DiRT 4 Joins the Xbox Game Pass Lineup in July

Been a decent set of racers on Game Pass. Laat month had Moto GP and DIRT rally last year. Now DIRT 4. I like Xbox, just not the exclusives (except Forza Horizon)
I couldn't find any general thread for Dirt 4 (which is bizarre!), so I'm posting this here instead...

PSA For anyone not aware, Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt 4 servers go offline forever on 3 October and they are also removed from EA Play and Game Pass.

@PJTierney are you able to obtain confirmation whether these games are being delisted on that date or sometime soon? Thanks 👍
Mr Average... 😂
Timed that run to perfection!!!

The most meh game in the series. It wanted to retain dirt rally's simulation, but it also wanted to be more arcade and kinda failed at both. Also very limited amount of countries/stages. Honestly, I'd advise anyone to skip this and play dirt rally 1 or even better 2 instead.

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