Corvette C7 Test Prototype ’13 DLC Out Now!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Marky264, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    It's Coming Tomorrow! Should be available to everyone on the 29th Announced in the "Heads Up" Store Update! -

    I hope this isn't Old News as I wasn't aware this was Coming as DLC Today!

    EDIT: The Announcement on the EU PS Blog was shortly taken down. I guess they announced it too earlier knowing that the Los Angeles International Auto Show is on today then I would expect it to have been a surprise to everyone! Good that I at least caught the Info before it Disappeared.

    EDIT 2: There are many people experiencing difficulty including myself in terms of now Downloading the Free DLC From the Store. The Error Occurs when you Add the DLC To the Basket. Then you Check Out. After Checking Out It brings you to the Download Screen but there are No Items for you to Download. This must be a Refresh Error on Sony's Behalf of their incredibly faulty Checkout Refresh System. We will have to wait until It's solved and fixed by themselves. I've checked this on my Australia PSN Account as well (As DLC is PAL Region in AU like the UK) and same issues there. Will Update Post when Fixed.

    EDIT 3: DLC Is now Available to Everyone with no Issue. To those that Attempted to Download the DLC during the Store Problems go to your Download History via the Account Management Section on your XMB. It'll bring up the Original PSN Store with all your Downloads on it and the DLC will be there with a Broken Image to Download :tup:
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  2. hairystig

    England dorset

    New news to me. :tup:
  3. apexpredator100

    United States Houston, TX

    Holy Crap! And it's also free. Awesome.
  4. C-ZETA

    England Bromley

    Slightly out on that one, it's tomorrow.

    But what the hey, it's DLC, so yeah.
  5. Marky264

    United Kingdom Surrey, United

    Sorry It's now the 29th here in Australia always forget my time zones! >_< :tup:
  6. Dean

    Denmark Jutland, DNK

    There's only around 9 hours (GMT±0) until it's the 29th.

    I'm a bit suprised that it's free.
  7. piti

    Spain Galicia

    Is this for real??
  8. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Good news but once again it's SCE releasing the information, not PD Themselves. Why do they find it impossible to communicate directly with us?

    I'm not, the unmasked version will be paid IMO.
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  9. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra

    I'm 50/50 on this one... as PD is probably getting a stronger relationship with GM, it may be free just like the GT86 and FR-S... but as the BRZ is a paid DLC, the C7 can be a paid one as well...

    Give something for free to tease for the coolest paid one.
  10. mcfizzle

    Germany Frankfurt am Main

    I've seen you jump on people multiple times for posting opinions or rumors as fact, even quoting the AUP. So can you prove the unmasked will be paid or are you finding a way to make a positive into a negative as always?
  11. Appie

    Morocco Amsterdam

    Sweet surprise by PD. :D
  12. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Added "IMO", didn't mean to imply it as fact. Also I wouldn't see it as a negative the final version being paid, it seems reasonable. They were my thoughts yesterday, masked version free, final version paid DLC, probably $0.99. Makes the most sense to me and again, that isn't a negative, just seems reasonable.
  13. Johnnypenso

    Online Now!
    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    Great news, but if it sounds like the other vette's in the game they can keep it..I'm tired of crappy sounding v8's...:tdown:
  14. RaY29rus

    Online Now!
    Russian Federation Arkhangelsk

    :bowdown: thanks PD
  15. trevor24

    United States Nacogdoches, TX

    it would be nice if it was for U.S. too
  16. Thom Lee

    Germany Essen

    great news! Thanks PD!
  17. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    This rocks! Thank you very much Kaz and PD, you guys rule!!! :D:tup: I can't wait to try out the Vette C7. :)

    Edit: I agree with @SimonK though, PD should communicate with us a bit more.
  18. LeadFootLiam

    Canada Vancouver, BC

  19. MoLiEG

    Mexico Mexico City

    If it's free, I'll take it ;)
  20. Master Weasel

    Online Now!
    United States Georgia

    Looks like I have a reason to give GT5 the time of day for a little while.
  21. Lewis_Hamilton_

    England England

    Sweet! Can't wait to drive it :)

    Thanks PD, a nice little gift.
  22. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    Hmm. I think this should be :gtplanet:'s next new news. :D

  23. R1600Turbo

    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    I bet it sounds just like the C6.

    I'm sure we'll be getting it too. Even though the USA blog doesn't say squat.
  24. maxpontiac

    United States Arizona

    One of two reasons..

    1 - PD is a Sony developer and they CHOOSE to leave the communication to Sony.

    2 - PD does not want to deal with the complaining heavy internet..:scared:
  25. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    Okay I somewhat agree on #2. O_O
  26. roflcoptor

    United Kingdom Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

    Free car is free.

  27. maxpontiac

    United States Arizona

    Sadly it is the truth. I know I have always had an unfriendly stance against complainers, but the internet can be a very unfriendly place.

    People really should be more professional with their complaints and avoid insults toward PD here.

    I have had my own business for over a decade and I will be the first to tell you that habitual complainers are often handled much, much different then those who are unhappy but civil and friendly.:)
  28. So this is going to be on the PS Store? Wouldn't think they would time it with an update since it's already there, but still kinda surprised they are treating it as a footnote buried in PSN update news.
  29. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    There is a multitude of ways to communicate directly without having to deal with complaints. A blog/news section that doesn't allow comments for example. Tweets would even be something.
  30. lldantell

    United States Westchester,il

    i cant wait
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