Conversion of UTSC (U) gearbox codes to UTSC (J)

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 2' started by michaelchan21, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. michaelchan21


    GT2 (U)(1.2)
    "1st car mod\7-speed gearbox
    801CD570 0669
    801CD59E 0AE1
    801CD5A0 0776
    801CD5A2 057D
    801CD5A4 0426
    801CD5A6 034B
    801CD5A8 02B3
    801CD5AA 0248
    801CD5AC 1393

    Will someone please convert the above (U) codes to (J) codes for me? Thanks.

    The following codes don't work at all. It seems that the point is it misses the Auto Gearing part.

    801CD9D0 0669
    801CD9FE 0ACE
    801CDA00 0776
    801CDA02 057D
    801CDA04 0426
    801CDA06 034B
    801CDA08 02B3
    801CDA0A 0248
    801CDA0C 1393