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DiRT 4 Joins the Xbox Game Pass Lineup in July

Xbox gamers looking for some rallying action this summer are in luck. Codemasters has announced DiRT 4 is coming to Xbox Game Pass, meaning subscribers will get to add it to their collections on July 1.

Codemasters Announces First Ever DiRT World Championships

Another day, another esports-related announcement. Codemasters is getting the DiRT series involved with competitive gaming with the all-new DiRT World Championships. Announced yesterday, DiRT 4 players will get the chance to win a pretty special prize: a drive in a real race car.

DiRT 4 Review: The Generator Generation

DiRT 4 always faced a challenging road to release. After the immensely successful DiRT Rally, Codemasters now had two sets of fan to please: the thrill-loving mainline series fans and those enthralled by the hardcore spin-off. The good news then, is that DiRT 4 manages to impress on both sides generally but that doesn’t mean it’s without its blemishes.

DiRT 4 Achievement List Revealed

The achievement and trophy list for upcoming rally racer DiRT 4 has been released to the public this week. Codemasters has shown off the type of events and challenges that will put players to the test when the game launches on June 9. The list seems to be a good mix of career-based tasks and general driving tests whilst containing some entertaining names to boot.

How ‘Your Stage’ Will Work in DiRT 4’s Career Mode

One of the most promising features of DiRT 4 is the Your Stage feature, an in-depth track creation tool that players will be able to take advantage of. Codemasters has used the latest iteration of its “Road Book” blog series to tackle this topic and why the team is confident that the tool can deliver worthwhile rally tracks.

DiRT 4 Hands-on Video Explores Joy Ride, Dealerships, DiRT Academy & More

Looking forward to the driving in DiRT 4 but still want further details on the features the game will have when it launches in June? PlayStation Access got the chance to go hands-on with the title last week, and has released another video detailing the top eight reasons it believes DiRT 4 provides a full experience outside of the actual racing.

DiRT 4 Gameplay Video: Rally, Landrush & Rallycross Shown Off

We’re quickly approaching DiRT 4’s mid-June release date, and that means a continuous stream of info on Codemasters’ rally title. The latest video, coming to us care of PlayStation Access, shows off three of the disciplines players will get down and dirty with.

How Codemasters Records Dirt 4’s Authentic Car Sounds

If there’s one thing Codemasters does right in many of its racing games, it must be the audio. The developer’s latest release, DiRT Rally, has received plenty of praise from reviewers for its quite accurate representation of vehicle sounds. The recreation of these beautiful sounds is not an easy task, though.

A Deeper Look at DiRT 4’s Team Management Features

On the road to DiRT 4′s June release, the official Codemasters blog has had a weekly review of the various features and gameplay elements players can expect when the game is in their hands. First we had a look at the innovative “Your Stage” track creator and then the “Landrush” gameplay mode. This time around, a core element of the title’s career mode has been tackled, as we get a look at the in-depth team management we’ll be able to tackle in the rally racer.

Information About DiRT 4’s Landrush Mode Revealed

After we learned about DiRT 4’s all-new ‘Your Stage’ feature, Codemasters continues to provide us with more details about what the game will include. Thanks to the DiRT 4 Road Book on the developer’s official blog, we now know how the redesigned Landrush game mode will function.