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  1. Alex holloway

    Alex holloway

    Any recommendations on configuration controls...I.e dead zones? I'm on PS4 with controller.
    There used to be a diagram on this website forum but can't find it...
    Thank you!
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  2. Wolfe

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    You can try mine:

    Input Mode: 3
    Assists: ABS ON
    Steering Sensitivity:   25
    Throttle Sensitivity:   45
    Brake Sensitivity:      45
    These sensitivities control analog linearity.
    0-49 is slower near the center/low end and faster at the end of the axis.
    51-100 is faster near the center/low end and slower at the end of the axis.

    Speed Sensitivity:      50
    Filtering Sensitivity:  50
    Speed Sensitivity controls the maximum steering lock based on your velocity.
    Higher = less steering lock at high speeds.

    Filtering Sensitivity controls the maximum rate (speed) of steering.
    0 is fastest, 100 is slowest.

    Advanced:                  ON
    Soft Steering Dampening:   ON
    Visual Filtering:         OFF
    Opposite Lock Help:       OFF
    Soft Steering Dampening helps soften sudden inputs, like a flick of the analog stick.

    Visual Filtering affects the cockpit wheel/driver animation, making it smoother and more "realistic". When turned off, it reflects your actual steering position in real time, like in telemetry.

    Opposite Lock Help boosts countersteer input to catch oversteer more quickly, but it does not prevent you from overcorrecting.
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  3. torque99


    I have also been many months trying to get the right settings for me (for the odd quick blast on DS4 when the wheel is away) with help from people on here.

    Then by chance after trying all the ones I come across I found one on here today on an old 2015 post ( I can't find the post but will credit when I do :tup:). As everyones settings and what they like vary (@Wolfe ^^ I tried above and this helped me but not what I was looking for).

    These are the ones I have now settled on and really work well as an all rounder without adjustments each time for me on all road cars,race cars and tracks. This has made the game so much better for me today without any frustration of restarting the session to 'try again' setting in ::tup:
    (I can't wait for Pcars2 when you will be able to pause the game while driving and change them)

    PS4 PRO-Dual Shock4

    Input Mode 3

    Steering DZ-5
    Steering Sens-10
    Throttle DZ-10
    Throttle Sens-10
    Brake DZ-10
    Brake Sens-30
    Clutch DZ-10
    Clutch Sens-45

    Speed Sens-60
    Filtering Sens-35

    Soft Steering-ON
    Visual Filtering-ON
    Opp Lock-OFF
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  4. Alex holloway

    Alex holloway

    Yeah I found a post about it before but couldn't find it that's why I asked around in case it popped up again. Thank you I will try this and let you know how i get on

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