DRIVECLUB no FFB all wheels?

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  1. andryush


    Recently I have bought new wheel, Thrustmaster T300, so I thought that maybe I can have some fun racing with my friend. He has Logitech G29 driving wheel, so we created lobby and jumped in.

    Last time I played Driveclub was around year ago, but I remember it having pretty decent FFB, not very realistic, arcadish but pretty fun to drive. Now there's nothing but vibrations. FFB barely move the wheel even if I drive directly into the wall. My friend on G29 also experienced this issue

    Anyone having similar issue?

    I have twitted Paul Rustchynsky, but he said that my hardware is faulty. On official PS forum, people also report this issue tho.

    I thought that it was game update fault, but game hasn't been updated for a while now. So maybe it's system software which causes bug in game?

    Pitty that no one wants to fix this. Driveclub is still best arcade racing game on PS4.

    As a comparison, this is how FFB worked back in 2015:

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  2. bs6magic


    Not got a problem with the ffb on my G29 but I've always had a strange issue where unless I go into the wheel settings,turn off the vibration then turn it back to low I get very little ffb detail.Another strange thing that altering the degrees setting changes the intensity of the resistance and if it's set to 360 makes the ffb almost non existent.
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  3. torque99


    Have you tried changing the degrees on your T300. Press the red button and the D-Pad (try 3 red flashes) sometimes that can work. Also I know it is obvious but it hasn't slid across to PS3 by mistake on the side?

    Also when you switch on PS4 switch it on at the PS4 (not DS4) and then start wheel.

    If these don't work then I do not know :confused: if it works fine with all other PS4 games it can't be your T300 wheel.
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  4. andryush


    Three flashes you say, I didn't tested that but I will give it a try.
    The mode slider is always on PS4 position, and I turn on the wheel just like you have described it. Tried everything numerous times, but nothing seems to affect this lack of FFB.

    I will test that on my wheel, it seems like changing vibration settings affects FFB strenght of yur wheel. And both of you mentioned rotation degree, I wil try different modes to see if this will change anything.

    Thus far I tested only 900 degree in-game and 900 degree on wheel, maybe changing it will help somehow.
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  5. andryush


    Ok, I did some testing and I managed to partially fix this issue.

    If someone is experiencing similar problems to what I am experiencing, this is what you can do:

    1) Change wheel rotation angle in game settings to 270 degrees.
    2) With "Mode" + left or right on d-pad cycle through internal wheel rotation modes and set it to 1080 degrees (5 flashes)
    *** it's important to cycle trough all available modes, because just changing from default 900 to 1080 won't work. You have to do 900 >1080>270>360>540>720>900>1080

    Then you will start to have some weight on steering - game 270 degrees, wheel 1080, although it's not very strong and detailed FFB.
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  6. coltsjugg


    I only have this for VR Mode, (the extra $5 for the full game seemed a pic pricey) but I didn't have any problems with the feedback on a t150.
  7. axxxim


    Russian Federation
    Hi. I had this happen when I updated the firmware of the steering wheel, the feedback was lost, only the vibration remained, I returned the old firmware 2017_TTRS_5 and everything worked as before.
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  8. andryush


    How did you roll back to older firmware? Can't find older fw files and software to manually flash one.

    Edit: nvm, installed whole driver package 2017_TTRS_5, it comes with older FW file (v25), and it worked!!!


    Someone from the moderation, please make this information sticky!
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  9. MroczMR


    I will dig out this thread. Because I'm interested in Driveclub VR, and have the same issue. But I am worried with downgrading my T300 firmware. There are some essential Fixes in 29 for T300. Does older Firmware have impact for other games? Like Project Cars 2 for example?
  10. acidlife555


    I have the same problem with my t300 alcantara I’m very annoyed that no one bothers about solving this problem, I gave my money for the thrustmaster company’s wheel, for the game Driveclub to the developers, for the ps4 console of Sony and none of them are worried
  11. rumbaldus



    I just tried downgrading the firmware as above, and it made the wheel go absolutely mental. Spinning rapidly to the left, then slowly back to centre, over and over again, and the pedals stopped working, on both PC and PS4. I had to go back to v29 to make it work again.

    I completely agree with the above post. My T150 worked fine on both Driveclub and Dirt Rally, and now that I have upgraded to a T300, both games no longer work properly.
  12. arty77


    I have the same issue and I can confirm downgrading to firmware v25 is necessary for FFB to work in Driveclub / Driveclub VR with the Thrustmaster T300. I also tested (v26 does not exist?),v27,v28,v29,v30 - none of them work.

    Not sure if any of you have done already but I opened a support case at thrustmaster. After a week they replied with a generic reply which states that they don't get this as a common issue so it must be my wheel... basically they say if in PC/controlpanel all tests work, then wheel is correct. :( I expected bad support from TH but this was really a low effort answer.

    I keep asking them to fix the firmware as with FW v25 the recent RIMs don't work on PS4 - only on PC.
    I guess their latest LCM pedals also won't work so this wheel became useless ... (in regards of driveclub).
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  13. arty77


    After some support mails back and forth ... Thrustmaster won't do anything:

    "We checked in the similar cases as yours and we don't have much information about this specific issue in this specific game, but as we mentioned previously issues related to a single game the 99% of the time is related to the game itself. What we can assure you that the drivers are being used for all customer and no massive issues reported so far.

    Besides that, we take in consideration even if just one customer complaints about a specific issue we compare with other similar cases, make tests and work with our internal teams to have a solution when the issue is related to our wheels, however no issues related to the firmware at all."

    Since noone reported the issue (but me), it's not an issue at all.
    I don't know what else I could do besides I am asking you to report the same issue like I did... and maybe after 100000000 tickets they actually look into it.

    But as you haven't opened tickets back in 2018 you won't do it in 2020 either.
    Filling in the form at just too much for most of us I guess... :(

    My final advice to the community: next time don't just complain but act (open support tickets).
    Making youtube videos and forum posts alone won't solve your issues and won't help the community at all.
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  14. Ssantana


    Mate, I completely agree and have just submitted tickets from each of my 5 email accounts. I think it's time to get this game back up to relevance and hopefully someone will pick it up and do a sequel!!!! (dreaming, I know but hey!).
  15. arty77


    1 ticket/person would have been sufficient if everyone would have done the same...

    By the way after ~7 replies back and forth, let me show the main parts:

    "Do you say a game (like Driveclub) must support all the different
    So that the games need to get updates to work with different firmwares in
    I don't think so. I think all the firmwares should have equal functionality
    towards a game.
    Which you clearly don't have in your T300's v25 and v30.That's why one
    works, the other - not so much."

    TH's response:
    "All information were already provided and explained. There are differences between products and softwares, of course, but the issue reported is not related to the driver. We don't have anything else to add to this matter."

    > As mentioned previously, our drivers are checked before and several times
    > when needed, however we did not receive other complaints about it. Another
    > is if the game is not supported anymore it's not possible to say the issue
    > is related to our drivers.

    even earlier:
    > > As mentioned previously all drivers are tested before to be launched and
    > > they are checked when an issue is found, but the latest version are
    > working
    > > properly at the moment. As it's not working only in this game we
    > recommend
    > > to contact the game support.

    even more earlier:
    > > >we are
    > > > sure that it's not related to the wheel once it's working properly with
    > > > other games and in Control Panel. We checked in the similar cases as
    > > yours
    > > > and we don't have much information about this specific issue in this
    > > > specific game, but as we mentioned previously issues related to a
    > single
    > > > game the 99% of the time is related to the game itself. What we can
    > > assure
    > > > you that the drivers are being used for all customer and no massive
    > > issues
    > > > reported so far.
    > > > reported so far.
  16. YaguarGT


    [QUOTE = "arty77, сообщение: 13103071, участник: 311342»] Спасибо!
    1 билет на человека был бы достаточен, если бы все делали одно и то же ...

    Кстати после ~ 7 ответов туда-сюда, позвольте мне показать основные части:

    «Вы говорите, что игра (например, Driveclub) должна поддерживать все разные
    ??? прошивки
    Так что игры должны получать обновления для работы с разными прошивками в
    Я так не думаю. Я думаю, что все прошивки должны иметь одинаковую функциональность
    к игре.
    Которого у вас явно нет в ваших T300 v25 и v30. Вот почему один
    работает, другой - не так уж много ".

    Ответ TH:
    «Вся информация уже была предоставлена и объяснена. Конечно, между продуктами и программным обеспечением есть различия, но проблема, о которой сообщают, не связана с драйвером. У нас нет ничего, чтобы добавить к этому вопросу».

    > Как уже упоминалось ранее, наши водители проверены ранее и несколько раз
    > При необходимости, однако мы не получали других жалоб по этому поводу. Другая
    > если игра больше не поддерживается, невозможно сказать о проблеме
    > это связано с нашими водителями.

    еще раньше:
    >> Как упоминалось ранее, все драйверы тестируются перед запуском и
    >> они проверяются при обнаружении проблемы, но последняя версия
    > работает
    >> правильно на данный момент. Поскольку это не работает только в этой игре, мы
    > рекомендую
    >> обратиться в службу поддержки.

    еще раньше
    >>> мы
    >>> уверен, что он не имеет отношения к колесу, если он правильно работает с
    >>> другие игры и в панели управления. Мы проверили в подобных случаях, как
    >> твой
    >>> и мы не располагаем большой информацией об этой конкретной проблеме в этом
    >>> конкретной игры, но, как мы уже упоминали ранее, вопросы, связанные с
    > один
    >>> Игра в 99% случаев связана с самой игрой. Что мы можем
    >> заверяем
    >>> Вы, что драйверы используются для всех клиентов и не массовые
    >> проблемы
    >>> сообщили пока.
    >>> сообщили пока. [/ QUOTE]

    What nonsense they’re talking about, well, it’s not funny for two years, they couldn’t bring force feed back into the game, I also want to help in this, and we will purposefully press them to make a new firmware for all the wheels.
  17. YaguarGT


    Your message:

    Hello. my problem is the lack of force feedback, only the vibration that always works is left of it. I also saw such a problem in various forms, and everyone claims that this is a problem on your part, namely the software, many say that after the V25 firmware, force feeds disappeared on the T300. please pay attention to this request with understanding, and please forward this message to the logistics department since this problem has existed for two years, and everything works without problems on the Fanatec CSL elite steering wheel, even in g29 I personally checked everything working normally.

    waiting for an answer
  18. YaguarGT


    We can assure you that the difference between the two firmware packages that you are referring to has nothing to do with the actual FFB performance. They were released primarily with the purpose of allowing the T300RS to accommodate the new accessories that we have released in the last 2-3 years, from rims to pedal sets.

    The difference in FFB can come only from updates released by Sony, for the OS of the console - and these could affect the unit's performance with all the PS4 games - or from updates released by the game developer.

    On our side there is nothing that we can do, unilateral, to affect the unit's performance with a particular game.