Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Gran Turismo took revenge for the 100k 3 star yesterday and gave me:

Gran Turismo™ 7_20230601135142.jpg

in today's 3 star. :lol:
All I really want at this point is the gdamn Enzo invitation. It’s ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

EDIT: Um, super weird but apparently I spoke it into existence. Just did today’s daily marathon, got a four-star ticket, got the invite (and for the LaFerrari). Just bought both. Honestly I’m slightly creeped out 🤣
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Got a DW 5*, nice ! On the wheel it showed a 10k stack, which I know it will not award, a 100k ingot, a Supra Racing Concept '18, a Lancer Evolution Final Gr.B Road Car and something I don't remember, and I've got this :

Value 300k, not so bad. Two days, two cars (which I dit not possess), june is on a good start 😎
I had that annoying purple invite icon on brand central for a month after I bought all the Ferraris. One day after it expired and I get Ferrari invite again from a 4 star marathon roulette…

Are there any other ways to get invites in the game? I’m missing so many good cars :(
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Part 1 of the log for the Plus account is over here, part 2 is over here, part 3 is over here, part 4 is over here, part 5 is over here, part 6 is over here, part 7 is over here, part 8 is over here, part 9 is over here, and part 10 is over here. New month; new post. Also, the summary below will not be updated over the course of the month; the monthly detail below that, however, will be.

Of the 341 tickets on the Plus account between 6/23/2022, the release of version 1.17, which set the current odds of getting a specific ticket and prize from said ticket, and 5/31/2023:
  • None were 1-star or 2-star
  • 97 were 3-star (none guaranteed from either Menu Books or Extra Menus)
  • 176 were 4-star (3 guaranteed)
  • 26 were 5-star (6 guaranteed)
  • 13 were normal 6-star (3 guaranteed)
  • 18 were engine 6-star (9 guaranteed)
  • 11 were parts 6-star (6 guaranteed)
  • 153 awarded (or should have awarded) the lowest-showing cash prize (when at least 2 were showing)
  • 12 awarded the 2nd-lowest showing cash prize (when at least 3 were showing)
  • 8 awarded the 3rd-lowest showing cash prize (when at least 4 were showing)
  • 1 awarded the 4th-smallest showing cash prize on an all-cash wheel (at least 1 of the shown prizes was an invalid prize)
  • 5 awarded the highest-showing cash prize
  • 47 awarded cars (including one won THREE times overall and twice since 1.17, and three other cars won twice since 1.17). Of these:
    • 21 were worth 100,000 Cr. or less, including all my duplicate wins
    • 16 were worth between 100,001 Cr. and 450,000 Cr.
    • 10 were worth more than 450,000 Cr.
  • 37 awarded parts which can be bought in the Tuning Shop up to the Extreme tier, other than carbon ceramic brakes (including 2 parts won twice, 9 completely worthless parts for which a better version can be bought, and 2 nitrous systems, which adds nothing to the resale value of a car)
  • 30 awarded parts which can be bought in the Ultimate tier of the Tuning Shop, or carbon ceramic brakes (8 off parts-only tickets, 3 parts won twice, and 4 sets of carbon ceramic brakes)
  • 28 awarded engines (17 off engine-only tickets)
  • 17 awarded invites (1 which should have extended an existing invite had it not prematurely expired, and 3 of which extended an existing invites)
  • 1 failed to register the prize (5,000 Cr. from a 3-star Wheel of Despair)
Of the 179 cash prizes between 6/23/2022 and 5/31/2023 (including the unawarded prize):
  • None have been for 2,000 Cr.
  • 35 have been for 5,000 Cr.
  • 73 have been for 10,000 Cr.
  • 39 have been for 30,000 Cr.
  • 19 have been for 100,000 Cr.
  • 9 have been for 500,000 Cr.
  • 4 have been for 1,000,000 Cr.
  • 93 have been the lowest possible (not necessarily the lowest visible)
  • 72 have been the 2nd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 3 possible)
  • 8 have been the 3rd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 4 possible)
  • 6 have been the highest possible (not necessarily the highest visible)
Against expectations between 6/23/2022 and 5/31/2023 (rounded to the nearest tenth)...
Workout ticket stars:
  • 2.8 more 3-star tickets (and a heap more so far this year)
  • 9.1 fewer 4-star tickets
  • 4.3 more 5-star tickets
  • 0.6 more normal 6-star tickets
  • 2.7 more 6-star engine tickets
  • 1.3 fewer 6-star parts tickets
General prize classes:
  • 12.7 fewer cash-awarding tickets
  • 0.4 fewer cars worth 100,000 Cr. or less
  • 0.4 fewer cars worth between 100,001 Cr. and 450,000 Cr.
  • 1.7 more cars worth over 450,000 Cr.
  • 9.1 more parts that can be bought in the Extreme tier or lower in the Tuning Shop (other than carbon brakes)
  • 0.0(4) more parts that either can be bought in the Ultimate tier of the Tuning Shop or are carbon brakes
  • 6.1 more engines
  • 3.3 fewer invites
Cash prizes (against the 179 displayed, not the 191.7 expected or 178 actually awarded):
  • 2.5 fewer 5,000 Cr.
  • 4.2 fewer 10,000 Cr.
  • 7.3 more 30,000 Cr.
  • 5.2 more 100,000 Cr.
  • 5.9 fewer 500,000 Cr.
  • 0.1 more 1,000,000 Cr.
  • 3.0 fewer lowest-possible
  • 3.9 more 2nd-lowest possible
  • 2.1 fewer 3rd-lowest-possible
  • 1.2 more highest possible

6/3/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/4/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/5/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/6/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/7/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/8/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/9/20234-starWorkoutHigh Lift Cam Shaft for 2015 Aston Martin V8 Vantage S
6/11/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/13/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/15/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/16/20234-starWorkout30,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/17/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/19/20235-starWorkoutPagani invite
6/20/20234-starWorkout30,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/21/20234-starWorkout2002 Honda NSX Type R
6/22/20234-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/23/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/25/20233-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
6/26/20234-starWorkoutHigh Lift Cam Shaft for 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991)
6/27/20034-starWorkout500,000 Cr.2nd-smallest cash prize
6/28/20234-starWorkout2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6)
6/29/20234-starExtra Menu 24Mazda Roadster Touring Car
6/29/20234-starExtra Menu 2530,000 Cr.2nd-smallest cash prize
6/29/20234-starWorkoutNitrous System for Toyota FT-1 VGT (Gr.3)
6/30/20233-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
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