DriveClub BIKES Only: Photo thread **Read OP**

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Hell's Angel

Great BIKE pictures everyone :gtpflag::cheers::cheers:too many to pick out now!!!. They seem to be bringing some stunning shots from all..The cars have a lot to live up to, to get to this standard. Some could be real. Has there been a graphical upgrade! Some things like the roads and draw distance seem very sharp/detailed now especially in Norway and India...??
@RL_23 Stunning shots at night in the tunnel and rider shots -Great vibrancy filter use :bowdown:
@MeanElf I love that snow pic coming down the hill from a distance

Thanks torque99 :cheers: Yes, I also saw some visual tweaks, especially road wet surface looks more detailed than in the past and few other things looks a bit better 👍 Bikes (visible engine etc.) + riders (really great models) are a lot more detailed than cars, so I think this is one of the reasons why bike shots are looking better than car pics now :) Superb bike shots by You torque99 👍👍👍

d5379.png d5380.png d5381.png d5382.png d5383.png d5384.png d5385.png d5386.png d5387.png d5388.png d5389.png d5390.png d5391.png d5392.png d5393.png d5394.png d5395.png d5396.png d5397.png
@RL_23 Man those Mr Lightning super hero and engine shots are amazing creativity -well done:bowdown:

Great action shots nick @Baker1707 & @Para136 :cheers: Love the liveries @MeanElf & @GameOver77

DRIVECLUB™_20151102074218 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102192352 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102074319 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102183357 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102185014 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102185935 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102190048 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102190134 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102190815 by torque99, on Flickr
Unlocked all of the bikes now, so it's time to get working through the new backlog of replays. Nothing much special about this batch, as most of the excitement takes place during an impressive five bike pile-up at the chicane, depicted in another thread.

Showing off for the crowd...
@MeanElf I think I have been stopping for too many photos again on the bikes= I have only unlocked 4 :indiff::lol:
Great lighting especially the last 4/5 in that set.👍

DRIVECLUB™_20151102190451 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102191842 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102190358 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102190241 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102183602 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102192430 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102192051 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102193048 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151102074753 by torque99, on Flickr
@MeanElf that first pic looking across the grass with the bike coming round the corner is a beauty ! 👍
Thank you - I thought it worth the experiment as some of the trackside shots can come out quite well.
That one reminds me of the robot motorcycle cops from THX1138. Love the tight cornering close into the barrier too 👍 and you are correct, that Ninja 2 with its chrome tank is a beauty and it has a really mad engine noise - I got mine thins morning.

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