DiRT 4

Humble Bundle's Racing Sale Brings PC Discounts to Assetto Corsa and More

New DiRT 4 Trailer Showcases World Rallycross Gameplay

A new trailer for the upcoming game focuses on the fast-paced world of Rallycross.

DiRT 4 Complete Hardware Compatibility List Released

Planning on playing Codies’ newest racer with a wheel? Chances are it’s on the list…

Learn More About the Two Handling Modes of DiRT 4

DiRT 4 9 May 11 by Ameer Zaita

The new DiRT game will be including two handling modes to satisfy both newbies and hardcore sim racers.

First DiRT 4 Gameplay Trailer Urges You to Be Fearless

The first gameplay trailer for Codemasters’ upcoming rally game packs a lot of action.

DiRT 4 Achievement List Revealed

Codemasters has crafted 48 different challenges for racers to tackle this summer.

How 'Your Stage' Will Work in DiRT 4's Career Mode

The latest Codemasters blog post tackles an important topic: Dirt 4’s track creation tool.

DiRT 4 Hands-on Video Explores Joy Ride, Dealerships, DiRT Academy & More

Playstation Access details the most exciting support aspects of the upcoming racer.

DiRT 4 Gameplay Video: Rally, Landrush & Rallycross Shown Off

Get a sneak peak at some of the gameplay modes in Codemasters’ upcoming racer.

How Codemasters Records Dirt 4's Authentic Car Sounds

Take a look into the effort one developer puts into producing accurate sounding cars for racing games.

A Deeper Look at DiRT 4's Team Management Features

Codemasters takes a look at the more intricate side of the upcoming racer’s career mode.

Information About DiRT 4's Landrush Mode Revealed

Codemasters has given us the lowdown on one of DiRT 4’s game modes and its older rally racer has arrived on Linux.

First Developer Diary for DiRT 4 Shows off 'Your Stage' Feature

Check out the central feature of the upcoming rally racer, capable of producing an almost infinite amount of stages.

DiRT 4 Special Edition and Day One Edition Details Announced

The retail options for the game’s summer launch are detailed by Codemasters.

DiRT 4 Will Not Feature Current WRC Content Due to Licensing

Those hoping to recreate some of this season’s WRC will be left wanting, with both cars and tracks being off-limits.

DiRT 4 AMA Recap: Improved Leagues, Simulation Handling and Simultaneous Multiplayer

Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman drops some info bombs left, right and centre on Reddit.

DiRT 4 Chief Games Designer Hits Reddit Today For an AMA

Paul Coleman will be taking questions on the popular social platform about the latest racer from Codemasters.