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With the new update of the optional BIKES I thought this a good time to start this thread with any BIKE shots and I'm sure there are or going to be some amazing shots with the replays and this will separate the Cars from the BIKES so easier for people to find them.

Feel free to add any time as previously stated on other threads the only real restriction would be not to double/triple post too often, or repeat images or post too soon of your last post and there is no limit as such but to keep it fair and help with loading times as above keep to 800px and a maximum of 20 pics seems to be the standard on the other thread. Looking forward to seeing your creativity!

This is an open thread so Edited or Unedited shots-all welcome no restrictions

Torque99 :cheers:đź‘Ť

I will start off with a few from the other thread and see if this takes off ......Enjoying them more than I thought the sense of speed on the point to points in cockpit mode is great once you get over the wobbles and motion sickness :sly:

I posted this on the other thread and put it in here to help out any one unsure of how to post đź‘Ť

1. You can 'upload a file' direct from PC/USB in .jpeg or .png format any massive size and this GTP thread will automatically upload and resize to the exact 800x450 for you. (no link involved).

2. If you are on a hosting site i.e Flickr, the best way is to upload direct there then use 'share bb code' click the drop down box to Medium (800x450) this will resize for you then click the paperclick link (on your post) and paste the flickr code in and all done.

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4. Let us know how you plan to do it and I am sure we can help!..đź‘Ť but pretty much now you don't have to get involved in any resizing as the sites do it all for you.

p.s don't be scared off all here to help, if you did post large it is easily sorted/edited...same with all new posters just ask if you think it is too large for help as we all went through this a few months ago when it was being discussed by the mods etc :cheers:

DRIVECLUB™_20151028065927 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151028065732 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151028065550 by torque99, on Flickr
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Just some basic shots for now - still in awe of how good these bikes and the rider's poses look and how it all feels
No Interior shots only so here are the handlebars! ..Right up to the 14500 REV limiter...OMG the sound blasting down the straights once you get the slightly bigger engines in helmet cam view. @MeanElf Wibbles/Wobbles is the word if you use this view (p.s not a good idea after a few beers last night I can say :ill: )

DRIVECLUB™_20151028184305 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151028185310 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151028175523 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151028175002 by torque99, on Flickr
Yeah, I sort of feel sorry for the fans of Ride after this. I enjoyed it's photo mode but didn't like the physics; DC though takes Ride to task in every single aspect.

The thing i was dissapointed about with ride, was sensation of speed and photomode, well dare i say the loading times, are pretty shocking....I wanted the photomode to be able to alter shutter speed, that ruined it for me not being able to do that, every pic,feels like a freeze frame, at 4000/sec or something..Oh well I love this tho..
...Oh and yesterday I've received trophy for photomode ;)đź‘Ť
I think there are one or two. I got one called Aperture Science, which I thought was a nice nod and a good move.

Yup Mr @torque99 I found the helmet-view and have been torn between that and the handlebar view, which does get a bit intense in rainy weather :) Really only had the chance to do one race and a couple of free runs yesterday, what with the whole PayPal thing and then work (like you, I have odd hours.) Today will be my first full thrash at it đź‘Ť