Dear PD, please bring GT7 back to DAY 1 physics and ffb

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I understand the frustration, but the T500 is pretty long in the tooth at this point, vs all the new stuff that has come out recently. I don’t know how all the techy stuff works, but it could just be a case of the wheel can’t read/interpret all the info the game is giving it now?

What PC games do you play? Are they new releases also, or older games? I’m curious now, why it’s just GT. I wonder if different games use different/newer/older ways of giving the FFB to a wheel base? 🤔

I get it's an old wheel, but it's one that functions perfectly well pre update.
Whatever they changed they seem to have made an error with the T500 settings, or at least that's how it seems as I recall other t500 users saying similar things.

It would be very strange if it were just me.

I don't really currently play any PC games and only dable in other console games too.
I purely loaded a couple to see if the wheel still performed how it should, and at full strength. Likewise I tested in the PC control panel, and all was as it should be.

Again, pre 1.31 the wheel was fine in GT7.

Either way, upgrading to improve my experience is one thing. Upgrading because PD/TM unintentionally or intentionally borked the wheels ability is another thing entirely.

Would be great to roll back the update on my system purely to check that the update was the specific reason for this, but we aren't allowed to do that lol

The only way I can get any feedback on this update it to crank max torque up to 10, and sensitivity to 6. However based on all prior knowledge that shouldn't be the settings for this wheel, and even then it's still very weak.

Hopefully there are some other T500 owners around than can confirm this.

I might try and default the control panel options, and turn on spring and dampener, but I've been reading they make no difference to console, and feel like a band aid fix regardless.
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Can't comment too much about the physics as since the update there is practically no FFB on the T500 and I've stopped playing. Tried a couple of races but just have no idea what the car is doing or how it's reacting.

It's very light and very dull, no matter what settings. Can turn the wheel with my little fingers.

For me and possibly other T500 owners, this update has totally broken the game and made it practically unplayable.

Won't be bothering again till they sort it out.

Shame, as it seems other wheel owners are enjoying the new feedback, but on the T500 at least it's totally dead.
You have also tried adjusting the power steering sittings? (OK, they changed the name but,)


Also, try changing the settings for ABS as it ties into steering feel as well.

Lastly, do a recalibration on your wheel set.
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Have they fixed the issue with max tuned street cars being unstable at speeds higher than 350km/h in a straight line?