Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.45 Update)

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Had a string of really low payouts since the 25th anniversary update, the usual terrible and duplicate car parts, a 4* paying 5000, 3* as low as 3000.

Then after trying the 25th anniversary Nations event unsuccessfully twice in a row to get silver or better, I got a 4* payout for 500,000. Thanks 🙏🏻
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A frustrating sequence of 3 star tickets for mixed car/cash/parts prizes usually paying out 2000 credits left me wanting the safety car FFS, at least I could sell it. Then just now todays 3 star award gave me 100K🤷🏼‍♂️
My invite to aston martin expire and I didn't buy this car since I didn't wanna drop the 3+m on it.

But my patience was rewarded.
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I'd have to be lucky enough to win both Invite AM cars to be excited about winning one or the other, since I have 60m Cr in the bank and nothing left to buy, so money is not the limiting factor for me.

Waiting for the AM Invite has given me something to do each day - in the 60 days I have been logging my Marathon tickets, I have won 2 Ferrari, 1 Pagini, 1 Lambo, 1 Bugatti and 1 Porsche invite and in addition seen 4 Porsche, 2 Pagini, 1 Ferrari, 1 Citroen and 1 Bugatti Invite as potential prizes. So I have been quite unlucky or Polyphony are just being vindictive against me :(

Update - I have now been logging roulette tickets for 100 days and have won 3 Ferrari, 2 Bugatti, 2 Porsche, 1 Lambo and 1 Pagini Invite. In addition I've had as potential prizes (but not won) 7 Porsche, 2 Ferrari, 2 Pagini, 1 Bugati, 2 Citroen AND 1 ASTON MARTIN.
I've just finished a 2-week spell grinding for daily tickets by learning the Nordschleife and eventually Golding the Circuit Experience, that took me to 100,000,000 and there is nothing left to complete except buy these 2 damn Astons when I finally get the Invite!

NEW UPDATE Finally!!!! Finally!!!! after 110 recorded marathon roulette ticket days, I finally won the Aston Martin Invite and have collected all 456 cars to date (that includes the two 25th anniversary bonus cars which are not shown in Collection screen).

That's a wrap - all licence test Golds, all Mission Golds, all Circuit Experience Sector and 1-Lap Golds, all Races 1st, all Championships won, all cars collected, all trophies won.

A summary after 110 Marathon Tickets - by ticket type - Actual% (Expected%)
1 Star - 0 (2)
2 Star - 0 (2)
3 Star - 30 (30)
4 Star - 58 (58)
5 Star - 8 (5)
6 Star - 4 (3)

I do doubt whether the 2% for 1* and 2* is correct for Level 20+. I was spot on with 3* and 4* and won 64% more of 5* tickets than expected and 20% more 6* tickets than expected .

By Prize Type - Actual% (Expected%)
Coins - 47 (53.7)
Gold Bars - 8 (8.7)
Cars - 18 (13.8)
Part/Engine - 17 (17.5)
Invite 9 (6.2)

Invites by Manufacturer Won (Potential Prize not won)
Ferrari 3 (5)
Porsche 2 (10)
Bugatti 2 (3)
Pagini 1 (5)
Lamborghini 1 (1)
Aston Martin 1 (2)
Citroen 0 (2)

Invites - 9 (6.2)
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I've been getting roughly 30,000 credits on average. I got an engine ticket the other day. It was some Nissan engine, so I exited and will try it again after the next update. I'd like to get either a Civic engine or something I can drop into a Trans Am.
Update 1.27
December 15 - (4-star workout) Ferrari invite, (6-star engine ticket) R26B engine, (6-star engine ticket) HR-414E engine :)
December 16 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 17 - (4-star) GR Supra RZ '19
December 18 - (4-star) 30000 credits
December 19 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 20 - (5-star) Porsche invite
December 21 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 22 - (4-star) Pagani invite
December 23 - (3-star) 10000 credits
December 24 - (4-star) Carbon Propellor Shaft for Charger SRT Hellcat '15
December 25 - (4-star) Bugatti invite
December 26 - (5-star) 500000 credits
December 27 - (4-star) 10000 credits
December 28 - (4-star) 10000 credits
December 29 - (4-star) Stroke Up S for DeLorean S2 '04
December 30 - (3-star) 10000 credits
December 31 - (6-star engine) K20C1 engine
January 1 - (3-star) 5000 credits
January 2 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 3 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 4 - (4-star) 30000 credits
January 5 - (4-star) Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for Mercedes-AMG GT R '17
January 6 - (4-star) H25A engine :bowdown:
January 7 - (4-star) Pagani invite
January 8 - (4-star) Mazda Roadster Touring Car
January 9 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 10 - (4-star) 30000 credits
January 11 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 12 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 13 - (4-star) Bore Up S for RCZ GT Line '15
January 14 - (5-star) Lamborghini invite
January 15 - (4-star) 500000 credits
January 16 - (5-star) 100000 credits
January 17 - (3-star) 5000 credits
January 18 - (3-star) 5000 credits
January 19 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 20 - (6-star) 500000 credits
January 21 - (3-star) 5000 credits
January 22 - (3-star) 10000 credits
January 23 - (4-star) Fairlady Z (Z34) '08
January 24 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 25 - (4-star) 30000 credits
January 26 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 27 - (4-star) Bore Up S for RCZ GT Line '15 :grumpy:
January 28 - (4-star) 30000 credits
January 29 - (4-star) 10000 credits
January 30 - (3-star) 5000 credits
January 31 - (3-star) 5000 credits
February 1 - (4-star) Racing Crank Shaft for Mercedes-AMG GT Safety Car
February 2 - (4-star) 30000 credits
February 3 - (3-star) Nitrous System for GR Supra RZ '19
February 4 - (3-star) 10000 credits
February 5 - (5-star) Audi R8 LMS '15
February 6 - (3-star) Height-Adjustable Sports Suspension for Golf VII GTI '14
February 7 - (4-star) 10000 credits
February 8 - (3-star) 100000 credits
February 9 - (5-star) 500000 credits
February 10 - (4-star) LaFerrari '13 :)
February 11 - (4-star) 10000 credits
February 12 - (3-star) 5000 credits
February 13 - (4-star) 10000 credits
February 14 - (4-star) 10000 credits
February 15 - (3-star) 5000 credits
February 16 - (3-star) Fully Customizable Computer for BRZ S '21
February 17 - (4-star) Bore Up S for A 45 AMG '13
February 18 - (4-star) Ferrari invite
February 19 - (4-star) 500000 credits
February 20 - (3-star) 5000 credits
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Got a 6-star ticket today that would gift me this fine ride. I'm not going to redeem it just yet, but this is likely one of the better cars I could've gotten, seeing how it sells for twice as much as any of the VGTs.


I also got a 4-star ticket yesterday that contains an unneeded Mustang engine. Unfortunately it seems like there's no point in saving up any of these tickets, as the next update shouldn't be coming before January 26th...
Question what happens to a ticket when it expires does it get remove from you inventory?

Cause as of now I refuse to except any insulting prizes from this tickets and will just let them expire. :rolleyes:

I'm taking a stand. :nervous::sly::)
Got mostly low rewards in the last two or three weeks (playing average 3-4 days a week), but got 2 6-star tickets in a row the last two days with in sum 1.5 million credits in prize money!
I checked this thread because I thought the wheel was being generous for Xmas, I got 1m yesterday and 500k today when up until now the prize was always the smallest pile of money shown if not a car or parts. Looks like I've been lucky!
The GT gods appear to believe I'm in love with pace cars so today instead of getting a useless part for one I got my 3rd Renault in recent weeks. To try to change my luck instead of selling it, I did the only cool thing I could think of....fingers crossed it will change my wheel luck.

December 2022

6 star (E)​
New Engine for a Mazda 787B '91​
4 star​
Citroen GT by Citroen Gr.4​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
BMW M2 Competition '18​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
Racing Crank Shaft for a Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 '15​
4 star​
30,000 cr.​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
500,000 cr.​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
500,000 cr.​
5 star​
500,000 cr.​
4 star​
Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for a Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe '06​
4 star​
Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 '12​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
30,000 cr.​
4 star​
Genesis G70 GR4​
6 star (E)​
New Engine for a Nissan GT-R Nismo '17​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
30,000 cr.​
3 star​
5,000 cr.​
3 star​
5,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 '13​
4 star​
Ferrari invitation​
3 star​
5,000 cr.​
4 star​
New Engine for a Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special '98​

Regular readers will note the irony of the 28th. I'm pretty sure that was also the first non-Menu car I bought in the game. It's also not the first time I've had one from a daily workout gift.

That's also my first invitation since the 8th of November. That was a Ferrari one too.

I also completed one of the extra menus yesterday for a 6 star parts ticket. I got Stroke Up S for a '02 NSX. I've had that from a 6 star ticket before too.

Happy new year!
Sorry to ask here but had a search and couldn't find the answer and didn't want to start a new topic just for this - what decides if you get a 4,5,6 Star ticket from the daily marathon for the roulette? Is it influenced by any factors or just random? (I remember one GT game had increasing daily login bonuses if you didn't miss a day).
Sorry to ask here but had a search and couldn't find the answer and didn't want to start a new topic just for this - what decides if you get a 4,5,6 Star ticket from the daily marathon for the roulette? Is it influenced by any factors or just random? (I remember one GT game had increasing daily login bonuses if you didn't miss a day).
Iirc from others analysis... completely random mate. Others will hopefully correct me if wrong...
Note - Part 1 of the log for the Plus account is over here, part 2 is over here, part 3 is over here, part 4 is over here, and part 5 is over here. New month; new post.

I haven't really been tracking the roulettes on my GTP account, but I have been on my Plus account, where I started on 4/20 to take advantage of the pre-order bonus, the extra 1 million credits for the 1.08/1.09 lockdown and the auto-invites for those disappearing early.

Of the 238 tickets since 6/23/2022 and the release of version 1.17, which set the current odds of getting a specific ticket and prize from said ticket (no 1-star or 2-star, 64 3-star/0 guaranteed, 125 4-star/2 guaranteed, 18 5-star/2 guaranteed, 7 normal 6-star/1 guaranteed, 16 engine 6-star/9 guaranteed, and 8 parts 6-star/6 guaranteed) on the Plus account as of 1/31/2023:
  • 108 have been the low-cash prize (when at least 2 cash prizes were present; not necessarily the lowest-possible)
  • 7 have been the 2nd-smallest cash prize (when at least 3 cash prizes were present)
  • 5 have been the 3rd-smallest cash prize (when at least 4 cash prizes were present)
  • 1 has been the 4th-smallest cash prize on an all-cash wheel (at least one of the 5 visible cash prizes is not possible to win)
  • 5 have been the big-cash prize
  • 29 have been for cars (including one won THREE times overall, and twice since 1.17, and two other cars won twice since 1.17)
  • 24 have been for parts which can be bought (including 2 parts won twice, 3 completely worthless parts for which a better version can be bought, and 2 nitrous systems, which adds nothing to the resale value of a car)
  • 18 have been for parts which cannot be bought (7 off parts-only tickets and 3 parts won twice)
  • 25 have been for engines (16 off engine-only tickets)
  • 15 have been for invites (1 which should have extended an existing invite had it not prematurely expired, and 3 of which extended an existing invites)
  • 1 failed to register the prize (5,000 Cr. from a 3-star Wheel of Despair)
Of the 126 awarded cash prizes since 6/23/2022:
  • None have been for 2,000 Cr.
  • 24 have been for 5,000 Cr.
  • 53 have been for 10,000 Cr.
  • 26 have been for 30,000 Cr.
  • 14 have been for 100,000 Cr.
  • 5 have been for 500,000 Cr.
  • 4 have been for 1,000,000 Cr.
  • 66 have been the lowest possible (not necessarily the lowest visible)
  • 48 have been the 2nd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 3 possible)
  • 6 have been the 3rd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 4 possible)
  • 5 have been the highest possible (not necessarily the highest visible)
1/1/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/2/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/3/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/4/20234-starWorkoutCarbon Propeller Shaft for 2002 Dodge Viper GTS
1/5/20233-starWorkout100,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/6/20236-star (engine)Workout2020 Honda Civic engine
1/7/20234-starWorkoutCarbon Propeller Shaft for 2014 Lexus RC F
1/8/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/9/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/10/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/11/20234-starWorkoutCarbon Ceramic Brakes for Citroen GT by Citroen Road Car
1/12/20234-starWorkoutRoadster Shop Rampage engine
1/13/20234-starWorkout30,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/14/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/15/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/16/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/17/20233-starWorkoutNitrous system for 2018 Subaru BRZ STI Sport
1/18/20234-starWorkoutRacing muffler for 2015 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S
1/19/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/20/20234-starWorkoutPagani invite
1/21/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/22/20234-starWorkoutPagani inviteExtended existing invite
1/23/20233-starWorkoutHeight-Adjustable Suspension for 2014 Jaguar F-type R
1/24/20234-starWorkoutNitrous system for Toyota 86 Gr.B Rally Car
1/25/20234-starWorkout30,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/26/20236-star (parts)WorkoutStage 5 Weight Reduction for 2014 Lamborghini Veneno
1/27/20233-starWorkout100,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/28/20233-starWorkoutFully Customizable Computer for 2021 Toyota GR86 RZ
1/29/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/30/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
1/31/20234-starWorkoutSubaru WRX Gr.4
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Never ever dreamed I’d be saying this, but I’m actually glad to have received a rare car invitation today. (The Lambo)
Today I got a Stroke Up S for a DeLorean from a 4 star ticket. I got the same thing a month ago. I'm beginning to think it'd be best if I just uninstalled this game.
Never ever dreamed I’d be saying this, but I’m actually glad to have received a rare car invitation today. (The Lambo)
2 out of the 3 invitation tickets I've received so far where for the Lamborghini Veneno. I don't know if that's good o bad luck.
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Well, I got a six star ticket on Tuesday for Titanium Rods & Pistons(Evo Gr.B Road Car), six star for Ceramic Brakes(One-77).
Just then, a six star for… no words…

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Congratulations! That's an insane prize car to get. There's probably not a lot of non-legendary cars that sell for more than this one.
500.000 credits from 5 star ticket!!!! :cheers:
After so many disapointment results with rewards as much as 5 or 10k....
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