Driveclub Video Thread

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After the remark of @Scaff that Driveclub HC mode seemed more "advanced" than current GTS-build I decided to try it out myself ;)

I activated the HC-mode together with legendary AI. If you "try" to race the AI properly they seem to be aware of the player rather nicely and are nowhere suicidale. It also seems almost impossible (my skill) to get into first place when using the HC-mode. HC-mods removes the brake assists which makes you need to brake much earlier and also you need to be more gentle when applying power. HC lends itself rather well to do some very nice drifting which I found much harder to do with HC-mode off.

Compared to GTS I found that Driveclub even with HC-mode activated is more exciting to drive and the feeling during braking and accelerating is very nicely done. Understeer and oversteer is much more noticable and the feedback towards the player through the controller simply works. The sense of speed is top notch 👍

Anyone noticed the nice particle effects during the replay ;)
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