Cool Wall: 2021- Lotus Evija

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2021- Lotu Evija

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United States
Poll 1502: 2021- Lotus Evija nominated by @Cristobal1234

Body Style: 2dr Coupe
Engine: 4 Electric motors
Power: 1970 hp
Torque: 1254 lb-ft
Weight: 1680 kg
Drivetrain: Motor at each wheel (AWD)



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United States
United States
Toughie. I'll never get to own one, ofc, and in that regard something like the Emira is much cooler. This is one of those rich-bitch toys that'll sit in a garage forever, yada yada yada. That's a mark against coolness, but not necessarily an instant uncool vote, at least for me. I do think this is a good looking car. The front is alright but I really like how unique the rear is. I know it's extremely heavy which goes against the Lotus formula, but that's just the reality of electric cars at this time. It has enough power to get out of its own way no problem. And hell, still weighs a little less than the AMG One. High meh, I'm glad it exists just cause I like the back, what can I say. Admiring the design is the most pleasure a poor like me'd ever get out of it, barring some sort of wacky circumstances.
Under some Spaghetti
Good looking? Yes.
But I don't undestand the appeal of it, to be honest...
Yeah, it's technologically impressive and looks like a spaceship, but It lacks something and I cannot put my finger on why.
(Also a Lotus that heavy looks like heresy but yeah, I understand why it's like this)
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Front = cool! Sides = cool! Rear = uncool. I normally can't go "Meh" or worse on a supercar or hypercar, unless there is just nothing that makes it stand out among others. There is some excitement to the Lotus Evija, but not to any sublime level. I keep confusing the name of the Evija with the Emira. Anyhow, (weak) Cool is my call on this Lotus. I hesitated giving my call because I wasn't sure how to explain my reasoning.
New Zealand
New Zealand
I used to love Lotuses. I loved the add lightness philosophy and their clever engineering. I was convinced that one day I would own an Esprit. But this doesn't do it for me. I'm not against electric super/hyper cars, far from it but nearly 2000hp just seems ridiculous. The amount of super cars you can by these days and how few of them really stand out doesn't help. The Esprit still looks incredible, despite its simplicity and generic midengined sports car shape. I'm sure it will drive nicely and have unreal performance but it just seems Meh to me.
Seriously uncool from me.

This car is anti-Lotus from my perspective. No small, compact ICE engine, far too heavy, way too fast.

It may be a well engineered car but it betrays everything a Lotus has been about for decades. Compact, lightweight cars with usable performance.
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Mexico City
It looks like something you would expect from other brands, except Lotus. That itself is cool. They are playing with the big boys now, I like that.

And the performance and the tech? It makes it even better in my book.

SZ for me.