DRL DTM Championship Season 2 | Saturday's 8pm BST | Entry Closed |

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After a long discussion the stewarding team as decided that corner cutting penalties will be set to light from now on. This makes it easier on us to not have to go over 1 hour of footage from each driver and there has been alot of limits abuse recently.

Cuts which the game doesn't penalise you for will still be looked at if found by staff and appeals can be made to have penalties removed if you feel it was given unfairly.

"Penalties Section" has been updated as a result.
What a season it's been!
I'd like to congratulate King and Dynamic Esports on the driver and team championship titles respectively. Both were well deserved.
I'd also like to thank all of the drivers for providing us with the action on track, to the stewards that helped keep everything in check as much as possible, and to DRL and Carbon for giving me this fantastic opportunity to commentate such a thrilling season! A masdive thanks to everyone who actually tuned in to the streams themselves, and for the feedback and compliments you've given me. It means so much to me that some people actually enjoy something that I do.

I can't wait to start working on future projects coming up with my co-commentators, and I hope you're all looking forward to the streams to come too!

This has been Nukeshot Zokeo of Dynamic Racing Leagues, for the last time this season, signing out. :D