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  1. Drift Settings Depot

    Here you can find links to drift settings. Just find the manufacturer and see if the car is listed, then pick the settings from the person you like (as more than one person will have settings for a car). Check back every now-and-then as it is updated every so often.

    If you have settings for a car, and there are settings for that car already, post them anyway or provide a direct link to the post that has the settings (to make it easier) as people like to try different settings. WE NEED SETTINGS to make this work, post them here or post a link to the exact post! And Please, please, only one set of drift settings for a car per post!

    Note: Settings from NoNOS4ME are in fully modded cars.

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    Drift Settings

    Manufacturers are Shown in Dark Red.

    bustwave.'s Skyline Drift Settings

    Thio's Skyline GTR Vspec II (R34) Drift Settings

    Nightmage82's Skyline GTR (R34)Drift Settings

    Drifterzzz' Skyline GTR (R34) Drift Settings

    Sheron's Calsonic Skyline JGTC Drift Settings

    Skyline R32 Gts-t typeM
    Sheron's Skyline R32 GTs-t typeM Drift Settings

    drifterzzz's Skyline R32 GTs-t type M Drift Settings

    NISMO Skyline GT-R S-Tune
    drifterzzz NISMO S-Tune Drift Settings

    ZZII's C-West Razo Silvia Drift Settings

    (S15) Silvia SPEC-R Aero
    Sheron's Silvia (S15) SPEC-R Aero Drift Settings

    S13 Silvia K's 2000
    Sheron's S13 Silvia K's 2000cc

    200SX Type X
    Sheren's 200SX Type X Drift Settings

    200sx (S14)
    Sheron's 200sx (S14) Drift Settings

    NISMO GT-R LM Road Car
    Sheron's Nismo GTR LM Drift Settings

    WRX (new)
    NoNOS4ME's WRX Drfit Settings

    WRX LM Race Car
    div's WRX LM Racecar Drift Settings

    Sheron's WRX LM Racecar Drift Settings

    Impreza Sedan vers. VI
    LanEvo's Impreza Sedan Drift Settings

    NSX (Honda)
    NoNOS4ME's NSX Drift Settings

    S2000 LM Racecar
    NoNOS4ME's S2000 LM Racecar Drift Settings

    Mugan S2000
    NoNOS4ME's Mugan S2000 Drift Settings

    Civic Type R
    Sheron's Civic Type R Drift Settings

    Spoon Sports Civic Type R
    Sheron's Spoon Civic Drift Settings

    Spoon S2000 Race Car
    LanEvo's Spoon S2000 Race Car Drift Settings

    JGTC NSX's
    Sheron's Arta NSX JGTC Drift Settings

    NoNOS4ME's RGT Drift Settings

    RX-7 Type RZ
    NoNOS4ME's RX-7 Type RZ Drift Settings

    drifterzzz RX7 RZ Drift Settings

    RX7 RS
    Sheron's RX7 RS Drift Settings

    Sheron's RX8 Drift Settings

    RX-7 LM Racecar
    Sheron's RX-7 LM Racecar Drift Settings

    RX-7 Savanna
    Sheron's RX-7 Savanna Drift Settings

    Lancer Evolution VII (7) GSR
    NoNOS4ME's Lancer EVO 7 GSR Drift Settings

    Lancer Evolution 6 Tommi Makinen Edition
    Thio's Lancer Evolution TME Drift Settings

    3000 GT-VR4 (New Model)
    Sheron's 3000 GT VR-4 Drift Settings

    FTO LM Race Car
    Sheron's FTO LM Race Car Drift Settings

    2ez2Kill's FTO LM Race Car Drift Settings

    SLK Kompressor
    NoNOS4ME's SLK Kompressor Drift Settings

    Sheron's CL600 Drift Settings

    Camaro SS
    NoNOS4ME's Camaro SS Drift Settings

    Sheron's Camaro SS Drift Settings

    Toyota and Lexus
    Altezza RS200/Lexus RS200
    NoNOS4ME's Altezza Drift Settings

    Tom's X'540 Chaser
    Sheron's Tom's X'540 Chaser Drift Settings

    Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex
    Sheron's Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Drift Settings

    bustwave.'s Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Drift Settings

    MR2 GT-S
    Sheron's MR2 GT-S Drift Settings

    Castrol Tom's Supra JGTC
    Sheron's Castrol Tom's Supra JGTC Drift Settings

    Esprit V8

    MistaY's Esprit V8 Drift Settings


    Nightmage82's BMW's 328CI Drift Settings

    Mustang SVT Cobra R

    Drifterzzz' Mustang SVT Cobra R Drift Settings

    Sheron's Mustang SVT Cobra R Drift Settings

    Focus Rally Car
    Sheron's Focus Rally Car Drift Settings

    Clio Sport V6 24V

    Sheron's Clio Sport V6 24V Drift Settings

    Alto Works

    Sheron's Alto Works Drift Settings

    Alfa Romeo
    Alfa 156 2.5

    Sheron's 156 Drift Settings


    Sheron's S4 Drift Settings
  2. Cobraking

    Cobraking (Banned)

    Confusing idea, :odd: but from a smart person ;), im a missing somtin :confused:
  3. Takumi_Fujiwara


    Sounds like a plan
    and please specify for which Game version of Gran Trusimo (Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo2 or GranTurismo 3)
  4. OK here is an example:

    People will come to this thread and post their settings for their cars. I will link to that post and I will add that link into the first post. Its almost how you link to a picture that is in a thread already on GTP, except Im linking to the post with the settings for that car. Like if people posted settings I would make a list:

    Altezza Drift Settings
    Cobraking's Altezza Drift settings
    NoNOS4ME's Altezza Drift settings

    Viper Drift Settings
    Cano's Viper Drift Settings
    Jordan's Viper Drift Settings

    Now those links are only an example so I linked to your post, to show an example of how it would work. I would link to their post and post it on the Main post (the first one) so that you could just click on the link for the settings you want instead of having to go through the whole thread looking for settings for the car you want. Saves time and hassle...
  5. Cobraking

    Cobraking (Banned)

    :lol: i was wondering when in the world i posted a altezza drift setup.. :lol: i understand smart idea palm!
  6. BTW, it would be for all three GT's...
  7. TruenoAE86


    Yeah, this really is a great idea, good job... hopefuly it will become something.
  8. Thio


    This should be put as a sticky so the new people can find the drift settings on the top of the list :)
  9. Shuv...
  10. bustwave.


    United States
    hm i want this Great Idea to happen. evreyone! try to get or put as many settings you can here so poeple dont have to make a WHOLE new thread :D . very bright of Frustrated Palm

    Skyline R34
  11. Subaru WRX Settings (from NoNOS4ME)

    OK now for the settings for the WRX

    Spring Rate 16.8 15.7
    Ride Height 99 99
    Shock Bound 4 8
    Shock Rebound 4 8
    Camber N/A N/A
    Toe 1.0 -1.0
    Stabilizer 3 6
    Brake Balance 24 24
    Auto Set 26
    ASM 0
    TCS 0
    VCD 10
    Accel 35 35
    Decel 20 20
  12. NSX Drift settings (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 15.5 16.5
    Ride Height 89 90
    Shock Bound 6 7
    Shock Rebound 7 8
    Camber 3.5 1.5
    Toe 0.0 -0.5
    Stabilizer 3 3
    Brake Balance 18 22
    Downforce: I didn't change
    Limited Slip Front Rear
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 55
    Decel N/A 10
    First 3.943
    Second 2.705
    Third 1.997
    Fourth 1.544
    Fifth 1.251
    Sixth 1.061
    Final 3.425
    Auto Set 28
    Assist / Misc
    ASM 0
    TCS 2
    VCD N/A
    AYC N/A
  13. RUF RGT (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 15.6 16.5
    Ride Height 70 80
    Shock Bound 6 7
    Shock Rebound 8 8
    Camber 2.5 1.5
    Toe 0.0 -1.0
    Stabilizer 3 3
    Brake Balance 16 19
    Downforce 0.29 0.55
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 60
    Decel N/A 5
    First 3.227
    Second 2.123
    Third 1.528
    Fourth 1.156
    Fifth 0.918
    Sixth 0.766
    Final 3.575
    Auto Set 35
    ASM 1
    TCS 5
  14. S2000 LM Race Car (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 16.0 17.0 First 3.564
    Ride Height 59 59 Second 2.358
    Shock Bound 6 6 Third 1.704
    Shock Rebound 7 8 Fourth 1.293
    Camber 0.9 0.6 Fifth 1.030
    Toe 0.0 -0.5 Sixth 0.861
    Stabilizer 4 6 Final 4.100
    Brake Balance 12 8 Auto Set 34
    Downforce 0.86 1.15
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 55
    Decel N/A 5
    ASM 0
    TCS 0
  15. Mazda RX-7 RZ (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 8.6, 8.5
    Ride Height 89 89
    Shock Bound 7 7
    Shock Rebound 7 7
    Camber 2.0 1.0
    Toe 0.0 0.0
    Stabilizer 1 1
    Brake Balance N/A N/A
    Initial Torque N/A
    Accel N/A 35
    Decel N/A 25
    First 3.039
    Second 2.217
    Third 1.697
    Fourth 1.355
    Fifth 1.128
    Sixth 0.980
    Auto Set 18
    ASM 1
    TCS 1
    VCD N/A
    AYC N/A
  16. Mugen S2000 (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 12.3 11.8
    Ride Height 83 83
    Shock Bound 5 6
    Shock Rebound 6 7
    Camber 2.9 1.3
    Toe 0.0 -0.5
    Stabilizer 3 3
    Brake Balance 21 24
    First 4.061
    Second 2.752
    Third 2.017
    Fourth 1.550
    Fifth 1.248
    Sixth 1.054
    Final 3.750
    Auto Set 30
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 60
    Decel N/A 5
    ASM 0
    TCS 1
  17. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII GSR (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 9.9 9.5 First 3.193
    Ride Height 92 93 Second 2.151
    Shock Bound 5 5 Third 1.571
    Shock Rebound 6 7 Fourth 1.203
    Camber 2.8 1.2 Fifth 0.966
    Toe 0.0 -0.5 Sixth 0.814
    Stabilizer 3 3 Final 3.650
    Brake Balance 18 21 Auto Set 31
    Downforce 0.19 0.47
    Initial Torque 5 N/A
    Accel 25 N/A
    Decel 5 N/A
    ASM 0
    TCS 4
    VCD 10
  18. Mercedes SLK Kompressor (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 16.0 18.0
    Ride Height 92 95
    Shock Bound 5 6
    Shock Rebound 8 8
    Camber 1.0 0.0
    Toe -1.0 0.5
    Stabilizer 5 6
    Brake Balance 18 22
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 60
    Decel N/A 5
    ASM 0
    5 TCS 0
  19. Cheverolet Camaro SS (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 12.0 12.5
    Ride Height 79 79
    Shock Bound 5 6
    Shock Rebound 6 8
    Camber 2.1 1.7
    Toe 0.0 0.0
    Stabilizer 3 4
    Brake Balance 19 22
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 53
    First 3.032
    Second 2.006
    Third 1.449
    Fourth 1.100
    Fifth 0.876
    Sixth 0.733
    Final 3.500
    Auto Set 34
    ASM 0
    TCS 4
  20. Toyota Altezza (from NoNOS4ME)

    Spring Rate 12.0 11.2
    Ride Height 91 92
    Shock Bound 5 6
    Shock Rebound 6 7
    Camber 2.3 1.5
    Toe 0.0 0.0
    Stabilizer 3 3
    Brake Balance 18 22
    Downforce N/A N/A
    Limited Slip Front Rear
    Initial Torque N/A 5
    Accel N/A 49
    Decel N/A 9
    First 3.640
    Second 2.467
    Third 1.808
    Fourth 1.389
    Fifth 1.119
    Sixth 0.945
    Final 3.575
    Auto Set 30
    Assist / Misc
    ASM 0
    TCS 5
    VCD N/A
    AYC N/A
  21. Updated First post...
  22. Thio


    I was thinking about lowering the car, so that may help make the drift easier, but it's up to you :)

    I also made the rear spring rate to 7.8 and the stabs to 7.

    Things I used:

    Fully Customizable Suspension
    Sports Brakes*
    Brake Controller
    Racing Muffler
    Sports Computer
    Port Polish*
    Full-Engine Balancing*
    Stage 3 Turbo
    Racing Intercooler
    Full-Racing Transmission
    Triple Clutch
    Racing Flywheel*
    Carbon Driveshaft*
    Simulation Tires
    Stage 3 Lightweight

    * you don't really need it if you don't have enough cash.

    HP: 548
  23. mindless_dude


    why is the initial torque is so low ,i guess the higher it is you get the better control.:odd:
  24. Updated :)...
  25. Thio


    For what car?
  26. Thio


    Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II settings:

    Things you need:
    Fully Customizable Suspension
    Sport Brakes
    Brake Balance Controller
    Racing Muffler
    Sports Computer
    Port Polish
    Full Engine Balancing
    Stage 2 Turbo
    Racing Intercooler
    Full-Racing Transmission
    Triple Plate Clutch
    Racing Flywheel
    Full Customize LSD
    Carbon Driveshaft
    Simulation Tires
    Simulation VCD Controller
    Stage 3 Lightweight

    Spring Rate: 7.2/9.0
    Ride Height: 86/86
    Shock Bound: 7/7
    Shock Rebound: 7/7
    Camber Angle: 0/0
    Toe Angle: 0/0
    Stabilizers: 6/6
    Brake Balance: 9/24
    LSD Initial: 13/46
    LSD Accel: 13/46
    LSD Decel: 13/46
    Gear Ratios:
    1st: 4.037
    3rd: 2.065
    4th: 1.602
    5th: 1.301
    6th: 1.106
    Final Gear Ratio: 2.755
    Downforce: 0.29/0.38
    ASM: 0
    TSC: 0
    VCD Controller: 10%

    Wow that's long :D

    If you have tough time with these settings, try to feint drift it. I drifted this car on another thread. Check my sig :)
  27. Thio


    Frustrated Palm, you can post the ones that CudaMan used from his website :)

    Just an idea :D
  28. div


  29. Nightmage82


    good idea palm, mods it would be nice to make this a stickey...

    trouble is a lot of people are put off if they see a thread with more than 6 pages or so, thats why putting all the settings into the first post under the main car headings is a good idea, even linking them to posts later on in this thread for those who don't have their own threads would be a good idea.


    that is mine for a skyline R34 (1000 hp)


    C-West Razo Silvia

    Turbo stage 2 around 530 hp

    Spring rate 4.8---6.3
    Ride height 55mm---55mm
    Shock bound 7---7
    Rebound 7---7
    Camber angle + Toe angle Stock---Stock
    Stabilizers 3---3

    Brake balance 24---11

    Downforce (I forgot if it had DF but if it does, all theway down on back and a lil on front)
    ASM - 0
    TCS - 1 (To get out of dirt and grass)

    Tires - Supersoft racing on front (7)
    Medium soft racing on back (5) - Tire numbers

    Enjoy---Full throttle, don't ***** foot the gas