CRAP a'Corsa ClubPS4 



Where oh where is the update with Laguna Seca?

Apart from having no time in the evening, and a new member of the family to train (puppy), I'm looking forward to some seat time with AC.. #Soon(TM) ;)


in the immortal words of PD ..... "soon"
All I've seen is early 2018
@ all crapperz
We are doing AC racing and championships each Thursday night at 8pm GMT.
Please contact me if you are interested.
Yesterday we finished a BMW 235i racing championship and next week hopefully MX5 cup championship starts.
and i read somewhere our new free dlc should be here mid month :)

That would be nice, but don't hold your breath!

Would love to get back into AC, but feel like I don't have time to pass wind most days!
GTS has been giving me that quick fix, with easy to pick up an play approach.

Just about to move house too, so it will be Mid March before I settle down in front of my wheel again .
@Georgeagea series runs in the middle of my night and i usually run in the middle of you fellas night. This leaves me mostly tt ing in AC.
Getting some mix'n'match pCars/GTS in the evenings. My mornings see me mostly in GTS with NAmerican pals
Crickey... @nosoks you were spot on!

As if by magic...
Hello CRAPpers!!

Wonderful combo!!

Isn’t any car at the ring a great combo ;)

Still not jumped back into AC, don’t like playing this game without my wheel, but only a few more weeks until all settled in new house so...

Here’s hoping for a little resurgence in April with ultimate edition. So just the right amount of time to get my eye in again.