hamza's Reventon go faster.

- Did you like the brake colors? Some are realistic (like Paul's One-77), but others.. not so.

- Off or on the road, this nomad's crossing all terrain. Hamza Abdul is a rich Arab who's willing to break the norm of being rich with cars and a worldwide business, and do it all dirty like people who strive for the adventure. Inspired from the Prince of Persia, Salim of Uncharted 3 and Marlow of Battlefield: Bad Company.

- Royalty never gets a chance to go fast.. unless you're Leona Mashkov: Konigin Der Nurburgring. An experienced racer in many aspects of what challenge they provide. It has led her to the ring, and possibly more! Inspirations from Franziska von Karma of Ace Attorney, Leona of King of Fighters, and Nastasha Romanov of Metal Gear Solid.

- Making a return, Williem Weiss brings new taste to the field, as a rival and possibly an enemy to the Mythic, unknown of his sister's presence within. To put him on the map, he mainly comes from the rather muse prosecutor Klavier Gavin of Ace Attorney, backed by the Medic of Team Fortress 2, and Axel of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Cast Introduced.

- Hamza Abdul. Aside from Nomad, this rich desert wanderer is known as the Dirty Arab. A regular in the many extreme rallying sports and a real specialist in hill climbing. Under pressure from his family and his business, he's trying his hardest to let go of the bounds set.

- Leona Mashkov. To many, she's better known as the second Queen of the Nurburgring. Not shy to driving the best, and running the best roads, Leona's rich, luxurious life is backed with exceptional street racing skills and an ounce of luck.

- Williem Weiss. Putting his name atop the Nurburgring as one of it's meisters, and winning prominent racing tournaments around Germany, Williem is also Lucia's big brother. Puts the effort to bring himself ahead of others in his forte of racing the fastest supercars in the world.

Cars Introduced.

- Hamza's Reventon "Raptor". A special birthday present from his family for the launching of Igneus' success in it's early days. Hamza was astonished, but it really isn't his sort of car. Driving it under the respects of his family, Hamza's opinion slowly changes.

- Leona's SLS AMG "Diamond Dust". Winning the jackpot from a millionaire, Leona's wheels on the Nurburgring possess special tuning touches from her good friend, and given racing spec power utilities from Hamann and Brabus. She's never let go since.

- Jacob/Outlaw's 1970 Mustang Trans-Cammer "Eternal". A Mustang Boss 429 turned to the most well known street racing icon of today. Behind the wheel of this dark horse is the darkest racer alive. Beheading many others of their fame, Outlaw's Mustang is off the radar, and nobody would believe if you said you really had it.

- Williem's Audi R8 5.2 FSI Chrome Line "Orange Lightning Plus". Under full support from Audi, Williem poses as a test driver for their brand and serves as one of the Nurburgring runners for the mentioned brand. While power wasn't an important stat for Williem, a value like 750 horsepower in an aerodynamically modified R8 obviously means a very scary thing to face against.


Did you expect Leona to get Williem as a love interest?

You expected Lee? Yeah.. but no. Sorry.

But this is pretty expected, so don't be too surprised, alright?

And also: married characters. They have to be added or we going to have some sort of single people orgy hanging around. Pardon my language.

Coming Up:


"There's Henderson with the inside as he takes the lead!"

"You people should learn the consequences!"

"We see a lot in Paul. It's just that.. we haven't pushed him hard enough to see how much."

Part 4: Incoming! Dragon Fire!
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On the move
Hey, readers!

With the release of update 1.14, you can say i wasn't even flinched. Sure we get a new VGT and a reskinned Suzuka. They're, umm.. great (sarcasm)! But what hooked me in is the release of community tools (with Darth Jordan taking the first spot in the club listings) and fellow GTP user Dionisiy has made a ground breaking discovery in taking a breathtaking shot of your precious cars, done in this thread! (While using GT5's old background in the garage.)

Without further ado, let's show off the Mythic's cars, just like i did Sierra. It's proof that i haven't given this up yet.


Paul Henderson's Aston Martin One-77
Icon. Tuned without a gearbox, and is very noob friendly for its class. Featured as main character's car in my current fiction.


Sonny Meng's Dodge SRT Viper GTS
THE BEAST! Nothing like kicking the rear away while going like a maniac. My own replica of the SRT Viper TC, and stock gearbox, too!


Jacob 'Jake' Ross' Ford GT '06
The Dark Horse. Drives like one, priced like one, and will surprise them like one. Nostalgic.. to me maybe!


Rin Nishimura's/Jessica Ross' Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition
Forgiveness. The best V10 in the game, so the car has stock exhaust. Outperforms just about anything its level.

While i was initially unfazed, me remembering someone needs a new car badly tells me how excited i was when it's about time the M4 gets some restrictions unbound!


Lucia Weiss' M4 Coupe
Mitternacht Zwei. First car I've tuned from scratch. Little loose exiting a corner, but it'll get you to the finish, schnell.

Expect Gaiden 4 by next week(end?).
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To those that think I've stopped:

Well, even though I'm going to finish.. not yet.
Here's a small preview of what I've written so far for 'Lost My Way'.

This somebody turns out to be one of my life partners. Not a car, but a person. The friend everyone wants to be. The people's champion. The man of the century.

Bohemian Like You
The Dandy Warhols
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

With a theme song like that, you get the picture. Just a showoff that willingly backs his words with effort and skill.


In the egotistical words of
Sonny Meng Xian Zhen: he's a racing celebrity slash badass, give or take 1%.


These sounds coming from that car he deservedly won. It's just like that other GT.

The one i call my partner in the sands.


Sonny defines his status by making sure he makes the best impressions to date, and so far.. he's trying. Halting traffic behind him to make a quick straight line might sway the hearts of those who are not like me.


Nothing beats an all Jake adventure with a little bit of Sonny the Badass! An expectant date for release would be probably end of the week.

And possibly in a separate thread due to having 200+ photos.
In the poll on my fanfic, your characters (including Jacob Ross) will battle in post-Dawn of the Mythic era on either 4 tracks...
On the move

Lost My Way is coming to you by next week. A promise.

But don't expect much: it's a prologue of sorts to the Chapter 3 that was supposed to come out.

The details inside require at LEAST the gist of Legacy Of The Dark Horse, since its focused 99.5% on the former protagonist. To those that wander in that thread: I'll prepare a modified synopsis to include the epilogue.

There's a big reveal that will be much more clear upon reading Jacob Ross' biography. Unfortunately I WON'T be providing that.

There are going to be throwbacks.

References to Smokey And The Bandit (something we needed for a year now!)


Crossover plot points.

Revealed facts.

Deeper character quirks.

And some surprises.

If I do get some reception or motivation, expect 1-4. Yes, there's so much rethinking and rewriting here. I am on my knees here. And this really will be my finest piece yet. Not even Sonny And The Beast can compare to scale.

Oh, if I retire, my stuff is still mine. You can always PM me for a crossover; be sure to read post #4.

His Crossing Of Bounds will remain open as well. It's to justify Clark turning back to Maximus, and I'd want to write that.