Drivers Of The Week: *Voting resumes*

Sydswag, Australia
South Australia
Well if this is still going my vote goes to xCheezlez. He's just picked up a g27 not long ago and has been improving drastically In such a short period. Even had the privilage of having his first door to door tandem with me the other day. Not only is he working hard on his wheel but he has the best track ediquette I have ever seen. He has more patience than anyone I know dispute having a few times he's wanted to throw his new wheel out the window. Hoping he gets the vote to show his dedication to the game, and show that even though we may be harsh on him, he is more than welcome in the community. Idont say keep drifting fun very often, being an over used term, but he really does make drifting fun. Keep up the good work buddy. You deserve this!