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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by GFO_7, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. GFO_7


    Hi All,

    First post but regular browser - fantastic sight. Santa brought me a DFGT for Christmas and I find that when driving straight it is slightly off centre to the left. This doesn't have any major effect on driving but does play havoc with my obsessive compulsion with straight & parrallel lines.

    Does anyone else have similar problem with off centre wheel as I'm debating about returning for new wheel ?

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  2. Spangle2k4


    My DFGT also points slightly to the left when I'm driving straight, not by much but enough that I've noticed it.

    More irritating is that pulling up on the brake pedal lifts it a bit higher than it springs to naturally, meaning that the brake is always on unless you pull the pedal up with your foot. Cured only by unplugging and re-connecting the USB lead, forcing recalibration.
  3. 01GTP

    United States East Canaan, CT

    I find unplugging the USB cord is enough to recalibrate the wheel to the center.
    I do it after the game has started and I see My Page.

    It's a great wheel.
  4. LANDO


    Same here:

    I have just bought a DFGT, after the calibration the wheel is not perfectly centered (3-4 mm to the left) so if I put the wheel perfectly centered the car goes to the right. Could the users of this wheel tell me if this happen to them too? I do not know if return it.Thanks.

    What 01GTP worked for me with the DFP, but not qith this one. I don not know if return it, but I think all the Driving Force (pro and GT) have this issue.
  5. Hereward


    Not had the off center calibration issue but have had the brake pedal issue 3 times now, I just unplug the seriel cable and it resets itself, I think it could be if your "resting" your foot on it at the start of the race and it calibrates itself slightly off......but I'm probubley wrong. Not been a real issue but it could be mid online race.
  6. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    This is know as "spiking" and it can effect lots of Logitech wheels. I had it happen to me on my Momo so badly that I couldn't accelerate because of the brake but it can be easily cured for free. This will tell you everything you need to know http://web.t-online.hu/mozso/momo_e5.html . I know its for a Momo but the same idea applies and I know it's a guide for the accelerator pedal but just use some common sense.
  7. LANDO


    Guys I need some advice, do you return the wheel for another one, just for the left issue? My dead line for returnt it is tomorrow
  8. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    If they are going to send you another then you may aswell, but the problem may come back. You can try opening up the wheel and making sure the potmeters are correctly positioned.
  9. GFO_7


    Thanks to those that responded, but does this suggest that of all the DFGT users that there is only 3 of us that have this issue.

    To LANDO, why not see if Logitech will replace, the worst that can happen is that the replacement has similar problem.....let me know what you decide.

    As for the pedals I'm still using my 3.5 year old DFP pedals....have just recently had the pedal problem but followed the fix on this site and all seems OK.
  10. LANDO


    Let´s see, I retuned the wheel, I have a new, and althought the calibration is better, the left issue is still there, so I am going to asume that there is a problem with this type of mechanism, because I have tried the DFP and the issue is also there. So the people who is an obsesive like me will know the wheel is not perfectly centered, the less obsesive people will never realize about it.
  11. start your game
    unplug the wheel
    plug it back in
    wingman profiler might need to be restarted
    [on rfactor you'll need to go to 'controls' and adjust FFB 1 number higher or lower]
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  12. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    Problem is that this is only a temp fix. All it does is reset the values within the wheels hardware. The only preminent fix is to open the wheel and adjust the position of the potmeters.
  13. to make it center ???
  14. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    Yeah.. what else would it be for?
  15. waggles


    Is the actual wheel chassis slightly on an angle? Because it might be centering to that angle, rather than what you want.
  16. LANDO


    Do you know how to do it? is there any videos explaining it?
  17. i dunno, but i don't see any info about 'centering pots' in the tutorial above ..... only pedal fixing.
  18. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    Thats because the tutorial I posted was for pedal fix, if you see what I posted in response to, he needed a pedal fix.
  19. GFO_7


    My original post was about the wheel being slightly off centre, a problem which LANDO also appears to have experienced. But it does just seem to be the two of us with the issue.
  20. LANDO


    I think there is more people with this issue, also I wrote a few post back that the 2nd wheel also have this issue, It does not bother me too much, but I think I will try to fix it dismounting the wheel. I am scared of breaking it :crazy::crazy:
  21. i understand, and my question is, how does that relate to the centering of the steering wheel issue ??
  22. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    It doesn't and I never said it did. If you look at what I quoted he is stating a pedal issue and I gave a pedal fix.

    Fixing the wheel also requires you to open it up and set the potmeters back in the correct position. It helps if you add some loose grease into the potmeter holders, that will keep the potmeters in place better.
  23. I'm sorry, but you are confused. This is a "wheel centering thread"

    Lando posted a WHEEL CENTERING issue:

    I posted a "wheel center" fix:
    you quoted my steering wheel centering fix & responded with:
    I wasn't sure you were talking about wheel centering:
    well it sure looks to me like you did:
    you quoted my wheel centering fix & suggested a pedal fix that has nothing to do with wheel centering / my fix.
    then you said it did relate, now you say it doesn't & that you never said it did relate ??

    perhaps you think i posted a pedal fix, but i would not do that in a wheel centering thread
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  24. yes, it's not just you.

    to get around the "OFF CENTER" issue try:

    start your game / go on track
    unplug the wheel
    plug it back in

    wingman profiler might need to be restarted
    [on rfactor you'll need to go to 'controls' and adjust FFB 1 number higher or lower]
  25. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    But if you actually look at what I posted the pedal fix for (its in the quote below) he asked for pedal fix. I also never pointed YOU in the direction of the pedal fix. I mearly said Open up the wheel and center the potmeters. You also missed out quoting my post which I already explained to YOU I posted a pedal fix because someone asked for one, giving your multiple quotes an unfair representation of what I said. You are the one getting confused my friend.

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  26. i'm sorry, but i COMPLETELY realize that you did not direct me to the pedal fix regarding wheel centering.

    but when you quoted my centering fix and mistakenly assumed that because you talked about unplugging the USB and plugging it back it [regarding pedals], that I must have been echoing your thoughts. my suggestion had / has NOTHING to do with your pedal fix. it was in response to / posted immediately after:


    you assumed i was talking about the pedal issue, and correctly stated ABOUT PEDALS:
    of course, I wanted to make sure you were not talking about centering:
    and THAT ^^^^ is the problem, right there.

    you said yes.
    then said no.
    then said you never said yes.

    normally i just let things like this die, and i re-read my posts to make sure i had it straight, and I do.

    it's no big deal, but there is no explanation for your answer of
    Maybe you should have said "No, to solve the [pedal] spiking issue"
    because I have never seen anything posted about potmeters and wheel centering
  27. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    I think you'll find if I was talking about the pedal issue I would have said open up the pedals. YOU have presumed that I mistaken your fix for a pedal fix. The two procedures are very similar because they both involve opening the device up and correctly postioning the potmeters.

    You will also find that in never said yes then no then yes again.

    Mabye if you read through my posts I never say anything about the PEDAL fix after I gave the answer to the guy that asked for one. I'm sorry if you have been confused but the two procedures are VERY similar.
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  28. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if this pedals/wheel 'THING' is enough to deter me away from the DFGT? It's just that I was going to go and get one in 4 days but I don't want to if it's going to turn out crap.

    Many Thanks. Cougar23
  29. 01GTP

    United States East Canaan, CT

    I have an DFGT and have had no problems, same as a buddy of mine.
    The pedals are a little better than my old DFP but are still plastic.

    If you'd rather pay more for better pedals along with the clutch buy the G25 or wait for the G27.
    If not get the DFGT.
  30. I have just acquired a used DFGT that's also not centering correctly like the original poster mentioned. The startup/init sequence of the wheel doesn't seem to address it (ie. the wheel remains about 3 degrees to the left when driving straight).

    I think most people wouldn't noticed that it's not centered either. But unfortunately, I do and it's driving me nuts.

    I would like to take the wheel apart to mechanically fix this if it's possible. Anyone out there have any info on how to tackle this?

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