F1 2018 Topped the Sales Charts in 11 Countries

Great news for Codemasters and F1 gaming fans. The players have got the game they wanted and the game is putting in numbers across a range of territories.

Now I hope this success translates into Codemasters putting more effort into other development teams, particularly with DiRT Rally 2 expected next year. The publicity for OnRush was really poor (which sucks, because it is actually a good game) so they've got to invest in marketing for franchises outside the F1 games.
Cool, now maybe they could fix a few of the bugs with all the money they’ve made.
Yeah, or implement an interface where drivers can enter an existing session in the lobbies.

I just find it crazy that once a room is open, no other people can join.

This can easily be done on PC 2, so you would think Codemasters would have it added into one of their other games..

I guess they want people to use the Ranked Rooms.

Even in GTS, I feel they limit the features of Custom Online Lobbies in order to get people to join the ranked rooms.

Well otherwise, the game is truly awesome and am very happy it has done so well in sales figures.

I'm hoping, the popularity of F1 especially, in the US continues to grow.
I think we’re getting close to the point where I may be literally the last person on earth that doesn’t own GTAV. :lol:

Congrats to Codemasters though.
It amazes me that it still has strong sales, what, 5 years after it was released
I would have bought it if standard edition was available on PS Store :banghead: although halo on the TV Pod view will 🤬 i can live with that.